One of the questions that has stimulated a lot of interest recently is just what you mean when you talk about the “end of the experiment.”

Any experiment is ended when one of two things happens: there is success according to the hypothesized end result or there is failure according to the hypothesized end result. The end of the experiment will be one of those two things.

Do you care to elaborate on which is more likely?

That you will have success is the more likely.

And what is the hypothesis?

It’ll work or it won’t. Sacred Status will be fully achieved or it will not. Keep this in mind: I have said you will not fail this, and you will not. That does not necessarily mean that the experiment will be successful, but it won’t be a failure. Sometimes, as you go along, the experiment changes a bit. And that certainly is what you are experiencing now with the rapid change in the time frames and in mass consciousness, and the means by which through unity—One Heart work—you are able to re-establish the parameters of the experiment itself to better reflect the nature of the energy that’s working the experiment. That happens.

Does life on earth, and earth itself, end with the end of the experiment?


How has the development and use of atomic energy, or light, affected the end of the experiment, if it has?

It changed the frequency wave through which energy coming to the planet could be expressed. It sped up the carrier wave enough that the frequency mass consciousness used did not have to be as high as it would have had to be. Now, what’s wrong with that?

That mass consciousness has not developed the wisdom to deal with the power.

Perfect. And also, on the opposite end of the spectrum, they are less able to deal with the incoming energy because they’re not at quite as high a frequency. To function at the lower end of the spectrum, rather than the higher, is harder on you. That’s because the light energy of the atomic energy affected the earth frequency. And if you remember, the grid is based on the function of mass consciousness and earth energy together, along with the energy coming to the planet.

In the workshop you explained that, at the end of the experiment, we would be functioning as a god, or functioning as God.

You would be functioning as A god or AS a god. It’s subtle. There is a difference. Functioning like a god, or functioning as God.

You are a man, yes? Can you function as a woman?

In some ways.

All right, there are limitations to it, but you can function as a woman. When you, a male, are functioning as a woman and when a female is functioning as a woman, these are two different things, because even though a male is functioning as a woman, he’s not a woman. He is functioning as a woman. That’s what I’m trying to say.

If you are functioning as A god, meaning a god-type figure—it doesn’t matter if you’re talking the Christian version of God or the Buddhist or any other as far as I am concerned; they’re all an expression of God, but none is Source. Don’t misunderstand that. I’m using it as an example of separation. That would be All That Is [in contrast] to Source. So functioning as A god is separate from humanity. Functioning like a god, or AS a god, is fully evolved, but not separate.

I would rather you be fully evolved and not assimilated until all is assimilated, because that speaks of the Earth mastering its greatest leap. Your planet can end the experiment at Sacred Status. Your planet can reach Sacred Status and then function to Absorption. If you function to Absorption, that means you’re not required to maintain the wheel, you’re not required to function in form; you choose it for the pleasure of it, ultimately to the point in which all choose the purely spiritual function, which opens the door to complete Absorption, which is reunion.

What exactly do you mean when you speak of Absorption?

Absorption is not that you have a bowl of water and you put a dry sponge in it and soon the sponge holds all the water and the bowl holds none. Absorption is, you are writing in your journal and the television is on and you do not hear it, and a car crashes in front of your house and you do not hear it, because you are so absorbed in what you are doing that your attention is not on what is going on around you. Absorption is the ultimate function of form and spirit in Synthesis, working at its highest possible level, fully aware of spirit, absorbed in that spirit. It’s not fully functioning in form. Hopefully, that’s what you’re working on now, you see? There is a difference. It’s not becoming something else, which is what people want it to be. It’s becoming totally focused. Fully immersed. And, as the case would be, that’s fully immersed in the highest function possible of spirit and form. Of course, by then form will be somewhat different, anyway. Aye, yours is already changing.

Please describe from your viewpoint what enabled the Earth Link 2000 high ritual to be successful.

What is it you all think goes on in a high ritual?

I think of this body of people that are working, as one, as a vehicle for the exchange of energy, which you’re directing. We’re there as the human component that’s needed. I’ve often thought that one reason for a lot of the things you do is simply to keep us in a certain focus and mindset while you do all the work.

And that’s fairly accurate.

I think that if we’re putting a higher-frequency energy into form, there has to be a vessel capable of holding enough of it to affect form in a particular way at a particular level. For instance, if I wanted to change something about my physical body, it would take a tremendous effort on my part to change a piece of my body in some way. And it’s very, very difficult for a human to have that kind of focus, but as a group we can provide a vessel for that energy at one time, and you provide the direction so that that energy actually changes what’s happening in form, in the sense that the energy or the frequency alters.

Only to a certain extent. If a high ritual is meant to be an expression of mass consciousness, then that ritual is functioning differently than if it is an expression of spirit, which requires a different work altogether. In a working of spirit, the work is done essentially by—for want of better words—the archangelic realm and the elemental kingdoms that you harness. Your ability to harness the kingdoms and that realm needs help, and that’s where I come in.

Yes, it absolutely requires common vision. Yes, it requires a certain amount of focus which is established by the way the ritual is conducted. That allows you to function at your highest possible level. (Though your highest energy would still not be enough to influence the archangelic realm, for instance. Maybe for an instant, or two or three.)

In a high ritual I am weaving energy. In the case of Earth Link 2000, it is the energy of chaos, among other things, that is functioning in the world right now that I was weaving. I might label it change—weaving the energy of change in order to make it a viable fuel for you, because that is the energy that is being used and misused right now in mass consciousness.

In addition, a lot of the energy that I was using for this high ritual had to do with the universal cosmic energy—meaning not cosmic energy such as the spiritual hierarchy, but meaning the sun and the planets. I am referring to massive amounts of change within the power grid—the electromagnetics—of the universe itself.

So what component made it work? Chaos. But that’s not what you’re asking. What you’re wanting to know is what you did that made the high ritual work, the things that made me proud of you. Without a doubt it was that the group chose to come together and make it happen, no matter what. It was extremely involved. Individuals had to allow their egos to be put aside and learn something, work together in it, help each other through the sending of energy or prayer when they knew there were difficulties. The sincere, loving choices that were made throughout that two-day period were stunning statements about the level of energy you were choosing to work at. As a result, the work that the group could do was done.

Is there anything else you’d like to say that could help the group in the days ahead?

Do not let your expectations and your judgments be what lead you through the world at this time. Individuals are having troubles in their lives because things are not working according to their own plans. You are here to make a difference in the function of the world, and you’re going to do it in one way or another—period. You’ll do it happily and easily or kicking and screaming the whole way. The kicking and screaming comes from the expectation—it should be this way; I should be that way; they should be this way—and the judgment, which happens when it goes against your expectation.

Expectation and judgment: major, major issues right now.

Don’t rely on drama and think it’s passion. Don’t rely on passion to fuel your actions if the passion is not feeding you spiritually. You want to be doing that which feeds your spiritual self, whether it satisfies your physical essence or not, because you are being faced with the need to retrain your physical essence to comply with your spiritual self, or you will not be happy. Guaranteed. You’ve come too far, you’ve done too much, you’re too close to the edge of the precipice. You’re feeling the breeze come up the cliff side. You’re that close. And you will not be happy in gaining passion from anything but that which feeds your spirit essence. But many people don’t have passion; they have drama instead. They think that the drama means that they’re really connected to something. And they’re not. They are functioning out of habit.

I said that, after Earth Link 2000, the Universe would give gifts, blessings to you, and that you would see them. And although there are those who allowed themselves to recognize positive happenings and good things, the gifts really were that you were going to see two very important things show up in your life: You were going to see, in a very big way, the results of what you do and don’t do, to yourself and to others. And you were going to see a doorway by which change is possible. In every one of your lives, I will tell you, if you look back, you will see those things.

What have you done with it? It’s not too late. The worst thing that happens with high ritual—successful high ritual’s even worse—is that individuals coast on it for a long time, because what happens is it creates an ephemeral view of oneself that results in drastic polarization that comes out of this one attitude: I am so good, therefore—here comes the polarization—I am so good, because I just changed the world. You just had a massive effect on it. You just healed the Heart Portal of China. You just activated the working that will be done at the Crown Portal. Therefore, everything good that happens, I deserve it, and everything bad that happens, I don’t deserve it.

Almost every one of you can look back eighteen to twenty-four months and see a specific turning point in which all of your earthly relationships started changing, in which the way people reacted to you visibly altered. The way in which you began functioning was altered as well. Eighteen months to two years—a specific turning point.

Those for whom that turning point was a time for ducking their heads in the sand are paying for that right now. Those who allowed themselves to recognize that there was a lot that needed healing and reworking and did that are very free right now.

To be free, for those who are not, is going to require taking care of what you did not do eighteen to twenty-four months ago. It’s all about choices. You see reflected in the life around you the choices that you were making a year and a half ago.

Right now you are in a time that has to do with making decisions—making right ones. You judge yourself by how you follow through. Remember that. Whether you follow through or you don’t, it’s because you’re trying to prove something. What are you trying to prove? At this time of reconstruction—I did not say re-creation—at this time of changed awareness, your awareness of you is so keen it’s dangerous. The ability to be on to you is a good thing. To use your patterns against yourself to prove that you are not worthy, hoping that that will excuse you from the necessity of acting, is not.

If we know we passed up the opportunity to change a pattern when it was needed, and we ask you for help, will you help us?