Can you please describe the nature of the work in Brazil and how it will be different from that done in China or Scotland in terms of the mechanism by which the Amazonian Dragon will be awakened? Do you have any warnings or encouraging advice for those Guardians who are going to the Amazon for this work?

How is it going to be different? Well, for the most part, it’s not. The people that are there will be different and the nature of the seeding is different, but the work itself will not be different. The work of activating Dragon Force is done by whatever is possible at that time, by whatever can be sucked out of the participants to create an awakening and allow that activation.

As for those Guardians that will be going, I recommend that they be physically as healthy as they can be—that’s nothing new; I say this every time—and as mentally clear as possible. Don’t bring extra baggage, and that doesn’t mean what you pack in your suitcase; it means what you pack in your heart. Be practiced at adaptability and flexibility. Do not pack your expectations. Do not pack your judgments, particularly your self-judgments. And remember that you are in one of the most powerful places on this planet. You are in a place that has had—for want of a better way to say it—three major seedings. It is a radically different place than most of the Dragon seedings, making it that much more important to be the best you can be there. But even though it is different in that way, the information about what you should do is very familiar, because it’s what I say every time, for any trip.

In Bolivia you mentioned that those of us who work with you would be leaving the Earth plane soon. What does “soon” mean, and what factors have influenced this time frame if “soon” has been extended? If it has been extended, what is the new time frame?

It is true that generally I speak in geologic time. It is also true that I’m not very good at saying “over the last three and half hours,” or “three and a half years.” I’m not so good at that. But I can be really accurate when there is reason to be. “Samuel, you have forty-five minutes on this tape. Do not go over.” So at forty-four and fifteen seconds, I’ll say “All right, wind it up. Stop.” But generally I don’t need to.

So any time somebody says that I said anything to do with time that sounds like I had a specific something in mind, what you need to look at is whether I was speaking to an individual or to a group. If I was speaking to a group, I can guarantee you, I was not using time as you know it.

However, remember that the nature of my “soon” regularly changes. We have just had a retreat where the group got it—late in the game, but they got it—which moves “completion” that much closer. But then let’s say that there is a big spate of fear-based sniping amongst the Leadership, and it just goes right back. So it’s a movable feast.

And again an important piece of this answer is that you can count on what I say to a group not being specific, whereas what I’d say to an individual might be. And an interview in the newsletter is talking to a group. So even if you ask a question that is meant to be something that will give many people some specific information, you can count on me bypassing it, because I’m not likely to give information that’s suitable for only one person to a whole crowd.

As we age—and many of us are in the 40–60 range—we’re noticing increasing aches, pains, and illnesses cropping up. Now, granted, our bodies are supposed to break down eventually, but how do we (or can we) know if our current illnesses are physical-blueprint issues? What should be the purpose of our physical blueprint? Is it possible to change our physical blueprint for the better? And if the answer is yes, what can we do (other than toning) to make that happen? If the answer is no, what can we do (other than toning) to feel our best and live to see the completion of Sacred Status and the Plan for this planet.

How do you know if a physical or medical condition is reversible or part of your blueprint? This is an answer that is not particularly appreciated, and I know that because the question keeps coming up. Maybe people are hoping the answer will change. If you can’t heal it, it’s blueprint. There are things that you might think are in your blueprint because you’re not healthy enough to heal them, and the reason you’re not healthy enough is because you have these many, many, many, many years of not honoring your body, not honoring your existence, not giving yourself the best food, and there’s a long list of those things.

There is a lot to do with aging that complements the blueprint and makes it possible for the blueprint to function very well. One of the big detriments in somebody being able to recognize when it is blueprint is the judgment people have about body changes, particularly in this culture. For example, it is not at all unusual for people, particularly musicians, to have massive changes in their ability to hear as they grow older. The blueprint isn’t saying “I want to make David deaf.” That’s not what the blueprint’s about. It’s about what is going to work to amplify a person’s energy and allow the highest possible function in this world in spite of physical form.

[To David] Have you figured out how it is your hearing loss serves you?

I’ve certainly not got to the bottom of it. I think any time that anyone has a physical issue that they can’t overcome . . .

Wait just a moment. Hearing loss is not an “issue.” Hearing loss is huge, so don’t tuck it away under “issues.”

Okay. But I’m thinking relative to life-threatening conditions. How one copes with it has a great power to inspire and affect others. It’s how I came to understand the word grace. Grace is going through those things that affect you drastically and detrimentally, and doing it in such a way that it doesn’t ruin the lives of other people.

Are you aware that within the Guardianship alone maybe five people have gotten hearing aids, and at least three others have looked into having their hearing checked to see if there is something that would help them, all because you have gotten hearing aids and have adapted gracefully and have shown it helps? Yes, it’s hard to deal with getting it worked out, but it makes a difference. It shows others there is something that can be done, so do it. And although this might seem small to you, the fact is your hearing loss has helped other people take responsibility, start caring for and stop judging themselves for what they can and cannot hear.

The blueprint is about what you need in order to do what you’re here to do. And “hearing loss” might not be in the blueprint in that way, but the blueprint would see hearing loss as a means to teach adaptability, courage, acceptance, and patience—working through the process to get there. All of these are the highest qualities of a teacher, aren’t they? So putting into the physical essence the possibility that hearing loss could be a way to bring this about comes after the genetic structure is chosen. A blueprint might contain a possible weakness, such as hearing loss, that can be used if certain things happen in a person’s life.

So the blueprint has to do with the energy. It is set up to draw to your life situations in which you’ll have the opportunity to teach or bond in certain ways with people, overcome certain challenges, things like that?


So I might come into form deaf, but another person could come in and develop deafness to serve the same purpose?

There is a very big difference between being born deaf and becoming deaf. Those are two different sets of lessons. It’s always about what you’re here to do.

Let’s say a person comes in, becomes deaf, and meets those challenges of acceptance, and has an effect on certain people; it’s having that effect on the people that’s really what the blueprint is about?


So the situation is not there at birth, but if it’s deemed by the entity that that purpose will be better accomplished by, say, developing multiple sclerosis, and getting into a support group and affecting other people that way . . .

And there is a genetic propensity built into the system.

So it could develop into deafness or multiple sclerosis in the same person, just depending on what is needed, but the blueprint will be the same.

Yes. I do not know enough about illnesses, but is there one that parents can pass along that will be certain to affect their children?

Oh, yes. Either a dominant gene or recessive genes coming together.

So before birth, you can choose a disease or condition because you’ve got the chance of choosing parents who are definitely going to cause this to happen. In that case, you are basically saying “I’m going to have . . .”

What happens if you come in with the propensity for multiple sclerosis and deafness? Lets say you become a heavy machine operator and as a result damage your hearing. Then you’re going to develop the deafness?


On the other hand, you become a monk instead, and all you hear all day is chanting, so would you develop multiple sclerosis because that’s what’s going to serve you in that particular circumstance?

If these are options in your blueprint which will bring about what is needed in order for you to serve, then they’re going to come about. It doesn’t mean you’re going to get them all. In that way it’s sort of opportunistic as to whichever manifests first. But—and, you see, here is where it gets complicated—if you go deaf and it changes your life so much that you decide to go into a monastery, because you’re either closing yourself off from the world or because you’re a totally changed person and you want to work in a whole new area of life—both of those can be reasons for the multiple sclerosis to come up.

Disease isn’t a bad thing. Changes in the body, the way the body breaks down, the different things that can really make your life here so much harder are just little genetic quirks. They’re just tiny shifts that have so little to do with the “all” of you, the whole of you. And the more you are able to recognize and work in the whole of you, the less these little quirks take over.

And really, David, that’s what made such a difference. You still have a full and happy life. You have found out that you are more than your hearing.