As the trip to Egypt to reawaken the Heart Portal draws closer, can you reveal more about your plans for a joint effort between those who go there and those who stay behind? How will the toning you taught at the workshop and the retreat be used? How can those who didn’t attend either of those events take part in the work? And what will you be teaching at the next workshop that will tie in to the trip?

I’m going to be asking the people who have been practicing the work in each city, and who are willing, to come together—no fewer than three. Because in some regions there aren’t that many, that might mean for some there is a need to travel, physically, to the closest city, if they truly want to take part in what’s going on. Anyone who is not already in Pittsburgh, Lexington or Atlanta may want to go to one of those cities to be with the group doing the work. It will help if they have listened to the tapes, although they could learn from the people there who have been practicing.

The nature of the transdimensional travel which I’m going to be asking individuals to do is fully safe in a group situation, but I would request that it not be done at all individually. Actually, it’s extremely doubtful that you could do anything individually, but if you did and were not perfectly in control—look at your lives now and you can get a sense of whether you’re perfectly in control—then it would be possible through this technique to release your consciousness enough that you could find it difficult and unpleasant after you’ve returned to your body. Group work will balance that out. Again, it’s very, very unlikely that anybody would actually get anywhere on their own. I would say it is impossible, but as soon as I say that, there will be one exception.

My hope is that in Abydos and in Luxor it’s going to be possible to do two very different, very strong TransDimensional Energy workings. Well, I have called it TransDimensional Energy workings, but the nature of it for those in Egypt will be slightly different. I will be asking them to focus on the gateway itself while I am asking those participating from here to focus on the individuals who are there in Egypt. If you stay here, you will work to empower them with your power; essentially you are merging with them. [Please see the sidebar for more specific information about the dates of the rituals in Abydos and Luxor.]

I would choose Abydos as the place for the major group workings, but now that there is a warrant out for any American’s head in that part of the world, it may be that the local authorities will be a little less understanding of a very American group making themselves very conspicuous by going off into a corner somewhere and toning! I recognize the need for both groups to be adaptable.

When we are building our spirals and pushing energy out, how can we maintain a focus on keeping the spiral in place while also sending out energy from the group? Once the spiral is made, can we shift our focus to something else, or do we have to keep energizing the spiral to keep it intact?

[Note that this interview was conducted before the summer series of workshops, in which Samuel gave further spiral techniques and information.] Variations of the spiral work are something which I am going to ask you to continue as part of your regular practice beyond Egypt, but right now the intent of that work is simply to learn to build a spiral while you’re toning. It’s not necessary to continue putting energy into it unless, when you stop putting energy into it, it starts breaking down. In that case, you need to build it back up, and you need to continue sending energy to it on a regular basis. At the workshop I’m likely to cover this, because spiral work has its own purposes. It’s part of the energy work, but it’s not the whole of it, so when I move it toward the TransDimensional Energy work, your ability to keep your spiral constantly focused and energized is going to be necessary. Right now, I’m just asking you to learn to build it and, if it falls, pick it back up and build it again.

I have trouble visualizing, and sometimes cannot build the spiral during toning because I simply cannot imagine it well enough. I have even thought of wrapping myself in Christmas lights and looking at it in a mirror to get the picture. Do you have any suggestions to help?

Spin! Spin!

If visuals such as wrapping yourself in Christmas lights or drawing a spiral on your body with paints help, that’s fine—whatever works. Perhaps as you tone, drawing a spiral with your finger on the palm of your hand. It doesn’t matter. Just do it.

There is a misconception that everybody visualizes the same way. The highest level of visualization is a knowing; there’s no picture, no sound, no color, no feeling to it at all. It’s known. The lowest level is a picture in color with sound and light—and getting stressed out while building it.

What does Tom Cruise look like? How do you know? That’s the answer: it’s just there. You are reacting to energy—a “firing” of neurons. To have to bring that firing down to where the brain can say “Oh, I did it now” sounds sort of like that ego thing, don’t you think?

And that all fits in there with, “Samuel spoke to me and he said these words,” and “My spiral is made out of green branches and all growing things of the earth, with all the colors and smells of the flowers, and . . .”

Is the work of Alice Bailey dated? If so, how?

It’s dated insofar as language—terminology—is concerned. It’s dated in that the information wouldn’t be given that way now. We do not choose any longer to use those constructs to get across the essential truths. The information in Alice Bailey’s teachings was for a couple of generations ago, and you have made rapid changes in the last ten years, needless to say the last thirty or sixty. The seed truths that they hold are ageless, but I would not choose that means of constructing the truths for today’s audiences.

With a country like Russia so economically depressed, it would seem that the “One-Heart” response by the U.S. would be to come to its aid in whatever way we can, yet you have said that our bailing them out would be disastrous for our own economy. What is the big spiritual picture here that allows for such a detrimental effect to come out of an attempt to help others?

I said that it would be disastrous for the U.S. to send money and personal financing, but I did not say not to do all you can. Money is only one tiny portion of things that can be done. And I think it’s very important for individuals in their personal lives to remember that too often the thought is that money heals. Money is one thing that can help, but it is not always appropriate.

If there were a massive change in unity and consciousness in Russia, then they would be able to have the power to turn their own system around.

The other question is, Why do I caution against America sending money to bail out Russia’s financial system, when it would seem that the One-Heart response would be to offer everything—anything—that is needed? There is a problem with that, though, and it demonstrates the differences between that ego response that I mentioned in the interview, the feeling response, and the rightful-detachment-toward-action response. Which is the one that you would say that particular response fits into, that response that says “Well, we have something, so we should help,” without looking at what it might mean in the larger picture? It’s the second level, the feeling, level, but a low version of it. It’s the feeling issue, because the feeling is “we need to give here; that’s the right thing to do.”

But the reason I’ve been cautioning against doing that is that right now America’s money is not backed up with anything. You are not functioning on a gold standard any longer, but on a scrip system of sorts, so to give is only putting more paper in a system that cannot use that paper, and it’s going to require, because of this time of political change in your nation, accountability that cannot be produced, an accountability for “all right, we need that money but it’s going to bail out Russia, and we’re going to have to take it from here and here, and we’re going to have to replace it from here and here to meet our own obligations.”

It’s not going to work, because the system in Russia needs to change. It must change. They had made the beginning changes in their financial system when their economy turned over, but then they stopped. The old guard still has a very strong hold, and that must change in order for them to re-create fully. So ultimately, if America finances them, it’s going to suffer when Russia cannot pay back. Russia cannot pay back as long as it is functioning in the economy it is now.

Now, of course the hope in the loan would be that they would be able to rebuild, but they will not rebuild until they are unable to get the loan. So is it the kindest, most One-Heart thing to give them loans guaranteed by the United States’ financial system? No, it’s not. In fact, what you’re essentially doing is saying, “Continue in the slavery to money.” Of course, that allows America to keep being the good guy. Which is that second-level response again.