Why is spinning important in the toning practice, and what purpose does it serve after the toning, rather than before?

The first thing you’ve got to remember is that the spinning was something that I set forth in the beginning of the TransDimensional Work as a means for individuals to become aware that they had a particular way of relating to the planet itself which could be used to give more energy or to settle you down, to become more relaxed. By finding how that worked for you, you could make use of it. When I added the clockwise or counterclockwise spinning to the practice sessions, it was as a means of activating or stopping the toning energy, to be able to use it or not. How you find it works is much more important than doing it or not doing it. If it doesn’t work for you, don’t do it. It’s only a part of the practice; it’s not a rule. But if you do find that spinning one direction or the other particularly affects you, I encourage you to continue the practice outside of toning as one of your technologies for allowing yourself to make a stronger connection with the planet and with yourself.

What is the effect or benefit of fire breathing?

It stimulates your energy physically so you are able to energize yourself at will, be more clear. And secondarily—truly secondarily—it raises up your vibration so that you’re able to be more accessible to spirit.

When I communicate with you, should I vocalize or do it mentally?

It doesn’t matter either way. I do not listen to your words; I listen to the seed thoughts behind them. It’s not the specific words you use; it’s the spiritual impact they carry.

How can I know if an answer I get is from you or my own imagination?

If you do not know the difference between you and your imagination, then you will not know the difference between me, your imagination and you. It’s that simple. But as you come more to know my energy and how it affects you, then, when you receive your answers and it comes with that same effect, you can fairly well say, There it is. The same is true for your own mind. You’ve got to know yourself and your own system well enough to be able to recognize your own beliefs, your own stumbling blocks in the answers, your own fears, your own personal desire for how it should go. That’s what the whole sitting program is about.

The awakening of humanity and its increasing contact with beings whose energy is not earthly suggests that it is evolving to take a place in a larger interplanetary society. Is this true, and will humanity ever find itself in the role of mentor to beings going through the kind of steps that we are taking now?

The initial premise is not correct there. You are in contact with other energy, not other beings. I’m speaking of Hierarchical energy, not planetary brothers. You know, it’s all translation. I’ve said repeatedly, goodness knows, you’re the aliens here. Earth is not going to do any mentoring.

You talk about us being the Heart Portal. How does that relate to embodiment of all the various aspects of Source?

It’s the same thing. It’s the light. This is a working of the light and you are workers of the light.

If Christians worship God, why are there so many denominations?

Because there are so many different unique people who prefer their truths coated in one flavor or another. As long as there are groups who come together and say, “This is the verifiable, correct translation,” then there will be other groups who say, “No it’s not. This is.” As long as there are groups, there will be various ways to interpret what those groups are seeking. Sad, but true.

We as a group are developing as each Heart Portal is opened, so the group frequency has been changed by the work to a certain extent. Does our ability to match a certain frequency define in which order they will be opened?

Bottom line: There are some Heart Portals that are looser than others. I’m working to give you some successes first, so you’re still working on the easy ones.