During our discussion about the 2015 trip to Nevis in the last issue you said, “I’d love to make each of you a Dragon.” Dragon force is the frequency of past seedings, so what does it mean for us to become Dragons in the present? How can that be accomplished?

Think for a moment about the purpose of those original seedings. They were about stimulating within life force particular functions of Source into the world. It was called a Dragon seed because the qualities of a Dragon are “magical” and “rare.” But Dragons are also powerful, and are guarding a treasure, a treasure.

Now put those two together so that the Dragon seed becomes the keeper of a great treasure, which is a function of Source in the world. Taking that one step further, if you are the Dragon, you are capable then of installing the frequency of Source function into life force. It’s the difference between sending energy and creating and establishing the energy out of oneself. If you are a Dragon in this world, that means you are functioning in Shining Force. You are aware of specific needs for specific frequencies, and you are capable of adjusting your frequency to meet those needs. You are protecting a function of life force. You are a powerful being of magic.

So you might ask, How is that different from what we are right now? Well it’s quite different because what I want is for you to move out of your head and into your world. What I want is for you to move away from sending the energy, and hoping it makes a difference, to merging with a place that then changes that place.

Now, the trick, if you will, is that it’s not a function of trust; it’s a function of knowing. Truth be told, you can pretty much divide Guardians into two groups: those who don’t think they are there yet and are wrong, and those who do think they are there and are wrong.

I was talking with somebody this week who said to me, “You know, you say that I’m doing good work, but I don’t feel like I’m doing anything.” So I explained “Well, of course, feeling like you’re doing something will throw you off. That’s not really what we’re looking for.” And she said, “I don’t feel as if anything happened at all.” I was really touched by that because this individual was continuing to do the work in spite of that. But that’s the kind of “I don’t feel it” that I have to work around, and the only way that I know to work around it is to show you ways to prove it to yourself. So that’s what I’ll be doing up until Nevis.

Is this also connected with the work you’ve been doing in teaching us about the Source Field?

Very much. Working the Source Field changes you in ways that will help bring this about. And Nevis, where the energy is so powerfully different, is a very good proving ground.

How is Nevis going to assist in this process? Why not just do the work in Lexington or Pittsburgh?

Nevis is one of the twelve torsion points for the planet. It’s a very powerful place, a change point. Being there makes change easy. Go there when you want to renew. Go there when you’re ready for a life change. Go there when you’re looking for direction. The planet, the cosmos, the torsion point, the change point, the place of power—it’s all right there. It’s hard to miss.

An interesting thing about Nevis is that almost half of the individuals who were on that trip have brought Watcher connections home with them. They may not have experienced it there, but then coming home, a couple of months later, things started becoming conscious. That’s the kind of place it is.

What kind of things?

Watcher energy showing up in acceptable visages. Just that.

Previous Dragon seedings and awakenings have affected the growth of civilizations and the course of events in the world.

Still are.

How would our being Dragons affect the chaos we see in the world now, such as the situation in the Middle East, the epidemic and fighting in Africa, global warming . . . ?

There are bigger problems than environmental disasters, species being wiped out, human misery—those are things which don’t change much anyway. The bigger disasters that I see, the worse chaos that I see, are actually things like the banking systems across the world that control who does and who does not have funds to bring about changes in their lives, the international banking, monetary funds and so forth that are manipulating the amount of money out in the world. I see that today as a really big problem. I see governmental divisiveness in which action for change is based upon who has the most money, what corporations want, and how the government does not represent the peoples not just in the west, but across the world.

I see those sorts of things as an even bigger danger for you than that there are seven white rhinos left in the world and they will soon be gone forever, carbon emissions are destroying the atmosphere, that cattle are eating up the planet, there is famine, drought, most people lack purified water, the human kingdom is absolutely inhumane to animal kingdom—even bigger than those things, which are huge. Next time you need a soap box, just ask. I’ll pop right out with them.

So, I think that I can answer a question based on what you were saying, such as, “How will individuals becoming Dragons change that kind of chaos we’re seeing in the world right now?” Is that what you were asking?


Everything that I am about has to do with awakening humanity, because that awakening will bring about the completion of Sacred Status. Having what is truly the equivalent of Avataric force, godlike beings, functioning in the world is not going to have a really big effect on the greed and abuse of power as much as it will affect the currently unheard masses, because ideally they will be strengthened enough to take the blinders off and stand up to say, “This is wrong,” and that will bring about change. And so ultimately my hope in bringing about that kind of change is to put into the world mobile, living frequency clusters—Dragon seeds—that have a much more profound effect on change to do beyond change to be.

And the side effect of that could well be massive change. Remember Arab Spring? How about a Dragon Spring instead?

We had Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street, and just recently there were peaceful protests in Hong Kong. These movements seem to be about people standing up and saying “No more!” Do you see those movements as having been successful?


It doesn’t look that way to me. The bankers are still doing their thing. In Egypt the people are under military dictatorship. It doesn’t seem that it’s really brought about lasting change or the change that the people were wanting.

You are impatient, and you’re only seeing a very limited view.

Well, I’m glad to hear that you think they were and continue to be a success. But it does get discouraging from the human perspective.

Well, the human perspective is “smack your knee and say ouch!” Just that fast, wanting microwave change.

After three hundred years of tyranny of one kind or another—and if you use Egypt you can say thousands of years—all of a sudden group consciousness changes and says “We don’t want this,” and, because of the communication technology you have in this world now, there was world support for it. The empowering of a generation was stunning, stunning, and it did bring about change. Actually, it brought about some very good change. When the Egyptian people got tired of standing and the world was tired of watching, that energy started to fizzle, but it was picked up somewhere else, and then somewhere else, and somewhere else, and Hong Kong is still a piece of that original change. It just takes a few to change ruts of thinking—of culture—and that’s what’s happening.

Now, imagine those people being activated by something like unconditional love being spread out all around them. It’s an even more powerful force. I think it’s a good thing.

When you spoke of making us Dragons, were you speaking metaphorically, or do you mean you would actually do something to us? How much of becoming Dragons depends on our own efforts?

When I talk about Dragons I’m always talking metaphorically because you’re not going to get claws and scales and bat wings, and look kind of reptilian.

But the idea of doing something to you is not a metaphor, although I can’t do something to you that you’re not ready for or willing to do. So your becoming ready for that change is your magic, and my leading you to the door is my magic. But you’re the ones that go through it.

You have taught that we are evolving toward godhood in a literal sense, where we become Solar Lords in our own planetary systems. Is our becoming Dragons a stage in developing this fuller potential, or is it more in order to meet the needs of the world here?

It’s more to meet the needs of the world. Saying that you’re becoming gods is kind of insulting to the Solar Lords. I have said not that you’re going to become gods, but that you are going to become Creators, which to most cultures would be gods as they think of it. Gods are Shining Ones. But your being a Creator is post-Ascension, and Transfiguration and Dragon is now.

What do you see as the biggest impediments we face in achieving the goals you’ve set for us and what advice can you give to help overcome those impediments?

Where to start? Greed. And that shows up in different ways. In the world as a whole, greed is an abuse of power. In Guardians greed is also an abuse of power, but it’s not hoarding money. It’s hoarding information, hoarding the precious ego, and all of the things involved in letting you feel special, when in reality you are all special already and it’s how you live, not what you know, that makes the difference. It’s a great big label—greed—but it involves power and ego and mental masturbation. It involves the way you interact with others, the need of some to be lone ranger and working alone, as opposed to a part of the team. It represents a lack of leadership in order to have “power over” instead. Greed for that which satisfies the human is causing the biggest problems in the world, and in this work today. The human is necessary, but it’s not what should be ruling now. For years I said “human rules,” but not with Transfiguration.

Isn’t greed a function of a fear of loss?

Yes. Of course we’re making great big general statements here, and fear of loss is also a great big general statement, but it absolutely is a poverty consciousness, be it poverty in the pocketbook or poverty in the soul.

If I could help you see how much you coddle yourselves—and I’m not sure I want to show that actually, because it might be too discouraging—if I could help you see that it’s not great big things that are holding you back, but that it’s the multitude of little ways you let the world beat on you: communications, community, vision, personal interactions with others. It means little to be a powerful spiritual essence if that essence is so locked up in its own fears that it cannot act. Don’t let the human run things. That’s what’s needed.

Earlier you said, “Get out of your head and get out into the world.”

A good bumper sticker there. Get out of your head, and get out there. Get into the world and show them your heart.

So apart from doing The Guardianship Program, what advice can you give to overcome those impediments?

Start by being honest, really honest. Take a clear look at yourself. What could you be doing better? What could you do differently to be more spiritually productive? What is the code you live by based on how you spend your time?

Do you remember I started the first meeting in 2012 with a hundred questions? Somebody answering those questions, particularly with the weave they were given in, can have some pretty big epiphanies. Their answers could show them places where changes could really be used. Doing it honestly, rather than quickly, could create an opportunity for you to become your core self. I think that would change a whole lot of things. [See the next article for these questions.]

Now, having said all of that, there are some easy things you can do to get over the impediments. For instance, change your diet, hydrate. This coming TGP I’m saying super-hydrate; maybe that will make people at least hydrate enough. Exercise. Stop complaining. Purposefully be positive. Make friends with your joy guide. Channel your joy guide once you’ve made friends. Talk to plants, trees, bushes, like they are friends. Make friends with the animals around you—the squirrels, the birds, and the dogs, the cats, the horses of course. Stop letting someone else do it.

You [David and Paula] don’t like to elevate yourselves, but I’m going to use you as an example. Both of you have consistently served, but never in just one capacity, in a multitude of capacities. Paula, you are particularly a wonderful example of recognizing “Oh, there is a need, I can do something about it. Is it convenient? No. Is it going to take up time I don’t have? Yes. Will I do it? Yes.” I wish you could clone yourselves. That’s what would change people. You cannot get all into yourself when you’re serving. You can’t make it all about you if you’re working with a team. It gets you out of your bad habits.

Frank has been working on changing very early videos into DVDs, and he’s just so amazed by the teachings. And he went to the Form and he said, “The energy just pours out of the videos,” but it doesn’t pour out any differently now. It’s that you have become so used to it that it doesn’t amaze you. It doesn’t seem to touch you because it’s at the level where you are. You have changed so much, but at the same time have grown complacent about it. Get back that awe—not of me, it’s never been about me—that awe that says, “I am a magnificent being of Light and Love, here to make a difference in this world, and I can do that.” Have fun with it. “Harmonically converge” on the fairgrounds. Enjoy, play, do with love and joy. Those things would help.

If you were to give the Guardians a particular area of study or activity on which to focus between now and the Retreat, what would it be—apart from Toning?

I’ll tell you what. I encourage you to take The Guardianship Program. This year’s program is very different. It’s all about recognizing and releasing what isn’t right for you, compassionately healing, and becoming consistently powerful. And doing that program between now and the Retreat is perfect. What about all the people for whom it isn’t available? Community Without Walls in Atlanta; it’s about time it gets bigger anyway.

That’s what I recommend.

Do you intend to start making us Dragons at the Retreat, or is TGP leading into that process?

Everything I am doing now is a part of that process, with Nevis being the point of power, the black hole through which creation force flows.