You’ve been speaking recently about something you call the Law of Extremes that’s playing a large part in our lives right now. Please define the term “Law of Extremes.” Why is it in effect at this particular time?

The Law of Extremes is an easy way to express a function of the Fusion of Masculine and Feminine Energy that is able to work in this world right now. It is, ultimately, dichotomy. It is the foundation of form in this world that is separate, but equal. That was a joke.

The foundation of form is separation, or dichotomy, moving things out of Oneness. The Fusion of Masculine and Feminine energy opened the door to a different form of synthesis than had been possible here—lessened the veil, if you will. The Law of Extremes is a form-function balance to Fusion, and is a principle of manifestation when the extremes have been brought into balance. That’s why the Law of Extremes causes you, as Guardians, to see the world outside of yourself as made up of great opposites. And that’s why balance right now is the key to being able to use that energy for manifestation.

Could you give an example of seeing the outside world the way that you described?

In your life right now things are flowing pretty well, so tell me two things going on in the world that catch your attention.

Terrorism and global warming.

Those are extremes that you are aware of. You’re not seeing the way global warming is affecting you right here in Lexington, but it’s that larger view of it that is making it stand out, makes it so compelling.

So one way to think of the Law of Extremes is that it is a means by which Guardians can see their personal issues as they are brought up by global issues. It signals where balance is needed. And here is probably a more important one: it is a means through which Ellic force is going to be able to function through you. As you learn to function in extremes, your energy is functioning at its highest—and unfortunately sometimes at its lowest—often enough that instead of there being a point of perfection only when you join forty other people, Ellic force can work through you, resulting in many more of those points. The purpose of that is that the natural next step is all about Ellic force working through form again in this world. The Law of Extremes makes that possible.

Now, having said all of that, it will take a while before that Ellic force is fully functioning. At this point, it’s only fully functioning here and there. When global extremes stop being your focus, it means that you’ve brought balance into yourself in such a way that you’re going to be useful for that Ellic force.

When you say Ellic force working through us, is that an energetic thing, or are you talking about inspiration for a certain kind of real-world action that we can carry out?

Yes and yes. Do you remember the examples I’ve given in the past about personality being, say, the tip of your finger, and there are all your other personalities (the other fingers) incarnating in different times attached to the hand, which is the entity. The entity is attached to the arm, which leads to the greater Entity. I think that sometimes we play with that as capital-E entity and small-e entity. Most of the Guardians that I work with are capable of allowing that big-E Entity to work through them, which is, ultimately, what Ellic force is. The shift through to form creates that big-E Entity that then begins shifting further down into this physical form. So by mastering the life you are in, you access the entity, which then gives you contact into those other lives. By mastering that entity or those lives—life to lives—you’re going to be able to reach into that frequency that opens the door to Ellic force, acting out as Perfecti energy most likely, in the world.

You know, it’s not what you think.

What do I think, and what is “it”?

Particularly you, David, have a tendency to separate—seeing spiritual behaviors as equaling spiritual work. If you’re not doing this, then it means you’re not that. Ellic force is not bound by those beliefs. Ellic force functioning in this world is not going to be looking for the most holy person, but for the one who carries the frequency, and is therefore the most capable of maintaining the energy. There are those within the group who want to know which behaviors represent this or that, and of course I don’t go into that, because they are asking it so that they will have something to compare themselves to which doesn’t help at all.

Ellic force is a frequency change, and a frequency change does not necessarily have anything to do with the things you do every day. It has to do with your tuning—like a radio dial—into that frequency. And an old decrepit, dirty radio can do it just as well as a brand new, kept-up, sparkling, beautiful one.

The Law of Extremes is about the function of energy in this world. It’s about the ability to create balance on the inside and to transfer that to what you are seeing on the outside. By creating that place of balance you are going to be able to access that big-E Entity function more often and for longer periods so that you can become comfortable with that energy function in your life. It does not create certain behaviors. You don’t automatically sprout wings and a halo. What you get is an easier access to manifestation energy. That manifestation energy is not useful for “I want a raise of twenty dollars a week.” It’s useful for those things in your life that are a part of the Greater Plan.

It seems that with Fusion you would have less dichotomy, so it’s confusing to me when we talk about the Law of Extremes. The picture I have—and this is an analogy—is that before Fusion we had two magnets that represented dichotomy, and with Fusion we brought them together so that there’s only one magnet. But that one magnet still has north and south, so there are the two extremes within that one.

You’ve got the picture right, but I think you’re going to confuse people if you say magnets, because it’s not a magnetism thing.

The form can grow and do better, and yet still also have activities that are destructive.

The Law of Extremes in your everyday life has much more to do with your perception of this reality than it does with actual behaviors or activities within reality. It’s perceptual because it has to do with the Greater Entity, rather than little entity. It’s not something that this self [sitting here] experiences; it’s something that the spirit you are brings into this world, and the perceptual change that comes with it is where the power is.

We’re not so much seeing the dichotomy as seeing the extremes within the one, which is a perceptual point of view.

Yes. That’s part of it. Everything that you have gone through in the last nine months boils down to changes in perception, doesn’t it? If you look at it—think it through—you’re going to find that, because it’s about extremes, it’s your perception. However, that would not be true at all for somebody that was not a functioning Guardian. Guardians are less affected by the forces of this world, but more affected by an awareness of their responses to the world. The perceptual change is huge, because it’s shifting away from having every little thing in the world throw you off.

Does the Law of Extremes affect us because we are Guardians, or because we are in human form, or for some other reason? What other kinds of life force does it directly affect?

Anything to do with form is affected by the Law of Extremes, because the Law of Extremes is a particularly high function of form. If it has a label, if you can say it, it’s form. However, the highest function of the Law of Extremes here would affect activated Guardians, and that effect will filter down to the simplest function of form in this world. So all functions of form are affected, but it is the way that they are affected that changes.

You’ve said that the best to way deal with the Law of Extremes is to find balance. What are some ways for us to create that kind of balance? How can we best approach finding balance when we’re being affected by the free will of another who is acting at extremes?

Let me answer the last part first. One of the things that you’ve got to remember is that this is a perceptual function. I can pretty well guarantee that the person that is affecting you does not think that they are functioning in extremes or that they are affecting you. If you can accept that, you might be able to bypass the little irritations that build until you feel stymied or frustrated by somebody else’s actions. That’s important, but then that’s always true. The only thing that counts is your reaction.

Or response.

Or, hopefully, response. But you may come up against what you see as an absolutely immovable brick wall, and say, “I cannot do this. I cannot get through it. I should have had that raise, or that promotion, or that trip to South America, and I was prevented from getting it because of this person and that person . . . ,” or “In the past . . . ,” and on and on it goes, “got in my way.” That perception that that is reality is why that wall stays there waiting for you to reach that point where you start growing flowers on that wall instead of beating your head against it. When you realize that that’s how it is and then back up and do something with it, it moves you onward from blame and judgment and being so self-focused to a function of mastery. And stepping back and taking a look at the perceptual beliefs that have come up due to that situation is going to be very helpful, because ultimately that is going to be a part of helping you create balance and move around it, through it, or grow those flowers on the wall, or climb over it.

Generally speaking, finding balance in your life is a process of finding equilibrium—and I’m using that as different from balance—in all of the little parts that make up your life. The illustration I often use about balance is to have you stand on one leg, then lean over. This causes you to keep shifting your point of balance until you start to fall over, and then you shift everything again. You find your point of balance by knowing what your point of imbalance is. When I say equilibrium, I’m thinking of something more like “Which weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of gold?” And the answer is that they weigh the same because it’s a pound. You want to look at your life as if to say “It’s all the same thing, but in this little section it feels more like feathers, and in this one it feels more like gold, and in this one it’s more like aluminum cans.

Equilibrium is more than just a physical balancing of that which is heavy with that which is light. Equilibrium is recognizing that it’s the same and, as a result of that, focusing on what is different as far as the ingredients.

So let’s say my approach to life is “I want to do something physical, something mental, and spiritual every single day so that I have balance in my life.” And after I get into my day, something happens that really stresses me out. Is it equilibrium to say “I’ve got to do something to get rid of this stress,” or is it “Oh, this thing in my life that is stressing me out is a spiritual thing”?

Recognizing that the worry behind your child’s surgery is no different than the worry about whether your pants match your shoes in the larger picture. It’s the worry you’ve got to work on, not the pants, the shoes or the kid.

To gain balance in your life, you want to look at whether you are getting as much from this as you are giving to it. Balance is about day-to-day function in the world. Equilibrium is about recognizing what’s needed to bring balance. That allows you to be able to take a success from this section of your life and realize that you can apply it to another section as well.

The way to know balance is to look at your life—perhaps keep a journal for three or four days about what you do—and then see, “All right, it appears that these are the roles that I play.” If you want to see those places of equilibrium, look at those same journal entries, but this time ask yourself, “What conscious behavior is required in all of these areas? What is my comfort level with those?”

Most Guardians mistake balance for equilibrium. They think that they are balanced and they’re calling that equilibrium, but it’s not.

A phrase keeps coming into my mind. I don’t know if it’s useful or accurate. Balance brings comfort, and equilibrium brings serenity.

Yes. Yes. I like that a lot. Or equilibrium brings fulfillment.

It sounds to me like equilibrium has more to do with attitude.

It has everything to do with attitude. You balance the outward things in your life to bring equilibrium to your heart. Equilibrium allows you to balance. If all you are focusing on is what’s going on around you when you are the victim or the pawn of other people who are out of balance or are acting in extremes, it’s because you don’t have equilibrium. It’s not one hundred percent correct to say equilibrium is spirit and balance is form, but equilibrium has to do with where you are coming from at the deepest levels. Balance has to do with how you act that out in the world.

Some people are very uncomfortable with balance, and they sabotage themselves any time they think that they feel balanced, because they are frightened by a lack of drama. For example, when you’ve spent so much time sitting hunched over that sitting up straight doesn’t feel good. That doesn’t mean that sitting up straight isn’t good for you. It means that you’ve become so adapted to sitting hunched over that you’ve got to retrain your body to sit up straight. You can train yourself out of drama, but you can only do that when you’re not associating drama with life, passion. Those who do that are going to be constantly functioning out of balance; it creates drama, and drama is what they exchange for life.

Would an example be someone who is motivated by crisis?

Yes, and they will sabotage any state that feels like balance because that motivation won’t be there, and then they’ll start failing.

Would you explain how the Law of Extremes works with manifestation?

One of the things that you want to do whenever you’re thinking about manifestation is, first, remember that we’re not talking about “stuff,” although “stuff” can be the result of making use of manifestation. Manifestation is a function of creation energy, so to use the Law of Extremes to manifest says that you are working with creation energy.

Creation energy is a function of your co-creatorship with Source, which is to say that your ability to function as Source in this world gives you access to Source function in this world. Did you get that? To function as Source in this world gives you access to the functions of Source in this world. Doing your best, gives you access to that which is available at that level called “best.” Anything that has to do with life force is accessible to co-creatorship. That means, for instance, that the weather fairies can have a certain effect on the weather because they are working in a co-creatorship position and they are working with a function of life force—elemental energy.

Let’s say you have a garden. When you are working in co-creatorship, you are recognizing the life force of everything that’s in your garden, and with that awareness you are able to say things such as, “Well, you need a different kind of fertilizer, don’t you?” and “This plant wants less water, but that one wants more water.” That may sound so mundane, but it happens because you are connecting into the life force of that being—that being of flower—whereas if you were not working in co-creatorship you would be limited to, “You’ve got wilted leaves, and your color’s off, so what did they say that means?” It’s that kind of difference. When you become confident in the right use of a co-created manifestation, you have access to determining what creation you are going to access.

There are two parts to the Law of Extremes: One of those parts is you functioning within yourself, equilibrium; the other is those things going on in the world around you. You see the world around you and you take action because of that, and if the actions that you take are based on a reaction to things going on in the world, it is not going to manifest as successfully as looking within, seeing what your perception is of it, and putting that into alignment with the highest frequency at which you’re able to function, and manifesting change that way. Manifesting simply means making things happen in the world. That’s all it is, whether it’s beliefs or shoes.

[To Paula] Your father is a good example for this. He has a health problem and he doesn’t want to admit it. He doesn’t want to think of himself in that weakened condition. He does not want to have to live with the sorts of restrictions that his physical health puts on him right now. He wants to live his way. So you are faced with an immovable wall of resistance.

That’s my dad.

If you see it as him creating problems for you, you’re not going to be able to manifest change in that situation. But if you see instead that his responses aren’t about you, they’re about him, and his reasons for believing and working this way are right for him, you can respect that, which can shift you into a creative point of view.

So knowing this, what are other ways to bring about what you’re looking for? That is the beauty of manifestation through the Law of Extremes. Just being in a co-creator position does not make you creative; it’s the creativity that allows you to use that co-creatorship. But when you’re functioning at that outside extreme, you’re not using creativity, you’re using drama to motivate. You are saying, “I like to beat my head up against this wall. I like to be a victim. I like to be helpless.” Changing it to “All right, I can change my response here” puts you into a creative place that allows manifestation without dealing with the outward part, and therefore can bring change to that outer part.

So I can say, “What’s really bothering me about my dad is that I hurt because of what I see as his suffering.”

Yes. Of course, that may not be accurate at all. It’s very accurate that you feel that, but he actually may not be suffering.

But thinking about how I would feel in his position would cause me to say, “Oh, that must feel awful. That would be terrible.” So what my response should be is, “How can I make myself feel more comfortable with this situation? I know, I’ll sit down every week and I’ll write my dad a letter. I’ll let him know what’s going on in my life and it will make me feel good to have regular contact. Hopefully, it will brighten his week up too.”

And those are practical and creative in-the-world answers that you would not have reached if you were only looking at this wall of impenetrable extreme that keeps you from having the ability to manifest what’s needed for you and him, because it’s all being seen as “the enemy.”

What are the ramifications of that in the world, beyond Paula and her father?

There is nothing beyond Paula and her father. Everything is Paula and her father in one way or another. With everything that you see in the world you are either going to be motivated by the way you believe those things affect you, or you’re going to be motivated by the way you see yourself affecting them.

Will we continue to deal with the Law of Extremes in 2007? What do you see as the biggest challenges that will be facing Guardians in the upcoming year?

You’re going to be seeing the Law of Extremes for the rest of your experience here on the planet. The good news is, that makes way for Ellic force to function in the world without the whole Grid being shifted into place. What that means is that the Ellic force functioning in the world is not going to come as Shining energy. It means that it’s going to function more and more and more through what form is already here. So the Law of Extremes, while it shows up for so many right now as “Wow, everything is just so dichotomized! It’s just night and day, and black and white, and right and wrong,” is really about that ability to manifest from an inward perception and change reality because of that, which is Ellic force’s function in this world. They will not manifest in form, but through form they will manifest.

It or they?

Good catch. Working through you becomes “they,” and working like an atmosphere around the planet is “it,” but the big news is the “they.”

So it’s going to continue. That’s a part of the earth function now. But because of that, what you’re going to be dealing with the most in all likelihood is going to be that dance between balance and equilibrium. This year’s been a lot about balance, and so will next year, until there is a point where enough Guardians have manifested the understanding that “what’s out there in the world is not running me,”

So, when more Guardians have worked that out and are functioning at a higher level themselves, and therefore allowing that Ellic force to work through them, equilibrium is going to start manifesting in form. When you are working on issues of equilibrium, it’s very freeing, personally fulfilling, and perceptually strengthening, so the sooner you move beyond just working on the issues of balance and move into equilibrium, the happier and more fulfilled you’re going to be. When your outer world is balanced, you’re going to have that sense of equilibrium.

So, in this coming year balance and equilibrium are going to be how you are dealing with things.