In your message on Sunday, March 5, while talking about the “road map” for life that we have an opportunity to create, you mentioned that the way we went about our lives until the Summer Solstice would set up patterns for the rest of our lives. You then said that “it is not the ‘what,’ it is the ‘how.’” Please elaborate on the “how,” and the way in which that created patterns for the rest of our lives.

In this world, your points of focus, power and energy follow a predictable flow based on cultural functions. To say that another way: Because you have a year that begins in January and ends in December and really no longer follows an agricultural cycle of natural power flows, you have created a calendar in which you are tuned to the month rather than the harvest or the planting or the seeding. It has to do with your belief system.

Based on that belief system, the first six months of a year are always, no matter what the year is, a building of power by action. After that six months, it is a release of power into action. At this time in which Guardians are specifically working at a particular level of energy, the actions that they are taking to function in that power are going to be related to that particular spiritual function.

This is a year in which there are two things very dominant in the world, one of them being the law of extremes resulting in the need to bring a balance to those extremes, and the other being creation-energy manifestation needing to be used as a means to bring about transformation from one form to another. The first six months of the year are about bringing into your life everything that you need in order to be able to make the decisions that will manifest those things that will allow that higher spiritual function. On a very obvious earth level, that means you are doing those things in the first six months of the year that bring you to a higher level of consciousness in the second part of the year. Or, to say it another way, what you manifest in the second part of the year is based on how you acted with what you knew in the first part of the year. It’s not the what, it’s the how.

Can you please elaborate on the differences and similarities between the Dragon forces and their effects that have been released in Scotland, China and Brazil.

Short answer: Britain’s dragon opened the door to ancient wisdom renewed. China’s dragon opened the door for new wisdom in mass consciousness. Brazil’s dragon opened the door to awareness of the physical world as it applies to manifesting change within mass consciousness. So, the first two were putting the key into the ignition and then turning on the car, and the third one begins the process of moving things along.

What would you anticipate would be the role of Dragon energy in Germany?

Well, it ought to be the environmental effect upon the mind of mass consciousness, as opposed to the environmental effect upon the physicality of it, which is what you just did in Brazil. To put it another way, the work in Brazil can be seen as the cause—bringing about an awareness—whereas the work in Germany will be the effect or the results of that awareness.

How does the activation of the Amazonian Dragon affect the planet?

One of the things that you are going to see is a change in the awareness of all of the things that Brazil holds in its power. It holds life force at its most diverse. Therefore, an awareness of the diversity of life on a spiritual and a physical and a mental basis, each representing a part of the different seedings that Brazil has experienced. And it won’t be just Brazil; it will be in South America as a whole: a major shift in consciousness with regard to the importance of taking care of the physical environment. And when I say “physical environment” I am referring to the rivers, the water supply, the creatures that are there, the plants that are there, the recognition of the state of form itself there.

The water is an example of, or a parallel to, the awareness of water throughout the world. Brazil has a problem with water, so mass consciousness will become aware of problems with water and that awareness will show up in other places in the world that are also having these problems.

Please give more information about Brazil having three seedings.

The Shining, the Atlantean, and the Fusion Seedings are all a part of Brazil. Shining is the initiation of life force. The Atlantean is more or less the missionary version—the mystery, the hidden wisdom put into place in the rocks, in the crystalline bed of Brazil (and other places on the planet). And the Fusion seeding—which is somewhat familiar to you from Bolivia, yes?—is a higher function of unity and spiritual awareness manifested into the world.

The activation of Dragon force requires an awakening of all three of those seedings, but it does not require activation of them. The three seedings of Brazil are not unique in the world, but rare. The seeding of Fusion could probably pretty much be anything relating to form in this world now, and it is shown by way of the fusion of masculine and feminine consciousness into a unity function of One—One world, One mind, One heart. The Atlantean seeding is only at twelve particular places on the planet, one of which you live in, Lexington. And the first seeding, the seeding by the Shining, is also a function of twelve, but does not overlap altogether with the Atlantean twelve. So, that which would have all three the same is rare, but, as with Brazil, happens.

Since the activation of the Amazonian Dragon did not need our toning to activate, in contrast to the activations of the Great Britain and China Dragons, does this mean subsequent dragon activations may not need toning either?

That’s based on a misunderstanding, because it did require toning; it did not require the full toning that was to be a part of the working. But you were toning a lot all along. You were toning with my playing and adjusting your energy all along. It did require toning.

I can say this: Unlike Heart Portals, Dragon work requires presence. It cannot be done from afar. What can be done from afar and is necessary is for those who are not in that direct energy to be able to uphold and support those who are.

I think the question seems to imply that the frequency that the group needed to create in order to awaken the dragon was the frequency of the working, and I guess I’m seeing that as somewhat of a limited perspective. I see that the frequency that was needed was the group coming together not just on that particular afternoon, but on the whole trip—sacrificing ego, merging in tonings like we did throughout, the visualizations, the work on passion. To me it’s the frequency of the entire trip, not just the group being able to do a good toning on the day of the working.

The vessel was becoming stronger throughout the trip. The vessel holds the frequency, it is not the frequency. And to answer that differently, I said at the very beginning of the trip, “This whole trip is the working.” Nevertheless, what I did to create the official working is wait for that time in which there was enough of a particular function going on that that could be taken, used, and put into storage, so to speak. And China certainly taught me that you take it when you have it. You don’t wait for the end for it all to come together and be all right.

So by doing that, you did not have to work all the way through the same planned ritual. You just had to finish up that which had already been started, more or less, and you did that before it got to the toning.

The trips are a financial burden creating a difficult choice for many people. Speaking to us as Guardians, what do you have to say about making that choice, choosing not to go on a trip because of the financial burden?

There’s a real difference in choosing not to go on a trip because you choose to eat and choosing not to go on a trip because you chose to buy a new car or indulge in this and that.

We’re here to do this regardless of cost?

Well, to be honest, that’s what I would say to you. You’re here to do this. I’m sorry that it costs. But you are also here to be able to function when you do what you are here to do. And that means there are going to be times in which, in order for you to do what you are here to do, you’re going to have to say no. But you need to know that; you need to accept that, “This year it’s a no, much as I don’t want to say no, and that’s because of this.” If what you find is, “I have abused money all year and have been focused on having this and this and that and, as a result, all of a sudden I can’t do it,” well, that’s different. You are always fulfilling your priorities, always. I don’t need to judge that your priority is a right or wrong one. You do enough of that yourself.

If you know that you are not going on the trip because, in spite of doing everything you could to honorably go, you couldn’t, then that’s the truth there: you couldn’t. But, if you know that if you had planned better or not indulged in this or that and you could have, you’re going to feel badly about that. You’re not going to trust yourself because of that. You’re going to end up feeling guilty and separating because of that.