How can sexual energy be channeled for the highest good during the act of having sex, and how can sexual energy be channeled for the highest good when not having sex?

The first thing that you need to remember is that having sex is not the only way sexual energy is used. Again, as I have said in workshops, sexual energy has to do with the reversal of masculine and feminine energy at the point of orgasm.

Sex begins when you wake up. It has less to do with what you are doing with a partner than with your recognition of yourself as a part of a continual loving act of giving and receiving. With that in mind, consciousness is the answer to both of those questions.

It’s not about having or not having orgasm. I know that there were a couple of people recently who were very concerned about the physical effects of consciously withholding orgasm. And what that tells me is that they’re too focused on the physical aspect, rather than making a conscious exploration of the giving and receiving aspect.

When having sex—from the moment you wake up to when you are touching another to when you go to sleep—it’s keeping balance, giving and receiving, that is needed. And when you’re not having sex and it’s just when you wake up till when you go to sleep but there’s no touch involved with that, it’s the same thing: keeping balance.

So if what they’re asking about is the spiritual use of the energy, consciousness and balance are really the answers. If what they’re talking about is the physical experience itself, well, that really has more to do with each individual’s physical tolerance level. It has to do with the nature of the communication that you have with your partner. It really is almost a medical answer, as opposed to a spiritual one.

But spiritually speaking: consciousness and balance.

For the Guardianship on this planet, has the fusion of masculine and feminine energy changed the relationship between us, our higher selves, and our entities? If so, how?

Ultimately, the answer to that question is, the fusion of masculine and feminine energy does not have a profound effect on the function of energy on this planet—yet. To those who are functioning at the highest levels, the awareness has changed. Does that have anything to do with the soul, the spirit, the higher self, the personality? No, because it’s not a mechanism of form that changed, it’s an awareness mechanism.

In the Group of 12 work, when anointing the forehead, the anointer says, “I awaken the fusion of masculine and feminine energy within and without.” If we are only awakening that fusion, what is the rest of the process? And what does “within and without” mean?

As I have said both in the interview and the preceding question, a cosmic change does not have an effect upon the play of energy here on this planet, except that those who are functioning at the highest levels of energy are aware of more.

To awaken to that energy makes it useful. So, in that Group of 12 work, one of the very first things that you’re doing is asking for an awareness of, a usefulness for, that energy. You are, in effect, recognizing that energy and making yourself available to it.

“Within and without” I thought sounded pretty obvious—not only that which is going on in spiritual function, but that that is going on in a physical one as well. The whole gist there is that you’re making that energy useful here.

How can one best work with a very controlling person in order to promote unity and a win-win situation?

Well, there are as many versions of what controlling is as there are people reading this, because it’s a very perspective-oriented sort of thing.

Maybe the first thing to do is to look at why you think they are controlling, because more often than not, that definition has to do with you feeling that what you want is not happening. So, recognizing that you’re calling it controlling because you’re not getting something you want might show you where you are controlling.

Always, when you are in sympathy with what’s going on because you recognize it in your own life, you are less apt to make a negative judgment, and that is going to open all kinds of doors for communication and help.

Another thing that can be looked at here is, if what you want is unity for a greater vision, this very question is making the judgment that the other person is not: “How do you work with someone who is so controlling that a greater good is not being accomplished?” Again, this is a statement about your own expectation of what that greater good is.

And where I’m going with all that is, it’s so important that you realize that everything you see, everything you do—everything— comes through your personal filter. There was a Leadership Meeting in which I played a game of saying, out loud, something very specific, then asking the group to repeat what I said. One by one around the room there were four or five different versions of what I said, when only minutes had passed and I had said it right there in their presence. Well, that’s those filters.

You’re going to translate what you see, what you hear, what you experience according to your own version of how it all works in the world. In this world where controlling comes from fear, and it’s a very typical response to try to control the world so that you can guarantee that you will be successful, it’s going to be very natural for you to see everyone else as controlling.

If what you are after is unity and a function for the highest good, then it doesn’t matter if someone you are working with is controlling. You adapt and keep moving. And you work on your fears. You quit trying to fix the other person. In the end, it’s up to you to take the first step; it’s your responsibility to be the change you want to see. People get frustrated with that answer, but that’s how it is.

You have told us many times that we are safe and protected and that the Universe wants us to be able to participate in this work. I’m having trouble believing that I am protected when my friends and I have experienced so many injuries and so much illness recently. Please help me reconcile your assurance with our experiences.

You are a being of power and light and love and joy. You are here in form, and while you are here in form you are limited as to what that light and love and joy and goodness can do, because you are accountable to such things as gravity and the effects of sunlight and your view of what you can and cannot do.

There is absolutely no relationship between how loved and protected and cared for you are and the effects of your functioning in form. If you don’t watch where you’re going, you’re going to fall, but does that mean you’re not protected? No. it means you’re not watching where you’re going. If you don’t wash your hands often enough, you’re likely to get every virus that’s going around. It has nothing to do with you being protected. It has everything to do with your responsibilities while you are here.

I find that question very fear-based and form-oriented, because it’s taking a spiritual statement and choosing to limit the understanding of it to your physical situations, to expectations and beliefs. The fact that you got sick might open the door to some of the best things that could ever happen to you. It could be because you’re protected that you got sick. I’m not saying that’s necessarily true in the case of the person who asked this, but I’m saying that limited awareness which says “Anything other than my way of viewing a situation is wrong; my definition of protected is right,” is just going to keep bringing pain and difficulty and sorrow in the big picture.

The more you do to confine yourself to your physical limitations, the more you do to align yourself with the physical and set up your expectations around what the physical does and does not experience~ the more unhappy you’re going to be.

One very real thing that being safe and protected means is that you are truly cushioned from your own mistakes a lot. Now, the problem with that, of course, is that it often means that somebody doesn’t receive the full impact of something that they’ve done, and as a result they tend to repeat it. But the frequency most of you are functioning at cushions you from a lot of physical pain. You can tolerate so much more than many. And although to some that might not seem a protection, it really is.

Another protection is ultimately, no matter how real this is to you, you are a part of a greater Guardianship and you can’t fail. You can’t fail with what you’re here to do; you cannot get yourself off track and stay there. You cannot say no. You cannot make it not work. You can’t, because you are not just here. This is your hologram. You are a part of a greater body. You function in that Greater Mind where “you are me, I am you.” You can’t do this wrong. But out there in the world, mass consciousness can; those who are not here within that greater purpose, they can. And they can do a lot of damage. Read your newspaper.

Your spiritual existence also guards your physical existence. You’re not going to get so sick you die before your time. You’re not going to have the portals to exit through in case you really want out, like some can. Your spiritual existence is going to ensure that you’re here to do what you need to do.

Now, your version of how fit you need to be to do it has a whole lot to do with choices you make. You are not protected from falling when you don’t watch where you’re going. You’re not protected from getting sick when you did not wash your hands and take precautions. You’re not kept from having a genetic challenge if your blueprint has that in there. That’s not what the protection is about.

In fact, if you are really thinking about it, you’d be more careful, wouldn’t you, because, since you’re protected you’re going to get to stay in this body that you have created over the last forty or fifty or sixty years. Is that a good thing? I think so. I think that knowing that you are not going to bethe cause of this not working, knowing that you’re not going to get so off track that you can’t be turned around, should free you. You should feel free, knowing that you are needed here for this, and as a result the worse consequences that could come about for someone else are not going to happen to you.

The Form [Lea] has climbed mountains. Do you know how impossible that should be? No matter how much will she thinks she has going for her, there’s a lot more than will pushing her up that mountain when she sets out with that will to do something, because she’s needed here. is she needed more than you? No. Really not. You have that too, that invisible hand pushing your car back on the road when you’re not paying attention; when you might have killed yourself, you won’t. You’ll have a fender bender instead, which you’re welcome to.

You’re not being kept from the results of your actions. That’s not what it’s about. But your spirit is protecting your form to do the work. You are being kept from anything that’s going to keep you from doing that, at least for a while. Sure, you can make a decision that you’re just going to quit, but, in the bigger picture, you’ll be back, because you can’t quit.

One of the greatest ways you are protected is by your awareness of the bigger picture. Your instant karma, that you’re on to you, is one of your greatest protections, isn’t it? Because you know what’s likely to happen if you do a thing, and so you adjust and keep moving in a different way to ensure you don’t follow the more difficult path.

In the very same way a parent recognizes a child’s need to explore, your spirit recognizes there are some things you’ve got to learn on your own. It will see if you can learn it with a tap instead of a smack, with the whiff of a two-by-four instead of an actual one. Of course, some people just continue to not get it and not get it. And even though they are protected, it keeps getting harder and harder and harder. And in that situation, it’s easy to think you’re not protected, because then you can place blame outside yourself. But you are.