Samuel, in this issue, we’d like to ask some questions about manifestation and the use of power.

Everyone who regularly takes part in the Daily Focus has seen the things they’ve focused on manifested in the world. What makes the Daily Focus so powerful? Why is it set up as it is and how does it create manifestation?

You’ve got the consistency that is so necessary, even though you’re not saying the same words each time. You have that general focus, for instance, on healing of the Guardianship and helping the Guardianship learn to love themselves. That general focus, happening every day at the same time, is putting out a great spotlight into the Universe that says, “Giant magnet! Manifestations come here.” And then you’ve got the unity of the group itself, the community that has been created. So it’s a very powerful time.

There has been a change in how we express what is needed, shifting from wanting it to manifest to seeing it already manifested. Why was that change made?  [Because of the effects of the recent eclipse, Samuel reversed this change. We have left the interview unaltered because it provides information about the original change, even though it turned out to be temporary.—Eds]

I think that there are people in that group who do not understand why some of the same things are repeated over and over. Participants and those who are leading the Focus aren’t understanding the change that I’m putting in. So I’m happy to explain that.

Any kind of meditative manifestation process now has a few components you don’t want to leave out if you want the greatest, and quickest, manifestation possible. Let me give you a couple of reminders about manifestation. One of them is that if it is something that you are meant to have on your journey, you’re going to get it. The thing is, there are very few things you are meant to have. Occasionally you set up before you come, “I’m going to do this and it will involve having this.” But that is so rare, because there’s so much free will involved. If you say, “I’m going to be the President of the United States this time,” it’s just not likely to happen.

I think you told me and David that we had a compact to help each other grow spiritually. Is that the kind of thing you are talking about?

That is more common. You make the compact but you do not necessarily know how it’s going to play out. Long-term lovers over the centuries finding each other again is not as easy as the romance novels might make you think. What you’re more likely to see is that there’s somebody in your life that just irritates you like a bedbug, because it’s a lot easier to make connections like that—helping out with major core issues—because like attracts like.

Paula, your core issues are mirrored in David’s. You have different versions, but they’re there. So like attracting like happens even in spiritual manifestation. It generally takes such a higher frequency to be able to say, “Here is who I am choosing. Here is what it’s going to look like.” And most of the time that’s only going to be a short-term thing, because it’s not how this world is set up. This is all about free will.

But nevertheless, if you set it up ahead of time, if it’s in your blueprint—just as autoimmune dysfunction is in the Form’s blueprint—then you can say this manifestation will come about. If you are meant to have it, you will.

The other thing about manifestation is that everything manifests eventually, but when what you’re asking for is way off your path, that manifestation might come centuries after you are here and gone. It’s coming to manifest, but you are repelling as much as you are attracting it. Your biggest manifestation asset is the energy of attraction. You are very attractive! (That’s a manifestation joke.) And that ability to attract what you are intending to might be a lot slower than your plans.

So those are two things people need to remember about manifestation. If you’re meant to have it, it’s going to be there. If you really want to get a manifestation going, then what you need is something that is a part of the greater spiritual function, something that’s a part of the Plan: “Hmm. Ascension. Let’s work toward that.”

You want to have a very clear focus, and the more energy you put into it, the more quickly it will come about. So you can sit in your room, with a totally pure heart, filled with love, sending out “Let’s fill the world with love and eradicate racism. Yes, that’s exactly what the Plan is about. Let’s do that.” And you’ll see changes here and there. But get fifty people together to do that, or a hundred or five hundred, and it’s going to be that much faster, that much clearer, that much more all-encompassing, because you have a multitude working in unity energetically, and that is very powerful.

With the energy that’s coming in right now, you’ve been inundated on and off—but mainly on—with Creation Force energy for three years. It has been tremendous for the creative ones among you. Some of you never even knew you were creative, and yet you’re coming out with some pretty amazing things. That creation energy is trying so hard to express itself. Even the planet is going through a lot of change because of that. But the energy right now is making changes not only within your blueprint, but in the world around you. It is the most wonderful time to be doing these kinds of daily focused meditations for manifestation because the veil-shifting through dimensions—of course I’m speaking metaphorically; it’s not an actual veil—is so much easier right now. Making contact with other types of energy is very simple right now. It’s so much easier to bring into manifestation something that might be otherwise just waiting for higher frequencies to come about that can be matched.

That’s why I asked for the change, so that the work is expressed in the present tense. Don’t be sending for this to happen eventually; see it right now, right here, as if it has already happened and you’re at that next step, which is that you’re grateful for it.

What I’m hearing in some of the meditations right now is “Jump to another timeline and take from that timeline what’s needed for completion on this one.” And that’s not it. I am sure that I am the one who got that idea going because I made the comment that in another timeline what you’re seeking is already completed, but now I’m going to try to correct or clarify that to say that step has already happened. Now you see it already manifested.

Think of it as if the bank has already put the million dollars into your account, but you just got the notice about it and you are delighted: “I am so glad the bank put a million dollars in my account!” as opposed to “I see the bank putting a million dollars into my account.” It makes a difference energetically when you’re asking the whole group to recognize that something really good has happened and you are celebrating it.

In a few months, maybe in a year, this energy is going to settle down, and perhaps it will be time to go back to “We see this. We see it happening this way.” But right now it’s “I am so grateful the bank did this.” It’s done. It’s happened already. “I am so grateful that the paradigm of racism has been eradicated in this world.” As opposed to “Let’s see the paradigm eradicated.”

It used to be “Fake it until you make it,” and I don’t want that “fake it” thought in your head, because you have already made it, and that’s what you are seeing. You are not creating; you are celebrating what has been created already. And in your individual experience, as well as the group experience, that is going to be more effective now than it was three months ago.

Stuart: A question came up in an antiracism discussion, and a term was used that I’d never heard before: “toxic positivity,” where we minimize what someone’s going through by saying, “Oh well, it’s all going to work out for the highest good,” or “This or something better,” instead of just being a supportive listener in the conversation. Does that relate at all to toxic positivity? Is it ignoring the harm that’s happening in the world right now?

I do not see a correlation between the two at all. I would say this, and this is a generalization: many of the phrases used to describe a white person’s reaction to a person of color could in many, many ways simply be rephrased as “Just be absolutely thoughtful of the other person.” It’s toxic positivity when anybody is being brushed off and minimized in the way that you would condescend to a two-year-old who is jabbering away in baby talk to you. And as a loving, kind adult interested in other people, you would not be toxically positive. You would not be ignoring them. With several of those kinds of labels I would say, if you are a good, kind, loving person aside from the brainwashing society gives you, you’re not going to be doing some of those things. Anything you’re doing unconsciously, out of habit, is going to take you out of the loving, kind, conscious state.

Stuart: White people sometimes say, “Why can’t we all get along? We’re all in this together. We’re all love.” It’s called spiritual bypassing. Why is the new way of doing the Daily Focus, of seeing it already done, not bypassing the reality that melanated people are suffering in society today?

What is it in the Daily Focus that you’re saying is bypassing?

Stuart: Seeing what we’re focusing on as having already manifested. Saying we’re grateful because there is no longer voter suppression in the United States, bypassing the fact that there is.

David: I would say that it’s a matter of placing the emphasis on what you want to accomplish. By acknowledging what is now, you’re reinforcing the status quo, and while doing that may be factual, it’s not the purpose of the focus. The focus is on bringing something else into reality, manifesting a change in that present reality. In other words, to reinforce the negative aspects of current reality is beside the point, because the point is to create a different reality.

Well, I also want to throw in there that what you are talking about is perceptual, and you need to remember that choosing to see that the sun is out somewhere doesn’t make it less true that it’s cloudy here, because both of those are true. I could focus only on the horror of this cloudy day and let myself, hopefully inadvertently, start adding that into the manifestation, or I can come at it from another angle and see the positive that is also able to be manifested.

When we say “this or something better for the highest good of all,” isn’t that projecting that something hasn’t happened?

That’s a good expression, because it’s always been the ego caveat that says you’re doing your best when you put it out there. You’re being as clear and specific as possible, but you recognize that, because the free will of others may interfere, you are not the ultimate creator, so you say, still in manifestation mode, “this or something better for the highest good of all.” And that’s something else that’s not always getting into the Daily Focus. Sometimes it will be said, “for the highest good,” but really you want to say this or something better, and then you want to teach yourself to trust that.

As we raise our frequencies, our ability to manifest is strengthened. What’s to stop a Guardian from misusing that power? And, is it a misuse of that power to focus on manifesting material objects?

Well, first, as I said earlier, you certainly can manifest a new car, but it’s going to take a lot longer to bring that manifestation into your life, and for some people it will be so long they don’t even want that car any more. Secondly, people tend to think they need things that they really don’t. A higher priority for the Universe might be your good health. You are within walking distance of a grocery store and you work at home, so maybe you don’t need a new car for your greater good. Maybe what you really need is a bicycle to exercise more, or just to walk more. And the willingness to accept the manifestation process as is is where the right use of power comes in. “I am using that power rightly when I say this or something better for the highest good, but nothing is happening.” So put it out there again, “this or something better—just in case you did not hear me Universe—for the highest good.” But you realize that you actually have been making do. A friend takes you somewhere whenever you have a need. Or there’s a bus a block away from you. You’ve actually been doing pretty well, so maybe you don’t need that car. If you are thinking, “I’m going to put all of my focus into getting this car,” so that it doesn’t matter what drops by the wayside—this car that you do not need and isn’t for your greatest good becomes the only thing you’re looking at—then that’s a misuse of creation power.

Now, amplify that up to the corporate level and you see massive misuse of power. Perhaps I use this as an example way too often for some, but here it comes. Think of a religion which can threaten you and frighten you: “Give me money; build me a place to live; take care of me, and in return I will give you promises about what you are ultimately the most afraid of, which is what’s going to happen after you die.” When my manifestation is me working on me, the manifestation might be slow, but nobody is going to be hurt. If anybody’s hurt it might be me because I’m not getting my way. But when you have to manifest this stuff for me so that you will feel safe and loved and special by god, that’s abuse.

Some of the worst abuses of power have been taking the needs of everyday people and making promises that cannot be kept, and taking advantage of their good faith because of it. That’s politics, that’s a lot of religion, that’s most of consumerism; it’s even a version of racism.

“Power over” does not happen when high-frequency consciousness is doing the manifesting.

As Guardians are regularly focusing on changing the paradigm of racism, there seems to be an increasing acceptance globally of the reality of racial injustice and the effects of systemic racism. How and to what extent is our current energetic work affecting the racial paradigm?

Let’s say there is a river and you have built a dam across it and you open it a little. What happens? Water starts rushing through. You can take advantage of that water and bring out your surfboard and maybe surf down the river on that gigantic gush of water. Or you can complain because things are getting wetter, and the banks of the river are getting muddier.

Right now, and for horrible reasons, the energy is such that the collective consciousness has become aware of injustices they have not looked at until now. There are several reasons for that. One of them is that about fifteen years ago those individuals being born were coming in at higher energies, able to change their own little worlds for the better. Thirty years ago, or fifty, there were some—even fifty years before that. But right now there are many more people willing to peel off the blinders than there have been in many, many years.

In addition, the energy that has been coming through has been about clearing core issues. As you clear core issues you understand and forgive, and then—poof—love yourself more. When you reach that place that you love yourself more, you find the world a much more lovable place. You tend to see things from a much more loving direction. And you’re taking advantage of that great flow of water in ways that you never would have conceived of before. So that’s helping in a very big way.

So, during 2020 and 2021, with the Creation energy coming to the planet, plus higher frequencies and adaptation of the blueprints, the ability to affect what is around you in the physical world is greater and faster than it has ever been. In a world that is ready for a change, with a high-frequency group of individuals focusing daily on racism for months—every day a different facet: state level, international level, city level, education, consumerism—well, you’re going to see something happen.

Now, an important bit here: never, never, never forget that Guardians start the ball rolling. The hardest thing there is to do is to get an object that is stationary moving. It takes so much more Intent, Thought, Word, and Deed to do that, but Guardians have come here to do that. They have come equipped, whether they are fully aware of it or not. And ideally, consciously working at higher frequencies together with others doing the same thing, they have looked at and healed many of their core issues, and so have learned to love themselves, if not fully, at least enough to get the ball rolling. You have seen for thirty years that what Guardians start thinking about and doing, putting into their routines, suddenly starts showing up all around them. It’s not the yellow VW that was always there but you never noticed. It’s actually coming into the world now.

The old story of the hundredth monkey? With Guardians, you don’t need a hundred. Depending on what you are working to manifest, maybe you just need one. Maybe you need three. Maybe you need fifty or sixty every day for months, but as Guardians you’re doing the work of a hundred others, so it’s going to show up a lot faster.

You have said that the right use of power, which is power with, not power over, depends on the balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. What changes have you seen in that balance?

I’ve seen a lot of Divine Feminine beginning to show itself, and Divine Masculine in the desire to do something good. A few months ago, people were nice to each other but mostly staying in their own little quarantine world. Now people are taking to the streets and protesting for something that went on not in just another state, but even in another country, because that Divine Feminine desire to support and the Divine Masculine desire to act it come together perfectly that way.

I am seeing more Divine Force showing up in the world. I will also say that there is a lot of not-so-divine conflict also showing up, where the wounded is pushing its agenda for the sake of survival. And that is to say there needs to be much more conscious opening up to that Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy. I’m seeing more things in balance than there have been, in ways they have not been previously, but there needs to be even more, because the death throes of the old order are very strong.

At the 2020 autumn Retreat, when we were discussing trauma, you spoke about the Atlantean connection. How does Atlantean misuse of power translate today? Would that be the Wounded Masculine?

For sure it is, but I would say that one of the greatest and most obvious demonstrations of the Atlantean misuse of power showing up as the Wounded Masculine is that the male societal expectations are far harsher than they have ever been.

The Wounded Masculine tends to relate more to the physical presence in the world, and the Divine has more to do with the spiritual presence in the world. Neither has anything to do with physical gender, but in this society the male gender has specific stereotypical roles put onto it by society. It’s very hard for men right now because the generations that are coming up are less likely to want to portray that gender-specific, societal expectation, and the result is a lot of conflict about the personal self. “Am I all right? Is something wrong with me? Why do I not want to go out and mow the lawn? Why do I not feel like I have to follow these traditional roles? I want to create my own way.” And societal expectations do not allow for that. That conflict brings up the Wounded rather than the Divine most of the time, so you end up with a whole lot of masculine gender—and masculine gender identity—who have very poor self-esteem and absolutely no training on how to change that or if it’s okay or not okay. It’s so Atlantean: create chaos and then take over. Take advantage of it while a person is vulnerable, then swoop in and direct them to what you want.

So is that conflict also intergenerational, because you’ve got younger people coming in at a higher frequency who are at loggerheads with parents who don’t have the same values?

Absolutely. There are parents who are at higher frequencies, but for the masses, generally not. It’s just a foreign language. When is the last time, David, you passed a man who said to you, “Wow, David, that jacket makes your eyes look so great!”?

Maybe never.

Because men are not trained to be loving and compassionate to other men. They’re barely trained to be loving and compassionate to women. And yet it makes you feel just as good as it does Paula when she’s told, “You’re looking great!” The society’s gender expectations are a doorway into manipulation, and that is abuse of power in the physical. Atlanteans had tremendous amounts of abuse of power in the physical that was sexually oriented. So it’s very much the same.

What part do the current DNA changes play in our power to manifest, and how do they work towards the completion of the Plan?

The genetic changes that are going on with you allow you to function at high frequencies, and of course the higher a frequency you function at, the more quickly your manifestations will come about. Quick hint to the reader: if you are noticing that what you are working so hard to manifest has not been coming about, maybe start focusing instead on consistently living up to your highest frequencies.

At the last Retreat, you mentioned that both fear and love can be used for manifestation. How can two extremes lead to the same result?

The short answer is, both of them are all-encompassing jolts to the three brains of the body. Fear activates the head, the heart, the gut. An experience of Ascended enlightened Love, activates the head, the heart and the gut, so that your physical essence is in alignment with that manifestation process. Fear is a wonderful manifester. You pretty much always manifest your fears when you are really engaged in it.

What you resist shall persist.

Aye. Because you’re giving it so much attention. And while everybody can recollect that all-encompassing experience of love, not everybody recognizes it. And so they think they don’t have it, which is kind of sad. Fear is much more familiar in all of its faces to most humans than love is.

Why would you not recognize it? Surely it’s part of you.

Some people turned off their spiritual connections very early. And those transcendent experiences are forgotten because they’ve turned off that connection. Now if your connection is alive and active, you will be able to better remember. Perhaps. You imagine you’re with a friend or a pet, but that’s not it. It’s more like you’re in the middle of a high ritual and you actually become Light. For an instant you are totally there. Bring back that instant. And certainly if you have been with me very long, you have had a multitude of those instances. Paula’s loving experience is looking into the face of that adorable puppy, and that might be the only kind of connection somebody feels they can make, but they can make a higher one, and then an even higher one.

I can see the difference. I had an experience in Chartres Cathedral. I was looking at the rose window and meditating, and Christ came to me and forgave me, and I started crying. I haven’t thought about that for years, but that was a very transcendent experience.

Yes, it was. It’s also important for you to remember that you did that. You forgave yourself, so you don’t need to keep on forgiving yourself. It’s done.