You have said that as we continue to be vessels for Shining Energy we will be able to manipulate our forms to be what we need at the time, which could be changing our blueprint or creating portals. Please explain what you mean by this and give examples.

Changing a blueprint is not available to everybody. Very few in form are capable of changing their blueprint in any permanent fashion, because what’s the use of a blueprint if it is malleable? It holds you together. So there’s a bit of a misunderstanding with that one.

But wouldn’t those who are working with Ellic energy through the Greater Entity be able to do that?

To a point.

But they would be guided to do it with wisdom.

[Laughing] Well, I know a few here who are working out of that Greater Entity who would still make some pretty stupid choices.

Okay, point taken.

Do you know how many people do not understand why I have not just healed the Form? People can’t see well enough to make the decision, even if they have the power.

We always want to take the easy road.

True. However, there are things that can be done.

Creating portals is a different thing, though. If a person is capable and the energy is there, it can be done. If the person is capable and the energy is not there, under certain circumstances, it can be done, but Intent and frequency determine a portal creation. And be aware that I’m talking about intra- and inter-dimensional portals.

As we’ve talked about on trips.

Yes, exactly. I’m not talking about dying when you want to. I’m talking about the next step in the advancement of spiritual frequency as a creation or a co-creatorship, and how you can advance the Plan by that particular activity.

As Guardians in human form, we experience human security issues, but as we choose to live from our best and highest, they do not run us. When Sacred Status is complete, will those same security needs still be a part of the human form’s “package”?

Until the memory of fear is gone, it will be a part of the package. When the memory of fear is gone—because there is nothing to fear—understanding one’s power will come with the package and so there will not be fear.

And that’s the process mass consciousness is going to have to go through.


They’re going to have to work through the same way that Guardians have worked through it.

Exactly. Guardians are working through it. However, when that time comes, my question to you would be, “Is there a need for humanity to continue when there is no longer fear to work through?”

There’ll be nothing left to work on.


And there’s fear as long as there’s a memory of fear.

Right. But people with fear dying off isn’t the answer, because you give your fears to your children. It has to do with understanding your power, not changing your memories.

How do I truly know when I’m being flexible and adaptable rather than, for example, saying “yes” too often?

Or not being flexible and adaptable, and resisting it.

Look at your pain or happiness levels. It’s a very broad and not always accurate model, but generally speaking a pretty good one. If you’re caving in and saying yes too often, and you get yourself overextended and stressed, you’re not going to be very happy. If you are seeing options and experiencing successes, you are going to be happy. So on a very broad level, look at your “Am I happy?” answers, and “Am I unhappy?” answers. “How are things flowing in my life? Am I overworked, underappreciated, frustrated and erratic emotionally? Or am I pretty solid, pretty stable?”

On a spiritual level, well, it’s not a spiritual-level question so that really isn’t the answer. It really is “am I functional here, now?”

If toning is about strengthening the body as a vessel to contain higher frequency energy, then it seems it must ultimately be good for our health. Could you elaborate on the ways our bodies respond to regular toning?

That’s a nice thought but it doesn’t really work out that way. Toning strengthens the vessel to hold a higher frequency. When that vessel is strengthened, yes, good health. Until that vessel is strengthened, every weakness is going to be obvious to you. You are going to be such a hypochondriac. You’re going to think that you must be really unwell because you get every little twinge. You must be aware of that weakness in order to change it. So, on that level, not very helpful.

As we age, our bodies undergo changes we’d rather not accept. Would you discuss some of the infirmities we experience and the human body’s ability to regenerate?

A Guardian’s ability to work with sound, to work to rearrange genetic and physical growth processes, can go a whole lot further than one might think simply because a Guardian’s body is used to being molded by sound already, particularly because of toning. Right now, as a whole, most people have forgotten their ability to regenerate, and they no longer have a belief that they have any kind of power to affect their health. Therefore, the biggest hope for most people is what science slowly comes up to.

Paula and Frank are wearing glasses. David, are you wearing tiny glasses in your eyes? Nobody thinks about that any more. It’s seen as a part of the process the body goes through.

I want them to hurry up and get rid of deafness. If everyone was just as used to seeing a hearing aid as they are a vision aid, there might be a faster change in dealing with the problem, because as more people are recognizing and do something about it, they will want a better technology. Right now it’s considered a loss that you have to hide, so that’s what most people do. If they lose one of their abilities, they hide it, and so change comes very slowly.

There is so much that can be done with stem cells, for instance, maybe genetically too, to eliminate, if not all of an individual’s deafness, at least a good amount of it. Your body should be able to recreate the system with just a little help, and instead science is focusing its efforts on the symptom of the broken system, instead of the broken system itself. I can understand why, but still.

I think that the assumption is that the broken hairs in the inner ear do not regenerate, but are you saying that they could be made to?

Absolutely. Right now it could be done with sound and heat. Now, that doesn’t mean play Mozart and put a warm iron up next to your ear. Of course, it’s a little different for everybody, but ultimately if you use sound waves, particularly the low end of the spectrum, you’re going to stimulate growth. But a better answer is to rebuild from the bottom to the top, and that’s where genetic modification and stem cell work could have a very big effect. However, you would need to inject the cells into that area of the brain, not into the ear itself.

I have a feeling that we’re a long way from injecting stem cells into the brain.

Perhaps not as long as you would think. There are all kinds of things that can be done to bring about changes in the future. Right now, with regard to deafness, what I see has the most promise is sound and heat.

So, are there steps you would recommend taking for people with deafness, either deafness as severe as mine or when it’s in the early stages?

It certainly couldn’t hurt to experiment. Not somebody at the beginning stages though, because if you’re going to be doing it on your own, you’re going to be using very crude mechanics. I think that you can have a certain amount of advantage experimenting, but be careful. Go slowly. The heat is the one you’ve got to be careful with there, not the sound frequency. Ultraviolet, infrared activates cell turnover particularly. If you get the process going too quickly, then you’re not going to have an advantage.

You mean too early?

No, I mean if you don’t go slowly. If you notice your skin peels, you’re going too quickly, because that’s how the cell turnover will show up.