Samuel, I am considering giving a portion of my estate to Phoenix Institute after I am dead. What is your vision for Phoenix Institute ten years from now? Do you want your teaching made available to the general public, particularly after the completion of Sacred Status? What would you like to see people do with their estates after they are no longer here?

Already this work is in the world: the (cable) television shows, the Internet, the tapes and the videos, and the individuals who work as living examples of the information, who put themselves out into the world. What do you think is the weakest link of all of those outreaches

The people. Is that because of personal interpretations, or because they separate their spiritual life from their “real” life? It’s embarrassing for a lot of people to say that they’re involved in this work. But I learned about this work from somebody who is absolutely proud of it, who has done more to bring in people than almost any other individual that I can think of in this work . . .

And who doesn’t mind looking flakey if that’s what someone needs to see.

. . . and to tell you the truth, I have not allowed my professional profile to be linked to hers because of that.

And, you see, that’s a pity. I think that it’s sorrowful that Guardians are doing more to hold back the work than mass consciousness is, but there you go.

My vision of Phoenix in the next ten years is that it be a greater version of what it is already. A place to learn the tools and become adept with them. A place of community, to be with others who are on the journey with you. A place of training you to move further out into the world and successfully teach, help, give, do what is needed at the moment.

Phoenix always needs funds. It would be so nice if Phoenix actually could manage paid help, whose whole focus was “What more could we do to get this message out there?” instead of constantly having to deal with the unity issues within a leadership that feels so burdened instead of blessed, constantly dealing with people issues. It would be great if Phoenix had a presence in the world because the Guardians were actively active. If they were not doing so much work just to function in the world, they could actually be doing work out there. That would really be nice.

The fact of it is, money is always needed. You can’t put out more publicity about what’s going on in ways that others can really get it when you are limited by the vision of the volunteers. It’s hard to create working mentoring programs when you are limited by volunteers. It’s hard to create . . . and this could go on and on. Money makes a big difference in all this only because it makes things easier, not because it makes them better.

The building itself has a lot of money needs. The regular maintenance needs plus the extra work that is being done right now strain the income. Phoenix has had some good gifts, but the individual-by-individual support is really negligible, and Phoenix runs, by far, more in the “more-output-than-income” vein.

I see volunteers having a great heart and desire, but being very conflicted by their day-to-day lives, and as a result of the day-to-day experience saying, “I don’t have the money to give twenty-five dollars a month, every month, to Phoenix, plus do this and do that, and eat right and go to movies.

I see the same thing with time. We’re very fortunate not to have full-time jobs, but . . .

But you do!

Well, yes, but it’s directed to help Phoenix. People who work outside of Phoenix in order to pay the rent sometimes don’t have the energy to give to the volunteer work that they’d like to give.

That’s right.

Being in the world can wear you down.

It can, if the world is where you are expecting your nourishment.

I think it’s very lovely to set up a means to give when you are no longer here. I think it’s a lot lovelier for you to give while you are here, whether that’s money or not. And the fact of it is this question is coming from one who understands that and is becoming more involved.

Still, the point is there: Give what you can, where you are at the time, and let that giving continue. That’s great. But remember that I need you, and Phoenix Institute needs you, more alive than dead.

When we do leave, will many of us exit as a group, or is it more likely to be similar to what’s going on now, where we leave individually?

You are much more likely to go one at a time in a fairly short period. I do not foresee a big plane crash or the ocean liner sinking, mainly because it’s much more effective in the work that you are doing if you leave on an individual basis rather than as a group.

When you gave us the “Still Pond Visualization” this past summer, you asked us to do it “through the end of the year.” Now that it’s 2008, should we still be doing this meditation as given? And if not, are there other uses to which this meditation could be adapted? What has been the result of using that visualization?

All right, the first bit of information is no, do not continue using it, and the reason is because that the shift that was needed was brought about.

Now, last summer, your summer of ‘07, there was a possibility of a—I’m not sure how to explain this—your sun is a dying star. It is dying. Your sun is also the body, if you will, of the spiritual doorway into this dimension. For whatever reason—and it’s big picture, a natural part of the process—your sun’s magnetic force is shifting. Now, that’s not unusual, and I imagine you probably have instruments that would have noticed those shifts, so those who have the time to check it out might be interested in trying to detect some of that. The problem was that the shift was inconsistent, erratic, causing bursts of energy. Those bursts of energy are good things, because they—more or less—seed life. And I’m not talking about solar flares, but solar flares are a good visual for that sort of energy. The problem, though, is that the stability of your sun requires consistent energy, not erratic energy, and during this past summer you actually were dealing with a lessening of energy from the sun. That lessening of energy allowed distant space objects to veer from their path and, in the long scenario, possibly disrupt the gravitational function between the center of your planet and its place in space.

In much the same way a full moon is known to create disruptions in human behavior, then you might be able to imagine the kind of disruptions that would come about due to a much larger shift in the energy consistency that your planet (and the universe itself) works with. Instead of relatively small-scale lunacy, you’d have much greater exploitations of power in ways unseen today. Now, what do I mean by “greater exploitations of power?” As we said earlier in the interview, you would, for instance, have people who would do such things as start up doomsday cults, and you could have any number of reactions that involve harnessing negative energy and not positive.

What I had you do was create a shield around your planet. That was what that visualization was for. You see something coming, and before it gets to the planet, in the atmosphere it dissolves. Now that’s a real simple visualization for creating a force field. That’s what you needed to do. Now, for the most part, doing it had the effect I wanted. What was it I wanted?

You wanted it not to hit the planet.

Well, yes, but your doing it empowered you. You became the strength. It would have been really nice if there had been more people who were consciously doing it, but even so, all you needed to do was amplify your energy to create enough of a wave to protect your home.

That’s really all I want to say about the mechanics of it, so to finish answering I’ll say that the end-of-the-year doorway was used to create a new beginning, and now there is more stability. In the next three years there is going to be an increase in this exact situation. What you have already put into the physical universe, individual empowerment, a butterfly wing—that’s what it is, a butterfly wing—in Asia creating a tsunami in the U.S. or something like that, you’ve already done that. The shift, very minor, has been done, so any thinking you do about it now only adds to that. You don’t need to do that to bring about the change that was needed. Using that same visual will never be effective again because its use was finished so it’s not necessary to do it. It was a change brought about by your empowerment through doing, and it will not be useful to you to try to accommodate that visualization for other things, because we worked together on it. And it was exactly that sequence that brought about the completion of the need, and that sequence won’t work the same way for anything else because we won’t be in partnership with it.