Since we are working at higher and higher frequencies, our bodies respond with more “delicate” health-quick responses to whatever affects us physically, mentally or emotionally. Some of us have pets we consider to be “familiars” or guardians rather than just animals. They are in our energy constantly. How does our energy affect them positively and “negatively”? Do our fears, which bring us quick effects, affect them also? If so, how? What do we need to be aware of for our critters’ sakes?

Samuel:   The first thing that you’ve got to be aware of is that your being able to work at higher frequencies does not make you have more delicate or fragile health. What it does do is increase your awareness of things, situations, experiences, going on inside and outside of you and how they relate. I would call that increased sensitivity. That’s not an unhealthy thing; it’s a good thing, but until you learn how to deal with it, you might be turning it into a negative thing. For instance, as your body is becoming increasingly sensitive, you might be finding that your dear food-friends in the spice family are causing reactions in you that you never noticed before. Is that a new thing? No, it’s just that you’re noticing it because you are working in such a clearer state that, even though you could have been aware of it all along, you were just too clogged or overwhelmed—or both—to notice it; it was just all a part of the whole.

That isn’t a problem. The problem is how long it takes you to deal with it. It’s not about all the things you have to give up—be they people, food, beliefs—as you become more sensitive; it’s about the way you respond to those things.

So if you are responding with high stress levels and frustration, even attitudes that can lead to depression or illness or a compromised immune system, the creatures that live with you—familiar or not—are going to be burdened by your response. They do that whether you’re functioning at higher sensitivity or not. That doesn’t change.

What I would hope you are finding instead is that, as you are adapting to those higher frequencies, your creatures are enjoying you more and are functioning better themselves because you are. You might even find them leaving faster or staying longer because of that energy. You’ve got a dog that might live to be ten or twelve, and it stays until it’s fifteen because it’s enjoying the experience and its body isn’t breaking down. Or at nine it notices that it has a portal and thinks, “I don’t need to be here,” so it goes five or ten years before it needs to. You’re seeing that with people all around you. It’s no different with the creatures.

You’ve said that we can conduct deceased loved ones to the Crystal Palace, although it requires much effort and focus. You stated in the fall issue of Phoenix Rising that free will has the advantage of allowing opportunity for accelerated growth and a relationship to Source. So why did you vote against the free will system and presumably for total knowledge?

I make a lot of jokes about free will are because it means you do not have full knowledge. Now, very obviously there is a part of you that does have full knowledge, but the only way you access that is through mastery over form and the successful completion of any particular incursion into form.

So, for the most part, what that means is that those Guardians who have made compacts and whom I work with are here with blindfolds on, and they don’t know it. If you knew you had a blindfold on, you could accommodate, couldn’t you? But you don’t know you have the blindfold on until you painfully run into enough furniture that you start being careful. And that takes a lot of precious time. It seems like a lot of years to you, but it’s so fast. And as everything is accelerating so much right now, having Guardians accessing full knowledge would be helpful.

So I make a lot of jokes about it, but that really is all they are, because the other part of the picture is that, if you did not have the blindfold on, it would be very hard for people to relate to you on a human-to-human basis. If you did not fall over and skin your nose, you would not be able to show others a better way of getting back up and moving on. So I joke about it, but I do see its necessity. But seeing its necessity does not mean I appreciate the system. Please tell us more about how this can be done and the kinds of circumstances under which it’s appropriate to try doing it. (Can we do this for our pets? Does it have to be a recent death? Are there situations in which we should not be doing this, and why?)

Something I need to clarify with this question is that it’s not something that everyone can do. In fact, there are not many who can do it. Escorting somebody who is in the dying process to the Crystal Palace requires, first, that there be a specific connection that includes an activated compact. Now, you can have a connection with somebody—they can be related to you by blood, for instance—that you don’t have a compact with. You can also have a compact with somebody that is or is not related to you by blood. But the spiritual escort service requires both a specific bond, and an intense connection.

Like the two of us [David and Paula] have?

Yes. The sort of relationship the two of you have, absolutely. But not Paula and Frank, because while there is a compact there, there is not that intense bond, no matter how much you love and care for each other. It requires both.

After a bond and a compact, the second thing that’s required is a real understanding of what the Crystal Palace is. And that’s where, for the most part, things just sort of end. You often have a “brain” understanding of it as a physical place, etherically located within this dimensional reality, which you can go to by visualizing yourself there. Of course, what’s going on there is that it’s activating within you a frequency that allows you to get what has been requested or needed—the healing room, for instance—but somebody that has a knowledge in the truest sense of what the Crystal Palace is is not hindered by that idea of “I’m taking somebody to the Crystal Palace.” Often what people do is visualize the dying person raising up from the bed, walking off up that mountain, across that plain and through that portal into a great shining structure called the Crystal Palace, where they open the door, take them up the stairs, move them down the hall, put them in the healing room and let them rest there for quite some time. You’re welcome to do that, but it’s not going to do a thing for them. It’s helping you let go, but you’re not actually doing anything for the dying person.

So without a greater understanding of what the Crystal Palace is, it’s just a helpful exercise for you.

And no, you cannot escort your pets and other creatures there, because they don’t need it. They can be there for you, because you will them there, but unless they’re familiar spirits they are already absorbed or already in another life cycle.

There is considerable information about the 2004 Presidential Election that is not appearing in the mainstream news. This information alleges that voter disenfranchisement, voting irregularities, tampering with voting-machine data and fraud have occurred, most prominently in Ohio. Was the 2004 Presidential election outcome accurate, or have American citizens been robbed of a fair election? If the election was fraudulent, what can we do to reverse it?

Read it one part at a time.

Was the 2004 Presidential election outcome accurate?

It was accurate.

Have American citizens been robbed?

The American citizens have not been robbed.

If it was fraudulent . . .

I’m not saying it was not fraudulent. I am saying they were not robbed.

If it was fraudulent, what can we do to reverse it?

Not a thing.

What I would like this person to ask is why he or she needs the election to be “fraudulant” and “a robbery” that requires retribution? Why does it need to be seen that way, because, you see, a Guardian having that kind of response is exactly why that sort of thing happens, why you have situations like that.

You mean the separation or polarization that we have in this country.

Yes. Here is how it works [Samuel picks up glass of water and moves it over Paula’s leg.]

Paula: You’re going to make me wet aren’t you?!

[Samuel pours water over her jeans.] Oh, darn. You’re wet. All right, what are you going to do? We’ve got the rest of this interview to complete. What are you going to do?

Paula: I guess I’ll put up with wet pants and go on.

Precisely. Exactly. Put that in there.

Paula: Samuel poured water on me.

“And made my pants wet! Caused me to squeal. Made me laugh and made me just a little uncomfortably damp”—maybe a lot uncomfortably damp. And there were even other effects. It got on the floor. It had a lot of effects all around, it’s not just you. All of you were affected somewhat by it. And yet that’s not the point at all, because there is more you need to do now that has nothing to do with wet pants, so get your focus back and get on with it.

Last year, someone asked you if our children would see Absorption. You said that you couldn’t answer that until there was an outcome to our election. Now that there is an outcome, I would like to know what your answer is.

Your country, in the construct of “nation,” has an energy frequency in the same way that the PI building has its own energy frequency. So does the construct of Phoenix itself. The way power is being used within the construct of “this nation in the world at this time” is definitely causing a change in mass consciousness across the world, and with the reelection of your President, it is very possible—it’s likely—that that energy will become non-productive toward consistently higher frequencies. Or, to say it another way, will bring about a certain amount of devolution. What were you going to say?

I was going to say delay.

Delay is the result of that devolution or that decline.

What you’ve got to remember, though, is that it is all worked into the weave, which is to say delay does not mean “no” or “stop,” nor does it mean that the final destination is blocked. It means another route gets found, and with that new route it’s possible to bypass some of the worst consequences that brought about the delay. More simply said: persecution built the Church.

There is a great divide within the country. After years of working toward unity, separation is now becoming a very strong current within the greater flow of this country. Anything that this country does has ripples throughout the world, and those ripples create an energy that comes back.

You have a politician who is not evil, but he is forcing this national will on others. Now, if you think about that for a moment, that’s what the division in the country is all about—those who agree and those who disagree with the use of power as a statement of national will. And yet the fact of it is, the only way change ever gets accepted is to go through that process. So in the bigger picture, this all works toward the very same destination. It may take a bit longer to get there, depending on how long it takes for unity to prevail at a time of great separation. The more Guardians spend their time railing against having wet pants, the harder it’s going to be for that destination to be reached.

Does it change the timing in which your children’s children will experience Absorption? Not at this point.

Are animals capable of committing suicide or in any way determining the time and manner of their passing?

Suicide is a uniquely human concept, and it’s also an emotional button that means different things to different people, so you want to be careful with using the idea of suicide with regard to animals, because creatures always, always meet their portals. They’ve got a portal, it’s their last portal, they’re out of here. They are bound to their compact.

Humans have more negotiating skill. Your compact allows for a small amount of flexibility up until your final portal. The creatures, they have a final portal, that’s it.

You talked earlier about a dog that is living with Guardians and absorbing that energy who may have a portal at age nine and decides to take it, or may decide to stay on until it’s fourteen years old.

That question was about familiars, and the familiars are very different. Guardians very often have familiar energies as their pets, because the pet is there for you. And because it’s there for you, its portal is situated more by original choice rather than group spirit compact. They are much more like you than they are like other dogs, cats, or horses generally.

So can they commit suicide? Well, in the sense that it’s very possible for a deer to meet its portal by leaping in front of your car, thereby gaining the advantage of a Guardian’s energy within its transition, that doesn’t mean it’s committing suicide, it means it’s meeting its portal.

So you are saying yes, the deer can choose to jump in front of the car or it can die of old age, which is a natural passing for it, but it can choose to leave with that Guardian energy involved in its passing.

It’s like riding off into the sunset to lay yourself down and die, or getting hit by a car while you’re on your way out to the sunset. Well, on your way out to that sunset, you may look around and say, “Gosh, you know, this would be a whole lot faster if I just jump in front of that car,” because it’s part of where they’re going anyway. That isn’t “suicide” in the traditional use of the word.

Now, just a quick little point to throw all of that off and make it more fun. Do you have that same opportunity, that same sort of choice—to choose the way as well as the time of your death?

I would think so.

You’ve heard of people who said “All right, I’m going to die now,” and went to bed and fell asleep and never woke up. Is that anything like the dog saying, “I’m just going to wander off to the sunset, or I’m going to jump in front of the car because now it’s my time”?

It’s a trick question; it’s not the same at all. There are those who are in tune enough with their death that they can generally recognize that they’re going to be gone soon, but the nature of the dying process with humans does not allow for the total awareness that creatures have. Your spirit usually visits in and out. If you have a long sickness, you may well be gone a whole lot more than you’re here. Even if you were in a terrible car crash and you went quickly but terribly, your spirit registers none of that. As soon as the connection to that portal is made, you’re out of there. The body might still have its own sort of awareness, but you’re not there. You’re not in it. On the other hand, the creature’s in it until the portal is finished, which is why they’re aware of it in a different way than you are.

The creature goes through the dying process, but only our bodies go through the dying process.


We don’t necessarily share the body’s experience.


Are you speaking of humanity generally, or Guardians?

Humans. A Guardian might choose to go through the process, but I can’t imagine why. You have the choice, but taking it isn’t necessary, whereas with the creatures, even familiars, the body must die before they leave it. The exception is dreams, which is why they tend to spend more and more time sleeping as they age. And that’s a lot like what people do when they are tired of life; they start sleeping a lot more. Unfortunately, humans in those situations dream less, unlike dogs, that dream more.