11:11 Preparing for the Great Leap

The beginning of the Age of Aquarius is truly upon us, and its significance is perhaps greater than we ever could have imagined. In January 1992, a door will open through which, if we are prepared, we may pass. The path beyond it will lead us, in the course of the following twenty years, to a place in our evolution as far advanced from our present state as the first spoken word is behind us. An effort to ensure that we are prepared has begun among spiritually oriented groups, and is being referred to as “11:11” because of the date—1/11/1992—chosen for the coming together in spirit of those who are devoted to enabling this great leap to occur. Samuel has recently begun to tell us of his perspective on this exciting, truly awesome time.

Humanity has been making remarkable changes. It is now on the verge of moving from the mind that must know to the mind that does know, which essentially is that intuitive mind, that self that is able to work in its highest ability—literally spirit having learned to function through form.

I and those who work with me, such as yourselves, are here to bring humanity to its next step. In order to do that, two things are required. The first one is a very strong notion of individual power—working to learn your individual power. The second is then releasing the need to remain separate and learning to unite for common cause, in order to parallel the work of the planet.

Remember the planet, as it grows towards its Sacred Status, is changing the individuals that have chosen the earth as their vehicle for Sacred Status. Ideally they are working together: the energy of the life forms that are working toward their Sacred Status benefiting the planet; the planet benefiting those who are the life forms working for their Sacred Status.

As long as that is unified, everybody wins—as long as the spirit is working in form, not the form trying to be spiritual. The spirit is working in form in unity, and therefore the individual is able to reach out in a group and create unity and, through that unity, create one mind—group thought—and change the old group thought literally by overwhelming it. Then that is going to open the door for that next stage of humanity. That is what 11:11 is about. It is bringing together a trained group that is going to be able to change mass consciousness. That, in turn, will have another effect. First, those upon the earth become unified. That group, unifying with the earth—that’s second—are then going to create a third—which is a triunity—and that third is that this unity creates the opening for those whom I call the Guardians—who, by the most popular renditions of 11:11 are called angels—to return to earth.

You remember two years ago, the Year of Contact, we were strongly working to open those doors toward that, and to create some very powerful changes in the earth by creating groups of individuals who regularly are sending healing to the earth, who are out there serving, consistently aware of unity. This opened some big doors and allowed contact to be made.

Now that contact has been established, this works then with the earth unveiling. The opening is actually going to begin its functioning with the new moon in January, and it will continue through 2011.

The initial part of this is so important because, literally, all of these steps are based upon human consciousness. It won’t happen if they’re not ready. If they are ready, it will happen if they’re set up for it. This gate has everything to do with unity. This has been the Year of Unity, working with that. Next year is set up as the Year of Completion.

Again, what’s going on with the life forms is paralleled by the earth. What’s going on with the earth because of the work with the life forms is then showing itself up beyond this dimension, and opening the door, once again, for the Shining Ones to be able to affect earth. That does not mean the mother ship is coming. It does mean that individuals will become much more able to consistently, clearly, have spiritual connection. The purpose of your humanity is not separation, dualism—gods and goddesses out there—but it is recognizing that the divinity is within and having active work with it.

In order to bring this about, several things are needed. If you look into your Biblical prophecy, 144,000 is the number of those who are going to call forth great change—that is a more accurate translation, by the way—those who will see paradise. It was once said, “Where two or more are gathered together in my name, there I will be also.” For the planet as a whole, as large as it is, 144,000 must be gathered to create a change in mass consciousness. Gathering 144,000 for that purpose is the question. Is it possible? It may be.

This planet has been in the back comer of the greenhouse to develop on its own—”All right, let’s move this plant/planet over here and just let it grow and see what it does.” And it was in the back room so that nobody would go and disturb it. It’s been incubating. Essentially what happened is those lines of energy in space around the planet and those on the planet, the ley lines, are shifted just out of kilter, just not quite in line. The ability to transport yourself literally from dimension to dimension as the ancients could do—the changing of the body into another location—had to do with the alignment of the earth and the alignment of the energy surrounding the earth, and those energies surrounding the earth are kept in place by the Guardians. When the Guardians were asked to turn their backs, that shifted that alignment, which meant there was no more movement from dimension to dimension, and that is opening back up. And indeed on an individual level has been opening up since the ‘40s on your planet, when you opened into the age of light.

It is a death blow to dualism, to separation. That doesn’t mean the creature’s dead, but it does mean that it’s weakened beyond repair.

The transition from the Piscean Age could go on for hundreds of years. You could be literally three-quarters of the way into the Aquarian time before the last effects of the Piscean Age are no longer felt. 11:11 is a way of killing it off quickly. It is literally something to be extremely proud of, in awe of.

What can you do to prepare yourself for this time? The most important thing is awareness. Just looking forward to and focusing on the idea of a time oriented toward unity, no separation, opening that gateway between heaven and earth—that alone will make a difference. Awareness and anticipation.

For those who want to take part in creating the opening, several things are needed. The very first one and the most difficult is, you must get rid of the separation in your life. Unity is the answer. I am appalled at the petty prejudices rampant in spiritual beings: judgment, not only things left over from poor upbringings which divide colors and genders, but things which divide spiritual awareness. Releasing the need for all manner of separation—suspending judgment. That’s very hard, but through conscious awareness it’s not impossible.

I need individuals who are strongly focused and cleared out. That means, no longer the improper use of food, of drugs, of emotions, all of which sustain addictive weaknesses. Exercise is very important—specific upper body changes must be made in order to sustain the great amount of energy that you are going to be focusing out of yourself and into a vast cosmic empty space. Therefore, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the arms need to be greatly strengthened. You strengthen the solar plexus by releasing the lower body’s hold on it. Deep breathing and the fire breath does that. The fire breath is done lying down flat: twenty pants (in and out is one); twenty long deep breaths in through the nose, out through the mouth; twenty more pants, twenty more long deep breaths.

The very best sort of thing you can do for the heart, the throat and the arms is upper body calisthenics, resistance work with weights, such things as that. Awareness, releasing, unity, strengthening—right now that’s the work.

Throughout the last ten years, individuals have been waking up to two things. The first is a sense of separation from the usual world, from normal. The second is a waking up to their having some sort of power and purpose, or purpose with power. All of that is keyed towards this. And what this is designed to do is no longer on an individual level, but, en masse, to push humanity off the cliff of complacency and force it to fall or fly. That this is happening so quickly shows that the past activations have worked beautifully and that humanity is fulfilling its promise. This opens the door to cosmic unity for the planet, for the people. It’s wonderful, blessed, and much to be excited about.