Several months ago you encouraged us to practice a new sitting technique. Once we get good at receiving and translating the information accurately, what’s the next step? What skills are you hoping we’ll develop, and when will we use them?

First, there is no “here is the set thing that’s going to come out of it for everybody.” Second, so few people are practicing it, I’ll just kind of throw in that towel.

However, for those who are practicing it, what I was going for was for you to be able to trust what you’re getting because you’re getting confirmation from outside of you, starting with very small things, then moving on to bigger ones.

The next step was to move from objects—”I’m thinking of a color. I’m thinking of a tree. I’m thinking of …”—to communicating ideas; feelings would be a good place to start. “I’m getting happy.” “I’m getting a bit frustrated.” And constantly refining until, ideally, you are able to communicate clearly. To be able to read another person would enable you to make connections and give you the advantage of better communication and better ways to serve them.

But in order to do any of that, you have to open yourself up to your Source self, your Light Body, in a very powerful, good way.

I’m not sure why this exercise isn’t really appealing to many Guardians.

Are the angels referred to in the Bible the same energies outside of our physical world that we call aliens? What are you referring to when you use the term aliens?

The first thing that you want to remember is that alien is a reference to foreign, and some of the time when I use it I mean exactly that: foreign—outside of your knowledge base. Other times I mean little green men because I’m making a joke of some sort: “It’s aliens! Sucked up by a spaceship!” That kind of thing. And sometimes when I use it, I’m simply talking about those other forms of life that have developed alongside yours that are perhaps a part of a different experiment. It’s more than likely a visitation from long lost cousins that live on the other side of the world, but read “cousins” to be “beings” and “world” to be “cosmos”.

Shining Ones, angels, gods, all are the same as aliens, just at different levels, with different purposes, different kinds of behaviors, different degrees of opacity—meaning your ability to see them.

When the angels come and visit in the Bible, can we say this is an alien energy coming or is it the higher self, a part of each person’s higher functions?

It can be both of those or neither, or something different altogether. For the most part—and I hate to do this, because I’m sitting in the middle of a very Christian culture—if you go to the oldest languages of your Bible or any of the great holy works in your world, you are going to find that God is from a “place” other than Earth. The Hebrew word refers to a being of great light that rules over all, but it was a visitation by Shining Ones into this world. That’s aliens, not from Venus or Alpha Centauri, but from a different function of form out of All That Is—a higher function, if you will.

Once you think of God as an alien, you have to realize that when the writers were referring to God speaking about the division of the heavens, they were talking about the different frequency levels of being that created the realms of form. It’s just one misunderstanding after another!

Now, you’re going to find one of two things in those descriptions. You’re going to find references to angels and demons, which you always find as long as you’re dealing with humanity, because there has to be good and evil. After all, you cannot manipulate somebody if you don’t have something to judge them with and push them with. Angels are the ones that are with the current politically correct group, and the demons are the ones—don’t get me started there.

Another thing you’re going to find is a hierarchical structure, and you’re going to find a capability structure, meaning what it can do when working with humanity. The hierarchical structure would be you have archangels and then you have seraphim and then you have cherubim and on and on, whereas I would say you have seventh density and you have sixth density and you have fifth density. Or you would say you have those who have become world servers, and those who have become a part of the Planetary Council, and you have those who have become Keepers of Wisdom.

Nonetheless, one way or the other, you have a hierarchy—and it’s all life function beings—and it comes from off this planet, but it’s a different kind of alien than Martians and Venusians. Maybe it covers both of those.

How do stimulants work against the healthy functioning of the pineal gland?

Two things to remember: The first one is that the pineal is an instigator—it is a part of the body’s endocrine system. It’s a part of the early brain function and is very necessary for your life as a whole in the same way all of your body hormones and many other chemicals are. So as a result of that, one of the things that a healthy pineal is is a reflection of a healthy body.

What stimulants do to a healthy body is they teach it how to stop producing its own stimulants or depressants or bonding chemicals and a very large number of other things. A healthy body does it on its own.

For example, you have a society in which highly caffeinated sport drinks that are designed to pep you up have taught people that this is how you should feel, that this is what it should be. Coffee, teas have taught people you cannot really wake up in the morning and do your work until you have had this stimulant. As a result, as anyone who has got off of them knows, it takes a while for the body to stop complaining and begin producing these things in its own natural cycles again. So the first thing that a healthy pineal shows is a healthy body that creates these states on its own. You don’t need to supplement it because your body produces it, and the more spiritually capable, the more functioning within the Light Body one is, the more one can direct that. “I need a boost here,” and you’re able to give that boost to yourself without relying on a stimulant.

The second thing about the pineal, though, and the one that concerns me the most, is that an unhealthy pineal has a profound effect on the body not only as a reflection of one’s physical health but also of one’s ability to function through the soul. Remember, soul is that mechanism by which your Light Body works through the physical body. The pineal regulates your soul’s connections. Most people on the planet have calcified their pineal before they’re out of young adulthood and, in this culture, as teenagers, if they’ve grown up with all of these habits.

If one has a gift for healing oneself and others but is not sure how to proceed to explore it, what suggestions do you have for trying it out in ways that will serve and not do harm?

The first thing that I always suggest is to start with plants, then move to animals. Start by getting two plants that you feel are okay working with you. Take care of them both the same way while they acclimate to their new environment. Then take one and do regular healing work with it, and just keep taking care of the other one as you were before. What that’s going to do is show you exactly what your energy can and cannot do. You’re either going to help it flourish or burn it to the ground, and that’s going to tell you that you need to learn to parcel out your energy, to pull it back or push it forward at will. You’re also going to create a storehouse that’s very closely connected to your healing ability, because the plants will hold the energetic memory—the traces of what you give it—and it will give it back to you. So a healer giving healing energy to a plant can put that plant near them when they need some of it back, and create a kind of symbiotic relationship, but one in which both are benefiting.

When you move to animals, again, you’ve got to make sure that you’ve got an agreement. With plants maybe you’ll be able to say, “Well, its light was just a little different,” but with animals you’re not going to perceive that. It’s going to be pretty obvious whether it is working, and you can look for ways to make use of it. That might mean you become a volunteer at your local shelter, and you go in and sit with the cats who come to your lap, and you put your hands on them and do healing work. I’m sure every shelter could use somebody who wants to just sit with the animals or help clean their cages.

Our shelters call them “cat cuddlers.”

That’s probably the easiest way to ensure you’re doing no harm, plus you’re not working on humans, which can be a little more discouraging to a burgeoning healer’s confidence.

Regarding timelines and parallel universes, since there is no time and you can see all of the pathways as they have already unfolded . . .

I wish!

. . . is there any iteration of our world where The Plan worked in the way the Creators hoped or expected? If so, how can we call upon that perfected version of ourselves from that unique timeline where it worked in order to bring that part of ourselves into this “now” on this current timeline to help complete The Plan?

The first thing that I need to correct is that I do not see the end products here. I see probabilities. I cannot see an end product because, no matter what timeline you’re on, no matter what offset of the universe you’re on, you’re in the now. Your mind might bounce you to the future, but time doesn’t work that way. You can only connect to a specific aspect of time/space.

Now, let’s define time a little better. You might be able to connect in time from the 1700s to 2200, but you cannot connect to 2200 in all universes. It’s different for everyone, and every one of those universes is a function of free will if they are a part of this Plan. If somebody wants to influence the timeline they are on and any other times that might cross over it, there is something they can do as long as it is toward the completion of The Plan—and my vote is always that one. Guess what it is. It’s to live at your highest frequency, constantly and consciously living love. Loving all always, without judgment, without condition, without a need for it to be a particular way. These are things that are a part of the definition of unconditional love, and one of the very first questions in the interview in this issue was, “Why do we experience unconditional love in spurts or as pulses?” As I said, it’s because you’re human.

Making choices is a vital part of The Plan, and individuation is about making your own choices. But as long as those choices are based on something other than high-frequency living love, then there will be a constant flux upon the path and consistent inability to determine where that path is going to end.

Some individuals would really like me to be God, as this culture sees God. God knows it all, runs it all, can do it all. But you are the ones with power in this world, not me. You are the ones with the power, and knowing how to use it is what this experience is about—using it the right way for the completion of The Plan.

People want to think that there is such a thing as a past and a future, but really there is only now. In the same way that “now” is called mid-afternoon here but lunchtime in L.A., and it’s called morning a little further west than that. It’s all the same time, but it’s perceived differently based on the circumstances of the space it’s in.

How can Guardians release old ancestral fears deeply embedded in our cellular genetic memory?

I don’t want this to sound trivial because it actually is the answer, but it’s going to sound pretty outrageous: dance and sing.

There are a few things that are actually a part of a cultural programming that do show up within your genetic programming. You might remember that at a Retreat a few years ago I spoke of African-American Guardians and how choosing that path in this culture is such a brave and powerful thing, because they are working to help change that ancestral genetic issue.

The only way you’re going to change your genetic structure is through mutation, and mutation happens in many different ways, your thoughts being one of them. It’s very hard to dance and sing and be depressed at the same time. It’s hard to be negative, to be fearful or attracted toward negative behaviors or outcomes while you’re singing and dancing. It’s very hard. So as I have taught in the past, movement, particular rhythmic movement, and singing have a frequency-changing ability for any individual. The basis of DNA activation and deactivation is movement and sound, and using movement and sound will help change your mental landscape, and that will begin to work on your cultural genetic memory.

Now remember that your cultural genetic memory resonates and affects everything around you. So as you repair a centuries-old fear, that will have an effect on those around you. It’s a little radio system within every cell of your body, a crystalline message which greatly affects some, while others don’t even notice it, although they’re still being affected by it.

So the easy answer is dance and sing. And when I say sing, I don’t mean the top ten songs out now, although those will work to change your mood. I mean hum and play with vowel sounds until you find the ones that work well for you. For instance are you a “dah-dah-dah” or [at a lower pitch] a “doh-doh-doh” person? While you’ll find under certain circumstances that you might sing “la-la-la” to the tune of “Row, row, row your boat,” other times you might find that “Row, row, row your boat” isn’t even where you want to go; you’re more into something quieter, something country, like “I lost my truck. I lost my dog. I lost my mother. I’m an unhappy person. Help me out.” Or you could hum that and find it wants to come out like a Tibetan chant. That’s not because the low sounds are depressing and the high sounds are happy; it’s because the low sounds stimulate the lower emotional levels within you, more of the root issues, including root fears.

There is a lot that could be taught about that. I’ve played with it a bit over the years, the “Oh Ah Hu” exercise, for instance.

It’s not very likely that we can sing and dance 24 hours every day.

Well, it does have a residual effect.

So a little every day would help.

And then it would start building, yes.