I understand that opening the frequency seals on our DNA causes an actual change in the DNA.

No, that’s not accurate. It makes it possible, it doesn’t cause it to happen.

Does this mean that any children we have afterward could inherit these open seals, or do they have to go through the process of opening for themselves?

That question doesn’t really work, because the only ones who can open these frequency seals are the ones that are working at particularly high frequencies, which means that they are Guardians, working here by choice. Any children that are going to be born to Guardians now are going to have things pretty much already set in place. They won’t have to work at it like you did, but they’re not going to have the options that you do either.

Will those children inherit that DNA?

No, they will not.

So change in the DNA won’t become part of the genetic heritage.

No, it will not. But they will have the ability to activate dormant DNA in  the same way you do. It could possibly be easier for them, too.

I have heard you mention pets that are “familiars,” and some pets that are “guardians.” Please explain the difference as regards their relationship with their human companions.

The first thing you need to remember is that there are guardian species within all kingdoms. There are plant guardians and animal guardians, and there are guardians within different types of monkeys and dogs, for example.

So there will be a poodle guardian and a bulldog guardian.

Well, it’s more like there would be a guardian amidst poodles; there would be a guardian amidst bulldogs, but they are under the guardian of canines, which is a function of the group soul.

And that’s underneath the function of dogs versus wolves or foxes.

Yes. A guardian is a member of that kingdom to which it belongs. A familiar is not. A familiar takes on a form for a particular purpose. When a familiar takes on a form, it could be one that happens to be a guardian of that kingdom; however, being a guardian doesn’t mean you’ll be a familiar. They are two different things.

As far as familiars are concerned, it’s not likely that any human is ever going to get as close to you as your dog or cat will. There are things that they can and do give that another human cannot because of the separation that keeps you human and individuals. So when a familiar come into your life as one of your creatures, it is a very easy way to have an effect on you for a particular purpose. Most of the time that purpose is as a temple guard, or a monitor of energy, but there can be other reasons, which I’m not going to go into here.

There are a very few creatures in the animal or plant kingdoms that are already moving into individuation. That isn’t to say they’re fully there, but they’re already moving in that direction. This beginning individuation allows for a specific animal—if it is advanced enough—to actually function as a guardian amongst its species.

For example, “Fido” is incredibly smart, he thinks, communicates in his own way, and is self-aware. He is in the process of individuating. Because of that, when Fido lands in a home with a high-frequency Guardian, Fido’s individuation process is accelerated. If he is a part of a Guardian species–as canines are–then it is possible that Fido can grow into guardianship as he grows into his individuation.

He isn’t born a guardian–unlike humans, who are already individuated, but the possibility for guardianship exists. Even though it’s dormant, it is built into any guardian species now that we are so close to Sacred Status. This is because the plant and animal kingdoms have to be individuated in order to be a part of that. So if you have a dog that is individuating then the built-in chance for individuated guardianship will start coming into play.

On the other hand, it doesn’t require being in the process of individuation or having completed it in order to be a familiar. If the energy that we call familiars should decide to take on the body of Fido, who is individuating and awakening to guardianship, that would be the way—the very rare way—a familiar could be a guardian. But a guardian creature or plant doesn’t have the means to take on a body—it already is in a body–unlike the energy we call familiars. Therefore, a Guardian dog can’t choose to be a familiar.

It is not unusual for Guardians to have familiars, but it’s very unusual to have a guardian creature around you because they are so rare. Imagine all of the poodles there are. What are the chances that you’re going to get the one that is a guardian? That guardian poodle would probably have a greater effect elsewhere, rather than in the household of a human Guardian.

So is a familiar not a part of the group soul?

Well, here’s what happens: if a familiar embodies a form for too long, it forgets it’s a familiar, and as a result of that becomes a part of the form it is in. It becomes a part of the group soul of that form it has embodied.

Even after that form dies?

No, after that form dies, it is released. This is a lot like what happens to some of you.

So a familiar is usually in and out of your life within a short time. To you it seems that it contracted feline respiratory virus or was hit by a car when it was young, and it leaves.

If you have a familiar that has forgotten, it’s a very sad thing, because it’s trapped.

So our creaky old dog, Winston, either never was a familiar or, given his age, he has forgotten he is one.

I understand what you’re saying, but here is the thing: Winnie is a familiar, but you have not had him all of his life. He embodied because there was an open door for him. Most familiars are embodied pretty much at birth, but it doesn’t always have to be that way.

For example, WuHu is not a familiar, but if he continues stabilizing, he might become one because familiar energy would embody him. He would become for Frank what Winnie is for you. What does he do for you?

He inspires me with love and admiration, and he opens my heart.

Yes, and he balances you. And balance is a very needed thing for Guardians. Winnie’s old now, but he’s not been a familiar all that time, so I don’t see him forgetting. I don’t see him living long enough to forget.

Can we help a familiar to not forget?

No, because the familiar is there for you. You aren’t there for them.

How can an animal that is part of a group soul seemingly choose to individuate?

Well, as I’ve said, a familiar isn’t really a dog or a cat, so this question isn’t talking about a familiar.

I guess the questions is, How does an unindividuated soul spontaneously give rise to individuals? If it isn’t a general canine-wide thing of all souls within the group soul individuating, what sets a few apart?

One year-old children have a sort of group mind, yet amidst them there are those that stand out, that are advanced. That’s pretty much how that happens. Within any group soul, there are those that are very enmeshed with the form that they are a part of, and by the nature of their breed or species have a higher mind function, so much so that they become self-aware. When there is self-awareness, that starts a process of shifting out of the group soul.

For example, most dogs will see themselves in a mirror and bark, because they are sure there’s another dog there. They might even throw themselves at it. They never realize that it’s the very same dog looking back at them. Most dogs don’t care what they look like. “I stink? Why do you think I stink?  I smell great!” But then there are those that look at the mirror and might bark for a moment but then they get it. By the way, a lot more birds have that figured out than dogs do. Self aware cats have a sense of dignity. My point is that occasionally you will come across it, but for the most part you don’t because most creatures are not smart enough.

Will that change if the work in India is successful, and the animal kingdom moves toward individuation? How will that affect familiars?

Well, it won’t affect familiars and Guardians so much, but it will affect the creatures that are here already. You will see changes in your own creatures take place, but much more slowly. The biggest difference will be seen in those that are born after that time. And, after a period of time, you will see a profound difference. 

What is the difference between the Lords of the Rays, the Twelve Cohans, the Original Twelve, and the Twelve Perfecti?

Those were pretty much all taught at different times and have little bearing on what I’m teaching now. That’s the difference.

The megalithic structures on Earth are characterized by massive stones that are often irregularly shaped, and sometimes placed together with incredible precision. How were structures like the Osirion at Abydos and the Great Pyramid in Egypt, Stonehenge in England, and Sacsayhuaman in Peru constructed?

They were constructed with a type of engineering that worked at that time, and if you would not insist on thinking that your forebears were stupid and that you are the height of the evolution of your species, then you would give them more credit.

Usually, vibration or water or both were used for shaping those things. And I don’t know that putting the stones together was done differently from how you would do it now. Now you have machinery for it, of course.

You may have a block that’s a hundred and fifty tons that needs to be lifted it up a hundred feet.

Like a wall.

Or the pyramids.

Aye, well they used ramps and balls or rollers, for the most part.

I remember being impressed at Sacsayhuaman at the irregularity of the stones and how one curve could be carved so accurately to fit another. That’s what the question is getting at.

Did heat play a part in the process of shaping the stones?

When you are cutting with water, it is a function of temperature, but it’s not like a laser, if that was the implication.

One who understands the rock—whether it is a diamond in the rough or a slab of granite or a bluestone—one who recognizes it and works with it can see its natural shape and faults. If you fill a crack with water so that it stays in the crack, and then winter comes, what’s going to happen?

It will split.

And if that is along a fault, what’s likely to happen?

The split would continue along the fault.

Yes, extending further. If you’re capable of doing that by design, because like a very good jeweler can look at the rough diamond and say, “Here is how this needs to be cut to bring out its brilliance,” you could see that here is how this needs to be frozen and heated—because both will do it—to become the shape that is needed here. It’s very simple.

I have a hard time believing that frequency isn’t already in use in some way or another because to separate on a molecular level is much faster and accurate than it is on the more gross scale, and sound frequency does it on the molecular level.

Some say that the most powerful of Atlantis’s crystals were secreted away before its final destruction, to be activated at a later date, like now.  Where are these fabled crystals now, and will they be used as we proceed toward the completion of Sacred Status?

They are in your or some else’s sweet dreams. It’s a fantasy. Nevertheless, you can count on someone “finding” them and teaching a special few “how to use them.” Do you need to say I’m dripping with irony here?