The Higgs boson or the “God particle,” made the news this summer in the world of science. Earlier this year in Atlanta, you referred to 528 Hz being the Fibonacci version of the boson. Please explain more fully what you mean by this.

I’m saying that the sound, the frequency, builds on itself. The response within your body is a leap, which causes an-other leap, and this causes another leap.

I think that it’s very sweet that they are calling the Higgs boson the “God particle” and that they think that it’s going to be the end of the search for the beginning of matter. But it’s not like that. There is no smallest; it continues. Once they recognize the Higgs boson—because it is not “found”—that will open the door to scientists’ recognizing other, smaller, particles. The Higgs boson is going to open the door to greater and greater understanding of the laws of physics.

Five hundred twenty-eight hertz stimulates life force through a continual process, so that when this system is affected, that amplifies this system, which is then affected, and that affects this system, until the whole of life force and its pattern is complete. The Higgs boson is going to open the door to greater and greater change in your understanding of how this whole universe works. Your physical life force with 528 hertz is like the physical universe, which is being opened up because of what this particle will show. And what it will show is that it’s not the end, but it’s a part of a greater whole.

The lack of knowledge about the Higgs boson has prevented physicists from saying they have a complete theory. You’re saying that with the discovery of it, they are going to find something deeper.

Exactly. They might go a couple of years with the idea that they’ve found it, but once the Higgs boson is firmly established, it’s going to open the door to reveal more.

You know, once it’s in the Grid, others can get it. And that’s going to be how it leapfrogs.

When healing myself with the fourth DNA visualization, how do I know whether something is in my blueprint or not, and whether it’s actually possible to heal it?

If no matter what you do it does not go away, then it’s a part of your blueprint.

How long is it necessary to do the exercise before the effects of the healing or renewal become apparent?

Well, you ought to notice something pretty fast. The problem is that every one of you has a different level of sensitivity. So what Frank or Paula might recognize right away, somebody else might not. You have to know how your body works. You have to know what is going on when you are emotionally sick as opposed to physically sick, and to be able to recognize how it feels when you are getting a virus as opposed to when you are overworked. You must be sen-sitive enough to know the difference between having knee pain from stretching too hard and an arthritic knee that is just going to hurt.

Until you are at that place that you know you, you’re not going to be sensitive enough to recognize subtle changes, and in that case many small changes will have to build up before you are able to say “Ah, something’s happening!” The more sensitive you are to yourself, the more quickly you are going to recognize those changes, and the less sensitive you are the longer you’ll need to practice to build up that awareness. It’s personal responsibility again. Know yourself.

Samuel, you said that time is not linear, but at the same time you said that this unique configuration of the stars and galaxies, whose energy will affect us for the next nine months, only happens every 36,000 years, which is a linear concept. I would appreciate it if you would straighten out what seems to be, to my human way of thinking, a contradiction.

I used an illustration recently of a piece of crumpled- up paper. I said you are on a crease, and to you it looks like a line, but what it really is is this whole crumpled-up ball. While you are viewing your experience on that line, you re-late to time as a linear process. It’s getting off that crease that takes you away from that linear idea that every 36,000 years something happens, because you become aware that all time is NOW, that it has never stopped, that it has never not been happening. You realize that the past is as close as the present, but that the brain wants the linear time because that allows it to separate thoughts more easily.

So in order to move out of time, you’ve got to move out of mind. In order to be timeless you must be mindless.

It is a contradiction when you are stuck on that crease, but when you shift out of that, it is no longer a contradiction, because you access at whatever point is needed.

Please explain what is needed to create the change that you are anticipating is desired by May 2013. For example, how many Guardians able to hold a particular frequency are needed? If more are needed, what, if anything, can we do to attract the number needed and help them step into their compacts?

[Laughing] It sounds kind of like “How many Guardians does it take to change a light bulb?” Is there a critical mass of Guardians?

“All of them” would be the best answer, but since that’s not necessarily realistic, how about “as many as possible.”

Guardians affect the Grid, so what a Guardian is doing and thinking, and whether a Guardian is functioning at their highest can open the door for those who are capable of moving through it. Guardians are the hope because they’re going to open the door. It’s a Grid thing.

How many? It’s not as much the quantity as it is the quality. I would much rather have one hundred truly focused, connected, high-frequency, intent-unified Guardians than one thousand who aren’t unified, who aren’t sharing the same intent, who aren’t playing with it, thinking it’s fun. There isn’t a critical mass like with Sacred Status.

Every Guardian opens a door that no other Guardian can open, and there will be those who can only go through that door and not another. So the more Guardians there are do-ing this work, the more doors can be opened, and the more who can then find a frequency that works for them and go through their door.

I have been thinking of my personal Group of Twelve as individuals, in and out of form but separate from me. However, it has occurred to me that my Group of Twelve might be simply aspects of me existing in other dimensions, or other projections from my Entity existing in different times. Please discuss this hypothesis.

That’s right, that’s ultimately what it is. Big picture: each aspect is a frequency function of a specific dimension. Each dimension is not bound by time, only this one. So only in this one would you have projections into different times.

But any one of those twelve are not necessarily fully accessible to you until you are functioning at your highest frequency, and when you are functioning at your highest frequency, then you are able to connect with those frequencies that incorporate the level that you are functioning at. That is to say, some are slightly higher, slightly lower, hugely higher, hugely lower.

If you really want to get into it, the only place you have frequency is where you have form. The only place you have dimension is where you have form. So, ultimately, it is all you, but different variations in reality. I think that’s the best way to say that. Different variations in reality.

You have in the past made reference to various astronomical bodies, such as Sirius, the sun, Capella, Venus when they served some purpose related to energy. To astronomers a constellation, such as Cygnus, refers to a general direction.


And it encompasses anything in that direction, from nearby stars to distant galaxies.

That’s correct.

Are there specific stars or other bodies in or near the area of the sky called Cygnus—for example—which serve as the doorway or energy source you attribute to Cygnus? If so please describe them, or clarify what you mean by saying a constellation serves this purpose of a doorway or source of energy.

It is the GPS locator, meaning you type in “Where is this energy coming from?” and it shows you Cygnus. And it’s coming through it from the black hole in that general direction.

It’s all about doorways. If a doorway is labeled “one” then only ones can go through it. Doorways are a frequency just like in Dragon Work or ritual. Portals are doorways. A black hole is always a doorway.

So when you say Cygnus, you’re referring to a black hole within that constellation.


I don’t know that Cygnus is in the direction of the center of our galaxy. Is that the black hole you are referring to?

No, it’s not. That’s different. Surely your science, your astronomers, don’t think there’s a limited number of black holes, do they?

But there’s only one black hole at the center of our galaxy.

Correct. And that was the primary galactic sun. It is a transforming star.

Everywhere we look we see many galaxies, and at the center of almost all of them are black holes. So somewhere in the vicinity of Cygnus is the specific black hole that is the portal or the doorway to energy coming our way.

Precisely. And what you want to remember or play with, think— about—is where is that energy coming through a black hole coming from? And I’m not going to answer that. I’m going to just let you play with it, because your science likes to think that holes just draw energy, suck it right in, everything flows into it, but it’s two-way.

Stephen Hawkins pretty well established mathematically that black holes radiate.


It’s been measured since then. There’s a lot of energy coming out of black holes