Answers About the Gateway

With 11:11 drawing near, the editors’ interview with Samuel focused on a few of the lingering questions.

What will the changes of 11:11 mean to us as individuals?

11:11 is not going to make any change at all for you if you’re not serving now. It will just be one more interesting thing to put into denial. In the same way that something might hurt at first, you will get used to it—being able to hear and know that you’re avoiding doesn’t mean you won’t be able to avoid. And eventually you’ll learn to deny that voice. But if you are acting with empowerment now and if, before 11:11, you set up some habits towards service and you get yourself aware of the sabotages, and start moving towards a vision, the empowerment of 11:11 will be the rocket booster that literally sends you out into completion.

What are some of the sabotages that you just mentioned?

Time issues are a sabotage, and not having a vision, goals, focus. These are big ways in which individuals sabotage service. And the inability to say no, to respect your own self and your own time. People are not honest with one another; they dilute themselves because they create situations in which they believe who they are is based on what they’re doing, so they have to do more and do it perfectly.

Many people who are doing the exercises and training that you have recommended for 11:11 are aware of a lot of resistance. There are emotional outbursts, a feeling of being overwhelmed and exhausted. Can you explain this?

Everything that I have given is immediate feedback work. One of the things that stops you from doing things is that you don’t feel any sort of success out of it. So in order to gain what I wanted, which is a focused, consistent, disciplined person, I recognized, after eons of working with humanity, that what I needed to do was bring about those things in a way that you would be getting feedback from them. If I said meditate for half an hour on a spot on the wall, until the time comes that you can look at it and think of nothing but that spot, I’d give you about three days with it. (Some people would actually blossom, but that’s not the point.) Instead, I’m coming from another direction. Your physical body responds immediately. You can feel that, from stiff and sore, you’re moving to a bit more flexible. You can see your body being able to move more. You can literally feel the vibration in your toning, and feel yourself become more sensitive to it. I have given things that create enough physical change that the physical mind sees consistent success because I want what has brought you to that point where your physical body is strong—the consistency and the discipline.

Why is it so hard? Two reasons. One of the biggest is because mass consciousness as a whole resists spiritual development, and mass consciousness is a thing. Therefore when you have a very strong energy that enhances spiritual change moving toward the planet, you are going to find that mass consciousness, which can be thought of within the individual as the instinctual security system, says, “Don’t, because it will mean change, and change is unsafe.” You survive in the wilderness of earth, of form, by not making waves. You stay safe—a little crowded, but safe.

So the group consciousness of “stay safe—don’t change” is literally a force that is holding you back. And every time you are consciously aware that you’ve got this little creature on your shoulder saying, “Don’t, don’t” and you say, “Back off; I will, I will,” you are enhancing spiritual group consciousness and adding to the light rather than the darkness.

The other aspect is that the individual self is going to resist anything that cannot be proven. Think about it for a moment. You have absolutely nothing but a small, easily ignored thumping within you that says, “You’re right, something is going on here. Things are changing; I really feel intense about this.” There is a bigger part of you that says, “Oh, one more silly thing. My life is good enough. I don’t need all of this.” There are some people whose inner response is a bit different. It’s still, “I don’t need all of this,” but it’s also, “I’m above all of this,” which is actually fairly sad, because those people need the confirmation of the discipline more than those who are wondering if they are good enough.

Resistance is causing the exhaustion, that inner process of choosing Light, because your goal isn’t in sight. Ask any runner—when they are able to see the finish line, they are able to move on. If your goal isn’t in sight, clearly it’s because your goal must not be 11:11, or it would be. I’m saying that it should be 11:11, but if you’re feeling exhausted, it’s because you’re not seeing the goal, and that must mean that your goal is not working toward 11:11, it’s toward some other thing, such as “my personal desire is that, once 11:11 happens, I’m going to be able to work with the hierarchical masters over Shambal . . .” The path I am presenting is workable, consistently successful, and reachable through awareness. If you’ve got to put your own agenda in, then you’re going to be running two shows, and you ought to be tired. It’s not focusing on group goals and focusing on your own. 11:11 is about unity. Every issue you have going on in your life from now until 11:11 is going to have to do with communication and relationships, because that is where unity is practiced. I don’t teach releasing ego; I teach self-empowerment. But in this arena, self-empowerment comes in letting go of all those extraneous parts of the vision that do not involve connecting with others.

There is a lot of anticipation about the ritual itself. Can you give us more details?

There are two aspects to this ritual. The first aspect is global unity. Part of that unity is the request to wear white clothing to represent your light self. It’s an act of unity. The two important times are 11:11 am and 6:11 pm. By saying 11:11 local time you’re going to have it constantly done all over this planet all the time, time zone by time zone. About the time one group has finished, the next one is going to be starting. It’s so practical; it’s ingenious; I love it! It’s a non-ending flow; a very long wave.

The ritual itself is going to involve two things. One of them is a specific pattern of movement. An individual on his or her own cannot accomplish the pattern because it involves coming together in groups in order to work in that particular function of power.

For individuals who are alone, I strongly recommend that they get in touch with Phoenix Institute and find out what’s going on here. Or they can get in touch with StarBorne and see if there is anything happening in their area, so they don’t have to be alone. The second option is to try and involve others and create a group where they are–—again get in touch with Phoenix to find out what is being done here. But if an individual is on their own they can function in the direction of sound—the chanting and the focus.

Here is the process you’re going to need to follow. You need to find your sound. Get yourself in a relaxed position, ready for some humming and chanting. What you’re going to be doing is establishing the right relationship of vowel sounds in both tone (pitch) and intensity. Sit quietly and feel your heart beat. When you feel your heart beat, just intone the sound until you find the one that seems to vibrate the area of that heartbeat. Once you’ve done that, move it to the top of your head. It doesn’t matter if it’s the top of your face or your head. Find the sound that vibrates your head. Then move it down. See if you can find the vowel sound that vibrates the area of your solar plexus, anywhere from what would be second chakra up to the third.

What you’re going to find are differences. You may find it’s all a version of “eee”, or it’s all a version of “ahhh”. You’re more likely to find it’s “aaheeeooh,” but it’s the three together that you want to establish your personal activation point. You’re going to have three sounds then, and what you want is to be able to turn that into a mantra. This is the place to start.

Once you have reached the point where you can recreate your sound and you feel the resonance happening, then you’re ready for the next step, which is to be able to move in a clockwise circle, in time to the chanting of your own calling. You set up your own rhythm. I recommend that, unless you are practiced in Sufi dance, that you do not make it a very quick chant or you might find it’s quickly over! A slow-moving circle is very effective. Once you’re able to chant and move at the same time you need to be able to envision a Gate opening. You may find that it’s a gate of fire. It is really a gate of light, but if you do not find that it naturally shows up as light, but instead is some elaborate, wrought-iron thing, that’s all right. Just get it open, see it swinging open. That’s plenty for the individual who must be alone.

Can you give a time span for this?

As you practice this activity, this is one of the things that you’re going to find out. As you are doing it you find a “click,” a point where you’re doing all three—chanting, dancing, and visualizing the Gate—without thinking about it, and you’re going to find that you can consistently bring yourself to that point in five minutes, or an hour, or whatever. Make sure you’re in that click at 11:11.

Lexington, Pittsburgh, Toronto and Atlanta are going to have groups that are specifically teaching the ritual, the circle of circles, but the circle of circles will involve that chant and that movement being done in a particular pattern. So by going to those spots–and remember, the preference is that you be in Lexington–you will have further details.

You have also mentioned fasting and sexual abstinence around the time of the event. Could you talk a little more about that?

What I am asking is that you be as purified as possible, and for those who are aware that they are going to be working in the guardianship position, I am asking specifically for two things. The first one is a simple fast in one of two ways. One way is an eight-day semi-fast, meaning that from awakening until noon you are going without anything but water, and from noon until you wake up the next morning you work on liquids or eat lightly–preferably no preservatives, no animal products—for eight days. The alternative is a three–day liquid fast, but I need to be very clear about the liquid. Fruit juice is allowed if it is cut in half with water. Broth–that is, a soup you can’t chew. Any sort of nutritious vegetable broth—cook the vegetables down until they can be mashed into a thick consistency or run through a blender. I’m not asking you to do without. You may also add brown rice for one meal each day. That’s one cup of dry rice or three to four cups of the fluffy stuff, either on its own for breakfast or with the soup poured over it. There is not a lot of allergy attached to rice, but if you have an allergy you may go to another grain–but that’s a concession. This has to do with the digestive process, and not having to expend a lot of energy breaking down food. It’s just allowing your body to be as directed and focused as possible, with your energy moving towards healing, cleansing and conscious discipline. I don’t want you to be without nutrition. I want you to have the food; I don’t want the food to require energy to break it down. If you are not choosing to act specifically in guardianship, be sure that, for twenty-four hours preceding the ritual, you’ve taken all the chemicals and bad habits out of your body.

The second thing is refrain from sexual activity for a three-day period—72 hours—and allow that energy to build up. Hopefully you have been partaking liberally of ecstasy and passion, so that you will be fairly well sexually frustrated by having to withdraw for three days. Yes, that means withdraw, except for nocturnal emissions, which occurs in both males and females. No cheating—masturbation is not abstinence. I am wanting that energy to build up so that on 11:11 that tension can be channeled and used.


The miracle of spiritual work is that you get in when you’re supposed to. For three years I have been speaking of this event, as have teachers of many different philosophies. By that I mean not only metaphysical and esoteric, but even traditional religious teachers who have recognized a great acceleration in humanity. You have heard prophecy in the evangelical community about an urgency to act, a big change happening. Every community translates the energy of change into its own version of awareness, so that the financial community predicts great financial upheaval, and the Christian community predicts Jesus returning, and the New Age movement predicts the mother ship returning, and so forth. If you were to look at headlines over the last three years or so, you would see a major shift in awareness. Your planet is at a point of decision. It needs a lot of energy, strong healing energy. The directions you have flowed in have moved you toward, literally, a Gateway opening to that Sacred Status.