Please explain what the “rock in the pond” visualization is for and why you had a group come together to do that visualization on July 17. What was the impact, if any, of that work?

Any discussion about the “rock in the pond” visualization (that I certainly hope individuals are continuing to do, and are not letting the explosion of iridescent pieces touch the pond) as set up in the working in July needs to start by my saying that I hope you’re already seeing things that you recognize as the effect of the work you are doing to disperse energy so that there is no negative effect, or very little negative effect. July was an amazing month for energy work. It was the kind of month that you’re going to look back on and say, “That world was nuts that month!” Two massive nuclear possibilities were changed, and that’s definitely two—two that I was very concerned about. But that’s just the tip of the things that have been changed in July, changed by allowing a filter to be put over not the energy coming in, but the energy being created out of what came in, which is why I did not want you joining the “Fire the Grid” exercise that was being done on the same day.

The focus shouldn’t be on what’s coming; the focus should always be on what’s being done with that energy. And that’s why I asked you to focus not on the visualization being done by hundreds of thousands of people around the planet, but on the energetic effect of that focus and using the creation energy of their work. Taking that “space between the two falling dominoes” and using that was more useful.

So, rather than having you continue the original visualization, I asked you to let those tiny, iridescent pieces of rock continue to disperse without ever touching the pond, so that the pond wasn’t affected at all. That was going to make the power of a creation of unity available to those who were capable of co-creating.

By continuing since July 17 to visualize the tiny particles not landing in your pond, nor going back to the original boulder, but simply becoming energy, you continue to have a touchstone, a marker, that allows you to feed into that energy and continue until the end of the year to be changing possibility.

And really, that’s all you want to do. Free will is not going to allow you to totally avoid the possibility of something happening, but you can keep it only a possibility. You have to stay vigilant, but it works.

I think it’s useful when you say “nuclear” to remind people that you’re not just speaking about nuclear bombs. There are also things like nuclear reactors.

Actually, I was speaking about nuclear bombs.

And I should elaborate on that. It’s not that there was a point in July at which a nuclear bomb was scheduled to go off in your world. It’s that there was a point in which all of the ingredients would be put together for a nuclear reaction to be created in an area that would suffer vast destruction and devastation. And one of those areas was London.

Now, reality has changed. The possibility is still there, but it’s no different, no more or less likely, than it has been for years. What came about instead was a practice run that created great destruction. But that was nothing like what had been possible. Now nobody would necessarily be aware there was a practice run for a nuclear event because you dismissed that reality by turning it into a possibility. I’m not making a whole lot of sense, but that really is the answer.

I thought you might be referring to North Korea and Iran.

And that is a very big piece of your possibility puzzle too.

Or to the earthquakes in Japan that damaged a nuclear reactor.

My particular reference was to London, but all of those have been and remain possibilities, particularly until the end of the year. You also have viral, biological possibilities that are trying to move into probabilities. And I don’t want you to think it’s all related to terrorism, because it’s not. Some of it is natural flux in the world, but because there is so much oblivious, unhealthy, unawakened energy in the world, it’s perfect ground for something that might be pushed aside to instead arise and be mightily destructive.

It’s like an immune system being lowered.

Yes. The immune system of the world as a whole is very tenuous right now.

Why will there be a working done in Lexington in September during the group trip to Germany, and what do you want to achieve by that?

There’s no getting around that this is an experiment, but I think that it’s a very safe experiment. In the past, any workings done as a link to Dragon work have been to help those on the trip who were doing the Dragon work, and there is still a piece of that in there. Do you remember, when we were opening Heart Portals, that there would come a point when enough Heart Portals were open that energy would shift in such a way that it was as though the Heart Portals were all open? Along that line, I’m looking at the possibility that having this much Dragon Force open already (Britain, China, and Brazil) so that a group here at home base can access that Dragon, sort of as a combined prod with those on the Rhine. And the reason that I want that tried is not so much for the Rhine Dragon, but for working with underground water in the future.

Doing Dragon work changes you, and for the next function of Dragon work I need more people who have experienced and adapted to those changes. This is working for that. And there is a very good base of already-activated people who are going to be here for the Lexington work and who will be able to help push the energy. It’s an experiment. I think that it will be a very successful one. I think that not only will it create more activated Dragon workers, but it will provide those who are on the trip a lot easier time, and that’s important, too.

It would be wonderful if the Rhine opened like the Amazon did. It just isn’t likely—without help. So I’m looking for ways to get that help.