(As often happens at Phoenix’s retreats, more questions come up than can be answered, and Samuel asks that they be given to the editors to be made a part of the discussions with Samuel in the next newsletter.)

You spoke a lot about Shining Energy at the retreat in April. At what level are the decisions made to send forth this new energy? What might we expect from the effects of it?

It’s not very clear which energy of the ones I have spoken about is being referred to. Is the question referring to the Shining Energy that has been coming in for quite some time and isn’t new, or is it referring to the energy that is new, but will already be past by the time this newsletter comes out, which has to do with a solar flare response hitting the planet? The answers would be totally different.

Well, the question says that “you spoke a lot,” and you didn’t speak that much about the solar flares.

I spoke quite a lot about Shining Energy, but it just isn’t new. However, I will answer as if it is the Shining Energy that is being asked about here.

When dominoes are all lined up like little soldiers and the first one is knocked over, and they continue to fall . . .

It’s called the domino effect.

What has happened with a part of the Plan is a domino has fallen over, with the result that the Grid has realigned a bit more, and energy has been able to come through that had not been coming through before. The result is that energy on the planet is at a place where it is needed to be capable of functioning. Put all of that together and you have the what and the why.

How does it show up? Well, take a look at your life right now. When you are clear, fulfilled in spite of what’s going on around you, sensing the urgent need for your activity, your service, the need for your Guardianship, when you have a sense of knowing and less need to resist—ideally, that’s how it will affect your life. Really, though, I don’t want you to notice a difference much at all, because I want it to be so normal that you only see it as a step up when you look back at it.

On the other hand, if you are not ready for this energy and it keeps knocking on your head, you’re going to be frustrated and irritable, trying to find all kinds of things out there to fill that sense of “I should be doing something.” You’re going to be chaotic, negative, resistant—stubborn—and your self-esteem will be down somewhat because you know that you’re not doing what would do you the most good. So, there are two very attractive choices there.

Why is it, do you think, that so many are choosing door number two instead of door number one?

They don’t realize that door number two is actually the harder way.

Door number two looks like what the whole world is going through, so it seems appropriate, and it is easier to just go with the flow. Change is hard. Yet the truth of it is, it’s a very big shift that’s being missed, a very important appointment that’s not being kept.

If more of the Guardianship chooses door number one, can they help mass consciousness shift to that door, too?

You know the answer to that. Yes, of course that’s true, although it’s not an option for mass consciousness. But it will mean that they make better choices toward their spiritual awakening. You’ve got to be a Guardian—activated, (awakened or not)—to have access to Shining Force. It’s only available to those who are Avataric Guardians.

At the retreat we discussed the plant and animal kingdoms advancing if we were able to complete the Mississippi work. What about the whales and dolphins, which are considered already advanced? What about elephants?

The questioner has misunderstood what was said. The Mississippi work is not going to advance the plant and animal kingdoms. It’s going to, hopefully, advance you who participate in that work. I want to teach you how to tune in to those kingdoms so that when advancing those kingdoms becomes possible through the activation of the Brahmaputra seeding, then you’re already going to be significantly tuned to it and capable of the kind of merging that is required.

What about Guardian creatures such as dolphins? The nature of a Guardian is very different from the energy change of a mass leap, from moving to a second step. A leap doesn’t change the Guardians. Guardianship has nothing to do with where a kingdom is, energetically speaking.

At the Retreat, you did a visualization working to anchor the Star Weaving pattern fully into those who were there. When a Guardian who was not physically present at the Retreat follows along with the recording, what kind of effect is that likely to have?

None at all. There is no effect for those who were not there. That was a gift to those who were present.

What kinds of effects will we be likely to notice from that, and does it make it easier for us to adapt to Shining Energy?

Based on what I have answered earlier, answer that for me. What kinds of effects are you likely to notice?

Well it should make it easier to adapt to and hold Shining Energy, because I think ultimately that was its purpose. And probably, as we do that, we’ll find that it’s easier to work as one.

All right, you’re answering the second part. Answer the first part.

Well, one of the first things I’ve noticed is time has slowed down for me subjectively, which I think means there’s new energy here.

I’m going to stop you. Ideally you’re not going to notice anything, and that is true for any frequency change to a higher level ever, because—let’s think about it—you’re Source with a costume on. The costume has its disadvantages: It’s hard to see out; it’s a little difficult to hear, and it’s hard to speak through it. Nevertheless, you are Source, and so, as this costume’s frequency keeps getting closer to Source, you are normalizing, you are becoming you with a capital Y.

But we’ve spent forty-plus years without that frequency, and then it happens. Why wouldn’t we feel that? We’ve spent more time in form away from Source than we have going toward it.

That’s impossible.

I think you will notice it, for example, when you fall into a fear pattern.


Or where you give way to your baser emotions, that’s where you’re going to notice “I can’t do this anymore.”

So you’re saying that you notice it when you stop functioning at that higher level; you notice the change of behavior. That makes very good sense. That’s true.

What I am saying is, your truest self rules. The spiritual self matters over and above your form self. But I am also saying—which I don’t believe I have said before—when you reach the point where you are capable of touching into Shining Force—Ellic Force—you are working beyond this dimension.

Remember the personalities that the Entity puts forth? The mastery of each one of those personalities gives you access to a higher function. For those who have been working with Shining Energy consistently, that connection means that you don’t have to have mastered all of the personalities to have that input from Shining Energy. You don’t have to have mastered small-e entity to reach into your large-E Entity.

If you are connecting into that Entity, then you are connecting into Ellic Force, which includes Shining Energy, since Shining Energy is a function of Ellic Force. To that part of you that is limited to this physical, it would seem that you have spent a whole lot longer in not being aware. But it doesn’t work that way because—to go back to the domino effect—when that first domino falls, that opens the door for Shining Force, so that you gain that full awareness and mastery of the personality essences. That changes what you know, how you know it, and how you live it. You have a type of transformation so that it would not feel as though you’ve spent all of these years not connected.

Did the Light you put into our cells during the visualization at the retreat have the effect of releasing, or helping us to release, bay’unz around food, or energetic imprints of reactions to particular foods, for example, allergies?


At the Retreat you said that having the Mississippi Dragon awake and activated would cause the separately-seeded Dragon force of the waterways that make up the Great Lakes, to awaken and activate over time, as well. What kinds of factors make that effect possible? Is it simply geographic proximity?

No, it’s not geographic proximity. It’s a poorly asked question, but let me go ahead and answer it anyway.

There are, effectively, “lesser” Dragon energies. It’s not so much that they are actually lesser, but they are seeded for a different purpose. They are not seeded for massive creation force as the major rivers of the world are. They are seeded as a stabilizing force, more or less. The largest self-contained bodies of water are seeded, but there is no purpose in activating those seedings if there is nothing to stabilize, because the greater Dragon is not awakened. Once a greater Dragon is awakened, then the lesser ones are needed. However, they can activate on their own—the domino effect again—but if you work on them, they will activate more quickly. That would be the advantage. The stabilizing effects would be there immediately rather than later.

So the Great Lakes Dragon is not one of the twelve major seedings?


Is the Shining Energy we can/should call on to help us such that we will use it automatically because we embody it?

All right, let’s stop for a moment there. You don’t “call on it.” You know it. You recognize it. You are it. You don’t call on it to come to you. If it’s there, then it’s there. In a ritual, when you call Shining Energy, the calling is symbolic, because the energy is already pouring out.

Now, if you had asked the first part of the question that way five years ago, I could have answered it that way, but now, the way that’s being asked isn’t accurate.

Are there precautions or directions on how best to use it automatically but not mindlessly?

I appreciate that caution, but it’s based on a misunderstanding of the energy. It’s looking at it as though it was something really strange to you, but it is you. The difference is that you are becoming capable of consciously using it.

What I like about the question is that it asks how to do it more mindfully? Well, I’m sure you know the answer by now.

Making conscious choices.

Right. I AM seeing as Source sees. I AM choosing to function at my best and highest right now. Even things, as I’ve said on previous first-Sundays, choosing to make someone’s day better and brighter is going to come back to you as increased frequency. Increased frequency makes you more adapted for that greater awakening to Shining Energy.

Here is the interesting thing: Ellic Force released Shining Function. The Shining Ones that walked the earth and did these seedings and had so much of an effect on the Plan, on you, those Shining Ones were a somewhat limited part of Ellic Force as a whole. What’s happening now—of course most naturally to those who have functioned as Shining Force—is that you are becoming Shining Force, which is a leap beyond that original release. It’s one of the greatest examples of how the energy is changing at a high-frequency level. What is being done here now is moving toward what was done to begin it all. You are becoming what was once created, and that is what the Plan should be doing. You are the macrocosm for mass consciousness.

You’re communicating this in an excited way, but, since I know you’re not emotional, I’m not going to say, “Samuel’s excited.”

But I am.

Why is this anything more than was expected, if that’s why we came here?

Because free will has slowed down a whole lot of things that were expected. And free will has sped up some things that were not expected. And over time we have talked about this.

So we’re finally getting on track with our jobs.

Well, Guardianship has made a leap. That means mass consciousness is going to make a leap.

So it’s not a free-will thing? Mass consciousness is going to do it if we do?

It’s always a free-will thing, but it’s going to.

So you’re saying that how it happens is always a free-will thing.

Yes. Exactly. That it will happen, well, it has. It just hasn’t filtered down into consciousness yet. And that is a change from what looked like five years ago was going to happen. In fact—again, it’s an emotional thing but it serves to describe it—I would have said I was fairly discouraged because the world was taking a nose dive. Now there are occasional nose dives, but not massive ones.

Back then you were talking about the experiment actually ending.

You’re right.

Or taking forever. I think you said at that time that a lot of us could be here well into old age.

That was a threat. Well, it was more of an expectation—which, thank goodness, has been unfulfilled—that the darker side of humanity was going to gain control. So, you see, from both sides, there have been some big changes.

It seems that you are making a distinction between Shining Ones that came here to do the seedings and Shining Force.

Yes, there is a distinction, but the Shining Ones did it because they were Shining Force. They were Shining Force which had taken form to do a very specific work. Now, Shining Force is working through, not coming as.

Why, during the ritual, did we affirm “I will see, hear, speak, love as spirit does?” versus the affirmation “I do see, hear, speak, love as spirit does.” “Will” could translate to “this will happen sometime in the future,” versus a more affirmative statement declaring that it’s manifest now?

No, that’s not what that means at all. It’s not a question of time; it’s a statement of choice.

“I will to speak; I will to hear.”


I claim.

That’s better. I claim it. I choose with everything I am to be Source in this world.

Please explain the “illusion” we are under that you talked about at the Retreat, and explain how we are going to get past it.

[Laughing] I wish I knew.

You live here believing your costume, believing the squeaky wheels in costume who say, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling! We have no power to do anything about it!” For whatever reason, mainly lazy and indulgent reasons, you choose not to fight your way out of the comfortable thought that you are no different than anyone else on this planet, that you have no power. You are guided by a cruel and vengeful, jealous God who will punish you if you do wrong, but if you do good—and good unfortunately changes through the centuries, so you’ve got to be sure you’re adapting to what the current definition is—if you do that good, you will have a life beyond this one with that capricious, jealous God.

Who would want that?

The illusion is that you are who you are and that’s all there is. And you only get to be what you are by letting go of who you are.