Besides racism, it seems that one of the other big paradigms that need to change in order to anchor this world into a Fifth-Density timeline is patriarchy. From a spiritual perspective, in what ways are the two paradigms similar and different?

Well first let me toss out something kind of strange that may prove to be interesting. Racism is a paradigm that absolutely must change, and there are aspects of patriarchy that need to change, but patriarchy as a whole does not need to change in order for Fifth Density to function fully in the world and for the Ascension process and spiritual evolution to continue.

Patriarchy is an out-of-balance version of governmental function—and I’m not necessarily referring to political function, although that’s a part of it; by governmental I mean the governing premise. The male body has certain advantages, and the female has others; and those respective advantages alone should not figure into how the world works. But they have created a “power over” function that creates problems.

What I’m trying to say is that the idea of patriarchy is not a problem; it’s when it becomes “better than you who are not male.” That’s the problem. A matriarchy can be just as abusive as a patriarchy. Insofar as masculine and feminine energy functioning through the world goes, it’s patriarchy’s turn, if you will, because it’s always a cycle.

So it’s racism along with a negative version of patriarchy. That needs to be made clear because right now in this society, when you think of patriarchy you think of the abuses of a male-dominated society, particularly, more often than not, a white-male led society, but I’m not talking about that when I am referring to patriarchy. Racism can most definitely be a part of patriarchy, but patriarchy as I am defining it does not automatically create racism.

Nevertheless in both cases, in fact in any case in which there is a “power-over” dynamic—be it racism, feminism, capitalism as it is worked in Western society now—no matter what it is—power over is where the problem lies. It is not innately male; it is not innately racist. It is the unequal power dynamic that is the problem.

Racism is most often a power dynamic when it is conscious. You have had news stories of a father and son getting into their pickup truck and following a jogging Black male who was just going through the neighborhood, and he ended up dead. That is overt racism. They were most definitely acting out power over. Overt racism is usually based in ignorance, and education socialization can help with that. Getting out of your own little pod helps overcome that.

At this time, patriarchy is not meant to give way to matriarchy. It is meant to equalize, to merge with matriarchy, but with racism you’re not looking for that merger. You’re looking for equality. You need to see that difference.

How does the work of male and female Guardians differ when trying to dismantle patriarchy?

Again, right there, you are talking about the negative function of patriarchy, which really is simply abuse of power. That’s all it is. So, how does abuse of power within males and females, including male and female Guardians, show up? Is that what you’re asking?

Yes. In a discussion some of us were having about patriarchy, it became obvious immediately that the men had a completely different viewpoint than the women, and we’re just wondering if we should accept that we will have different viewpoints or try to change our viewpoints and make more effort to understand the other side.

In our discussions about racism we talked about it not being the work of melanated people to fix racism, and so the parallel notion came up in the patriarchy discussion, with the women saying, “It’s not our job to fix the patriarchy. It’s the men’s job.” But it seems like there is work for both sides, and we find balance by understanding both roles.

So I will ask you, what is the difference in how a male and female should express love?

There shouldn’t be any difference.

Right! And what Guardians are here to do is model Love. To be the Love that cuts through mired frequencies, to be the Love that, with its shining sword of Light, cuts through abuses of power, both male and female.

I disagree with both ideas: that racism can only be healed by white people and that patriarchy’s abuse of power can only be healed by men. In fact I think that that’s a really serious mistake. It has to do with coming together, and at the meeting you referenced, Paula, not all men should have been given that label of unawareness, and I make that point because there are also women who very happily submit to disempowering functions of living, and they are contributing to the problem as well.

Until you move away from two separate groups, all you’re going to be doing is very slowly chipping away to get to a shift of power, and that’s very slow, like chiseling on granite with a hypodermic needle. It’s just not going to take you very far, because power is a commodity, and as long as it’s about taking the power from one and giving it to another, that’s going to be the least effective way of cancelling racism, of cancelling abuse-of-power patriarchy. I don’t want you to be fooled into thinking that if you just switch the abuse of power, racism will be ended or patriarchy will be ended—no. In both cases it’s about merging for balance, rather than balance for merging.

Evolution is the key. Unity is the key. Merging will dismantle the system.

But both of these paradigms are so entrenched in the current world order, is there really hope that they can be overturned?

No, there is not. The hope is not that the paradigms themselves will change; it is that the people who abuse the paradigm will change. You’re not going to get rid of pockets here and there of racism or patriarchy, even in a full-blown, Fifth-Density merged state, because you are working with humans. What you are going to do, however, is create an atmosphere much like when you walk into the grocery store and you see somebody smoking a cigarette and you think, “Wow! I haven’t seen anybody make a decision like that in years! What are they doing? Nobody does that.” That’s a much more realistic version.

You said the way you heal overt racism is through education.

Education is so powerful.

Is it because of racism that we don’t educate people about systemic racism?

It is fear. It’s not Love, it’s fear. The reason that books and history and recognition of the differently gendered or differently recognized groups are being banned is fear. Those who are in power always seek to maintain that power and gain more. With racism it’s just as much female as it is male, and somebody firmly ensconced in power-over patriarchy would not necessarily be racist if they were communicating with someone of equal power. It is a power issue and a fear of losing that power.

During the Spring Retreat this year, you compared living in a Third-Density world with life in the Fifth Density. For example, you said that one can be aware of the Third and Fourth Densities while in the Fifth, but if one’s timeline is the Third Density, one will not be aware of the higher ones. That sounds like the science fiction idea of creating parallel universes. Is that really what happens?

Sort of. But you need to realize that you’re already experiencing that. You already live in that world. Think for a moment—what is the difference in the way you experience the world and the way a bat does?

Yes, I see that. Point taken.

Aye, and it’s not that you don’t live with all of the flying insects the bat feeds off of; it’s that they are not a part of your consciousness. You are not tuned to see them or to hear them as well as a bat can, so they’re not in your world. Now there are some insects in your world that you’re aware of, like the odd moth that shows up at night, but your sky is not filled with thousands upon thousands of them, as it is for the bat. It’s just like that.

Now I’m going to give an example that’s a little more close to home and a lot more uncomfortable. The way most affluent people relate to the un-housed people of their city means they don’t actually see them, because the way the homeless live their lives keeps them away from that segment of society that doesn’t even include them in their belief system. “I don’t want to think that there are people who are living in their vehicles or under the overpass, or have no food to feed their children, and I know that on this corner there will always be people who are holding up signs asking for help, so I’m going to avoid that and never see it.” That’s Third-Density fear—in multiple forms and ingrained in the society—encroaching on and existing with Fifth-Density change.

Until the Third-Density timeline is fully starved, there will be, there have been, there are now those functioning in Fifth Density who simply don’t experience a Third-Density world. There are by far more people in Third Density who think the whole idea of Beings with a different consciousness functioning on this planet with them is absolutely impossible. [During the editing, Lea clarified this discussion in this way: He’s actually saying the attitude of covering your eyes so you can’t see, covering your ears so you can’t hear the suffering in this world is a Third-Density response. Having said that, he’s separately saying that people firmly entrenched in the 3-D world don’t “see” the 5-D world, and vice-versa because it’s a frequency thing, much like humans don’t see the world like the dragonfly does, or smell the world like the canine does–their (dragonflies and dogs) world is different. People who regularly see the world through 5-D glasses function with the larger picture in mind which creates Divine Neutrality–you see more, but you understand the big picture more so it doesn’t have the same drama. You still have compassion and empathy (maybe more), but you recognize everyone is on a unique journey and while I can only control what I learn from what I see around me, I’m not necessarily involved in it all, and not necessarily required to act on it all. Maybe in 5-D there are more choices.]

So it’s already happening. People want to make it a woo-woo kind of thing, but it’s not. It’s the way spiritual evolution works.

How will the world’s sacred sites that have been a part of the Third-Density timeline be affected as we move into Fifth Density? What’s going to happen to those sacred places?

What is happening now is some of those places that were sacred are no longer venerated, recognized as sacred. Energetically speaking, their footprint, if you will, becomes more of an echo than an actual primary resonant focus of energy, or locus might be a better word for that kind of energy.

I’m going to put it very simply: The planet’s “chakra system” is changing. So there are some sites that you will redo. There are sites you’ll probably forget about, which is its own interesting thing that happens when you’re functioning at a higher Density. They won’t be an important part of your memories.

When you say redo, do you mean Guardians will redo?

That’s what I mean. And new places will open up, some pretty close to other places, some quite shifted. It’s actually an ongoing process, and you can almost know what’s going to be opening up next based on the electromagnetic densities on the planet. I’m sure you have technology that records the planet’s electromagnetic force that shows that it’s changing. Generally that force has been most dense around the equator, and now it’s shifting into the hemispheres. It’s pretty interesting, and you can keep an eye on that. You might be able to say “Well, it looks like Pakistan is getting a lot of strong electromagnetic charge right now,” and that might be because the earth is reawakening and putting energy into that spot.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Jerusalem, which is such a sacred site to different religions—three major ones—and wondering what is going to happen to a site like that where there has been so much human energy focused for so long. Are things going to change in a place like that?

Why did Tinkerbell disappear?

People stopped believing in her.

Right. So she lost her power, and it took children’s beliefs to make Tinkerbell come back to life. That’s really pretty profound for a so-called children’s book. Jerusalem might go the way of the fairy mounds. Or not. And I say “or not” because the old has a very frustrating way of holding on with all of its might and becoming the squeaky wheel that gets all the attention. And religion in your world right now is doing just that. It’s feeling the lack of belief and doing everything it can to pump itself up into the minds of believers.

Have we yet reached the point where the Fifth-Density timeline is firmly in place?

Firmly? Nay.

At the same retreat, you said that this year our understanding of how time and our world works will change. In what ways will our understanding of time be different? And a second question, which you brought up at the Retreat: What does the term “time jumping” mean? You thought we forgot you said that, didn’t you?

[Laughing] One can always hope.

Remember that, though I have spoken to you about the real nature of time quite a bit over the last few years, most of humanity thinks time is what is registered on a clock on your wrist. But time is a point of consciousness. It is a marker. Time does not flow in a horizontal line. It flows without state, without a dimension of its own. Wad up a ball of aluminum foil, pull it back out, that is how time flows. That’s not time, but it is how it flows. Everything everywhere, all at once, right?

With that as the foundation, in the sense of wristwatch time, March went really fast and April is going really fast, and this year is going to go really fast. Right? But all of that’s very relative. The parent thinks the school year went quickly; the child thinks school will never end. It’s just all perception.

Think of time as a swimming pool, and you are able to jump in wherever you want. You’re going to get wet and you’re going to have an experience—sinking to the bottom and pushing yourself back up. And you get out of the water and jump back in at what you think is the very same place, but it won’t be because no matter how close you come to it it’s never exactly the same. Your brain is set up to remember that, to know that. It is inherent within your blueprint, because it’s your memory that marks time. You recognize that “I’m jumping right where I was before,” but time is ever-shifting, so you never really are. But you can tell yourself that you are.

Right now, time is matching frequency, that’s why it seems as though it’s moving very fast. And the higher the frequency you are working at, the less you are going by clock time and the more aware you are of the larger swimming pool rather than that small area you jumped into. The more you’re aware of the larger swimming pool, the more choices you have available as to where you go in time.

So if you choose to think about what happened yesterday, the higher frequency you work at—subject to your brain’s health—the more you are able to bring it up in Sensurround, and the more likely you are to actually be re-experiencing a portion of yesterday. Did that make sense? Should I try to say that in a different way?

Yes. I’m not quite grasping it.

Working at higher frequency represents functioning at higher Densities. The more tied in you are at lower Densities, the more you are tied in to clock time. At higher Densities you are less tied in to clock time. That’s one.

Secondly, what you think of as the past is actually a tag, a memory, or maybe a different word for time, but it’s marked. It’s a point. Your ability, in this now, to go back to that marked memory is dependent upon two things: one of them is the frequency at which you work and the Density in which you live. That’s one. And the second is, because of that frequency and Density, how you are able to use your sensory function to renew that memory.

The higher the frequency you work at, the more access you have to greater hearing, greater seeing, greater sensory experience, greater emotional recognition, greater perception of what makes up any given moment. So ideally you could, by functioning at higher frequencies, go back to a tagged memory and consciously bring it up in such color and detail that you can actually put yourself into that moment in time for a short period. You probably cannot change anything because the forces holding that memory into place are greater than just you. But that’s a different discussion for a different time.

So your having conscious ability to re-create a past moment—or create a future one—your having the ability to do that allows you to time jump. And there is going to be more of that showing up in your life. And it may show up as dream states or daydreams, or even a conscious choice to review and renew and re-create. And that’s always interesting.

You have said there will be a big shift coming with the energy download in July. Would you explain what that shift will be and its impact?

I really cannot answer that at this point, as much as I would like to. Here in April, all I can tell you is that it’s another level of energy unlike what you’ve been receiving. Over the last few years, energy shifts have been creating security issues and anger, and a real need to hold on to the old. Through 2024, the energy has much to do with social change. So I can only give you what is truly a best guess because right now, at this point, all roads do not lead to a common point.

Look at your world right now. You have women’s rights, rebellion against dictatorial authoritarian governments. You have a very strong movement across the world to learn more about what’s happening with the earth’s climate and trying to make changes to prevent excesses from doing too much damage—a little late, nonetheless—and you have financial systems in flux. I would suggest that capitalism and corporatocracy will be headlined simply because it’s safer to focus on those than it is the rights of a harmed minority. To bring rights to the minorities—and it doesn’t matter if that minority is a tribal society in China or a gender across the planet, either way it’s easier to distract you from the very large, overwhelming issues. Because of that I believe that you will find corporations, financial systems, systems of authoritarian government all being pushed in front of your eyes so that you will think things are changing.

You already have an event set up with a high ritual for the complete solar eclipse that will be seen in the U.S. in April 2024. It’s unusual for you to set up an event this far ahead as you usually say you want to see what the energy is doing. Why do you see the need for a high ritual at that time?

This is a twin eclipse, and it’s very important for the United States. Eclipses are always a strong release of unfiltered energy. You would probably register it as solar energy, deep-space gamma radiation—I am sure there are a lot of theories put out into the world—but really it’s unfiltered Source-Field creation energy.

The United States, as I’ve often said, is a very important country within the civilizations of the planet, within the countries of this world. Since its fairly recent inception, it has been a very dynamic power in the world, and people look to the United States, though not as much as they used to, as “here is possibility, here is leadership, here is direction.”

So when the U.S. stock market falls it has by far a more profound effect than when the European stock market falls—sorry, Europe. When anything big happens in the United States, it’s going to have an effect on the world. This is a spiritual happening in the United States, and the twin eclipses of April 2023 and April 2024, even though there are both lunar and solar eclipses between the two, have ushered in—I like this word but most people don’t—chaos. I bet you have had a mass shooting every day since this last eclipse [in April].

Yes. Big ones.

I bet you have had more suicides, more job losses, and I’m just talking about the negatives. But every one of these has a positive side. For one reason or another, there has been more distrust in the government since the eclipse that was, what, a week ago; on your birthday?

Four days ago.

And that effect will probably continue for about three weeks. If the start of a thing disrupts in a strong negative way then the end of it will be at the other end of the spectrum with a very positive effect.

With most eclipses, whatever kind of energy flows, you see the effects in the three-week period following the eclipse. But in this case, look at what has been going on within the United States within these last few days, then look for what will show up on the opposite end of the spectrum at the twin on April 8, 2024.

It is going to be powerful spiritual energy to use for the planet, for the peoples upon it, for the Plan, for the Ascension process, so why not use it?

And coming just months before the 2024 elections.

Ah, there are elections in 2024?

Yes, big ones.

You said eclipses are large releases of unfiltered Source-Field creation energy. What’s the mechanism by which that happens?

Eclipses are a small doorway.

I guess it’s the unfiltered part that I don’t understand. The moon is passing between the sun and the earth, so it is blocking rays of the sun. So how is the moon not filtering the Source Field energy?

Well, it’s not just the moon that usually filters everything. Remember that energy comes through particular points before it is finally sent through your sun, Vesta Helios, itself (well, I cannot say Vesta Helios much anymore, but the Solar Lord) before it reaches earth. But the sun is momentarily obscured, as you would recognize it visually, and honest to goodness that really has nothing to do with it, because it’s all a frequency thing. But nonetheless, back to what it looks like to you: it looks like the sun is obscured. Really what has happened is that the sun has shifted. Everything has shifted; your galaxy relative to others has shifted so that the placement of Sirius, which is an energetic filter has shifted, and so on. The moon blocking the sun is only a visual. What I see and make use of in an eclipse is not the moon blocking light from the sun; it’s because the shift that has allowed that within galaxies has opened a door that was not open before.