If Source is the creative aspect of All That Is, what are other aspects?

I don’t desire to go into that at length. One of the greatest mistakes I have made is to try to use “All That Is“ and “Source” differently after years of telling you they’re the same. They are different, but the difference is only to give you an understanding of how to relate. I have tried to move on to that next level of understanding of the intricacies of Source, but your mind needs a construct to hold on to, and this column is not the best way to try to provide that. That topic could be a total interview sometime.

Do the Els work only within the earth dimension or in other dimensions, as well?

In other dimensions as well.

The sun is the physical aspect of Helios Vesta, and energizes the physical aspect of our solar system. Does this imply that the domain of Helios Vesta is confined to our solar system, or does Helios Vesta have other projections?

Helios Vesta, as the sun, is for this solar system, but Helios Vesta, as the solar lord, goes beyond this solar system to include a greater work that is accomplished in unity with all of the other systems within this galaxy. There is work that is done as the united entity, as the Helios Vesta projection, but this really is not possible to understand. Words will only interfere with the true knowledge.

You mentioned that to have a good relationship and a success, we must complete a cycle. With so many cycles in our lives, how do we know which ones must be completed, especially when one cycle often depends on another? How do we know if we are working on completing our cycles?

What would you not want to complete? Why is there anything in your life which you would be willing to just let dangle? Everything requires completion.

Your completions total up to a higher understanding that represents finishing a level. At the end of a level there are things that remain incomplete, because the levels overlap. So I’m not saying everything’s finished. If everything was finished, you would be perfect and you would not be here. It is as if you had paintings to complete in this life, and when you’ve got four of them completed, then you’ve finished one level and you’ve still got six to go. But it’s because of all you learned in order to make those first four completions that you’re aware of what can be done for these other six, and you’re about to begin working on them.

Completing a work, like completing an Age, isn’t a clearly defined thing, as completing a relationship might be. But even when I have made a completion with a person, it does not mean our relationship is over; it’s free to move on to the next level. When I have completed a lesson, however, I’m not going to have to go back to it.

Completion is a constant, everyday, every-minute activity. That means, essentially, not letting things go, getting out of the cave, being in the world, keeping things together, keeping that intent at the highest possible level.

You’re never fully finished. If you’re here, you’re not finished. No red light goes off.