What is the status of and need for Stargate work at this point? After working together as a group on Zoom for over a year, what is the outlook for doing that work remotely?

I have answered versions of this in the past, and I’m sort of repeating myself.

We could still be doing Portal work. We could still be doing Dragon work. We could still be doing Stargate work. We could still be doing Kingdom work. I bring the work to a tipping point, and then I back Guardians out of it to see what mass consciousness does with it. But it never hurts to do a bit of Dragon work at the river you happen to be at when you are doing Stargate work in Scotland, or something like that. And you did in fact do that in Scotland when you called in the Dragons for those two rituals.

Here is the thing: What you can do when you are together is totally different than what even a larger group on Zoom can do. At this point, for really important work, I would rather go there with you. Unfortunately, this world-wide pandemic has made travel and group work very difficult. So what do you do when the pandemic gives you lemons?

You make lemonade.

You make Zoomade. And you do the best you can, where you are, with what you have. But is it as effective? No. Can it be done? Up to a point, yes.

You said at the August Sunday-night meeting that humanity is starting to experience the second wave of the COVID-19 virus. What do you see as the future trajectory of this virus on the planet?

America leads the world in Covid rebellion, in Covid “heads in the sand.” I think there are other countries that are by far more willing to give up some personal rights for the sake of the greater good. And while Americans have always liked to believe that describes them, the fact is that half of your country is not vaccinated [in late August], not because they are too ill to be vaccinated but because they do not trust the vaccine, and fill in your conspiracy theory here. There are governors refusing to mandate mask wearing, even in places where this Covid variant is so prevalent that the hospitals are overrun and people are dying, I think that America, the United States, has really let themselves down in a very big way with this.

Covid will be with you forever because of the countries—including the United States—which have been too lax. And the countries that have been very, very careful are going to pay the price despite that care. It’s a real shame and it says way too much about current human nature—survival of the loudest. I find it disappointing.

All right, Covid is a virus. Viruses mutate. Viruses do what’s best for the host so it can live. So the virus isn’t trying to kill you off. The virus is trying to continue and spread without killing you off, so it is going to mutate into something that you can get vaccines for eventually. When? I cannot tell you. There are too many future timelines that clash. It’s unforeseeable at this point. But eventually Covid will diversify into three or four versions that seem like they’re going to be the ones for a particular year, and you’re going to get inoculated for it the same way you do for the flu, yellow fever, or measles.

It’s not a perfect solution. It’s not even what had to be. It is what is.

How can a whole-food, plant-based diet protect against contracting and surviving the virus?

Now, if you have a healthy body, you’re going to be better able to fight off whichever variant you’re exposed to. If you eat a healthy diet of whole foods, you’re going to have a body that’s healthier for fighting it off.

But if you make out in the back of the car with David who is running a 103-degree temperature, and every part of his body is filled with bacteria and virus, you’ll get sick no matter how healthily you are eating, how much exercise you are getting. No matter what you’re doing, it’s going to happen.

The problem, though, is that while you would probably stay away from David if he has a 103 fever, if it’s Covid he might not have the fever, but could still be shedding massive amounts of the virus.

People are catching this because they aren’t protecting themselves, washing their hands and wearing a mask in public, and are having a conversation with the neighbor who has children in school who are not mask-mandated and are little virus incubators, and there you go. You see, this is all about community and unity and caring—and flunking or not. And right now I would say “does not pass.”

How does the pandemic fit into the greater Plan for the planet and life force?

Everything is woven into the greater Plan. You cannot say this isn’t a part of the Plan, but a question like that only comes because you do not understand the Plan.

Last year, you spoke briefly about possible power outages on our planet, perhaps due to solar flares or coronal mass ejections. What is the outlook for this now? If they are likely, what actions would you suggest we take individually?

You understand about solar cycles, that about every dozen years your sun gets more active, and then it starts down into a trough where it’s less active. Now you’re moving out of the phase of quiet solar action, and your sun is waking up. If you think of it as a machine, it’s starting to rev up again, power up. And when it powers up it creates and ejects plasma that has an effect on magnetic fields. And the magnetic fields have an effect on your electrical grids.

So a solar flare is going to have an effect upon the magnetic aspect of the electrical grid and cause it to burn out. You are going to see more and more of this, while at the same time you are having more and more of a strain on your current electrical infrastructure. It’s not keeping up with the use and the needs of the growing population, and the solar surges, that are not that unusual, are going to cause infrastructure damage that wouldn’t have happened ten years ago—or even five years ago.

The flares will become stronger and stronger. It’s the way the cycle works. Meanwhile, society has been building technology without strengthening the fabric of what is already there. They are building wonderful new roads, but people are still using the old roads that are full of potholes and coming apart. So the new roads are great, but you need to be taking care of the old roads at the same time.

What can you do? Well you can take a really good look at your dependence on electricity. You can really encourage development of different forms of electrical power. You can be prepared for a week without electricity—it could happen—and if you are very rural it might be a lot longer than that. You can encourage your government to consider the protection of the electrical grid as essential.

And you can inform yourself. Iceland went dark because of a mass electrical outage not all that long ago—at least as I count time—and New York has a couple of times. What’s needed in your area? Should you stock up on food and have your to-go bag and learn how to shoot because of all of the survivalists that are … you know what I’m saying. No, but you do need to have your eyes wide open and be able to take care of yourself for a week or so. And hope to all of the gods that it’s not in the winter, unless you live in South Carolina or Florida.

At the August first-Sunday meeting you said that Vesta-Helios is also in a process of evolution and encouraged us to communicate with it because we would find a deeper connection. You said that Vesta-Helios is making another shift. Please explain what that shift will be. Why do some Guardians feel a deeper connection to Vesta-Helios than others?

From the earliest times of humanity, there have been those who recognized that the earth is a living being, and have worshipped her as such. And amongst those—because recognition opens up awareness—there have been those who were more sensitive to her rhythms and her life cycles, and could speak in many ways for the planet and for the life force upon it, recognizing the living aspect of all things, actually. But recognizing it opens you to a deeper connection with them, to greater sensitivity, to a greater awareness. Again, it goes back to how you are tuned to see patterns, the fact that you are tuned to higher levels of awareness, to those things that you allow into your knowing.

Recognizing the life of all things includes recognizing the life of your star. You have a planetary being. You have a solar being. And the ancients have recognized that as well. Some of the very earliest objects of worship in your world were solar deities.

So, recognizing that the sun was a representative mass of a living being has allowed people to connect with it.

Now, that’s a long story leading up to this: In the greater function of the Plan, energy is constantly evolving and devolving—constantly. Higher frequencies are becoming slower and more dense, into form, and that form is taking that energy and evolving back to higher frequencies. It’s a constant cycle, one that is represented as a function of the Source Field, the source of creation energy in this dimensional structure.

The Source Field puts out high-frequency energy that would fry everything in its path if it was not filtered, so there are multiple filters for every pocket of life force within the Plan. Capella was at one time a filter (not a fine filter), Alcyone was a filter, but now your filter is Vesta-Helios. Vesta-Helios as a living being is also a part of that constant evolution back to the Source Field. It’s at a level that I call a Solar Lord.

That Earth’s filter is the star in its own solar system, that this high-frequency energy is being filtered not by multiple filters far away but by one right on your doorstep, says a lot about how much higher is the frequency Earth is working at right now

Why do some Guardians feel a deep connection to Vesta-Helios, and others don’t? I’ve tried to do the sun exercises but I don’t get much out of it, but I know that there are Guardians who faithfully do it every day and gain from it.

It’s much more like one person is allergic to grass and another to Queen Anne’s Lace; people are different and their bodies are different. They filter differently. Everybody responds to that which best enhances their own energy frequencies—unless they are just really, really self-sabotaging, in which case they just make it all up.

So, just as I feel a great kinship with the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom, some people feel very aligned with Vesta-Helios.

And if I would say, “All right, the filter now is Ursa Major,” they would say “I’ve been getting that so strongly. I love the Great Bear! I talk to it every night, and I’ve been dreaming about it.” And there will be those who say, “So what?”

When it comes to spiritual work, everybody’s frequency possesses—and I use that word on purpose—its own journey, and that journey does not necessarily overlap the next person’s journey. That’s why it’s so important not to judge yourself by somebody else’s journey, and not to judge them by yours.

Maybe you have spent a lot of time functioning as an earth spirit, so of course you don’t connect with the solar, or you’re not taking into consideration that this person has had hardly any incarnations and there’s nothing on earth that they are feeling or responding to, and that they’re new babies here, so all they can do is put their energy off-planet and connect there. And then there are going to be those who connect with the sun and they connect with the earth and they connect with the Arcturians and they connect with the Ursa Bears. It just depends on the nature of their own journey, their own frequency.

You mentioned the possibility of cyber wars recently. How likely is it that they will happen, and is there anything that can be done to prevent them?

They are already happening. Wake up! It’s even in your news. It’s already happening!

What can you do to prevent it? Well, you need to ask somebody who’s a lot more savvy about the way the internet works than I.

Generally speaking, there are governments in your world that have teams of cyber warriors whose job is to create chaos in big systems—financial systems, medical systems. It’s already happening. That’s why I’ve been so picky about your internet safety. Zoom is by far less safe than I want it to be, but apparently what I want isn’t possible.

But you need to also be very, very aware. Now as an individual there’s not a lot of likelihood that somebody is going to be really excited about hacking into David’s computer. But think if you were Chase Bank, running so much of the world. Think if you were the Pentagon. That’s your world right now. It’s already happening.

It’s so very hard to reconcile what’s going on with humanity and the earth, and various countries and governments, with the fact that we are evolving spiritually. It’s like trying to combine two completely different systems. How do you look at that?

Well, when you’re in the trenches, you’re just aware of the trenches and it’s easy to blow everything out of proportion. I think that the interview related somewhat to people blowing things out of proportion. You trust that there is a greater purpose, and that it is, or will become, all a part of the weave—or you don’t. And if you don’t, that’s a lot of weight on your shoulders. I feel bad for you having to bear it.