Images of dragons have been incorporated in religions and cultures across the planet for eons. This consistency makes me wonder if, before the Shining Ones coupled with human beings, they actually looked or appeared dragonish. How did the Shining Ones actually look to human beings when they first came to the planet?

If, in order to help you, I needed to look like an ant, I would look like an ant. I would look like an ant because I can control what I look like, whereas you control what you see. So my best bet is to look like something that’s not going to scare you off too much.

Like a dragon.

That question was one of those in which the whole setup was quite different than the question itself, which was “So what is it the Shining Ones looked like?”

I guess the question is that when the Shining Ones mated with a human, did those progeny look more human? And the other part is, why do we have so many images of dragons through a whole lot of different cultures?

Remember that this earth and the earth directly before it have a lot in common. One of those things is Atlantis, which is an example of something that can be a part of both earths. Add to that that when one dimension crosses over another dimension—and I’m not talking about spiritual density; I’m talking about dimensions of form—you have a portal through which what is in one dimension can go to another. More often than not, you see these as black holes. Think of it as a double tetrahedron and its change point, which is a black hole—very small or very large. It’s no different with an energetic crossover in the dimensions of form.

Now, I’m going to put those two together, the dimensional reality and, energy that never dies. It can be remade into something else, but it’s always there. Evidence of your sitting in these chairs, right here, now, is going to be available forever to those capable of registering it.

Putting those three together: dragons were very “everyday”—not quite, but close enough—before this earth, but they are still capable of crossing over into this earth, and do so at certain portal points; the memory is seared into all life force; humans just aren’t good at registering it.

There are dragons here now, and I don’t mean giant monitor lizards or Komodo dragons or that kind of thing. I mean dragons. But they don’t function at a frequency that you see. Many animals can see them. If you watch a cat looking up at the sky, they’re seeing ultra-frequencies that you don’t see. However, you can become more sensitive to it, and then you become more capable of seeing them.

What’s going on in the center of the earth energetically that could be used by us on the surface of the earth? (Samuel made an interesting reference to the center of the earth as a power that had been harnessed in the past.)

Do they want to know if it can be harnessed and used again?

I think they want to know the nature of that power and, yes, could it be used again.

There is a form of what you call nickel which, in a gaseous state, is a part of a compound that creates a very high boost as a fuel. That fuel has been harvested, because the nature of your planet is to continually make this. It’s not unlike a hydrogen reaction insofar as manipulating light and matter both.

I can’t imagine at this time that you are technologically advanced enough to make any sort of use of it.

We are now anchoring to Sirius-A, the brightest star in the night sky. On the trip to Nevis, you said that Sirius is a star gate, especially Sirius-B. Could you please explain how Sirius-A and Sirius-B function differently yet together? (Sirius-B is a white dwarf that revolves around Sirius-A every 50 years.)

Sirius-A is the filter; Sirius-B is the antimatter energetic source. They can’t work without each other. They have radically different purposes, but it’s not like that for every binary star system.

It seems that the abuse of power has been the downfall in all of the previous earths in the journey to Sacred Status. Has it always been the abuse of the Divine Masculine or has the Divine Feminine had its share of abuse, too? (I’m not sure that abuse of power always falls under the Divine Masculine. If so, I’m also wondering if the Divine Feminine has been abused in equally bad ways even if it is not the abuse of power.)

It’s pretty hard to beat the abuse of masculine force, because masculine force is what you see. Of course there has been abuse of feminine force, and I’m not talking genders. It’s very, very clear that, because of the nature of form here, the feminine gender is going to be abused, because it’s smaller and more vulnerable, unless it consciously learns to hang out with less alpha males.

Insofar as the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy, humanity in its long and involved process has, of course, abused with power anything it could. Whereas masculine abuse shows up in Word and Deed, feminine abuse shows up in Intent and Thought, including clouding the thinking, which is going on right now, and that’s an abuse of the feminine, of other people.

Right now in your system, the more severe damage has been done by those outward acts, but you’ve got to remember inward acts take place before you’ve got outward ones. Still it’s easier to create an abuse of power when the first step has been taken than it is to come up with that first step. So it’s simply easier—terrible word—but as a result more common to have an abuse of power of the Divine Masculine.

I love the crystal that I got at the recent December events, but while it was initially clear, it has now clouded up a lot. I know you have said in the past that frequencies will change the appearance of crystals. Please explain how and why that happens.

Well, clouding up is actually a really good sign because what that’s saying is that that crystal has received more to communicate to you, and so you need more time sitting quietly and receiving what it can give you. All of those little fuzzy inclusions are information. [Taking a crystal] All of these inclusions, especially around the base, show that it has information. The more you use crystals, the clearer they become.

Last year at this time, the more you used it, the cloudier it would have become, because the crystals weren’t responding to you until the Solstice, when the energetic transmission changed everything including the way you connect with crystals. So there was a time when a perfectly clear crystal would get all cloudy and you’d say, “Oh this one’s no good anymore.” Now you say, “Oh, look, it’s filled with information. It’s a little flash drive.” And as you merge with it and say “What do you have to teach me? I want to learn from you. I’m open to that,” it becomes clearer. When it becomes clearer, if it needs it—and they don’t all—cleanse it. Set it aside a bit and it’ll show up cloudy again.

Sometimes they’ve given you all they can give you, because they are very old, and they’re ready to move on as well, which is why it’s nice to have more than one.

As a crystal rides in a pocket with another one, do they affect each other?

Oh, they do, they do.

Should you not do that?

It’s not a problem, because they’re bigger than that, but esthetically you can hurt them that way, because they’re knocking into each other and chipping bits off of each other. So for that reason, you might put them in separate pockets. But generally speaking, being together just gives them time to chatter, catch up.

You have said that Guardians’ companion animals go to the Crystal Palace when they make a transition because they have a lot of individuation as a result of having lived with Guardians. Please explain that process and what they find there.

[Laughing] Now, why would you ask that question? [Paula’s dog, Ollie, died a few days earlier.]

[Laughing] Who wrote that?

Have you talked to Ollie?

I’ve tried. I can see him—he’s running around—but he’s not taking notice of me.

He’s happy running around, and that’s pretty much all he’s been doing. Of course, where he is time runs a little differently and to him he’s just left, whereas to you it’s been a long time, and gets longer the more you miss him. But it doesn’t work that way for him at all because he’s timeless now.

Guardians’ animals are a little different than most because they’ve been around your energy the whole time. And because of the work that’s been done within your lifetime to activate the animal kingdom, they disengage from the group soul when they pass from here. That disengagement is an individuation. Some, such as a familiar, aren’t actually animals in the first place, but that’s a whole different story. And some just shift shapes.

All life force releases form upon death. That’s great. That’s when the fun starts. You’re not bound any more by the rickety old body. Up until recently, all creatures or plants—not rocks—would go back to the group soul, which is sort of like a hive mind.

There are those that, because they have a choice, choose to remain within that group soul and they become, more or less, oversouls, or guardian beings of certain aspects of the group soul. I’m seeing a lot of that happening now because it’s a means for them to serve.

But Guardians’ creatures are connected to you. They have come into your life purposefully, and when they have stayed more than—depending on the individual they’re with—three or six months to a year or so, they’ve intermingled their energy with yours, so what happens to you is what’s going to happen to them. That’s why I have the menagerie I do: because they’re waiting for you.

The good news is that dogs like Ollie, cats like Pussy Willow and Spryte, are at a high enough frequency that they’re going to be able to choose what they’re seeing while they wait. Humans do that, too. “I’m going to spend all of my time with my feet up, with a big bowl of popcorn watching ‘Star Trek’ for eons.” Ollie chooses to be in this huge meadow with forests and lots of holes and little squirrely things that run around, just right across from the Crystal Palace. And I will tell you that the Crystal Palace visualization I have given you does not include that great big meadow, but that’s what he loves, and he has spent almost his whole time just running and smelling. He’s making it his territory. “This is my place and I’m learning every inch!” Happy, happy, happy. He’s come in a few times [to the Crystal Palace], but mainly he’s just checking things out. And I think some of that is because it’s so recent for him that he’s still saying, “I can run! It doesn’t hurt! It’s good.”

“I don’t have a cast on.”

“I’m not hobbling.” So high-frequency creatures that have been with Guardians are entwined in your energy, and they are creating their perfect place to wait for you, and that’s what they’re doing; they’re waiting for you. Where I am is home for them, and so some are perfectly happy to just come in and curl up, but there are some that just want to run around.

[To Frank] Jack—you remember Jack?—spent quite some time experimenting in the different skins of the canine family. I thought that was pretty interesting.

Does that Guardian connection mean that we create that kind of dream for them, or do they create it?

The group soul creates a state of being—and I wouldn’t call it a dream—for some low-frequency creatures that holds them at resonance until that energy needs to be used again. But high-frequency creatures, particularly now, are capable of creating what’s going to suit them best.

Can a crystal help you communicate with a pet that has died?

Oh, sure, but you’ll need to tune it for that. You might want to do that, for instance, by putting the crystal around some of Ollie’s old things, and after a period of doing that, through your Intent letting it know that you want it to transmit to Ollie and from Ollie back to you. You are setting the Intent of the crystal. Don’t be surprised if it takes a while, not because of the crystal but because Ollie needs to figure out what’s going on, and you need time to realize you’re getting it. You know, you humans like to say, “I can’t see it, taste it, touch it, smell it, so it must not be there.”

Or it’s a coincidence.

Right. Coincidentally, I got this thought that Ollie was giving me big, slobbery kisses.

I thought he might be here today. I really did. I thought he might.

He’s having too much fun.

For him, he’s just been gone for hours, maybe a day. It’s not that you’re not on his mind, because you are, but he’s not getting the “Wait! I should be going home now,” and home is you. He’s not at that point yet, and I wouldn’t want him to be, because any time one who is without a body is entrenched into the life of one with a body, that’s sad and only slowing things down. It’s not good.

I wouldn’t want that for him. Thank you.