Please clarify the concept of portals. How do they relate to the idea of a sacred circle?

There are many types of portals on your planet. Any time you have a crossing of two lines of natural energy on your planet—what you know as ley lines, among other things—that point of connection is a portal of one form or another.

These portals were closed when it was time to allow the planet to incubate. They are being opened now by the function of spiritually intended mass consciousness. That does not mean mass consciousness as a whole. I’m speaking of those individuals who are able to work at a higher frequency, the already awakened—whether they’re working in any form ascendancy or synthesis doesn’t matter. When these awakened ones come together with intent, it’s opening some of those portals, including the planet’s Heart Portals.

There have been different versions of earth. The geography of the planet has shifted so much over time as it has expressed these that it’s fairly hard to see the band on which those Heart Portals all fall, but as far as energy’s concerned, there is a very definite band.

The Heart Portals, ultimately, are the portals through which the Shining Ones manifested here. Two things: First, in manifesting here initially, the work was to create the energy patterns that the earth was going to be using, initiating the life force of the planet. It was the planet’s first breath, establishing the energy from those points. From those points all energy moves out. The second thing is that it established the stability of form by that energy literally taking form. So, first was the creation of the energy the planet would use, and then the establishment of form.

Therefore, a Heart Portal has two functions. It creates a channel for the energy from which all life force on the planet will resolve. It’s the means by which cosmic energy—chaos—is transformed. So a Heart Portal is a transformer.

The second function is to allow cosmic energy to solidify into form in whatever way it’s needed. Therefore, by ensuring that a Heart Portal is open, you’re allowing the energy that creates life force as you know it to be in its feminine, creative, function. You allow the establishment of form through which that life force can work. Masculine, the process of reawakening, charging, opening, creates a synthesis of the two, which establishes the reunion of that original energy. The power and the process, the energy and the form it takes. It recreates the Shining One’s energy that charged that portal.

Now, focusing on the energy will open the portal. Focusing on the form will also open the portal. Focusing on the portal will not open the portal, because the portal is a means through which life force and form come together. It’s a function of fusion. I said a whole lot right there.

Therefore, when you go to a place of such power and tune yourself to the energy, focusing on the form seems like a pretty good direction, wouldn’t you say? Why doesn’t it work? Because an individual is unable to connect to the energy—therefore you’ve got to work on raising the individual’s energy high enough to complement the frequency, or you’ve got to lower that energy to match the individual’s vibration, which can’t be done. So what you do is teach them to merge, so that the energy can flow through them without disrupting their own energy pattern. So they’ve got to be individualized in their unity. By focusing on a sacred circle you’re going to establish that link. If you’ve established that link, then your frequency is going to adapt.

A sacred circle is the formal establishment through form, using whatever name the civilization needs at the time, for the workers (the Shining Ones) of that particular portal.

So the re-creation of the sacred circle is a function of the Heart Portals. Opening the Heart Portals reestablishes the sacred circle. Reestablishing the sacred circle opens the Heart Portals. The opening of the Heart Portals reestablishes the sacred circle. All right, if it’s not possible to reestablish the sacred circle, then let’s go and open those Heart Portals.

There are also dimensional portals. The ritual of 11:11 was working with a dimensional portal, opening a door for energy coming to earth. The Year of Threshold opened similar doorways, seven of them, but they were not Heart Portals. Those portals were actually a reflection of mass consciousness in the sense that, if you have so much of mass consciousness working in a particular level of energy, you’re going to open portals. At one frequency level, you’re going to open certain portals. At another frequency level, you’re going to open others. So at 11:11 it wasn’t actually the opening of one portal, because the portal was a composite of many, but it was a reflection of the level of frequency that mass consciousness was able to work at. And it was a very pleasant surprise that a few people were able to do the work of many. Its success just gave a very wrong impression that humanity was further along than it is.