The rate at which our population is growing and the degree to which we are already straining the earth’s systems, consuming forests and non-renewable resources such as petroleum, indicates we are out of harmony with the earth and are leaving an impoverished natural world to our children. Yet this has never seemed a particular concern of yours. I’ve speculated that this might be because our consumption of natural resources is on a schedule that is synchronized with our movement toward Absorption. Would you shed light on our relationships to the earth’s natural systems, in particular in relation to humanity’s natural cycle of existence?

Big picture, easy answer: everything becomes a part of the greater weave. To answer your real concerns more directly— you have had volcanic explosions in this earth’s past that did more damage than any petroleum-based, forest-waste, stupid human tricks have created.

As a sign of humanity’s evolving consciousness and responsibility, there is a very keen awareness now of the direct correlation between human consumption of natural resources and the planet’s ability to recreate those natural resources, or not. And it’s a good thing that there is that awareness.

But it’s a signal of a Guardian’s forgetting the greater picture, if the Guardian thinks that the planet does not have recovery options. And remember, you are constantly reading the worst-case scenarios in your newspapers. You are seeing devastating physical changes, but it’s a part of a greater evolving system. When there are no more petroleum reserves—which isn’t going to happen—but if there were to be no more, or, more realistically, when petroleum gets uncomfortably expensive, you’re going to devise a new form of energy to use, and the earth will be there to help with that. It would be really nice if you did not destroy the ozone layer just as it would have been really nice if, thirty years ago, you did not get a sunburn that shows up as a skin cancer on you now. But there are ways now to combat these things, ways that were not there seventy-five thousand years ago, when you moved into the Ice Age because the ozone was destroyed by a natural eruption.

You just cannot put your poverty consciousness onto the planetary level, and that is what this kind of belief is. You will change when it hurts enough. Therefore you have a whole system based on people telling you, “It hurts enough, it hurts enough,” hoping you will change. Well, in the greater picture, when you strip-mine the mountaintop off, you are going to have people who are grateful to have flat land to build on. So who is wrong?

It’s hard for you, because you’re right here living in it, but as a Guardian you need to be looking at the larger picture. Everything gets used. Everything. It’s going to move people to greater consciousness, and that’s a good thing; and it’s going to force an evolution into another level, which is a good thing. On this planet, nothing dies off without something else coming up in its place. Works that way in your life, works that way in the world. When you finally run out of oil, you’ll start working with hydrogen. When you run out of diamonds, you’ll make pearls that much more valuable.

You said that what we do affects our other lifetimes. Does our ability to access those lifetimes help the part of me within that life develop access to the Entity and, through that Entity, other lives?

The answer to the first part of that question is yes, your ability to access those other lifetimes does help them develop.

In answer to the second question, how does that affect other lives, let me answer it this way. So there you are driving down the road, minding your own business, and you start getting this intense sense of—oh, what?—impending disaster. Or maybe it’s just, you become aware of the need to pay more attention. As a result of that, you don’t have the car accident that would have become the foundation of maybe thirty changed lives in the chain reaction that would have come about, that did not put you in court for the rest of your life, making you useless for what you are here to do because you had to deal with the financial drain, and on and on and on. And that still small voice, that sense that reached through, very well could have been the mastery from this timeline of karmic awareness—realizing that everything works with another thing, a cosmic chain reaction, that causes across every timeline a changed awareness of awareness, the importance of being there paying attention. That’s how that works. You can’t have this theory that there cannot be time travel because you cannot go back and change a major event in history without wiping yourself out. It doesn’t work that way, because time isn’t a line. Should you go back? Well, you do, and when your entity is changing things, that’s how it does it. It just recreates all the choices on that ever-creating, moment-by-moment, life.

Right now, right here, at this very moment, you have no future. And you have no past. You have this NOW, and this now is in every one of your timelines. Again, it’s one of those things where it’s hard for me to understand what’s hard about it, because it’s a concept that’s not an earth concept, it’s not a form concept.

We have these tangible things. We have books about the past, we have memories about the past, we seem to give it a reality.

Sure, and you want the future to have the same import as the past, but Paula’s co-joint memory with David’s is its own being. Her perspective and memory is different than David’s perspective and memory, which is why the past is fluctuating and is not solid. Each person’s past is made up of their version, but where David’s version and Paula’s version conflict, they have the ability to change that moment. Changing that moment does not change other moments, but it changes that moment where it fits across all of the lines.

It’s so hard for people who live in a linear system to understand.

Yes, it is.

Did the energy originally named Lucifer function on Earth through an avataric line? If so, was it the same line as the Christ? What is the connection between avatars, such as Buddha, the Christ, etc?

Yes to the first question. And they are all a function of a specific Ellic function. And you’ve got to use them both that way, a function of a function. And that’s the answer.

If you could give a definition or if you could summarize “dying in form” into one or two sentences, how could you say it? What I came up with was “Dying is to live at the highest possible frequency. You cannot do this truly until you have died.”

I like that—that’s good, that’s very good. To be “dead” or to “die,” as am asking that you do, involves removing those aspects of your life that do not contribute to your ultimate purpose for being alive. And by removing them, you are left with a clean slate to redesign how you will live.

Because our skin absorbs the substances that we put on it, I’ve been wondering about my use of creams and lotions that contain ingredients derived from dead animals—for example, collagen, or magnesium stearate. So I quit using them. Does it harm our ability to hold the highest vibration when we absorb these substances through our skin, just as eating them would?

No. It’s much more like your use of leather; it honors the cow that gave it.

You have within your society a construct, a belief that says “You will not be healthy if you do not eat this cow.” That’s a real pity because you know that it’s not so, and you know that taking part in the killing of that cow is not a good thing, and you choose not to eat meat. Not because you do not want to kill that cow; rather, you don’t eat meat because it’s not good for your physical body. It’s much harder for your body to process. It causes an accelerated degeneration. That’s why you don’t eat cows.

However, as a Guardian you are able to honor the creature that gave its life for a false reason, when, first, you use every possible bit of it, and do not let its life be a waste. Wearing leather is much more an example of every part being used, because with a cow there is very little waste. Most of it is divided into a very big industry that uses even its toenails. The mink, on the other hand, is skinned and tossed. So wearing leather honors the cow, but wearing mink exacerbates a bad situation.

All right, understanding that, there’s a difference between using bovine collagen and using emu oil, for instance. It has been found by researchers that the way in which the Aborigines used the emu oil helped the joints, and so now it’s becoming a popular sort of thing. But you are not an Aborigine and you don’t use the whole emu. And the industry that has grown up around providing emu oil is behaving like the mink industry. It is taking the life of this creature in order to use the oil out of its feathers and skin, more or less, and not using the rest. And so that would be wrong. So, what you need to do is look at the difference between honoring that which is fully given and avoiding that which is irresponsibly taken.

Specifically, you lower your vibration when you eat meat because your body’s not designed for it. It’s not a part of your physical experience. You are not an obligatory carnivore; you don’t have to eat meat. And so to choose—and, as I said at the beginning, this is not an emotional issue—to choose not to eat meat is because it’s not good for you. You choose to be a vegetarian because that is good for you, and that allows your energy to function as it should, as it could. Eating meat does not allow that function, because it’s destructive to the body.

And the way that I’ve always explained that is to imagine that you have the potential within this lifetime for your energy to reach a very high frequency— let’s say this high ~Samuel puts his hand up to make an imaginary mark over his head]. But eating meat puts a ceiling on how high that frequency will be able to reach. Of course, this doesn’t mean that if you become a vegetarian but you are always hateful and mean that you would be functioning at your best and highest potential, because those behaviors will put a ceiling on your frequency potential as well. It doesn’t mean that simply because you’re a vegetarian, you’re going to be functioning at your best and highest.

The difference I am trying to help you see is that rubbing something made of cows on your face is not the same as eating the cow. Rubbing cow on your face— as opposed to rubbing emu on your face, mind you—actually honors the life that was given.