What do you see as the most critical next step for our group of Guardians in order to make this ongoing work of awakening the Dragon energy successful?

Phoenix exists in order for there to be a place where those who are drawn to this work can come together socially and share their lives—support each other. Phoenix is all about those who are drawn to this work. And being drawn to this work is all about the ultimate goal of the work.

If you are drawn to this work because you really like the people you meet, that’s nice, but I can assure you, you won’t be around long. If you are drawn to this work for a different reason, but you are also even slightly aware that you are here for a greater purpose and that those things I teach fill that purpose—even just a little—then you are compacted to this work.

As long as you are individualized spirit, you will be attracted to those things that amplify what you are. You will not be attracted to those things that do not have that push. My work is all about helping you channel Ellic force into your life and thus into the world. And there cannot be any other workers doing that. There cannot be, even under a different name, because it is such a highly focused work. It’s the top of the ladder.

You did not start blind and stupid. You started aware. I don’t like comparisons with other things out there, but this work is absolutely not satisfying to anything human in you. It is too much work for that. The commitments are not anything that your human self wants. It goes against the whole culturally accepted functions of spirituality. That’s why this work on its own tends to be divisive; as I’ve said before, it separates the sheep from the goats. You cannot take part in this work and be anything other than perfect. This work is not like what you can find elsewhere, which pats you on the head and tells you, “It’s all right, just keep going. Hum a little more.” There’s no room for that. You know how much tolerance I have for babying.

You used to have a lot, but not any more.

And there aren’t enough people in the world who are at this level for there to be a need to have more than one version of this work. You’re on the road that is all about releasing your humanity, not about coddling it.

Please explain the flash point [that you spoke about at the Retreat], how we affect it and how we will be affected by it. Also, will it happen irrespective of us?

This sort of goes back to the interview questions about the reason for a Plan. In order for an action to come about, there must be the Intent, the Thought, the Word and the Deed that lead to it. Think of an action coming about such as the completion of the Plan for this planet and the point where transformation happens. The important part of that sentence is “the point.” There is a flow of Intent, Thought, Word, and Deed in which Intent ultimately creates Deed. Therefore, any action—primary energy function or initial energy release—that leads to the ultimate conclusion is a flash point. That point is all about the basic energy release in this world as a whole being raised to another level. As that energy is being raised, it transforms—it becomes something different.

With the Plan, there will come a “point” in which all spiritual energy in this world transforms into another level, or type, of energy. For mass consciousness, the energy becomes spiritual awakening, for Guardians it becomes activation of Ellic force on the highest level, and on a more basic level of Guardianship, it is simply activation. In all of these cases, the tiny point right before the energy change—where awareness becomes awakening but is neither awareness nor awakening—is the flash point. It’s that tiny touch, right there, not all that leads up to it and all that happens because of it. So the flash point becomes the ultimate measure of what and why and how long it takes.

Or to say it another extremely simple and therefore not fully accurate way, it’s when the majority of life force on this planet has transformed so that every function of energy on this planet, in one way or another, has reached a point of completion. That is flash point.