The 90’s — Entering a Time of Change

Recently Samuel was asked about the coming changes, openings and portals that seem to be connected with the coming decade. The following is an excerpt from that talk:

The nineties seem to herald the approach of a new energy coming in, a time for people to grow very rapidly, to be mirrors for that opportunity, for that growth to proceed.

It’s not because of the nineties, however. The planet has been working to a point of its own growth, along with that of the people who are a part of it. It’s not only the people, it’s all life forms on the planet, but especially the people. I say people rather than humanity because I make a differentiation that there is more than simple humanity on this planet right now. There are the “angels” and the unawakened ones that are beginning to wake up, to become more clear.

The people on the planet have awakened enough to allow an opening which, by the way, is about two years overdue. The fact that it is happening at the beginning of a new decade is only a “coincidence”, not an essential element as far as I’m concerned. I don’t care about years, I care about aspects of growth!

Can you talk about what is opening up at this point?

What is happening at this point is that a totally new system of teaching is coming in, a totally different understanding. It has to do with a new thought system opening up—I am making a very specific reference to a new form of existence where everything is starting over.

“New Age” up to this time has been a means to step back, try a few things, never to experience your power and compete with one another. That is why I have been pushing passion and intimacy. I am tired of what has been passing for spirituality, a word which truly means “soldiers of spirit”!

There are techniques that can be used that will institute change. It only requires two things. First it requires that you be at a point where you have let go—fourth degree initiates. These are the ones who are not seeking their power through the old ways. They are going to be the ones who are truly leading things. For the most part “New-Agers” aren’t at this point,

Second, it requires the willingness to simplify. The only thing I mean by simplify is to finish your commitments and be prepared to go. This is a very big obstacle right now, and what individuals need to be working on is the idea of commitment and all the things that are wrapped up in that.

Commitment to what?

Stuff. Your commitments to others. Be clear. Know what your commitments are. If you make a start finish it. People need to wrap things up, complete them, follow through on commitments. You need to take care of the basic foundation of the physical existence you have so it’s not hindering you. Get rid of the mess, get to the essential element without distraction.

That’s why I have taught people the techniques to fly, because you have to know how to experience earth to do it. And it’s going to help people see that there is something they can do.

You have talked about this being a time of portals opening and of new teachings, new understandings, and that you are here to help people with this through your transformative work. Could you list changes people will be experiencing?

People generally talk about the symptoms—misunderstandings, dependencies, personal power, completeness. I think of the essential primary focus. My work is to offer individuals an opportunity to find that primary focus.

Allowing yourself to begin experiencing what you are about causes dramatic life change. When you are clear, you are fearless. When you are fearless you have dramatic changes in all of your relationships—ALL OF THEM! When you are fearless you are honest. Humans, very sadly, often feel fraudulent, they feel they are not living up to what they are about. Therefore they are like a car running in circles without a destination.

When you know your destination and what you can do, you are much better able to do it. And because you are not afraid, you will begin to retrain yourself and those around you. This will bring about new forms of work relationships as people more and more stop working for others and begin working for themselves. This is an ability to create your own work, your own business, become an entrepreneur—because you are not fearful anymore!!

When you know what you are about, you learn how to manifest what you need. You are able to experience your own personal creative understanding of how to get what you need. You are able to create the rituals which allow you to use wisdom. I mean literally rituals, because Seventh Ray Energy is Rituals; it’s not Piscean.

When you have brought about these understandings you change your physical being. By changing your physical being you have control of how you express yourself into the world. When you feel good, you are good. When you are good, you get that back in response. When you are physically strong (healthy) you are less fearful of things hurting you. Pain no longer becomes an issue. When pain is no longer an issue in the physical, it’s no longer an issue in the emotional.

When you are able to use your body as you should, you find that you have more time, so you are able to accomplish more. There is no more frazzle, no more breaking apart. You are better able to organize yourself because you know yourself. You are better able to work on your gifts because you know what they are, you do not need to run into walls in order to learn. You can control how you learn and when you learn and what you get. You know when you are progressing. You know the system you are progressing on. When you are working in wholeness, completion, you are able to make contact with your spirit essence, your entity self which puts you in touch with what has been called the collective unconscious. It puts you in touch with constant awareness of the Source and how to respond and what to do. It frees you also from the tedium of this existence and allows you to be able to work and learn and grow on others with awareness at this one.

The earth has been curtained for a very long time so that individual consciousness could not go beyond this veil. This will allow the individual to break beyond that “ring-pass-not” and be able to experience the other projections, the other versions of soul, the other pieces of you that are learning in other arenas. Not that that’s particularly important to how you think now, because it’s hard enough to figure out how to work in this one. But I’m saying that once you have done what is needed to be completed here, it opens the door elsewhere.

And of course you will have right relationships, right experiences, be able to live in your now, to let go of incest, let go of child abuse, be able to let go of past karma, to complete, to understand the principles, to be in that now. You will have the ability to stop basing what you have now on what was, not because you’ve worked it out, but because you understand it (and that’s a very big difference).

That’s some of what’s available to the individual in the time that is now on the verge of beginning. But as always, the future is up to you. If the light you put out does not continue to shine and grow, it could be a very long time before these things occur that are now on your doorstep just waiting for you to bring them into your life.