You have spoken in recent issues about the unfolding plan for bringing the earth to Sacred Status. You’ve described the Heart Portals that ring the earth and the process of opening them to establish the sacred circle. Now a visit to Egypt is planned in order to continue that work. Will another Heart Portal be opened there? If so, how will this affect the political and religious life of the area?

My desire is to re-establish the sacred circle—at the very least to open the Heart Portal for that particular area. What will it do? I suppose it depends on what sort of eye you look with. For instance, if you were to look right now at the area opened by the work in Ireland, the western part of Europe—or certainly the British Isles, you’d see some remarkable steps toward peace being brought about because the masses are demanding it. They’re the ones that are getting angry at the long-time troubles, though that’s a kind word for such violence. Look at the European community as it’s working much more easily all of a sudden toward a common currency. Britain and Germany were very much against taking that step initially, and now they’re saying the difficulties have been worked out. You’re seeing structures changing for the sake of unity.

You’re also seeing, as you will always see, the active fundamentalists—or the fundamental activists—pushing very, very hard with their last bit of strength against this change. In Ireland, for instance, it’s not the IRA, but the IRA splinter groups; it’s not the Protestants, but the Protestant splinter groups that are causing the difficulties now. It’s the most extreme factions that are fighting for their security. You are likely to see an increase in fundamentalist activity everywhere. You will also see a certain amount of coming together.

And I would like to see that happen in Egypt, as well, in such directions as a change in the status of women—that they be seen with a more loving heart—and a change in all the great clashes there are at this time between sects within Eastern thinking—from the Far East to the Middle East, all. I would like to see perhaps some balancing in the economic situation along with that, a narrowing of the disparity between the rich and the poor. Those are the sorts of things you can look for.

In the broader view, what happens in the area where a Heart Portal is opened? Well, you have a greater input of energy into the smaller, local portals that become much more activated because of the opening of the Heart Portal. And there are spiritual changes as a result of that, because it allows a higher connection from high-frequency spiritual energy coming in—not on the level that the opening of all the Heart Portals and the re-establishment of the sacred circle would allow, but certainly a greater reach of spirit than there has been.

Now, what happens when there is high-frequency spiritual activity, cosmic spiritual activity, going on?

Well, there’s often some kind of extreme event because of the sudden influx of energy which tips the balance.

Right. Physically speaking, the earth does just what humans do: there is often a reaction that appears to be a breakdown, earthquake activity, for instance, which eliminates the weak spots and reveals the strength on which a new form can be built. There is a massive amount of earthquake activity going on right now, because the planet is shifting very strongly as it’s raising its own vibration. Of course there are ecological changes going on all of the time, but the geographic ones which change the earth’s structure, such as earthquakes which shift the crust and volcanic activity which deposits new land, are particularly interesting. Ultimately the earth’s form is changing to become a stronger vessel, just as your forms are.

And with individuals, you’re likely to see a lot of that same security-oriented grasping that we discussed so very much with Recalibration: confused, not sure, depressed. A lot of not very well thought-out moves. And when you’ve got fundamental extremists reacting that way, you’ve got a problem.

What might happen? A lot, if individuals are not setting the stage with a good push of love ahead of time. More so in that part of the world—Egypt and the Middle East—than many other places.

You said that if you had a prepared group of people who are not going to Egypt, you could use them in the work that you are going to be doing there. Will you be coordinating three separate groups in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Lexington?

The last set of workshops before the trip will be specifically focused in that direction. However, I don’t want any of the work that I’m doing to be limited to those groups. I will also be encouraging individuals to get the information out to their friends who are familiar with this work in other areas—California, Canada, Florida.

Is it going to be a unity exercise in which those groups must come together at one point, or while you’re in Egypt will you be working with different groups in different areas?

Among other things, I’m going to be asking individuals to link up with other cities, and I’ll be asking cities now and again to link up with one another. But, for instance, if you have a close friend who lives in Pittsburgh, you might call from Lexington and say, “I’d like to be your partner. Would that work? And we’re going to do a merging every Saturday at noon.” Using some of the exercises that you’ve already learned, you’re going to be looking for much more specific pieces of information. You’re going to be priming yourself by controlling your dreams, and you’re going to be practicing by working out in the world around where you are.

It doesn’t require everybody being together, or everyone would have to be in Egypt.

Other than at the solstice during the trip to Ireland, you’ve never encouraged a group in the U.S. to be part of the work you’re doing out of the country. Why are you expanding this opportunity to participate?

I learned in Eire that you can teach an old dog new tricks, and that you need a lot more support than sixty people.

We have opened the Heart Portal in Ireland, which covers the western European part of the globe, and hopefully will be opening one in Egypt. Presumably there are Heart Portals in other areas like the Far East which are less accessible to outside groups. How would you deal with these areas if we continue to open these portals one at a time? Will it be possible for us to try once again to open them all at one time?

I had quite a discussion with EarthLight about that very thing. There are so many things involved in getting a group to go somewhere. Not only are there the difficulties of travel itself: when you take your body through several time zones, you’re simply not sharp enough to do some of the most important work until a certain amount of time has passed. There are a lot of cases where individuals’ physical health also might figure into that. So, even if it were nothing more than simply the time-space issue of being somewhere that your bodies’ rhythms are not in sync with, that alone is quite a difficulty.

But there is also the financial aspect. Just getting on an airplane costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars. When you add to that food and lodging—not even including having me there—you’re adding much more to it. And so financially it becomes very difficult.

And if this were the only group I was working with, if it all relied on this group, that too would be a problem.

Therefore, first, I’m always hopeful that the Heart Portals can be opened at once. And second, I’ll go ahead and tell you, this Transdimensional Energy work I began teaching at the retreat and will continue teaching is all an experiment to see if individuals can become a part of a work in another time and place while they remain at home. But, you see, if they can, then you don’t have to travel to do it. If it can be done, then it doesn’t require going to the Pacific rim, nor into Russia or China.

Now, another thing that I’m trying to do is to “prime the pump” using those who are already going to those portal areas and who are very familiar with this work and how to make use of it. For instance, I have a friend who in a few days is going to China, and I’ve asked him if he could do certain workings while he is there in order to set some energy. If that’s possible—and we’ll see—then that would allow, for instance, David to travel to Australia. Then a group could just send energy from here because of what he’s already done there to get things started. Or groups that are already there and focused and understanding the nature of the work in a way that can help change vibratory function, they could perhaps do the work. When I’m looking for one person to go and prime, so to speak, I do not foresee someone like my friend in China being able to open that Heart Portal at all, but to be able to get energy moving enough that it does not require such a strong force to do that.

So there are options. It does not require world travel by you. It simply would be a lot easier to go with a trained and primed group who are already functioning with the energy. But financially and physically it’s very difficult.

However, once individuals are able to project their energy in a strong enough fashion—and this is what I’m wanting in Egypt—they can accelerate and hopefully, in full merger human to human, actually stimulate the vibration of that energy of the individual who is there to the point that it would in effect be two people instead of one. If that works, then that also means that, even months afterwards, individuals would be able to send energy back to the spot that had been primed and to the individual who did that work.

Ultimately, should it ever come to it, as individuals get really good at it—and this would be my own pipe dream—then you can simply travel through to the original opening of that portal by the Shining Ones and connect with it. (There will, of course, be those who think they’re doing that now!) Time is simply a means for you to be able to measure brain activity. That’s all it is.

You’ve been working with sound for some time—the “ah-hus” and the present work with toning and movement in the masculine and feminine circles. Will the techniques that you’ll be teaching in upcoming workshops build on the light and sound work that you established in your “Celestial Voice” workshops? How can individuals incorporate the working of light into this sound and movement process?

Light is one of those words that covers so many radically different meanings that it’s very easy to get mixed up, somewhat like when I use guardian.

Light is a word for Source. Light is a word for heaven—go to the light. Light breaks the darkness in your bedroom; it is greater aware­ness—”a light went off.” There are a lot of different definitions that first you have to erase, and try instead just to think of it as energy.

Energy at its lowest level from Source, energy at its highest level from form, is recognized as light. That explains, of course, why individuals who are working at the path of enlightenment would call the Source light, because it’s the highest level they can relate to.

Light as a manifestation of energy, to those who function through this human brain, is typically experienced as color, color which represents frequency only—that’s all it is. The densities of it are not an effect of the light energy itself, but of the particular structure within your eyes. That’s an important thing to remember, because a huge amount of your understanding of form is totally related to a physical construct within you, which is why one person doesn’t see spirit energy the same way as another. Which is why you don’t even see the black color of this shirt as the same as the black of the tape recorder, because you register the incoming information based on your personal physical imprint.

Now, here is the key with light: as your frequency changes, so does your ability see a larger spectrum. (Know that a larger spectrum is not an accurate way to say it; it just happens to be the way your sciences say it.) You see more because you are more like it.

Therefore my desire, first, on the most basic level, is for you to see more. Then for you to feel more. Not the other way around. If you feel it first, you’re not going to see it. I want you to see it, because as your awareness changes you’re open to a higher frequency level. Remember that what I’m going for here in this whole process is to physically allow a higher frequency, because to come from the spiritual or the mental level isn’t working.

A lower frequency of light, as it’s working toward a more dense structure, becomes hard. It’s actually the very same energy, but it’s a slower frequency of it because of a denser space through which it must travel. You recognize that as something you hear, and finally something you can see.

Therefore, I can teach you to see more, to hear more, and to be able to repeat those in order, for instance, to create a sound that brings about greater sight. If I can do that, then you’re going to be capable of working at a higher frequency. You have turned off so many abilities that are available to you unenlightened, that with conscious effort you should be able to fly.

Was this sort of sensitivity more accessible before our society started spending so much time indoors or in the presence of radiant energy like artificial lights or computer monitors?

That certainly does play into it to a large extent. There is a simple experiment that you can do yourself—that you probably do every time you get up in the night or walk into a dark room. If you stop and let your eyes adjust, you allow a mechanism to kick in that simply allows you to see in the dark what you could not see before. If you are regularly abiding in a low-light or dark situation, then you are going to find that mechanism kicking in all of the time, and you are able to see in the dark much better than anyone else you’re around.

So, on one level there is a lot of outside influence that has taught you that you don’t need these abilities, but on the level of your civilization, the biggest factor in learning that you don’t need them is your reduced reliance on survival instincts. Once civilization reached a point where survival is not reliant upon a high sensory acuity, then it started to close down and you started using your brain more for crunching numbers instead.

However, having said both of those and recognizing the function of form in the ability to use spirit-adapted apparatus within the body, probably the greatest effect was that when humanity stopped having the constant inflow of high-level spirit energy on the planet, you stopped being adapted to deal with energy on those higher levels.

Now, the great hermit-monks who spend their lives worshipping the glories of God as they recognize it see spirit all around, they talk to spirit all the time, they see the great many colors of the trees, they . . . on and on, and it’s considered crazy, insofar as the world is concerned, because it’s useless—and that’s the key. Form follows function, not the other way around.

What is the purpose of using the toning to increase our ability to see and hear.

You’re moving so close to Sacred Status that the time is near that you’re going to have the Shining Ones regularly amongst you again, and then you will need to make use of that ability.