I’ve recently heard that everything is going to end by the end of this year, and that through the next few months thousands of people will leave the planet. Do you agree with that and whether you do or do not, would you please comment on that line of thought?

Unfortunately, that’s one of the safest things any prophet could say, one of the easiest things to be able to mislead people with, because you’re not going to be wrong no matter what. If you were to say the Plan is over and the world will end, well, that’s a much greater risk. It’s not accurate, by the way. But if you simply say, “There’s going to be a great ending,” well, that’s true, very, very true on almost any level you want to look at it.

There are many, many completions going on right now. There are great changes happening in all kingdoms of this dimensional reality. At the best, I certainly hope that there is a great ending before the end of this year—in fact, I would say about halfway through it—in which the old duality is transformed. To have an end of reality as you know it would be the function of the fusion of masculine and feminine energy, because it removes the need for separation in this world of duality. Duality establishes the great “opposite” effect, so that there is light and there is dark, so there is good and there is evil, in all the ways that it shows up here. That would be gone.

That’s a radical change, but it’s not what is being implied in several different versions that are going out and about these days. It’s an easy one to manipulate with. Don’t be manipulated. Always look at the larger picture when you hear these things. Be aware of the source of the information.

My asthma has been in remission for some time, and I went many years without a major episode occurring so why now, when I am eating well, walking more, and trying to live a 5:3:2 life, would this old and very debilitating illness come back up? Also, the doctors are trying newer medications than the ones they treated me with before, so please explain why I would be having the same old side effects in my central nervous system.

You come into this world with a blueprint for the form that you are, and in that blueprint is the genetic setup for what you are going to be, for possibilities within your form. Things within your genetics may simply stay latent, or things within your environment might activate them; things that you do specifically can activate them. To say that it’s 4:3:2 or 5:3:2 is really not honoring your own power or the power of the greater choices that were made to move you through this world.

This might be a good time to remind everybody that I don’t—with one small exception—ever, ever get into “Well, if it’s your lungs, that means this, and if it’s your feet, that means that.” That’s a ridiculous misuse of your individual nature and power. It’s also not taking into account free will, and not taking into account the power of the planet itself and what’s going on with it. You are a massive cookpot into which many, many things go to create the larger flavor that is you.

In the transition from 4:3:2 to 5:3:2, there are also stressors, but there are stressors in the transition from Tuesday to Wednesday. There are stressors that ultimately are issues of awareness, aren’t they? You are reacting to an awareness you have; therefore you become stressed out, intolerant, and sometimes even sick.

Everything in your body works with everything in your body, ideally. What medication hopefully does is put back balance where, for whatever reason, it is missing. If you are unable to kill off a virus or bacteria on your own, you take a medication that allows that to happen. You are not, on your own, secreting enough serotonin, so you take a medication that amplifies the serotonin production. You have a thyroid problem, you take a medication. When a body has been out of balance and is forced into balance, the process of getting there causes a lot of changed awareness, because you have adapted to the illness, the problem, the symptoms, and now you’re teaching your body once again how to function correctly. Your awareness of that process is not about 4:3:2 and 5:3:2.

You are in a situation in which a certain number of elements have come to play, and in this particular blueprint that shows up as asthma. Would it be the same asthma that you had as a child? Why wouldn’t it be? Is it based on the same stressors? Perhaps.

Since 5:3:2, the bond between my cat and me has grown stronger. She has diabetes and kidney problems, and while we are providing the best veterinary care we can, I would like to know if there are other ways we can help ease the effects of these diseases.

It is no different than in 4:3:2. Remember, you were a Guardian in 4:3:2. You are a Guardian in 5:3:2. As a Guardian, there are certain things that you have access to—merging with the creatures, through visualization, giving that creature something that you sense it needs. it’s no different. What is different is your awareness of that communication. Because you’re aware of it, you can act more often than before because of it.

Whereas some people work diligently at developing spiritual attributes such as the ability to express love and the ability to make constructive decisions and the ability to overcome their fears and even their selfabsorption and depression, others find they’re able to fix it with a pill. What does that say about the nature of these characteristics as they relate to spirit?

I’m not sure it says anything, because getting over depression is only one tiny piece of depression; feeling happier is only a small piece of happiness. The things that you are saying the chemical changes can bring about do not happen because of chemical changes; the chemicals only open the door to the possibility of them, when the door had been closed.

You know, you can have very spiritual people who are depressed. Does that mean they’re not happy? That’s an interesting question, because people who are depressed can be happy. They can have moments of happiness within that depression. You want to be careful that you’re not seeing the symptoms of something, the sideeffects, as being the ultimate goal.

In your spiritual experience, you’re not doing spiritual practice in order to be happy; you’re happy because of what you get from the spiritual practice.

Some may look at a psychotic person and, seeing only the psychosis, think the person’s life is wasted life because they are so affected by the medications they take. But Thorazine can relieve the psychotic symptoms, which means that person then has an opportunity to do something else. It does not mean that just because the symptoms are relieved, all of a sudden they are happy and well integrated and properly socialized and confident, but the Thorazine might have opened a door so that they’re able to focus on spiritual practice to bring about those other things.

I recommend medication often as a doorway, as an opening, but not as a complete answer, because even when that door is there, you still have to choose to go through it. You still have to choose what you’re going to do. Although the Prozac can help lift that depression, you still have the rest of your life in front of you in which to make the changes that you now can more easily see.

Your spiritual life provides the strength to use and do those things that your prescription medications open up the door to, open your awareness to.

In the ‘50s and ‘60s there was a lot of very, very interesting experimentation done with a chemical that you commonly call LSD, and other such chemicals that would bring about, literally, changes in someone’s reality, the same sort of responses that happen at very high-level spiritual experiences. Remember that for thousands of years, certain natural substances have been used as a part of spiritual practice to, again, open doors. But—and here’s where the difference is that open door can have a profound effect on you. While you are under the influence of this drug, you can have an experience that so touches and changes your reality that when you come back to yourself and the chemical has drained out of the system, you are still deeply affected. You may have seen yourself as the connection to Source you truly are, and that effect remains with you through your life, or at least through your memory of the experience.

over thousands of years, that experience has been the purpose of these drugs. It was never meant that they should be used instead of spiritual experiences, but as a doorway into your spirit self from which you must act to maintain what you saw, to bring yourself to it.

I want you to remember, the Universe shows you what you can have, what you can do, so that you will not give up the journey, you will keep moving toward it, you will become able to have that experience regularly. In that same way, chemicals can give you the shadow, not the thing, to show you what is possible. Your spiritual practice gives you the thing.

The thing that you would call good, powerful characteristics of love and trust and awareness, coming from a spiritual connection, are what the chemicals could open the door to. You may not be healthy yet, but no longer being flattened out and feeling hopeless is quite a doorway, and an important one. But it’s not happiness. Not having

little voices in your head that are telling you what a terrible person you are, how horrible that person over there is, and that the government is spying on you—not having that is a relief. it doesn’t mean you are whole.

But I do want to remind you that there is a very important part that those chemicals can play. And I would also tell you that you are going to be seeing more and more during the coming months a return of the careful use of the natural forms of those chemicals that have been used in sacred practice for thousands of years. They will be returning because humanity—mass consciousness—is very much at a precipice, at a place where that push, showing an open doorway, can bring about a huge leap very quickly.

I am not averse to the proper, conscious, sacred use of those things to provide that doorway—not to provide an escape; not to provide recreation, but for their original purpose. It is that intent that has everything to do with the nature of the experience.

(Samuel has said that some activities that are acceptable from his “higher” perspective are illegal in our society, and he never recommends that we take actions our society has made illegal. He stresses that we must be responsible in our decisionmaking and aware of the consequences of our actions. When we are faced with the choice of acting illegally but not “wrongly,” he suggests we be governed by whether the potential consequences are acceptable to us. He has said, ‘Don’t do the crime if you don’t want to do the time.”)