What is Dragon energy, what effect will it have, and why was it Britain which you chose for the group work to “awaken the Dragon”?

Dragon energy is a byproduct of Ellic energy, an afteref­fect of Ellic work. One way to think about it is that if you light a match and it burns all the way down, how would you know that a match had been burned?

You have the residue, the remains.

So it is with Dragon energy, which is the result of Ellic func­tion seeded into the world before the Grid was shifted. Dragon energy was put to sleep, so to speak, waiting for reactivation or reawakening. That activation, the shifting of the Grid back to its original place, will allow the full functioning of Ellic energy into the world again. And as that shifting of the Grid is taking place, Dragon energy is becoming stronger in the world.

Now, why was the land of Britain the first place to be reac­tivated when Dragon energy on the rest of the planet will be reactivated through water? That’s because Britain is an island. It is in the middle of water. On the other hand China, the next place the group is likely to go, has maybe three major water­ways that run all the way across the land, but it has no water surrounding it. And the reason I say “likely to go” is only that the government there is not quite at a point where they want to have tourism at some of the places I want to visit. Nonethe­less, you will be able to ride the river and do the work that way, and that’s very important.

However, the trip to China is not going to be like the one to Britain. Britain was so ready, and you’re not likely to expe­rience that again. That’s part of the reason the trip to Britain was important; it gave the group a connection to success. You have done the work that makes that connection. Next time, those who go to China but have not done the work that took place during the trip to Britain will make that connection through the ones that were there (in Britain). It was a very im­portant trip for that, but that also means that what the Guard­ianship is going to be dealing with is developing the qualities that are required in those who do that kind of working.

This last trip opened a whole new door in the lives of ev­ery one of you, and even if all of it isn’t obvious to you yet, it will become obvious to you in the future. Everything’s differ­ent now. My focus in workshops will be somewhat different. The method never changes, but you are expected to. I’ve said before that it’s not supposed to be hard, but it’s going to be all about resisting the urge to control and amplifying the doorway that leads to adaptability.

I talked a lot in the last workshop about chaos, and what is needed for you to stop being afraid, and I will continue to talk about that. You fear what you don’t know, but when you real­ize there’s nothing to fear, life changes. But how do you reach the point that you have nothing to fear? Well, the fact of it is, it’s a whole lot easier to accept the fear and go on anyway than it is to overcome the fear and keep going. Because your fear of fear . . . frightens you! And it helps if you try to figure out what it is you’re so afraid of so you can then purposefully put it into your life.

So you are going to be dealing with Dragon energy, and ultimately, over time, what you are doing is becoming the Dragon. And that will happen closer and closer to Absorption, where Guardianship moves back into its true form—your true form—and will pass through the Dragon to get there.

What was the significance of the work that took place in Lexington while the group was in Britain?

What the group working in Lexington had to do was cre­ate one body of Ellic energy that would then be there to unite with the One Body of Ellic energy in Britain. At that kind of local working, you have people who are connected to the vi­sion, who know what you are doing, and who have done what­ever was needed to ensure that they were the best they could be. And you’ve also got people who are sort of going through the motions and mainly watching. And the success of the work­ing depends upon what sort of balance you have between those two, It can also show up as those who really understand what is behind a working versus those who have their own idea of what it should be. You sometimes have very individualized people who have to get over themselves, get over such things as, “Excuse me, we should not do it that way,” or “We didn’t do it that way in . .

The power is not in all of the outer trappings—the anointing and the drama some people wanted to put into it. That’s not the point. It’s not the drama, it’s “be it.” But when you think to yourself, I can­not do enough, then you’re going to be afraid to “be it.” If you don’t love you, accept you, know you’re enough, you’re going to be afraid to Be. So it was a very good and powerful thing to see a group of people come together in Lexington and, for the most part, realize that what they were doing was more important than they themselves were.

I was not going to have any sort of Dragon working in Lexington. It doesn’t work well and such workings have cre­ated pain and division in the past. I wasn’t going to do it. And then, some­body who was capable asked about it [Suzanne], and right there every one of the intentions I had totally changed, and as a result there was empowerment of thirty other people who otherwise would have had to wait to change until the trip to China.

You have commented that, on an individual basis, in order to activate Dragon energy within ourselves, we must accept our own power. Please ex­plain what can stand in our way of do­ing that.

Right now, obviously this world is at a crossroad, but the Guardians taking part in this work are at a crossroad, too. And the crossroad they’re at is a shift in the nature of the work that’s being done.

Over the past year I have really been working, more than ever since I have been working through this form [Lea], on communication and unity. Communica­tion and unity. The reason is that Dragon force is activated by Ellic, or Shining, function. If Shining function is a part of your unique heritage but you don’t have a life capable of translating that energy into a workable force in your day-to-day life, then you are going to become very frazzled—to those in Britain I called it “burning the candle at both ends.” It’s the inability to bring balance into your life because you are being so battered by Shining energy moving through a ves­sel that cannot apply it in a focused way in your world, in your life. Now, when you are dealing with scattered, power­ful energy and you are not accessing a means for that energy to be dispersed into positive activity, you’re going to start

seeing a lot of communication and unity issues coming up. And that’s why I’ve spent the last year working on how to move beyond those things.

You stressed recently the need for Guardians to move out of their fears. I think I define fear as an unwillingness to accept what one believes the future might bring. Some of the adverse cir­cumstances I fear get very close to sur­vival drives—pain, hunger, poverty, the loss of the roof over my head, or fear that I’ll have to deal with these issues so much that the quality of my experi­ence diminishes. We might feel that we lack the ingredient that is necessary to “earn” the Universe’s support. That can leave us without a reason to trust any­thing beyond ourselves. So how do we move from fear and distrust of our­selves and the Universe into confident happy cooperation with it and full par­ticipation in that flow of abundance, so that we can become free of survival-oriented issues enough to work hap­pily toward higher goals?

The first thing is, you’re not dealing with fear; you’re dealing with trust. It’s not fear that freezes you; it’s lack of trust. Fear is an internal function. Trust is an external function. Fear is passive. Trust is active. Of course, it doesn’t seem pas­sive when it’s your fear, but I’m saying that it’s an internal “feeling” response, whereas trust is action-oriented and ide­ally is based on a series of successes. (On the other hand, you can just as well trust your failure mechanisms and base your trust on failures.) So, trust is an active function, fear is a reactive function, and fear is reactive because it is a response that comes from the success or failure of trust. So it’s important to realize that, in all areas of your life, fear and trust are extremes of the same thing.

Fear is the result of your understand­ing of a situation, not the situation itself. That’s why your trust can be misplaced. You trust that “I’m going to fail,” or you trust that “I’m going to be courageous and move forward.” Because it is the re­sponse of a proactive function in the world, it seems like fear is an active func­tion, rather than the result of trust in the wrong thing.

I have said over and over and over that fear is the opposite of love. So what happens there is that—and this gets a little convoluted so keep up with me— as you are looking at the decisions in front of you—the choices you have to make—you don’t trust yourself, so fear shows up. You feel fear because you don’t trust you, or, in a negative way, you do trust, but you trust that you will fail because you tried this before and it did not work.

Love is a function of trust, as trust is necessary to fear. It’s love that creates positive trust. Trust involves consciousness. Consciousness is a function of separation in form, which means that trust has a choice. If you choose a positive version of trust, then the fear that is experienced becomes an object of moti­vation and strength. If you choose the negative version, the result is fear that becomes overwhelming, you close down and are unable to work. You cannot reach love through fear—which is, by the way, what religions try to teach you to do—but you can touch love through trust.

So what that says is, when you are at a place in your life that you are functioning in fear, there are two things that would be very, very useful for you to do. One of them is to practice trust. I don’t mean trust as in “All right, I’m just going to step off the edge of the cliff and trust,” but as in a reawakening of all of those areas of your life in which you do successfully trust. You can then come through one of those doorways into the healing of love, which will open the door to be rid of that fear. The other thing that you can do is, in the same way that you looked at those areas of success in which you have trusted well and had good results, you can move beyond the trust is­sue to love. From fear you can look at those areas of your life in which love has successfully taken you through, and let that breed trust, which then helps you overcome the fear.

So, you have love and trust and fear. You can reach the healing of love by trust or by love, but you cannot do it with­out opening all of those doors. Any one of them will open the door to the next. So with that in mind, what’s the most usable door to go through?


Trust, yes. Because it’s through trust that your choices and your healing come. If you’re focusing on your fear, you’re not making use of where the power is, you’re not making use of choices, because choices are the means by which you are go­ing to move from trust to love or from trust to fear. So you want to set up situations in which you are practicing trust and then consciously choosing love rather than fear.

And that sounds really simple, but when you’re in the middle of a tornado and you have just been battered and your house went to Oz, it’s not simple. It’s much easier to focus on the fear, but that is precisely what you cannot, should not, do.

What’s the difference between blind trust, the “Pollyanna” type of trust—” Well, if I just do nothing, it will all work out”— and the trust that you can produce good results?

There are times that “fake it until you make it’— blind trust—is helpful, but that is only good for getting you out of the hole. It’s not going to serve you once you are out of that hole and in the world.

You can trust that there’s some purpose, but it doesn’t mean you should sit around and do nothing.

And that’s the issue. Gracious, in this world, it’s always the issue. What are you going to do with what you know? What are you going to do with what you are? What are you going to do with it?

There’s not a nice way to say this; one of the greatest dan­gers to trust is stupidity, by justifying, “Well, I just have to trust that everything will be all right,” and not doing your part in making it so. That happens a lot more than it should, and that’s what ends up causing fear to show up, because it’s not based on a successful process of trust. So, be smart.

I have a real-world example. Let’s say you have a busi­ness and a huge sale pending with a prospective client, and you haven’t heard from him for a while. There are two ex­tremes you can go to. You can say, “Oh my gosh, he’s not calling back. We’ve lost the sale. Obviously he’s not happy. Things have changed.” Or you can say, “Oh, it’ll be okay. We’ll just leave it alone.”

And neither one of those is right.

The best approach is to say, “He’s a very busy man. He probably just hasn’t had time to look at the proposal yet, or he’s not been able to talk to his coworkers,” but in the mean­time, while you’re waiting for him to callback, you are send­ing daily energy to that process. You connect to him, heart to heart, and you call him every couple of weeks to say, “We’re here. If you need more information, let us know,” but not pressure him. Is that the trust you’re talking about?

Yes, it is. And the reason that that works is that you’re not saying, “What can I do to change him? What can I do to make him buy?” which is what so many, even Guardians, do: “I want energy for this job to open up for me. Please work on the job selection committee.” And that goes back to that old question, “What’s the problem with asking for rain to stop or start?” Well, you’re presuming that having or not having rain will be a good thing, for the highest good. And you might end up with a drought or a flood. You’ve got to be careful with that.

Now, the things that change the doorways in front of you are the things that you are doing to change yourself. By send­ing energy, creating the cord, doing those really high-level, spiri­tual—albeit invisible to most in this world—things, you are es­tablishing the successful consciousness that says “I am doing something on a spiritual level, on a mental-emotional level, and on a physical level. I am calling every couple of weeks just to make sure, but not to pressure him. I am doing the best I can with what I know. I am not leaving it to chance. I am not giving up. I am not giving in to my fears. I’m not blissfully say­ing the Universe can do whatever it will.” You are—I hate to use this word, but it fits—proactive. You are trusting yourself first, then you are trusting the medium through which that energy moves—ultimately, Source—and then that person’s con­nection, which means by creating that bond with them, you are drawing the best out of that person, because the connec­tion is through Source, which they’ve got a connection to in some way as well.

In life as a whole, it is so vital to reach a point where you are not asking the Universe to work on your design. Instead, you are asking yourself to flow with the Universe’s design, be­cause it’s a whole lot easier for the Universe to give you what you want and need when you have not created a tiny box that says it has to come this way through this person. It is so much easier to open doors as an active, willing, waiting person than it is to force somebody else who isn’t active, willing, waiting.

And that fits in with this example: those people who put out that they want to go on the trip to Scotland or China and then just sit back and wait for the money to fall in their laps. And the other extreme is saying, “I’m going to go on the Scotland trip but I’m going to totally decide how it’s go­ing to come about. I’m going to fill up my charge cards to the max and pay it off for the next six years, because I’m the one who knows what’s needed, what’s best.”

That’s blind trust.

Yes, it is. That’s blind trust, and the reason it doesn’t work is that there’s no doorway for the Universe to use.

As we’re talking about it, I get the feeling that blind trust is where I’m passive and the Universe is proactive, whereas trust is the place where I rec­ognize my partnership and I do what is needed in order to trust that it will happen, knowing that the Universe is right with me, supporting me, in that.


So in looking for a job, blind trust would be just putting it out to the Uni­verse and not doing anything else, whereas trust would be going back to school because I’m not hirable with the education I have now. Or I need to network with my friends so that I can hear about jobs that are available.

Precisely. You cannot tell the Uni­verse that this customer is the one that’s going to make everything all right for you. You must instead be constantly putting out thoughts, dreams, hopes, meeting people, doing all of those things, rather than just sitting back and saying, “All right, lay it on me.”

A fear of loss, which is what the question is about, is based on a lack of trust in yourself. So recognizing that the hold fear has is broken by appropriate and positive choices says that building trust on positive choices would be the exercise that would help dispel the fear. Fear is weak, very weak, but it is a power nonetheless. It’s a power that causes you to stop. It’s not a power that causes you to move forward. It causes you to stop. And that’s where the trust comes in.

You have also said that in order to continue the process of working as One to activate Dragon energy, we must rec­ognize and accept the power of the group. Why is this so important, and what can we do to enhance our awareness in this area? What is most likely to challenge us in our efforts to do group work?

A Guardian is a function. Now, it’s important to start the answer to that right there. A Guardian is a function of Ellic energy or, to reverse it, Ellic energy cre­ates by using Guardianship function.

Working as a Guardian now, at this point, pretty much requires you to be consciously, purposefully choosing to do that work as opposed to just simply be­ing it and having change happen. Of course, there is a certain amount of that, which is why I say just being there is going to bring about change. But, for the more specific sort of work that I’m talk­ing about now, a consciously function­ing Guardian provides Ellic energy with a means to work in the world.

Now, until the Grid is fully estab­lished, it is not possible for Ellic energy, AS Ellic energy, to function here, It would result in meltdown—creation ends. It doesn’t work—really. But by using Guardianship energy, that EIIic force can work in the world. The problem is Guardians are using form. They are us­ing a fragile, a fragile shell that thinks— some of the time—and because it thinks, it sometimes chooses not to be a chan­nel for that Ellic energy. Of course, that causes all sorts of problems that we have talked about from the beginning of time.

When channeling Ellic force, Guard­ianship energy requires perfected func­tion—not perfected being; perfected function. The only way that perfected function comes into this world now, be­fore the Grid is complete, is through avataric force coming into this world for the purpose of awakening the Shining Ones’ seedings into this planet—reacti­vation work.

So because Guardians are working through their human experience dealing with a fragile form, it’s not possible for a Guardian to be avataric function. But avataric function is required. What to do, what to do? That’s why it is imperative that Guardians function in unity—mean­ing One Heart that leads to One Mind that leads to One Body—because the many functioning as One—I am a mani­festation of Christ Consciousness in this World”—creates the avataric force that is needed for Ellic energy to function through and into this world. That means that what you’re not capable of yet is met by what another person is capable of, and all the way around in a complemen­tary fashion, making one whole being using one whole moment. That allows one whole function of Ellic force to work in this world, through the fragility of form, as avataric energy, or, as some would say, the return of the Feathered Serpent, of Christ.

And the awakening of Dragon force is going to allow the planet itself to be a part of the perfected function. So that Britain, for instance, right now [after the group working there] is able to function on a limited sort of basis in the same way that a Guardian not working as One is able to function. But soon it will be pos­sible for the activated Dragon force of Britain to link with the then-activated Dragon force of Asia, which will then begin to create a perfected body that eventually will result in a perfected world that absorbs [Absorption].