Today’s educational system seems to do a lot to teach separation and to dissuade creativity. What changes would you make to incorporate your teachings of unity and love into the educational system?

What a lovely question! I would suggest more work in team-building, so that there is less focus on individual work. That’s not because competing against yourself is better than competing with others, but because if you compete with yourself and lose, you get into the constant habit of not trusting yourself, not moving beyond beating yourself up. Beating yourself up then becomes the way that you act out self-judgment. It’s just a big mistake. A team focus helps you recognize resources and become resource-savvy, and that kind of brain-function-savvy is what your world is working toward now with the sorts of technology you have out there. So teamwork is one very big thing that I would suggest.

And when I say teamwork, I’m not referring so much to sports. I mean, for instance, you are working with this group of five people, and you’re going to learn what each person’s specialties and gifts are, and you’re going to use that in working to learn a certain subject. Something like that.

Another thing that I would suggest is to provide breakfast and lunch for all students, and that they be only healthy foods. Certainly in the United States most children are spending their energy dealing with the results of food-based, chemical problems instead of educational problems. I believe that there are programs in place already to give children breakfast and lunch, but they’re not focused on foods that are about healing and the body being able to use those foods. It has more to do with the political lobbying.

Many schools have taken out vending machines that sell candy and soda pops.


And they’ve replaced them with water, fruit juices and healthier things, and they’re seeing a dramatic improvement in discipline.

[Ironically] Amazing! Well that’s the sort of thing that’s very forward-thinking and very, very helpful in the larger picture.

I would also try to do more things that encourage young children to be able to make decisions. Give them choices early on so that they can safely see that making choices, making decisions—which is something they are going to have to do all of their lives—is not a bad thing. When you fear you’re not enough, you become rigid, and very, very often that comes about at a very early age when a child learns that they can do something wrong; then they fear taking any step that might make them wrong. If you’re working with a team and the focus isn’t about the outcome of a decision, but making a decision instead, it’s going to turn around that “I’m right; you’re wrong” kind of thinking in a very big way.

I would also expose children to plants and animals more. Teaching them the responsibility of caring for a pet properly, for instance, or how to grow a plant from a seed. Do things that will get them to be more familiar with those other kingdoms.

I would also expose children to plants and animals more. Teaching them the responsibility of caring for a pet properly, for instance, or how to grow a plant from a seed. Do things that will get them to be more familiar with those other kingdoms.

[Samuel combined the following two questions into one answer]

You have said that we are not the only ones who are doing this activation work, that there are others. Are the others you are referring to energies in high-frequency forms, for example like the dolphins, octopuses, and giant redwoods? If they are, can you give us more information about their help individually?

Most of our myths are based on some ancient truth. What is the true story (when, where and how) behind the trees talking?

There are all levels of frequency, and there are those who work in all levels of frequency, having an effect upon this world to bring about the completion of Sacred Status. But the fact of it is, although there are many others working in many different ways to bring about the completion of the Plan, there is only one transition team within what I will loosely call the Guardianship, meaning awakened and activated, high-frequency workers. There is only one transition team because the nature of the work has to do with opening doorways that were closed by energies outside of form, and opening them must be done by those same energies, most of which are currently working in form.

The work that you have been doing, including that with Heart Portals and Crown Portals, is work that has required a change in the nature of your frequency. My work has been about helping you be able to change that frequency so that that which is the highest level of function required in this world can be completed through you.

What or who else is doing it? In the human realm, just you. In the mineral, plant and animal realms, there is not really an equivalent. The closest would be guardianship within the different species, but that would be more like comparing you to other groups doing spiritual work. For the guardianship within the different species, function is not necessarily about transfiguration, as yours is, but more like transmutation.

And the answer to the second question is also about frequency. The higher the frequency at which any being within a particular species functions—the higher level of a dog you’ve got, the higher level of a tree you have—the more there is in common with others, and the more ways there are for that frequency to resonate with others.

Let’s say Paula works at a frequency of 10, while David works at 15, and Kathy at 20. Kathy can resonate with both; David can resonate with Paula, and Paula has to keep jumping to catch up. In other words, Paula resonates with everything up to and including the level she’s functioning at. (If you think about it, that explains a whole lot of human behavior.) Communication is all about like frequencies.