Elemental Magic

At a workshop given in February, Samuel began teachings about elemental magic—the cooperation between the elemental workers of fire (the salamanders), air (sylphs), water (undines) and earth (fairies, pixies, gnomes). In this article he explains further the possibilities of communication between the human and elemental kingdoms.

I have spent years making sure that people understand that magic can be a distraction, that even though it involves natural abilities, it can get them off course—that the stuff that’s so much fun is really worthless.

In the big picture, psychic ability is there to provide a means for the human soul to express itself to the brain. The soul communicating, creating psychic vision, is designed as a means for the human to reach into the larger view, but using a pendulum to find out if it’s a good day to go to the park can be a way of misusing that power, limiting and narrowing the scope of your life so that you don’t have to take part in the big picture. Even the oracles I’m going to be encouraging people to make can become a misuse of it. When the use of psychic ability is limited to functioning moment by moment, you are misusing rather than using.

That’s why I’ve spent a long time saying, “Don’t do magic. Magic is going to make you very good at technological adeptness, but who cares?” and I’ve urged instead that you create the foundation of belief that the power is in you, not in what you are doing.

However, now that you have that basic understanding, you can lift that kind of magical activity to a much higher level. Instead of learning how to call the salamanders to conjure a light in your hands, you can flip the switch to turn the light on in your house, and use the salamanders to conjure a vision of passion and understanding, to help you go forward in your life with ease.

This is not a time for magic of the first degree, which is physical experience, because it will be misunderstood; it will be misused; it will be explained away by the scientists of your day. At worst, it can get you crucified; at best, you will be ignored. Now the work is for individuals of higher power to work with mind, using the salamanders not to conjure light, but to conjure passion to act, which is the foundation of creation, the first level out of chaos. One can then move on to air, the sylphs, which is wisdom, knowing and accumulating knowledge not for mundane use, but for taking the next step out of chaos.

I want to remind you that the elementals work not only in the arena of earth—fairies, undines, etc.—but also on a cosmic scale, the angels and lords. I want you to have access to these higher levels as your own frequency changes. Now that you are working at a higher level, you are becoming aware that there is so much more beyond what you know. Although to your limited sight what you are trying to manifest looks to be the very best thing for you, you have become wise enough to recognize that it may not be. At this level, you’re able to use those higher-level connections, not just be used by them.

I want to be very clear here, you are using the elemental workers. You’re not, as in the earlier cases, just using what those elements can give you. The first realm of magic is to accept what the elementals give you in their particular quadrant of use—you need fire, you call the salamanders. The level I’m talking about now is not what the salamanders give, but the salamander itself. The angels can take you out of harm’s way, and so you call on their help. You want to create a space in the busy parking lot, and you call on them to help you, and the angels, who are pleased to do whatever they can for you, will deign to give a small piece of their power for that.

But it is better still to fully know, merge with and have full access to the angel itself, rather than the angel’s effects. Instead of calling the undines to bring in a rain cloud and nourish your patch of garden, you call on them to give you their knowing, their power—which may cause you never to call on them again to water your patch, because now you see how it disrupts the whole flow. Or it may cause you to put out a shingle as a rain dancer, depending upon your intent with the power. It’s the difference between having a teacher that went through fourth grade and one who is a world scholar.

The elementals are gods and you will be as gods in that connection. The access to the elementals’ work on the planet has always been available; that’s first-level magic. But understanding why the elemental is doing what it’s doing can totally change you, and that’s the higher level I’m going for. It will be a very hard activity for some, because the whole communication, human to elemental, is based on your need—your need. What you have to say is, I need this, I need that, I need this. Those who don’t know how to receive are going to have a very hard time at this level of magic, because it’s all asking.

            This is very practical work. If, in order to accomplish the next step in your vision, you require passion from others, you call a ritual of fire. You are appeasing the salamanders by recognizing them in your ritual. It’s very down-to-earth work, specific things you’re doing to bring about specific manifested change on the planet. You’re changing things, and that’s why it’s so important that you reach a point where you can accept that there might be no change—or a different outcome than what you asked for—and able to see as the elemental sees, to know as the elemental knows, so that you won’t misuse that power.

The way that humanity is going to make the link of oneness with the earth at its higher level, creating that final sacred bond, is through the elemental kingdom. The elementals are the transition; they are spirit that works on earth. What are you? You are spirit that works on earth that just happens to be in a different form. You are the same thing already, sort of. The earth needs a new vessel, and using elemental magic can be a part of creating that new vessel. What comes depends on the nature of the individuals who choose to use it. And to be frank, it’s very scary. Atlantis is gone for a reason.

Phoenix’s retreat in July will go more deeply into this topic of elemental magic. It will involve a good amount of class work: Here are some specific principles; here is an old way of understanding this; these are the three aspects of righteousness (everything’s in triplets when you’re teaching Druidic law, you know); here are the three things to look for in someone to respect; here are the three ways to know you are working right magic. But there’s a big danger in that approach. The big danger is that you limit the truth to what gets written down during the teaching. There aren’t just three ways; there are thirty.

This is a new level of work. At the beginning of any construct, you’ve got to make a good foundation, which is what I am trying to do. One of the greatest difficulties right now is that people have been flying too long by the seat of their proverbial pants, rather than out of a place of true knowing. Most people did the five-minute meditation and the sitting I taught just long enough to think they knew what it was. Most individuals’ knowledge of the foundations of their own spiritual life is like a half-taken penicillin prescription. They started feeling better, so they quit taking it. As soon as they thought they got all there was out of it, they quit doing it. The pillars? How could I have been more clear? This is a lifetime study and work. You can do it every day of your life and get something different from it and learn from it and grow from it and gain from it. “Well I went a whole week without getting anything, Samuel, so I just stopped doing it.” But if you were consistent with the pillars, you would come to the point where it has built a foundation in you of knowledge that allows spirit to have a much greater connection into you.

But you see, this society doesn’t want discipline; it wants results right now. Of course you know what I say: If you’re not seeing results in three days, stop doing it. But the trick in that is, I mean bad results as well as good. Resistance is just as much a result in my book as marvelous visions, so if resistance is the result you get, keep working with it.

Now, there are two things to say about the changes of consciousness on the planet. One has to do with seeing it on the level of the life force upon the planet, and the other has to do with this being a year of so many thresholds.

First, things are working in very good synchronicity right now. Mass consciousness is not awake, but there is a similar effect due to the empowerment of those who are at the highest levels of individual consciousness, similar to when the car behind you has its radio on really loud and every car around is affected by it. The way you hear the music in your own car is affected by the loudness of the stereo behind you. So the loudness of the high-level guardianship workers on the planet right now is stimulating mass consciousness. It’s forcing more rocks coming from fewer sources in the pond of mass consciousness: One person is throwing three or four rocks instead of twelve people throwing one. On that level, plants, animals and humans are beginning to work together. That is showing movement towards that synchronous level that will be called Sacred Status.

But on another level it is important to realize these thresholds, these portals, have to do with the outer and inner grids of planetary energy moving back into alignment, and that is going to be like giving water to a thirsty person. When that alignment is complete, it will not be possible to hold onto that spiritual sleep any longer.