In the May2003 Atlanta workshop, you discussed making the wisdom gained in our current lives available to other lives our entity is experiencing in the earth dimension. You said it involves consciously communicating back to entity, using Word with intent, from the heart, and that this is something that many religions call “prayer.” What is the impact of doing this? From the point of view of our current lifetime, does it “change the past”? What are specific suggestions for how we can put this activity into our lives?

What you can do and what you do are two different things. What you think you can do and what you can do are often two different things. Remember that, and put it aside for a few moments, because I’m going to go in another direction. Hopefully it will come together.

What is the purpose of ritual? It is a reminder. It convinces the self that you’re doing something important spiritually. As a result of that, you’ve activated the physical self to work with the spiritual self. However, in 5:3:2 ritual has changed. For all practical purposes you don’t really have ritual anymore because you are what you call. But you are not calling it if you don’t truly know that, if you don’t think you are what you call—you can’t do those things that assure you that you are what you call. Does it mean you don’t have access to making it work? Yes, it does mean that. So in that sense, those two come together—you are what you (would) call. Knowing that gives you access to the power of the ritual.

Prayer is a ritual, it is a ceremony that links your spiritual to your physical. It is a means by which thoughts can be manifested in your world through a conscious connection with Creation energy All That Is—Source eventually.

With Fusion and the activation of the awaited goodness, you have access to what you are by your activation into knowing it, thinking it, making it work. Prayer, or Word, becomes a link to that partnership because it is an expression of knowing that there is that connection.

The prayer “not my will but Thine” is a version of “for the highest good of all.” On the other hand the piety that says, ~whatever happens to me is God’s will and it’s all right, I’ll just let it happen,” doesn’t work. There is no access there. There has to be a partnership for it to work; it’s not “whatever happens happens.”

You are coming to a place where you are capable of having Word and Deed reflect Thought, which is going to anchor the Intent. It is that partnership that will allow you access to what you have been.

That is truly the bottom-line answer to that question. However, I need to remind you of a couple of things. As I also said in that set of workshops, you must release your old patterns to allow the new patterns to replace them. You have patterns that you are holding on to that are anchoring you into this world, keeping you from the awareness and knowledge of that partnership, because that partnership scares you. That partnership cannot be counted and hoarded and pulled out and shaken to be used for whatever is needed for that particular moment, because that partnership is not real enough to you. Your access is not through what you are, but comes by way of your acceptance of the way what you are is expressed in this world.

With that acceptance you are going to begin seeing your world in a very different way, and many of you are already experiencing that. You’re going to begin seeing that your ability to make things happen has changed. Ultimately you’re going to be feeding that knowing so that you become stronger and stronger and more confident with it. And with every level of mastery—like achieving martial arts belts—that’s going to give you access to every life experience your entity has had that has reached a version up to that level.

An aside, Guardians generally have not had many lives. It’s not really hard to access the mastery of other lives because there haven’t been a lot of them—fifteen, twenty for most.

The next question is, Doesn’t that change the past? And the answer is no, because your past is happening right now. it doesn’t work that way. That’s thinking linearly. It can’t change the past because the past is being formed right now; it’s just a different view of it.

Right now; if you looked at someone, you would be seeing them from a very limited perspective. If you were up on the ceiling, you would see them from a different perspective. If you were the fibers on the carpet, your view would be completely different. Do all of those different perspectives change that person? No, they do not. Would you gain after seeing from those other perspectives? Sure you would, but your perspective depends on what you’re doing, where you’re doing it, and what your frame of mind is at the time. That’s how you experience the past. That’s how you experience the mastery of other experiences here. Would you gain from seeing ANY of those perspectives? Sure you would. Would it change the person you’re watching? No, because that person is, but your perspective depends on what you’re doing, where you’re doing it and what your frame of mind is at the time. That’s how you experience the past. That’s how you experience the mastery of other experiences here. It’s not a dimensional change.

Personality doesn’t matter. The fact that you were King Louis XIV, so what? The only thing that matters is how your energy expanded as a result of it. Just because you have access doesn’t mean that you’re going to be able to go back and talk Louis out of killing somebody, because that’s not what it’s about. You’re the one gaining the mastery. And Louis might or might not still kill somebody despite your awareness, because personality has free will. Think of it like this— sometimes in your life, you have a very strong compulsion to do something—I sometimes refer to it as the still small voice. In Guardianship that actually happens a lot, because there is a part of you that remains connected most of the time—thank goodness. Some people have experiences in their lives where it feel likes somebody actually says “no” to them. Those are situations in which you are affecting another projection, in which the personality you are now looks at the experience of Louis XIV and says, “Oh, you should not have killed her. Your life goes downhill from there. That’s really too bad.” Now Louis has a choice, because into Louis’s mind has come this thought, “Don’t do that,” or “Oh, I wonder what other options there might be?”

Now, can you also use that same sort of mastery work to affect future selves? Be careful; that’s a trick question, because you, as Guardians, don’t have future lives. On the other hand, you do have futures happening. That’s not what’s erroneously called potential realities; it’s actual experiences that are needed for the spirit itself, and you are gaining from them right no~ but they are not part of transitional Guardianship, they are not locked-in realities. In other words, they are not manifested in form. But the wisdom and the mastery gained from the experience are part of the greater thought of mass consciousness.

That answer opens a lot of doors that you can play with.

In a workshop last year you spoke about the guardians of other kingdoms—dolphins, octopuses, pines, and quartz—and said that we could form a partnership with them. What methods can we use to do that, and what will be the result?

Awareness of the possibility is the first “method” you need for this communication. Awareness of life force within the various kingdoms of the earth, and awareness that that life force works through guardianship energy much like your personality works through your Entity. You contact the guardian of all trees each time you connect with any tree. If you want to pass on a message, or receive one, to trees on the other side of your city—or world—you ask the tree you’re speaking to to access the guardian and pass it along. Or, you can bypass the tree in the middle and speak directly to the guardian pine in, for instance, your back yard, and ask it to pass the message on. That’s true for each kingdom of life force. Your awareness honors the energy by recognizing it. You then have a doorway into the energy for communication.

Before Fusion, you could make contact only by merging, and merging is still one way to make contact, but there are more.

Our drug industry uses chemicals called stearates, which are usually made from animal tallow This winter I had to balance my need to get over an infection, with the need to avoid drugs containing stearates. Please give us some guidelines for the responsible use of doctor-recommended or prescribed drugs that contain stearates derived from animals.

Two things are important. The first one is that I want you to be educated. I want you to look for options. You are going to be put on this medication that contains stearates, that involve the death of an animal, that is not vegetarian. What are the options? Is there anything else out there that can be substituted? Talk to your medical provider, is there an option? Don’t automatically presume this is all there is.

You research. You look for options. You don’t find those options then you’ve got to find a balance. Is this something serious enough that it’s going to have an effect on my body’s energy so that I have a choice: I can do this homeopathically and take ten years to finally get through it or I can take this really high powered steroid and basically be over it in approximately a year. I will tell you that what is best is to take the steroid for a year and get over it so that your body is not dealing with the constant stress, the lack of wholeness, the additional problems that worry will create.

It’s no different than when I say to somebody who is in a repressive relationship but needs to have all of their bills paid and who doesn’t have any workable skills, “Stay in it until you’ve got the training you need and you can be secure and move from there. It’ll hurt you more to get out of it right now than it would to stay in it.” It’s the same idea.

Does that mean that by taking those stearates, doing the best you can where you are with what you have, and making the decision to get over it for a higher good, that it’s going to put a cap on your energy? Yes, it does. So, what do you do about that? You make sure that you have every other area in your life functioning at its highest possible frequency so that you are not very limited.

I have heard that you have said that homeopathic remedies may not be as effective for Guardians, because homeopathics were not designed to work with a form that holds Guardianship energy. Is this accurate? Please discuss the potential, for Guardians, of using homeopathic alternatives to help us avoid animal-containing drugs.

That’s just another one of those urban legends—”here is what Samuel said.” It’s not accurate.

As a whole, what I have said is anything that is designed for the average person is not going to have the same effect on you, as Guardians. Anything that is designed to be affected by energy—any healing mode that works in the energy system—is going to have a lot of difficulty working with you because your mind is so much different than the average person.

Homeopathically—even though you would not believe it and would eliminate it—you could hold the bottle in your hand and get the effect if you say, “I’ve got it.” Homeopathically speaking, you could read an article explaining what it’s about and get it. Homeopathics are a very viable and good system for the average person, but you have so much more control over the way your energy works that those things like kinesiology—such as finger testing to find out if a medication is what you needed—doesn’t work for you, because if you’re open to it, it works, and if you’re not open, it doesn’t work. But the system was accurate both times. The system was its same limited self. You did the finger test and it said yes, it’s good for you, and the next time it’s no, it’s not good for you. The system was not designed for somebody who can say, “Give me the strength here,” and affect ft or the pendulum without even trying. It’s not meant for that. So, you see, it’s based on a misunderstanding. I’m not saying homeopathics won’t work for you, I’m saying anything designed for average consciousness is not going to be effective for you at the level that it’s designed to be.

What is the difference between dreams—including “‘lucid” dreams in which you know you are dreaming—and out of body experiences?

You can have an out of body experience while you are awake. When you are out of your body while you are asleep, you call it a real dream. And a real dream, as I call it, is different than a lucid dream, as was discussed at the Pittsburgh workshop.

Your ability to recognize yourself in a dream is a very powerful and good thing. To be able to direct your mind concerning what you do in that dream is a powerful and good thing. But real dreams involve transdimensional work. Real dreams involve not paying attention to yourself in the dream, but paying attention to the whole dream’s experience, so that you are able to come back with wisdom from it.

I have experienced several types of dreams—regular dreams, real dreams, death dreams—but lately I have also experienced “movie’ dreams. These dreams are very long, with a plethora of characters, and a multitude of scenes that play out like a movie. I am in some of the scenes, while with others lam only an observer. The scenes where I actually play a part feel very real, while the other scenes feel surreal. Please explain the significance of these types of dreams.

A couple of things there. One of them is, as you are adapting to this energy, your dreams are getting more involved. They are becoming more important

The second thing is that your entity uses your dreams in order to gain experiences in other ways—that’s why I call it dream school. These experiences mean it isn’t your physical self experiencing it. Your observations of what’s going on are the key to what the whole experience is about. In real dreams you are aware within the dream— not the sort of awareness called ‘lucid dreaming’ in which you notice your hand and teach yourself to see it consciously. “Oh look, I’m moving my hand, I’m making my hand move.” In real dreams you don’t stop the action, but you’re aware of your awareness. That is the link your awakened self, your brain, will be able to use. A real dream is not for you in this skin, it’s for the spirit using the skin to be better able to function in it.