With a global decrease in men’s sperm count there is fear in some countries that there will be too few young people to support the aging population. Yet overpopulation drives many of our current crises—climate change, resource depletion, and social problems. Is the planet correcting an imbalance between resources and consumption? Please comment on this trend, its causes and effects.

It’s a planetary correction, and the problem that you mentioned—there won’t be enough people to keep the current system going—is right.

Farmers complained about the wolves coming out of Yellowstone and eating their cows—not accurate, but all right—so the state gave free permits to kill off the wolves. And what happened?

Biodiversity loss, environmental degradation. There was a lack of predators, and species that no longer were being preyed upon overpopulated the area.

The rabbits and the rats will live forever. It was pretty much an ecological collapse from the mycelium up to the large mammals. It was a horrible thing to do. So the wolves were brought back and things have gone back into balance.

The planet corrects until, of course, she cannot, but one of the ways to do it is cut back on the earth’s major predator for a while.

But what I think is a more interesting part of this question is, if you do not have the work force to maintain the supply-demand, capitalistic underpinnings of this world, then things are going to need to change.

But in what way can they change if you simply don’t have those numbers? Well, McDonald’s is experimenting with mechanized restaurants so that robots are doing the work. People are needed to maintain the robots, but they don’t take over what the robots do. That’s actually a very nice way to balance the two—thinking of the future. This year is going to see the start of recognizing that the AI needs to have boundaries, as does the internet.

So, robots, their programming, and what they can and cannot do—I’m not going there. But while the planet is saying “You’ve got to cut back on this reproduction thing, people. This is too many, too much,” you’re also creating technology that will help bring balance to that. And that’s a good thing.

What I see as the best thing, though, is that it is creating a whole new way of looking at the underpinnings of society, because a lot of those who are growing up now are saying, “That is not the kind of life we want to have.” And they are going to have a voice that humans haven’t had since the start of the industrial revolution. So I see it as a very good thing.

What is the next Elemental Gate you would like to see open and why? (Note, I am not asking where the next group trip is going to be, but if you would like to tell us, I would be okay with that.)

The Gates have a specific order and it really doesn’t have a lot to do with where you go because Elemental Gates, unlike Star Gates, can be opened by going through secondary or tertiary Gates if you cover enough of them, so you don’t have to necessarily open a primary Gate.

There is a children’s game I think—rock, paper, scissors—where rock smashes scissors, paper smothers rock, scissors cut paper. The Gates work like that, but instead of rock, paper, scissors, it’s fire, water, air, and spirit/plasma.

So I’m going to leave that for you to think about now. In that rock-paper-scissors analogy, you’ve got fire open now—what should come next? Have fun with that.

Was Ascension a part of the Greater Plan from the very beginning of this experiment? If so, why did you talk about Sacred Status for so long? And what will be the next step in the Ascension process?

Sacred Status is the result of Ascension. Ascension is what the humans do. Sacred Status is what the planet does. Same thing.

And can you tell us what the next step is in the Ascension process?

Ascension is a spectrum that constantly moves to that point that you are no longer bound by the human experiment. Think of the Densities. The first thing that you do is shift out of one Density and begin taking on the qualities of the next one, and that works as a spectrum. Same thing.

I think I just understood you to say that Sacred Status was a result of Ascension. But I thought Sacred Status was a step when the world reached the point where more than half of the population was aware of its spirit, and that it was a step toward Ascension, which is the opposite.

The planet reaches Sacred Status as it reaches higher and higher frequency and functions, which helps boost the evolution of that life force in every way, physically as well as spiritually. As physical-spiritual evolution creates higher and higher frequencies, there comes a point in which the Ascension process begins for that life force.

Sacred Status is a big step, and by itself could have forced a type of mass ascension, something along the lines of religious Christian rapture, something like that.

But a surprising thing happened. The collective picked up, allowing a much higher frequency to come to the planet. That higher frequency revved things up even further and initiated the Ascension process—the individual Ascension process. And that individual Ascension process is actually a massively more surprising thing. Sorry, humans; I know that’s kind of insulting.

It’s okay. We’re used to it.

And that is returning to the whole while remaining individuated, whereas Sacred Status is returning to the whole without individuation, which is more typical. That’s why Ascension is such a surprise.

In many of my dreams, I am either interacting with other Guardians in our group, or the group as a whole. Since we access other dimensions in our sleep, are we acting as a group in those dimensions, or is it my brain doing its best to translate those out-of-body experiences for me?

I was looking forward to answering this question, because I’m sure that many more Guardians are having the same kind of experience, particularly since the last solstice. Was it Michelangelo who said that David was always in that block of marble, and his job was to carve out the pieces to bring him out? That’s very much what I see happening because of the energy changes that started at the end of last year and are continuing over the next few months and few years. They are carving out your blocks to your ancient selves, to your master selves. They are carving out what has been keeping hidden the Shining Ones that you are.

This energy is like lasers cutting through what isn’t needed. As the old is falling away, you are connecting into your compacts with other Guardians who are here now. You are connecting into your gifts and higher awareness. It’s going to show up first in your dream states because, when you are out of body, you are living these connections.

Those with whom you have compacted for this journey are finding each other to work together more efficiently. So pay attention to those dreams in which you have the same group of people in the same kind of place all the time, and realize “these are my people.” They are you expressed differently.

So they are not necessarily Guardians who are incarnating with me now?

Most of them are.

But some of them won’t be.

Right. And remember that you have other compacts besides those with Guardians. You could not have been born here if you did not, because most Guardians are the only one in their family.

In my spiritual tradition, Intention is Karma, even if no action is carried out directly. After coming back from the trip to Hawai’i, I’ve learned about four or five earthquakes in the Pacific Rim. If such events lead to death and destruction, are we somehow responsible?

The first thing that you want to remember is that the Ring of Fire is all about volcanoes around the whole Pacific, so of course there are going to be earthquakes and volcanoes pretty much at any given time. Exactly opposite Hawai’i you’ll also find earthquakes and volcanoes showing up, because earth energy works that way. So of course there’s going to be that.

You are about as responsible for it as for . . .

The sun coming up in the morning?

Yes. Even working as a group to open a massive Elemental Gate of Fire, you still don’t trump the earth, as it shifts and moves and stretches, nor the solar activity that affects the earth. You’re just not able to do that.

Yes, intent is karmic, but stop associating karma with punishment. Karma is the law of cause and effect. You did something incredible for this world, and the world is shifting and stretching to accommodate it. Why don’t you think of it that way?

People just died in a horrible earthquake. [The major quake in Syria and Turkey occurred two days before the interview.] And people die in floods and famines. It’s a part of the cycle. If you don’t die, you’re stuck here. Death isn’t a bad thing, and there is suffering or not, based on one’s perspective.

This question was biased toward a smaller perceptual reality, and I could get on a soapbox and talk about the damage religious thinking does by trying to create a world that works with somebody else’s rule book; in today’s construct it just isn’t workable. But you’re going to be seeing that happen too.