At the last newsletter interview, we asked the following question and you suggested that we bring it up at the start of this interview.

“During the New Year’s Eve Ritual, in your discussion of the influx of energy during December and the return of the Divine Feminine, I heard you say that our world had barely made it past the potential for destructive use of the energy coming in that month. What factors made the difference in tipping the energy away from the destructive into the constructive? What was the Guardianship in form’s role in that?”

You said you could go in various directions in answering: you could talk about timeline changes, density changes, protection from off this planet, the ability to make use of energy in different ways, and consciously choosing love.

All right, the first thing to remember is that when I said “destructive” I was not meaning chaotic.

You might think about it this way: let’s say you were a child whose parents would strike you if you were doing something they considered wrong. There would be a punitive response. (I’m trying to avoid the word punishment because too many people are going to say “Ah, the Universe punishes us,” which is not accurate.)

So if your parents behaved that way, you developed the kind of thinking that said “If I do exactly what I’m supposed to do, then the status quo will remain, and I will not be rejected by these people I need,” or, “I will not have pain or suffering or loss of self-esteem at the hands of these people.” This has created several generations of people who have a very strong sense of “These behaviors equal this consequence.”

So the problem is that those who experienced that kind of upbringing may be thinking that when I said “destructive” I meant some sort of negative consequence, and I want to eliminate that idea from the discussion.

When you are talking about energetic influence—energy transmissions—you need to remember that the energy itself is neutral, but the kinds of things that affect that energy are, in a relative sense, how much and how fast it is coming to you. When that constant energy flow has an additional bundle of energy coming with it—as it does at the solstices and equinoxes of 2018 and multiple other times in the year—those who relate to it, who have a frequency similar or at least close to it, are going to have a much, much easier time assimilating that energy than those who have a frequency that is not close to it.

The idea is that those who are not functioning at high frequencies have found and will find that the energy is not constructive but destructive. Although the energy is neutral, it creates chaos, and as you relate to it energetically you see it as constructive or destructive.

If an energy is such a high frequency that few if any on the planet can connect with it or relate to it, most of the life force on the planet is essentially going to be seeing it as destructive.

How can you bypass an energy that has such a high frequency that most on the planet would consider it destructive? How would you transform it into constructive energy? How could you see more individuals become capable of transforming that energy?

Well, you’ve talked about how powerful Guardians are in changing the energy and directing it, so I would say by having the Intent to put Love into it.

Good. The easiest thing to do is to have those whose energies are somewhat close to that frequency raise their energy up, even momentarily, to help guide that energy.

The second thing would be to have the power of group Intent focusing on that energy because the group Intent will cause it to shift. And that group Intent does not have to come only from Guardians. It can come from any energy system that recognizes the need for change to a higher frequency.

And here is where we get into the slightly weird, because not only can energy be handled by those on earth working with group Intent or raising their energy to connect with it, it also can be shifted by those who work invisibly, and those who don’t work on this planet but are in form.

You may remember that in some rituals I have referred to one or another specific “Council of Wisdom,” which essentially is a planetary gathering of ascended congregations within your solar system and your galaxy—and even outside of your galaxy—that watch over this planet. Now, that might end up creating a lot more questions, but I’m going to keep going with it.

In probably the last six or eight months, as you would count it, those that you call the Arcturans have been putting an extra grid around your planet, ensuring that, at this very special time right after the density change, you’re not going to have an interruption that will stop the flow of growth and change that is going on right now. There are inter-dimensional, invisible beings, some of whom are on this planet right now, who have a connection into a Shining history with this planet. They have also been working in their Entity to protect mass consciousness.

Everything is about the evolution of this planet and its life force, but I’ve never said that it was a natural or Darwinian version of “first you have a fish and finally you have humans,” however that works. It is a spiritual evolution, which means it is moving from the wholeness, which is very much like a group soul, to the individual, to the individuated soul, and, through the individuated soul, to group consciousness in the One. The planet and its life force do this.

Any massive energy overload would have the effect that a major coronal mass ejection with high frequency solar winds would have on your electrical grid. It would have the same effect, but on your personal electrical grid, and that would disrupt the evolutionary process.

Additionally, if the spiritual evolutionary process is disrupted, then that leaves you open to shifting back into the darkness and the fear-based timelines that are so easy to go back to.

So the help that is coming is not only coming from this dimension but from other dimensions too.

Correct. Other dimensions and other functions of life in form.

Why is it so important to those not in form that this experiment succeed? Or is it just that they serve, that their function is to serve?

Ultimately everything that is a part of your universe is working toward the greater Intent of bringing all of form back into the One through the process of individuation. So this experiment that has moved along so far and—I know you don’t think it, but I’ll say it—so fast, after several massive failures, is a good service opportunity for those who are higher in the spiritual process of evolution and not required to choose earth—they don’t have a compact with the earth—as a means of community service, so to speak. They are choosing to watch and not work visibly, or watch and occasionally work visibly, or to work within the system. They all have advantages but I would tell you that, if you want to affect the greatest change in the fastest way, you should be within that system.

Which means taking on form.

Right. Kicking and screaming or not.

I think we do more whining.

When you said “massive failures,” were you referring to Atlantis?

Yes, and previous earths. And what is it that brought about those massive failures?

Abuse of power.

Abuse of power, greed, and fear. Fear amps up the greed, which amps up the fear, which amps up the greed in the different bodies that are living under fear or living under greed.

You talked about the Arcturans putting another grid around the planet. Would that be to stop influences coming in?

Well, it works more like a filter. Only those energies that are functioning at a particular frequency are going to affect the planet. That frequency is by far much higher than what most on the planet work at, for sure, but it’s all coming, and some of it has been shifted just enough that it’s usable.

You always have energy coming your way; when you match that energy you don’t notice it or don’t notice it much. If that energy frequency is much greater than yours, there’s nothing for you to connect with, but you might be disturbed by it. If your frequency is low and all you perceive is the chaos, you might take it in the negative sense and call it destruction.

That’s why a filter was needed to shift some of that energy. You have this ball that is earth, and the energy is constantly flowing, just as you have wi-fi waves moving through your body right now. It’s constantly moving through. Some of it doesn’t hit the planet. Instead, it’s just moving through and hitting other areas in space. But when there is an energy transmission specifically directed toward this experiment—for example, the energy that brought about the density change—that energy isn’t just floating through and hitting odd spots of space around; it’s hitting right at your planet, because it’s focused. If a focused beam hits this planet in that way, it’s too disruptive. So I called it a grid, but, like all grids, it functions like a filter. This filter is to disperse that smack onto the planet.

We also have some questions that were submitted by Retreat participants. [These questions appear between quotation marks below.]

“At the Retreat this year, you mentioned that since Arkansas many of us are more capable of living in the shift. Please explain what you meant by that.”

Depending upon the timeline that you give the most attention to, you are either living in your third-density experience or you are living the shift into fourth density, and living that fourth-density experience because you are giving the greatest amount of your time and energy to function at a fourth-density or higher level. That’s living the shift.

“You said at this Retreat that our time with you was to show us we don’t have anything else to hold onto other than ego. If we release ego, what do we hold on to?”

The first thing to realize about that question is that I was referring to the Retreat itself. Our time together at the Retreat is about releasing ego.

Whenever I talk about ego I always remind you that there are two levels. The first level is your personality, the way you see yourself. But that leads to the second part: if that first level of ego is all you see, the only thing you identify with, then that is a negative function of ego. So if you let go of the negative function of ego, what does that leave you? Two things: it leaves you the positive function of ego …

And spirit.

Yes, and the spirit nature you are.

Now put those two together and you essentially have a clean slate. You can start over every time you let go of your dependence on ego as your way of functioning in this world. I wish all of the readers would just stop for a moment and think about what I just said, because that is life-changing.

Whatever you have been is an attachment to a function of ego that you don’t have to stay attached to. If you do stay attached to it and you let that past lead you then you’re not functioning in your now, you’re not functioning in your spirit self, and you don’t want that. On the other hand, if you say “I am not led by my ego, I am led by spirit; I am functioning out of Love and in the Laws of One and Love,” then your ego is not attached to your form and you’re functioning with spirit that only functions through form in the current moment.

So you don’t have the past, you have that thing that every human seems to wish for, and that is doing it over knowing everything you know now, and more of course. It’s really a gift, but it requires letting go of that old and living in the whole.

Are emotions always associated with the negative functions of ego?

No, there are good emotional states, but for the most part emotions are much overused, and used negatively. And just as a quick example, happy, well-adjusted, making jokes—all of the things you think of as a good emotional state—can all be faked by somebody trying to manipulate you. So that’s why I say you have to be really careful with emotions. For the most part, if you’re relying on emotions you’re going to be directed into an unhealthy place. Emotions are not by themselves bad; it’s what’s really behind them, the intent underneath them, that’s going to make them good or bad.

Now, anger? Ninety-nine percent of the time it’s a negative emotion. Grief? Ninety-nine percent of the time it’s a negative emotion. Happiness? Ninety-nine percent of the time it’s a positive emotion.

Emotions are based on ego, and which emotion arises depends upon which one of those directions I just referred to that you’re coming from. If you’re coming from a negative ego-based place, then you’re going to have anger, fear, hatred, and judgment; if you’re coming from a positive, spirit-led place you will have happiness, Light, and Love.

“At the Retreat, you said, `Function less in this world and more in that one,’ which in the context seemed to mean `more in the Stargate world.’ So, how can we function less in this world and more in the Stargate world?”

When you are doing high-level, spiritual work, particularly work that is both physical and—oh, this is also going to get me into trouble—involves a certain amount of sacrifice, because sacrifice is an empowerment; it creates community and it has a positive effect. [Pointing to a glass of water] For example, I’m not drinking this water right now, even though I’m thirsty. That might be a type of sacrifice; sacrifice doesn’t always have to be “Let’s kill the virgins!” It’s just that the idea of sacrifice creates a very powerful energetic bond with the Intent.

Now, when you go to a place of great power because it is a Dragon Seed or a Stargate—well, there are several things it could be—the frequency of that place and your frequency need to match. When you are able to make that connection, it changes you, and that change lingers. It’s kind of like you create a new kind of magnetism, drawing toward you that high-level energy attached to wherever you are.

You have been to the Brahmaputra River, and that particular father/masculine energy is going to be reactivated whenever you are at a place of father/masculine energy, be it a great river or not, because it affected you—it changed you.

The second effect that it has, and probably the one I like best, is that it opens up space in you, pushes out, so to speak, a little more form, and pushes in, so to speak, a little more Light, so that your Light body has more effect through you.

So what about the people who cannot go on a trip and cannot do the sacrifice? What do you do about that?

Well, I assume that those who went on the trip carry that energy with them because it’s reached a certain frequency and, kind of like the energy going through the rivers after a Dragon working, it affects those around them.

There is a certain amount of re-patterning indeed that comes simply because you are changed on those trips, and you are going to have an effect upon all of the energy around you. It will not necessarily be the same frequency as being in the place of power, though.

The fact of it is, because you are tuned as Guardians for this, doing very high-level, spiritual work is addictive; it stimulates the pleasure centers in your brain. You are changed far more than somebody who has not gone on one of these trips, because in addition to the frequency changes that come about for you on the trip, you also have the experience and the memory that confirm those spiritual experiences that others simply are not going to get from your just being in the room with them.

You also have the sacrifice.

Right. And, of course, sacrifice shows itself up in many ways. The hotel is not as comfortable as you wish, but you just deal with it because you want the group to have a solid connection. That’s as real a sacrifice as taking three jobs to pay for a trip, which some people do.

Or putting off getting a new computer this year.

Yes, precisely so.

Or having visa difficulties for the upcoming Bolivia trip.

Not so much a sacrifice there, but the attitude about it might be. I think those who have had visa difficulties—and there really aren’t many; they just happen to be pretty vocal—are in a place of learning patience and trust.

“A few interviews back you mentioned that the planet has the option to activate Stargates for herself for healing. Has the earth activated any Stargates for herself so far? If not, why not? If she has, how is that working out?”

Every major Stargate has multiple Stargates that work with it, so every Stargate that you activate is going to represent, as well, the awakening of minor Stargates that work with it. So the minor Stargates can easily be opened. The Planetary Being can open them—hello, Hawaii—or groups can open them. Perhaps even some individuals could. What that would do is make the major Stargate much easier to open.

“At the Retreat you basically said that the issue of finances, more than any other issue, zaps most Guardians back into the illusion of the matrix. How can we trust the Universe so much on other things, only to pull the covers over our head when it comes to money and finances?”

That is my question as well, except instead of saying “How could” I would say “Why do.” You trust so much. You “get” so much. You’ve released so much. You know how it works. Why is it that this part—money—means so much?

Well, in this culture—and these standards are not found worldwide—money is a means of self-esteem. People who have trouble with not having enough money nearly always have poor self-esteem. They are relating their financial status with personal success. When you created your Universe you put these little measures in there so that that issue will come up over, and over, and over, until you realize “This money isn’t me. It’s just a means to aid me in doing what I’m here to do. I always have what I need.” And once you’ve realized that you don’t need that lesson, the Universe doesn’t need to keep shoving it to you.

And there is also the side of it in which money is a very masculine end-product thing, and any issues that you have with masculine energy, which often shows itself up as father, is going to have an energetic effect on how you see financial issues.

So how you see yourself, how you see masculine energy, all affect your sense of finance.

I would have answered that question by saying that we have moved far from self-sufficiency and the ability to derive from nature the things that are needed for our survival, so we depend on society for survival. The money is a medium of exchange for motivating other members of society to support us in our survival.

I only agree partially with that. There was a time that going out to the Wild West as a pioneer and having to do everything on your own or within a small community worked, but your technology now is such that your community is the world and the Wild West is maybe western Silicon Valley. You are self-sufficient when you learn how to make use of what is available to you right now. Quick aside: that really doesn’t mean don’t grow vegetables or don’t try to be as independent as possible, and it doesn’t mean keep a three-year supply of food in your basement. So the idea of self-sufficiency can mean several things and it doesn’t have to mean being more connected to the land.

I think the big problem that you come up with is that your culture doesn’t want you to be independent. Your culture doesn’t want you to be wealthy. Wealthy people are looked down upon nearly as much as the very poor; there are stereotypes at both ends of that spectrum. Your culture wants you to be just in the middle—maybe the middle edging toward poor—and so you create a mindset that says, “I’m acceptable at this level. I’m not acceptable at that level.” That’s where the problems grab a hold.

The word in the “Activating Your Light Body” program this week is fear, and I realized that my fear of poverty comes from having experienced want as a child.

But want is different than poverty, and Americans have a hard time with that. Americans tend to think “I would be desperately poor if I had to take commodities from the government, or had my gasoline rationed”—the kinds of things that you experienced as a child in war time. People who would say, “Those are really poor people,” but clearly they are people who have never traveled to see how the rest of the world lives.