Samuel, it was so good to hear a bit of good news about 2014 from your first-Sunday webcast. I have been hearing a lot of gloom and doom prophecies for this year and I simply refuse to believe them. What’s the story on these prophecies from remote viewers, astrologers, numerologists and the like? Are they on to something, or are they tapping into the collective unconscious of a psychologically depressed, fed-up population?

I look to the second. Here is something you want to remember: when you hurt your shoulder and you go to the orthopedic surgeon, what do they do? They want to do surgery. That’s their specialty. You go to the dermatologist and your problem has to do with dermatology. It’s where you put your focus.

I’ve tried many ways to help you understand the paradox that time doesn’t exist the way you think of it. The future has already happened, but there are still choices that can change it. You [Guardians] may want to forget it, because it’s not something where you see the immediate effect: that you open doorways for mass consciousness. What you do redirects this world.  I believe that if every Guardian actually got that, change would happen so quickly.

If what you do is write for the newspapers, you’re going to look for events that are sensational. Why? Because that causes people to buy your paper. It’s no different with remote viewing, with the way that you’re going to interpret omens or astrological happenings. The way that you view the world is going to be how you interpret what you’re seeing.

I love that this writer is recognizing that there has to be another option, that maybe this issue is about latching on to the negativity that’s in the world instead of a positive view. It’s so important, so important, that you consciously choose the positive even when the negative is smacking you around the head. It’s got to become a habit, because then you create that positive end that is already there but needs to be made solid by free will.

A certain remote viewer has been talking about a solar “kill shot” in which the sun will send off a number of high-powered solar flares toward the earth and knock us back into the Stone Age—literally. Is he seeing our reality or a different one?

Well, you know that would always be a possibility if there were not protective mechanisms in place—naturally or created—if you did not have the Grid that you do, if there were not seen and unseen protectors and watchers, and if your sun were just a star instead of a spiritual being, a Solar Lord, whose work is with this world.

Which he wouldn’t destroy purposefully.

It’s much more likely that you are going to have a rock hit you than have all your electronics knocked out forever. I do think that it’s very realistic that you might have tremendous radio blackouts across the world because of solar emissions. You’ve been experiencing them over the last month.

But that’s not a world-wide catastrophe.  A bigger catastrophe is what’s going to happen if your magnetic shift happens sometime soon. I say that as a joke, but something like that would have a far greater effect than what is going to happen with your sun, even though your sun is putting out some pretty extreme natural radiation that is creating solar winds affecting your satellites, and so on. Remember it goes back to where your focus is and how you’re seeing things, because you can choose to see ice cream for everyone as a really negative thing or a really fun, positive one. It’s just perception.

Are concurrent multiple realities possible? I’ve apparently been slipping between a couple; for example, I can make an appointment for 1:30 on Tuesday and I wake up on Tuesday to discover it’s at 9:30 a.m.

Are there multiple realities? Absolutely, and I’m not talking quantum mechanics, multiple universes. I’m saying multiple realities. There is a short answer that says for every person in the world there is a reality. But there is a longer and more complex answer that says that reality is more like a child blowing bubbles. You might picture one bubble that attaches to another bubble, and where the two come together there is a point of change. Space-time as you know it is not non-existent, just more flexible than you think.

I would warrant that many of you are finding that things you’re relating to your memory—“Oh I just got it wrong or wrote it down wrong”—really have more to do with those whose reality bubbles are intersecting with yours. It’s the reality bubble of Paula and David, and, right now, Frank, and everything that you are thinking, the presence of your energy itself (not to mention Annabelle [the puppy who sat in on the interview] tossed in for the fun of it), and those energy changes, all create opportunities for perceptual change. What Frank is thinking is affecting you even though you are not hearing a thing, and that causes you to shift and make different decisions, create a different bubble, and that’s because Frank’s bubble and your bubble came together.

In a big picture, beyond individual reality, the way time works is changing. That has something to do with the rotation of the earth that’s in change right now. With the Earth’s heartbeat changing, the internal core is spinning differently than it has been, causing your planet to be slightly off from its usual—and by usual I mean the last few million years—place in the universe. And that creates a shift, even just a tiny one, that affects everything, including the way you perceive time and space.

Now, I consider that change in your perception a really good thing, because what that means is you, as consciously aware Guardians, are becoming more aware of portals and creating portals. Remember that your life in the eighteen-hundreds is going on right now, right where you are, and your life in the twenty-three-fifties is going on right now. And when you really get that, you realize that time is fluid, not set. It’s speeding up right now, and that’s throwing off your current perceptions, which makes it harder for you to be confident in your reality. And that creates what you’re thinking of as memory problems.

You said time is speeding up. Relative to what, if not to the time we inhabit?

It’s a planetary thing. Your planet itself is undergoing such a change right now. Your perception of time is based on your body’s cells’ relationship to the magnetic core of the planet. Your sense of gravity is a function of that spinning dynamo within the center of your planet, which is an electromagnetic force causing what you think of as gravity. That spinning, that electromagnetic force, is changing. It’s speeding up. So you adjust to that, but not fully. And for you that creates the change in time.

Now I realize that that’s a pretty poor way of trying to explain something, but it’s a very involved kind of thing. It’s something better saved for a Retreat, for instance, when I’ve got much more time.

You  [David] have noticed—and probably most of those who are reading this have, too—that time is going by much faster. That is perceptual, but it’s also specific, objective. Did you know that the Naval Observatory atomic clock occasionally needs readjustment? Do you know that in the last five years it has needed more adjustment than ever? And it’s not because it’s an old clock. Time is changing, objectively and perceptually.

[Frank] The dimensional overlap that you mentioned.

The bubbles? I didn’t call it a dimensional overlap.

[Frank] Sorry. A reality overlap. Would that also account for things disappearing and then coming back?

That probably is actually a dimensional overlap. Are you talking in this house [on Kentucky Avenue]? You’ve got to remember that this house is a portal. It’s a dimensional pass-through, and so you’re going to have a lot of that. If you hung out in this house long enough, you’d start at least sensing, if not seeing, warped time, and it would show up as seeing somebody that you might think of as a ghost walking through the room in seventeen-hundreds garb, just doing their own thing, not bothering you, not trying to connect with you at all.

[Frank] But I’m aware of it more now—things disappearing and then coming back, things suddenly being different than they seemed a moment before.

But how it is in this place is not necessarily the way it is at everybody’s house [To David]. Are you having things like that happening at your house?

The only thing I can connect with in all of this is that I’ve noticed the weeks are rushing by, but I haven’t seen people walk through the house.

Well, no, you wouldn’t have seen that at your house, but there is a question a little further along about or maybe it did not last, but it was about spirit attachment to a place.


You would have ghosts at your house, even though your house is very new, because the energy stays with the place. But that’s a whole different thing.

Well, getting back to the original question . . .

I was speaking about the nature of this house [on Kentucky Avenue], how a place of dimensional shifting where you see or sense a different time doesn’t mean that that’s a ghost, and it’s important to realize that. In fact, here there is no personality connection at all unless you create it out of your fear or excitement or whatever.

And besides, ghosts don’t take things from you. A lot of times unseen energy that you have very strong compacts with tries to get your attention.

David, you’ve got a part of your twelve that hangs with you everywhere you go,  just as clear as can be to me, and since humor is eternal it’s not surprising to me that those pokes and jokes—hiding something and bringing it back in a very obvious place—are going to come about.

I occasionally have had something happen that seemed so statistically unlikely that I wondered if it wasn’t just a “hey look” sort of thing. Is that what you’re talking about?

That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

I dropped a can of WD40 on a tile floor once, and it bounced and bounced and bounced and finally landed upside down on its little red cap, and I said, “This can’t happen!”

How many times have you tripped on the stairs and somehow did not fall down when you should have? Or driven down the road and did not have the accident that should have happened? It’s not just house games; there are these other versions of what can come about.

If a ghost had been haunting a house that gets torn down, what happens to the ghost? What if a new structure takes the place of the old one—what happens then?

Remember that a ghost is just personality essence. It cannot harm you. You—Guardians—are a magnet, though, for personality essence that isn’t stabilized, so you can get a sense of ghostly beings more than probably John Doe out in the world can. But for the most part ghosts aren’t what people like to think they are.

Personality essence attaches to a place, an earth connection that holds it, not a room that disappears when the house is torn down. And again, that has something to do with that electromagnetic thing that I was speaking of earlier. The important thing about remaining personality essence is for you not to have emotional attachment. If your mother dies and your emotional attachment is very strong, it draws that personality. But when you can have no emotional attachment, that draw diminishes.

Which is better.

Well sure. That’s right.

If we can only “feel” our personal timelines to about age of sixty-nine or seventy, which is how I’ve always felt, does it mean we’re going to be done and check out at that time, or is there some major event coming up in about fifteen years or around say 2030 that we or I can’t see or feel?

Everybody has doorways that are opportunities for leaving here. And the older you get, the fewer of those doorways there are usually, because you’ve already passed many of them. Guardians tend to come with a good amount of them because you are always given the opportunity to continue on or not. If you’re not going to be doing what you’re here to do then you may as well not be here. So those opportunities will show up a lot. They will often show up as you get really sick or you’re in a really terrible accident. You’re not conscious that you were given a choice at that point, but you said I’ll stay and so you did not die. The more attuned you become to yourself, the more aware you are of those coming options, but any particular one, even if there are five more behind it, is going to look like the end of the line until you get past it. And then life goes on a while longer …

The next part of that question was, Is there something that is going to happen in fifteen years that may be a planet-wide thing? I would change that to, Is there a major event going on in the world that can create that sense that fifteen years is all there is left? And I’m going to turn that around and say, Based on everything that I have spoken about so far, how would you answer that?

It depends.

That’s right. It’s about the future, and the future is liquid. And you will draw that which functions with how you think, and what your frequency is about, which is why you need to be positive, why you need to act like every day is your last day, and not like ”fifteen years from now might be my last day.” And you need to start now creating those futures that work positively with your growth and change for the better rather than creating a time in which the world ends.

There are definitely timelines that speak of world-wide catastrophes from now until the end of this century—by asteroid, by flood, by … Don’t let that be a way. Let Sacred Status complete; let the world move into Ascension, not apocalypse.

Nevis was a great place to come together as a group, meet every day, and eat great vegan food. We even activated the Baltic Dragon remotely from Nevis. Do you see the group returning to Nevis in the near future? What other kinds of workings could we do from there? Couldn’t we do all of our workings there?

I believe that the Mekong could be the last in-place Dragon working, because it is my hope that if you could activate the Baltic Dragon without being at the Baltic, as you did, you’ll be able to do that for other seeded rivers as well. So that would mean it’s not necessary to go to the seeding in form. You can go to the seeding outside of form.

We could go to fine vacation spots and do the work from there.

Yes, you could. However, Nevis is a very unique area. There aren’t that many places on the planet where you’re going to get that kind of energy. It might be a good place to go back to if it seems the group can’t open seeds from other areas, but at this point my plan is to try activating Dragon force in other powerful places like the Retreat, or very strong active energy places like Avebury. We’ll just have to see.

Or Mexico?

I agree that the ritual and energy was so empowered at Teotihuacán, Tulum and other Mexican sites, but I suppose now there would be a lot more tourists than when you were there.

Some people who have been a part of Phoenix for a while are not coming around much any longer. It seems to be part of a trend that has been occurring in all three cities. Why is this happening?

Because I’m not nice anymore; I’m pushing you harder This work isn’t a spectator sport; it’s active, and those who have been seeing it as a spectator sport have been feeling that. On the other hand, in each city are those who have not been around for a very long time but who are showing up again for the same reason. They are tired of the spectator sports and really becoming aware of how important it is to get some action going. This work will never be for the masses. It’s not easy enough for them. Also, there are those who have backed away and are doing that thing where you’ve got to make this work “bad” to make your choice acceptable. And there is some negativity out there as well that’s allowing people who want an excuse to have one. Don’t fall prey to stupid human tricks. You’re here to fulfill a compact as a Guardian. Don’t waste this life.

I’ve gotten fever blisters ever since I was a teenager. The herpes virus hides in the cell bodies of neurons. I would like to eradicate the virus from my body, despite current medical knowledge which says that can’t happen. Assuming it is possible, which of the several self-healing techniques that you have given us over the past couple of years would be best for this healing this condition, and how would you augment the visualization?

I would not augment a visualization, I would say that any of them would work just fine. The thing that you’ve got to remember about healing—and which is often the great excuse for healers who don’t want to stick with it to become as strong as they would like—is that if it’s a part of your blueprint, you’re not going to heal it. But you’ve also got to realize that movies and television with “let me touch you and you are automatically healed” isn’t realistic, because you’ve got to rebuild cell by cell, and that means it often takes more energy and more repetitions for your brain to coincide and allow those changes to come about. Your brain is the key, and in the case of the herpes virus, staying away from triggers—high stress situations, ultraviolet rays, putting crystals in your mouth, that kind of thing. (That was a joke for this specific questioner.)

By means of CMEs, flares, and solar wind the sun spews x-rays, UV radiation, protons, and electrons in addition to visible light. How would you compare the effect these different particles and wavelengths of light have on us?

It’s possible that some things I said already might answer some of that. But to answer just the way it’s asked right here without further clarification, I’ll say, you are protected in many ways, physically, spiritually. Your planet is, as well. In the very same way that the sun’s light can create problems for you—sunburn, skin cancer—your body also heals it until it has been so damaged that it no longer can heal it. So what does that tell you? Don’t be stupid. Realize that the sun’s rays and the water you drink and the air that you breathe can all be harmful to you, but you have ways of counteracting it. So do that.