Who or what are the Shining Ones, and how do they fit into this time of transition?

Shining Ones are Ellic force with a specific purpose, which is to provide for life force in the Earth dimension the function of spiritual evolution—and I meant that phrase “spiritual evolution”—back to Source.

What is the difference between Devic energy and Shining energy?

Devic energy doesn’t really relate to the level of Shining force talked about in the previous question. Shining force is energy whose whole function is to activate Source in life force. Devic energy, as you know it, on a form-based level, is the maintenance aspect of that activation, whereas the non-form level is the creation aspect. Devic energy and Shining energy have direct intervention with life force, but that’s as closely related as “they” get. Think: the President of the World Bank, and the President of the University of Kentucky Credit Union.

How does that affect Source? On one level it doesn’t matter if your child remembers you, because you remember. On the other hand, when the child remembers, there is the possibility for a relationship from which both benefit.

In the big picture what effect does our work have on God or All That Is?

Humanity is the amnesic child of Source. Humanity is a part of something much greater, but it has absolutely no awareness of it. Guardians are the psychotherapists helping them remember.

At the New Year’s Eve ceremony, you spoke about 2007 being a year of completion. Please elaborate on what you meant by that.

The point that I was making was that there are going to be some very important opportunities coming up, and in order to be able to take part in those opportunities, you need to have certain things completed. You need to become as whole and available as possible. Don’t burn bridges, heal them. Don’t stay in toxic situations, heal them.

It needs to be a time of healing and allowing things to end rather than just adding more and more energy to something trying to end or die or complete. It’s a year in which it would be very helpful for you to simplify, not because you’ve got to be afraid of not having any money, but so that you’re not scattered in so many different directions. Figure out what your priorities are. What’s important to you? What really matters? And, of course, the first-Sunday meeting in January was meant to help with that.

There is enough that has gone well in activation on this planet, there is enough Ellic influence on this planet, there is enough Sacred Status activation that Guardians are on a balance point. You are going to want to make some really big leaps because you can see that other shoreline, but as long as you have your life caught up in the fishing nets of the shore that you’re currently on, you’re not going to be able to get there, and if you do get there you’re not really going to be able to—metaphorically—get out of the water and take advantage of it. You need to be as clean and clear and available as possible.

You want us to get rid of the low-level bay’unz and be mobile, available to move with opportunities that we’re given.

Yes. And that kind of move doesn’t necessarily mean pick up everything, cut off all of your ties, and move to Lexington; it means being mobilized, able to meet a need as it comes up.

In February, April, and in May, late in the summer, and early in the fall, and the end of the year, you are going to see massive bursts of energy, very strong energy force coming in. You need to be sure that your life doesn’t turn into chaos when that happens, because that’s the typical response to a big energy flow. I want you to have containment, not chaos, and to be able to use that energy and put it out there.

So the opportunities are for acts of creation.

Oh, yes, absolutely, yes.

And if we’re in the midst of seventeen other creations that are holdovers from the past, we’re not going to have time for new creations.

Yes, exactly. Seventeen other creations attached to thirty-five other beliefs that are messing up your life.