The onset of the new millennium was predominantly joyful and peaceful, despite the world’s expectations of political and technological upheavals. To what extent does this indicate that mass consciousness is taking a significant step toward the paradigm of the new grid?

You know, it would be really nice to answer that question by saying that mass consciousness is now making so many good changes, but that isn’t the case. That’s not to deny that powerful energy was at work to help ensure the ease and safety of this transitional time, and is still at work. However, the change of year was an extremely destructive time on your planet as far as the planet itself was concerned. You have forgotten the intensely destructive earthquakes, floods, mudslides, and windstorms around that time. If it’s not your life being hit, then life wasn’t hit, right? Wrong.

As for the technological aspects, you know that Y2K could have been a destructive happening for your world, but do not ever forget that your recognition of a problem means that you’re ninety-five percent over it, and the early recognition of the possible technological difficulties caused by your computerized society meant that you already had answers for fixing them, which indeed you did.

That sort of technology problem is not what you need to worry about, and it never was. However, so many people thinking disastrous thoughts can certainly create disasters, and I would say that the earth, which relates most strongly to the energy and thought frequencies of life force, did indeed respond—in earthquakes, in volcanic eruptions, in shifting of weather patterns, ice flows, and water levels.

The Hanukkah story you often tell about the Maccabees makes me wonder how far we should take such examples in our lives. If it had not been oil, but money, the Maccabees needed, would it not be considered irresponsible to begin to spend it before knowing that more was coming to meet the need? How do you know how far to apply a metaphor in your own life?

It helps, of course, if you stay within the parameters of the metaphor, because in this case it was not money; it was oil, in a society that already had money, which is an important point there.

However, the question is about making a symbolic exchange, going from one question —”Can the principle apply that there was a need for a greater work to be done in accordance with certain laws?”—to another question: “Can I take those laws and change them, but still use that same principle?” In this case you cannot, because, if you will remember, the symbology—the purpose—of the story is not about oil; it’s about God’s grace, if you will.

This story is a foreshadowing of the next avataric energy coming, the Christ energy. The oil is a representation of grace. In order to make use of the oil, the Maccabees had to follow a specific group of religious laws: It must burn for eight days. It must not fail. The temple must be purified for the people to use it, and so forth. But everything had been destroyed, and so a new way of operating was put into effect while the oil was being sought and then procured. They said, “All right, we’ve never done it this way, but we’re going to go ahead and start purifying the temple. We’re going to light what we have and send out for more and hope for the best,” which became the work of the Christ, who said, “The old covenant has passed away. I am here to represent the new covenant. There is no longer a priesthood over man; there now becomes a priesthood of man,” and in so doing established a new system of bringing God’s grace to the people—the next step, the next change.

So, it’s not a story of money, and wasn’t meant to be to begin with, because it was a society that had money, and they could have used the example of money to make the point, if it had been the point. You need to stay with what the principle of the story was about to make a symbolic reference out of it.

And in this story, that principle would be about grace. The way that you attained grace then was by following the rules. Next, through Jesus, it became the function of releasing the rules into belief, and now it’s about making the rules. You see?

Are there any female avataric incarnations? If there are, please tell us about them.

Yes. Many. Constantly. Including some now. Kuan Yin, and Brigid, the Form, and others.

If you look into spiritual histories you will find within every major religious orientation females who hold revered functions, but until you are again in a matriarchal society, you are not going to find women as the specific avataric energy of the age holding the Christ mantle.

What is a temple guard, and why would a person come into this life with a temple guard?

A temple guard is a support. It is that which keeps unnecessary influence out of the temple. But the question is not why would somebody come in with a temple guard; it’s why would somebody come in as a temple guard.

First, when I make reference to temple in this way, I’m speaking of those individuals who are harboring the light of Source so strongly within them that the nature of the work they are here to do is to be a sanctuary, the keepers of the light—the head of the priesthood, if you will. These individuals, having a specific massive role, doing a work of great importance to the world at this time, will always have compacts with others who have recognized what they were going to be doing and agreed to help and support.

And there are many ways the support and help can be given. You can have a fourth-grade teacher who was quite unfriendly with you, but taught you how to learn, so that for the rest of your days on the planet you are able to gain all sorts of further education because of that unpleasant person early in your life. Or somebody who, by abandoning you, has taught you to let go and not be attached. It may be hard to accept that that person had a compact with you for your greater good, to help you bring the Light of this world into the world, but there it is—it was helpful. There are many ways to do that.

But, the temple guard itself is a bit different. A temple guard very specifically is there to ensure that you are going to be capable of doing the work, whatever that may be.

What is the best way to prevent psychic interference with the unconscious mind without diminishing awareness of the world around us?

Without wanting to get into the whole train of thinking about psychic attachments and attacks and all of that sort of thing, let me just say, greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world. Access that “greater” which is within you.

Star weaving and toning balance your physical and spiritual selves perfectly. They are a very good combination. Ultimately, as is the case with everything spiritual functioning through form, access is through discipline and practice.