You have often said that a person’s birthday is their power day. Why is that so, and what is the significance of birthday energy?

When you come into this world, you have a very specific set of alignments that you have moved through, spiritually speaking, in order to have the doorways you are going to want in your life. I’m not talking positions of heavenly bodies; I’m talking energy alignments that more or less allow you to conic into the world activated or not, allow you to have certain talents working for you. If they’re a little bit out of alignment, you can still make use of them. Of course, if they’re a lot out of alignment you can’t, just like your car.

Your birthday, more than any other day, is a means by which your physical makes use of those energy alignments because it works with a physical cycle—biorhythmic cycle might be what some have called it. That’s not really accurate, but that’s how you might think of it.

When you are looking at that year, your birthday is the best possible day for connecting in to those energy pools. If you see each month as a number on the face of a clock, directly across from your birthday—six months later or, if you will, at the extreme opposite on the cycle of the year—you have that same energy flow. That’s why I call those power days.

I call the cross opposites action days, because within that yearly cycle you are moving away from the power for three months, and then for three months back toward the power again. That point in which you are moving from the effects of one power day to the other is action. It is a time in which your energy, rather than the cosmic version of it, is ready for focus.

That’s the explanation of the cycle. And remember, here is where the ‘slightly out of alignment” applies. Six weeks before your power day, you are building up energy toward it and six weeks after you are releasing energy from it. So in the six weeks you are moving toward your power day, you will be finding that there are a lot of completions going on in your life. After that power day, you are going to be finding yourself, for those six weeks, really wanting to start things up.

You have mentioned that a labyrinth can be used as a doorway to interdimensional travel Please explain how this is possible and what steps are needed in order to utilize this type of vehicle for this.

I have said it has been used as such. I did not say it can be used as such. A labyrinth is a focus, but not, at this time in your world, a portal.

What constitutes the bay’unz, which you said hold us here, and what is the relationship between those bay’unz and us being gods? In other words, if we have those, does that mean god is out of the question for us, and alternatively, if we get rid of our bay’unz, does that mean we are gods? If we have those nasty bay’unz, how do we get rid of them? Are they fears and issues we face and resolve, or are they something more? Thank you.

I like it that people are trying to make use of that word and they’re trying to apply it, but your bay’unz are not something you’re going to control. They’re not like a bad habit that you can break. They are a part of your character; they are a part of the way that you have chosen to show yourself in the world. A bay’unz is not “your mother is over-protective and you have issues.” A bay’unz is “your mother is over-protective and you have issues that make you very strongly feel a need to do everything you can to make her happy, even if it means readapting your whole life to her will,” It is a force that you use to adapt your function in the world. Ideally, you have taken that function as a positive; more often, it’s a negative, but the bay’unz itself is neither.

As gods, you will still have bay’unz, because you are in this world, but the bay’unz can be brought full circle and be completed, but I don’t want you to think that means finished. They are complete, they are whole; you recognize it in your life and you work with it, rather than against it, rather than letting it run you.

How do you make them whole? How do you complete them? Well, take the example of someone with an over-protective mother:

When that person learns to have a loving relationship with their mother while at the same time establishing an independence, that creates wholeness, despite the fact that the bay’unz is still there. And that can actually have a wider impact in their life, because they take what they have learned into other areas.

Here is another example: Suppose you have a friend who has done some harmful and hurtful things to you before you finally had enough of that behavior and backed off. In the past you might have blamed yourself for feeling hurt, or otherwise allow the hurtful behavior to affect the way you feel about yourself. Now that hurtful behavior no longer causes self-doubt, because you purposefully resisted thinking that way. You chose not to let someone you love but who hurts you run your life. And the cycle is complete when you have forgiven (but not necessarily forgotten—don’t make yourself a target again!) and are at peace once again. It is that sort of emotional bondage that is possible when somebody has your heart. You could close off your heart. You could stop loving. Or you can realize this person has a problem that can hurt you, and you love them, but you stay away from that problem.

In my earlier example about the mother-child relationship, at first there can be resistance, anger, a “don’t try and control me” attitude, followed by the attempt to try and bond and make it work. Finally, it reaches a point where you can love, but not be caught up emotionally, because you are in bondage when it is affecting your emotional action: resistance, frustration, anger, pain, fear, dependency

And I am sure that will bring up a question about the anointing process in which I have taught you to say “There are no bay’unz; there are no boundaries. I am.” I want you to realize that the anointing is an ideal. You know you have boundaries in your life. Think for a moment about what it would mean if you truly had no bay’unz. Could you be here? No. So when I am saying, “There are no bay’unz; there are no boundaries. I am,” that is a claim for the entity. You are moving yourself out of the human dimension.

The Big Bang Theory of the origin of the physical Universe, which holds that the entire cosmos expanded rapidly out of an infinitesimal point of energy, describes a process that is consistent with the physical laws we understand, without attempting to account for the creation of that initial point or what preceded it. The creation process you describe, in which the universe, space and time arise out of an act of will by All That is working through the Els, sounds like it could account metaphysically for the creation of that initial point. The two don’t necessarily conflict, since they relate to different stages of the process. You have said the Big Bang Theory is not correct, but have never provided an alternative account. Would you describe the creation and evolution of the physical universe as it has unfolded and continues to unfold since the initial activity of All That Is and the Els?

In the current theory Big Bang is Deed. The creation moment, right before the bang, is Intent. They are two very different things all working toward the same purpose. Bang is tangible result. Bang is not creation; Bang is fruition. The physicists are correct in saying that, but what mass consciousness says it is is creation. And in the sense that manifestation as form represents a process of creation, that might be right, but it’s not creation Intent.

Mass consciousness is looking at a form-based version. Your scientists are becoming more and more clear with and capable of moving beyond that. The Big Bang is creation, but not at a primary level. That level is where the answer is.

Science is moving away from the idea that there needs to be a point that the Bang comes from, which is why I say they are coming close to the truth. The physical universe begins with Intent.

In the limitations that form needs—and I mean needs—your view is based on what is expressed in this reality. But this is what you’re moving away from. You are beginning to create objects that affect matter by thought, to work with what is thus far imagined and not seen—elemental energy from which action later comes. Scientists are measuring the action to recognize the invisible intent, and when they are able to do that, they will have moved out of this dimension into what is, probably wrongly, thought of as a quantum universe, (but, insofar as the limitations of form are concerned, that may be the best way to describe it). And it’s happening. It is happening. They just don’t know how to recreate it. They’re thinking right now that it’s a mistake, a fluke. But it’s coming. I should think very soon, soon enough that with a little Internet search, you probably could find more on that.

The reason physicists like the Big Bang so much is that it’s been used to predict many properties of the universe that were later verified by observation. Prediction is the gold standard for a theory. What questions could be asked instead that would point the way to alternatives?

First, remember that I don’t want an alternative to it. I want an expansion of it. The Big Bang, as you now see it, is wrong. But hopefully you understand that the only reason it’s wrong is that, first, it is limited to the nature of form, and second, that limitation is keeping people from looking beyond it. The good news is, very soon you are going to be able to look beyond it.

All right, first, let’s get very, very basic. What is the property of energy? It’s not string, wave, dot. It is the means by which action establishes itself. Energy is a vehicle; it’s not the bottom line, it’s not the answer. You are looking at the measurement of energy to represent the means by which this universe was created, but what energy is is the means by which creation manifests. How does energy manifest? By intent, which then moves right back to what I said about the definition of energy. Intent is a power that can be harnessed and used. Although I use that more often as a spiritual statement, it is a physical one.

That’s the question, about Intent. That’s where you want to work your proofs—on Intent. And, just like in your spiritual experience, you don’t want to focus on the manifestation being the proof: “I know I did it right if I have what I want. I am right or I am wrong based on results.” You want to base it on an understanding of the power that is Intent.

About twelve or fifteen years, maybe thirty years ago, you saw for the first time that you could not reproduce the actions of the smallest forms of energy, that in fact the expectation attached to an action determined the outcome. This made the results impossible to control until the power of the expectation was realized, and the intent was made consistent.

That was the beginning of the process by which 4:3:2 was ready to move into 5:3:2, because humanity had reached a point at which they were able to move out of form and into Intent. And that’s what you’re doing, harnessing Intent. Your questions are about thinking as the source of all creation.

Please update us on how the Serpent Mound awakening and activation is unfolding. After some powerful snake dreams among the tribe in early November, nobody has reported anything further. What can we be doing to help this activation along and prepare ourselves for doing more such workings in the future?

First, not reporting does not mean there were no further dreams. Secondly, I think that you know that Serpent Mound was not as effective as I’d hoped, and that was why it was made into something that would continue as time passed. I said at Serpent Mound, “I’d like to see how this is flowing in another month from now.”

And as a result it is unfolding. It would not be helpful for you to think about the process and focus upon it, because that’s going to change what happens, according to my answer to the previous question, right? What helps is behaving in the way that an activated serpent energy would create you to behave. If that makes sense, good. And if it doesn’t, that’s too bad.