At the Lexington Lifescapes event in September, you said we would look back on 2010 as a pivotal year because of shifts in our electromagnetic frequency due to Shining Energy moving to the earth. What was it about the shifting electromagnetic energy that made it pivotal?

There are two electromagnetic forces that are having a pretty profound effect on people right now. One of them is a change in the planet. The other one is a change, cosmically speaking, due to the sun, but it is not the kind of change that comes with the usual solar cycle. These are changes that would normally be expected a few million years down the road. They have to do with what is the equivalent of the sun’s and the planet’s blueprints. In the very same way that Guardians are working to be less bound by form and functioning more in spirit, so the solid, form-bound nature of the planet and the sun is also beginning to shift. Now, the good news about that is that it indicates very clearly that humanity is getting closer to the completion of Sacred Status, which will then move this world into Ascension. And it is because humanity is much closer to that point that the planet itself is beginning to shift.

Are you saying that this is happening a few million years ahead of schedule?

It’s not exactly something that’s scheduled. I’d call it more of a symptom. So it’s not that these changes are ahead of schedule; it’s that the unexpectedly rapid change in humanity is having an effect on your planet and sun. In normal circumstances, you expect to see changes occurring as a result of a process. Well, what’s happening is that the changes are starting to show up before the process has happened—it’s skipping a step. Which is unexpected, but it’s because the spirit function is changing so quickly. Guardians are working to be less human and become more Shining Energy, and so is the planet. But instead of saying “less human,” you would have to say your planet is becoming less bound by the rules of form. It’s preparing to cast off a costume.

You spoke of 2011 as a year in which emissions from the sun during the peak of the solar magnetic activity cycle might have a profound effect. We see this peak every decade. What is making this cycle of more concern to you than usual?

Actually, this cycle is different from any you’ve seen for about thirty thousand years. This is not your typical cycle. This cycle not only has to do with the changes we spoke about a moment ago, but it is also part of some pretty big changes going on throughout this galaxy as a whole. Your sun—Helios Vesta—has been veiled for quite some time. Now the energies of those ascended planets within this solar system, which have always been putting out a particular kind of energy, are affecting the sun and your planet.

In addition, energies outside of this solar system are coming this way. In fact, one of the reasons that your scientists are suddenly finding massive numbers of galaxies within the universe and planets in other galaxies is because of those energies. And unlike other physical energies that take eons to reach you, this is a warp, a transdimensional push, so that your sun is getting a series of bursts that are bigger than its own cycle. Some of those bursts of energy are specifically directed here for the purpose of that Ascension process. However, most of it is due to that force of attraction that the sun and your planet are putting out right now.

Who or what is doing that directing?

It’s not a who; it’s a what. The Plan is directing it.

So as that Ascension process is happening to Earth, that energy is attracting the ascended energy of those planets that have already gone through the process.

Across the universe. Yes.

At the Lexington Lifescapes, I expressed a concern that, unless steps were taken to dissipate some of that energy, some of the satellites orbiting your earth could be damaged. That has to do specifically with the change that is going on with the solar winds, which is how the energy of the solar flares is directed to the earth. Up to now, the solar winds have pretty much missed the planet, enough so that you have only been getting a small fraction of the energy going out into the solar system as a result of solar flares. A lot of that energy is going away from the earth. But the solar winds have shifted course somewhat, so that more of that energy will be directed toward the earth.

So there is more opportunity for damaging effects.

Let’s say more opportunity to move earthward, and my concern is that some of the energy from those flares is very likely to be able to affect your major satellites, and if that happens you could have a huge amount of destruction. Now, you can’t stop the flares and you cannot change the solar wind, so what you do is put up some protection in order to change the electromagnetic pull. That’s why, at the Lexington Lifescapes I asked you to visualize a grid between the sun and your moon.

So you have the tetrahedral Grid around the planet—which you’ve been visualizing for a long time during toning—with the satellites and then the moon orbiting around that. What I want is another tetrahedral grid outside of that—a screen between your sun and those orbiting bodies. Is it going to shift away all that destructive energy? No, but it might filter it, knock it down a little, and maybe that will be enough.

Are the pulses coming to the sun something that our instruments would not be able to detect, since the energy is transdimensional?

They would detect it when it hits.

Would they detect the incoming force itself or the effect it has on the sun?

When it enters this dimension they would be able to recognize it, and I believe that you have some deep-space measuring devices that might be getting echoes from the first pulse already—might—although I’m not certain that they would be able to identify what it is.

Are you able to predict what is going to happen because the activity of the sun and the extradimensional energy is not subject to the free will of humanity?

Yes, that’s correct.

You also spoke about the healing effects of electromagnetic energy at the Lexington Lifescapes. Is this something that we can use now, or are you talking about an emerging technology?

The answer is all of the above. The technology is already being developed, but like any new discovery it’s not going to be as good or as accurate as what comes later. But you already have a certain amount of frequency-based healing technology.

You are beginning to mine, so to speak, the value of the ultra-low-frequency emissions and of the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums. You are using magnetics in scanning machines. All of those are different versions of healing with electromagnetic spectrum instruments.

To a much lesser degree—so I’m not certain how useful it is—the use of light therapy is being explored. Sound can shift light out of an electromagnetic frequency into an electrical frequency. Sound also stimulates the neural pathways that allow your brain to function as it should. So therapies in which the electromagnetic frequency of light is transferred into an electrical frequency by sound—and I don’t mean sound like toning; it’s not that kind of sound at all—are going to allow for changes in the way you understand the brain and how it works, and what you can do to better make it heal itself.

Electromagnetic fields, as a whole—as I have already said in the Lifescapes—have an effect on the way your cells communicate with one another. When you interfere with that communication, the body is going to stop working at its best. So, generally, giving your body periods with as little electromagnetic stimulation as possible, just doing that alone is going to help your body work better and improve your own healing mechanisms.

So there are benefits, such as using that energy on fractures to help the bones heal. But the drawbacks, such as overstimulation that can interfere with healing, are the reason you’re recommending minimizing our use of things like computers or our exposure to electrical equipment.

Right, so that your body not be overstimulated and better able to function the way it should. You see, that becomes a healing modality in itself.

It’s probably not good to be wearing little battery operated speakers [hearing aids] on your head, is it?

Well, those batteries are much less damaging than having a cell phone next to your head all of the time.

At the Lifescapes, you spoke about giving us a way to change our innate security patterns. What specific patterns were you referring to? Other than because our actions go into the Grid, why do they need changing?

As I’ve said in the past, humans learn by association, but that association is guided by fear. Humans live by avoiding fear, or living in fear and trying to move out of it. Now, that’s a pretty negative foundation for a good life. The problem is that the fears are instinctual. They are built into the genetic structure arising out of an evolutionary process that requires the body to stay safe in order for the species to continue. Today, you don’t have to worry that the bear in the woods is going to eat you.

We create our own stresses instead.

Well, that’s true, but the stresses are not usually life-threatening immediately, so it would benefit you if you could turn off the mechanism that requires you to associate based on fear, wouldn’t it?

Unfortunately, instinct arises in the core brain, the primary brain, and you have to physically change its neural pathways to make a difference. And the only way you’re going to be able to do that is by a change in the genetic pattern, which leads us to your next question.

Yes, the fact that you have been working with us to remove certain “frequency seals” on our DNA raises many questions, too. In the last few years we have learned that some of our DNA is composed of genes that are intact but not being expressed.

That’s much nicer than calling it junk DNA.

Does this removal of seals work through the recently discovered means by which gene expression is initiated, or is it through a change in the DNA itself?

Tell me what has been recently discovered, and then I’ll answer that.

Well, in the last probably five years we’ve learned that the environment has a great deal to do with things that have appeared to be genetic, and in fact are genetic, but are being affected by the environment. Because of things we experience in the world around us, we produce chemicals that cause certain genes to express themselves.

Are you talking about genes mutating?

No. These are genes that are already present in our DNA, but their activity is changed by environmental factors. For instance, under constant stress, your brain produces chemicals that cause parts of your DNA to be active which, without that stress, would have remained inactive.

I don’t think that they will ever be able to prove that. If I’m understanding what you’re saying, they’re working with active DNA, and extending the chromosomal variances that are not opening a new gene. Do you understand?

I’m not sure what you mean by “extending variances.”

A gene has many functions that it controls. For any one function, there are several options available. Each option is activated by growth and time, by chemical signals—usually coming through growth and time—that activate it. On the other hand, it might never be activated. I believe that what you are talking about is that science is looking for ways to activate them.

However, when I speak of frequency seals, I mean a gene that has no active function, one that is literally being recreated to express itself. In other words, you have the gene, but it has not been a part of this species.

There is a class of genes that are designated as nonfunctioning DNA, and so what you’re talking about is actually altering that DNA so that it does function.


What are the effects of doing it that we can observe or should be aware of?

I really don’t like those kinds of questions, because they imply that there’s no individuality, no free will. In addition, it depends upon what has been opened, or activated, in order to have any idea where it might go.

But the changes we experience might be measurable, observable?

Yes, but after it’s opened. It’s not that you are going to be able to fly; you’ll still be using airplanes, but it is possible that you will become far more capable of seeing what’s going on in another place—it’s a type of bilocation. You will also have healing mechanisms reactivated, and that ought to come about pretty easily. It’s a basic one. It has more to do with opening what has been closed to you than creating something brand new, because what is needed are those new openings rather than becoming Superman.

And when you say “you,” you’re talking specifically about Guardians.

Yes, because changing your DNA is not possible unless you are functioning at a very high frequency, which Guardians do or they would not be Guardians

How many seals will you be working with us to remove?

As many as possible, but I would be surprised, depending on how it works, if it was more than a couple.

And we will do this through visualization?

With the trip to India, hopefully, there is going to be a leap made by the animal and plant kingdoms that will affect the whole world, but it’s particularly going to affect you—Guardians—because you are going to be directly confronted by the change.

During the Mississippi trip, I had you visualizing a change in how you relate to those kingdoms. I had you standing on the bridge, so to speak, and many—most—did an excellent job of it and are still practicing merging. As a result, they are going to be capable of making that change, but they’re not making it because of the visualization; they’re making the change because they are using the visualization and practicing. It’s the practicing and using it that will cause the switch.

You see, if a door is closed but you don’t know that it’s stuck, you might be putting a key in the keyhole and wriggling it around, never realizing that it’s not going to do any good.

But when you know that it is stuck and you give it some really specific shoves in one or two places, that door will give way. Well, it’s as if these doorways are stuck. The visualization is letting you know that there’s a stuck door there, but it’s the practice that is the constant shoving that will cause it to open.

So you’re saying we need to keep repeating the visualization about going up to the ninth step plus doing the merging?

That’s exactly right. The reason you need to do the visualization is for the brain, but the change happens because of the merging.

I’m afraid, for me, the merging is proving very unrewarding. It seems as if nothing is changing.

But you’ve got to remember that, for the animal and plant kingdoms, the change has not happened yet. If you merge with Hapi dog, who is already individualized, then you’ll get the chatter, but until these kingdoms have reached their next level, you’re not going to consistently get anything.

Because it’s all a one-way conversation.

Not always, but pretty much. A plant communicates with you now, but when the shift has happened, it’s going to have a self-awareness instead of a group awareness, and it’s going to be able—ideally—to see that you are unique as well. Then the conversation will be much more specific.

In the meantime, try to make connections with plants or animals that are functioning at a very high frequency.

Do you mean Guardian plants and creatures?

Yes, to a certain extent. The problem is most of the time you don’t know which of them is functioning at a high frequency, but that’s why you’ve got to keep practicing. And once you find that kind of connection, keep at it, because that’s how you’re going to open that door. It will be a whole lot easier this time next year.

So the merging is the part of the process that actually results in a change in the molecular structure of the DNA?

Yes, but do you know why? To use the illustration you used earlier, you become that environmental change that sets off the chemical responses, because genes are essentially a vat of chemicals that set off those fires that burn out some things and open up others. You, in conjunction with your neural system—and that’s important—in effect become the scientist, the force of change.

So it’s not just some mystical thing that happens. Or, if it is, the “mystical” part happens in the brain’s reaction to experience.

There must be the outward action that impacts it. Small picture: throw a rock in the pond, and it creates little ripples; you throw another rock in, it creates different ripples, and they interact. It’s the interactions—the outward force with the internal chemicals—that put it together to create something different. The outward force is the brain—because the brain thinks and determines what the body will do—plus what happens when you are interacting. In the case of merging, it’s what happens when you have the creature you are merging with directing its energy to you, creating that ripple in the pond that touches your ripple. It’s a frequency that acts on your brain from the outside. You see? It’s quite remarkable.

What other changes will 2011 bring and how should we prepare ourselves?

Every year brings a constant increase in the flow of energy that affects the planet and the people on it. It brings creation-chaos, which is to say that the issues you did not resolve this year are going to be back with you next year. As the energy has increased, so has the pressure for change. And that is true every year, constantly.

Free will will always rule, and as long as it rules, I can’t predict what the consequences will be. However, knowing what free will has done as it has ruled, I would say that you can expect crisis in Afghanistan; there will be changes in the political situation in the United States, Great Britain, and France—in fact in many parts of Europe: western cultures’ political systems—because the average citizens are getting really sick of being trampled, and they are already starting to stand up for themselves. If that trend continues, by the end of 2011 you should have some pretty big changes in the system. It will happen worldwide, but you will be particularly aware of it in western cultures, because that’s where most of your media reports come from.

As far as changes in nonhuman areas, creatures that use magnetics to communicate and to locate their position are going to either evolve or die. So you are likely to see some mass deaths based on that. You’re also likely to see a change in some of the high-frequency sea creatures such as whales, dolphins and octopuses.

What kind of change?

You may learn more about how they communicate because their communications will become so much stronger. Right now, scientists are pretty fruitlessly trying to learn more about that communication, but as it grows much stronger, it seems to me that the information ought to become more obvious.

Do you mean stronger in volume or in content?

In content. It’s a reaction to the evolutionary process they are undergoing.

So there will be more complex communications within the species?

Yes. As the trees and plants are going through a drought like the one you are experiencing now, many of them make a last big push to bloom, fruit and seed, because the survival mechanism is so strong. This big change in the energy through which their crystallized cellular connection is activated causes a shift to a higher frequency, with the same result. It swells—it either becomes stronger or the species dies out.

However, the kinds of things that most people are interested in are affected by free will—what one human is going to do to another. Aye, well, you’ll always have war, and you’ll always have people coming up with a way to make money on the back of another.