[Samuel staring at David]

David: My energy is crazy.


I had a cup of coffee at lunch, and maybe that’s what it is. Does that fit?

Makes sense.

The person taking my order at the counter said, “Do you want a cup of coffee?” so I said yes. I don’t know why it came out of my mouth. I never drink it in the afternoon.

Well, that’s a part of the old habits then, to show you. Sorry, it was just a surprise to see your normal quiet energy just bouncing.

I was wondering if you could see it.

As we prepared for this interview in mid-January, we were struck more than ever by the sense that the work of Guardians during this “time of transition” is becoming more urgent. We have a few questions about the meaning of the recent work and about how you are preparing us to work effectively in the coming year.

In the November set of Lifescapes you spoke about the need to “recognize, release, and restructure.” In the two months since then, how successful would you say Guardians have generally been at doing this?

Oh, pretty much like usual: really making a go of it for sometimes up to three weeks, and then letting it get mixed in with memories of teachings and whatever choices they are making—and finding ways of justifying, as usual.

Having said that, however—to put my pointed reminder aside—as a whole I think that those teachings really touched deeply at a good time. Most people like a map, although I don’t like to give them one.

That information isn’t really different from what I have been saying for as long as I’ve been working through this form. I just keep using different words. I don’t ever expect that the larger group will suddenly be deeply moved by a program, but I do know that there will always be a couple of handfuls who are deeply moved and choose to use that version as a means to make life changes. And all it takes is one, so that’s good.

At the Lexington Lifescapes in 2017 you discussed the twelve crystals in our brain that will need to be activated in the fourth Density. How is the expansion of Light within us associated with these crystals, and what steps can we take to activate those crystals?

Well, first, you’re not going to be able to self-activate those crystals. They are a function of all of your bodies—your dense physical body, your mental-emotional functions, and your spiritual body. But when you are consciously working at higher frequencies, your spiritual body, as it is meant to do, is going to take over the mental-emo¬tional as well as the physical.

I’ll use an example I’ve used before for other things: When you are in graduate school, you can pretty well handle anything that a kindergartner or an elementary school child can handle. But when you are in kindergarten you can’t imagine what the elementary children are doing and in elementary school you cannot absorb what the graduate student does. Those crystals are somewhat like that. The physical crystals have to do with your physical function; having your best and highest physical function isn’t going to allow more Light into your body, but it will allow that energy to be better used. It’s the same with the mental. With the spiritual, you already know there are things you can do.

I don’t want people thinking that they can make the crystals perform for them, because they can’t, any more than they can change their eye color. They are part of your basic structure, part of your self; they are not something inserted into you. Some people may say, “Ah well, I have activated all of my crystals!” or I’ll get comments such as, “Well, I’m working on the physical, taking care of myself, and not eating these things.” That’s not really how the crystals work. With your pineal, maybe; the pituitary, for sure. But with your crystalline vortex, not so much.

But are they associated with Light coming into the physical?

Your pineal has to do with Light coming in. Your crystals use that Light.

Think of a cell; it has a surface coating, more or less, with reflective value, and it’s that coating that’s made up of crystalline material. Now I just want you to hold that image in your mind while you think about the filtering function of your kidneys. If your body is processing too much calcium, let’s say, what are you going to end up with?

Kidney stones, probably.

A kidney stone, not because your blood isn’t doing what it should, but because you have an excess that isn’t making it through the filter and therefore is collecting as a stone, more or less.

So as your cells change—and you don’t have the same cells you were born with, because they turn over rapidly—you very quickly begin developing a crystalline excess—I was going to say trash heap—which becomes the foundation point, for most people, for the building of those twelve crystals within the body. That is not a great explanation of how they get there. It’s very natural and is a part of the Plan, the blueprint, for everybody. Only in the last two hundred years or so has the higher Light body been able to work through those crystals into the rest of the body.

They’ve always been very active in Guardians, for instance, very active in those individuals who, awakened or not, came here for a specific purpose. But for the masses as a whole the Light body never takes over the physical body, so they’re never fully activated and it doesn’t matter. It’s kind of like breathing or using your hands: you don’t think about it; it’s just a part of you.

We don’t think about how our kidneys function, but they function anyway.

Exactly. And you never think about things until they break.

You said last year that 2018 would bring about massive changes in our world. Would you be more specific about the nature of these changes as they affect our personal worlds, life force and the planet as a whole?

Oh, don’t you wish! There’s only so much that I can say, simply because mass consciousness and its choices are going to determine what happens.

Massive energy flows will be coming through. That energy is neutral—remember that: the energy is neutral—but it still provides a big push. Some people will get that push and get angry and defensive and say “How dare you push me!” Some will say, “Wow, that was fun. Let’s do that again.” And some will just kind of straighten themselves back up and say, “Did something just happen?”

So, no matter what the energy is, those who are aware of it coming are going to be the ones to make the best use of it, and that’s why, over the last two years, I’ve been telling you “This energy is coming.” And I have even been directing you to see it in particular ways.

This year it is really strong manifestation energy. Use your creativity to make use of that.

Cosmic energy that has been traveling without space and time and yet through space and time to reach earth can come at any given moment. It could be the solstice or it could be tomorrow, but generally speaking, the equinoxes and the solstices are an easy time for the earth to get punched with energy. In 2018, your solstices and equinoxes have been specifically targeted as the best opportunities to make use of the particularly strong jolts of energy that seem to be needed pretty regularly here.

So starting around the equinox in March, you’re going to see a large bursts of energy that your creative self should really enjoy. It will affect your creative impulse toward making something happen, toward starting a new project, taking up an art or craft or enjoying it more. All of these work with creative force. But if you are aware that it’s coming, you can already have projects set up so that you make the best use of that energy. You can determine that creativity means manifestation—because it does—and use it to manifest what you want to see completed. So ask yourself, “What completions am I needing?”

Summer is not so easy for me to see from this point, but this year is about manifesting, on the human level and the spiritual level, what you need to help you bring about your highest good.

If you remember, at the January first-Sunday meeting I raised all kinds of questions—what are five things you’re really grateful for, five things you want to create—because I want you thinking about “What do I want now?”

You said the solstices and equinoxes have been specifically “targeted,” which implies there is a targeter. Targeted by whom or what?

The originating Plan. This dimension—this Density—is all about the Plan for this planet and all life force on it. It’s a part of the Plan.

A reminder: there have been energy flows that were actually quite a surprise. Do you remember my saying, “Well this was unexpected,” because it would only have been possible if certain things had occurred, and on no earth before this had they ever come about. That did not mean they were not a part of the Plan; it just meant humanity and any of its experimental forms had never been able to reach the point where they could move beyond personal power and abuse into an embodiment of Spirit. The Plan says, “At this frequency, here is what you get. At this frequency here is what you get.” So it’s not targeted as in “I am going to send energy to David.” It’s targeted as in “all who function at this frequency or higher are going to benefit from this,” because that is written into the cosmic blueprint, if you will.

It’s like a Rube Goldberg contraption, in which one action sets off a long path of diversions on the way to the end of the marble’s path. Your universe is like that.

It’s that kind of device.

So the hope is that as the energy comes and the frequency in the life force can match it, it will push the life force forward.

Yes, that’s always been true. It’s a balance of the energy of the planet and the life force on the planet, and when they reach equality that creates a new level, and you keep going.

You’ve described the uses we make of this energy in personal, individual terms, like “your projects” and so on, but can’t this energy have a more global effect?

I do that because I am talking to a very small group through the newsletter. Yes, of course, there is a planetary effect, but it only works through individuals—and that includes individual dogs and individual house plants—because it’s only manifested through form itself.

If I apply this creativity to all my projects, is that feeding into a bigger picture?

Yes, of course it does, in a very big way: bigger because you are a Guardian. But your neighbors are going to be experiencing that creative flow too, and that will touch others, as well.

You’ll probably see things happening such as investment changes, artistry having a boom; anything that is a creative endeavor, you’re going to see it get a push. Now, you’re going to see some reactions, too, be they positive, negative, neutral or unknown.

So I can stop obsessing about this energy coming in and how I will put it out there. Should I just trust that this energy is coming to everyone and it’s all going to work if we move with it?

Well, both of those are accurate, but I would rather you obsess on ways to get out there and make use of it, and I say “obsess” only because you use that word, I really don’t think you should obsess.

Focus, then.

Even if you don’t do anything with it, it’s going to have an effect, but if there is a choice between the end product that comes from “I did nothing and let it happen on its own,” and the end product of “I’m going to put my high-frequency heart into this,” I sure would rather have that high-frequency focus.

You will be tailoring the Lifescapes in 2018 to the energy of the groups attending in Atlanta, Lexington and Pittsburgh. How do these three groups differ, and how will their differences affect your approach?

Atlanta’s energy tends to be like someone after drinking too much coffee: “Should I look at this now, or what about that, or what about this? All right, let’s go over there and do this!” It’s on the move constantly. It’s really great for people who live there if they have a lot of energy, and—oh, gracious, like to drive—and have a tendency to bounce from one thing to another.

Now, quiz time: What is something most Guardians have in common in their past? The answer is, they’ve done a lot of bouncing from thing to thing, because they get involved in something, get tired of it, and move on. Think back to school. You learned pretty fast, so you got kind of bored and were ready to go on to the next level. That’s true with Guardians. They don’t like school, don’t like authority, don’t like their jobs. That’s because they got what they wanted from it really fast. That’s Atlanta energy. If you listen to Atlanta Lifescapes you’ll hear questions that tend to deal with what is happening in the world: “What’s the bigger picture with this?” Or there might be no questions at all, because they’re just sucking in the information.

Pittsburgh is kind of the direct opposite. Pittsburgh’s energy tends to be very family-like. There is a real sense of comfort within the group, and if you were to come into a meeting at Pittsburgh, you might say, “Ah, this is a nice fit.” The questions tend to be more personal. Some of that is because that comfortable, family feeling makes it okay to say, “Is it all right to masturbate five times a day?” in the middle of a big group of people. So I know that when I’m talking to that group I’m going to need to broaden it out to include everybody while I answer someone’s specific question.

Lexington is a mixture of both, but generally I would say that Lexington likes to know what’s behind something. “Tell me more about this. Tell me more about that.” Lexington probably has the most people who like the airy-fairy or the purer metaphysical, New Age end of things.

But, as I said, there are two sides. Lexington also likes “One, two, three, four, five—do these things, and it will work.” In a sense, Lexington likes to not have to think about personal work like Pittsburgh does, so that they can play in the spiritual part of the work. And that’s all right. That works.

In Lexington’s Lifescapes I always know that it’s going to be a very broad mix, whatever I do. I will have this group over here asking “What does Arcturus have to do with that?” and this group over here saying, “So if I just communicate this way will things work out better?” That’s pretty much what I’m looking at in that room. Lexington, however, does not have Atlanta’s transience—“Move to this; oops, move to that”—so it’s different in that way.

All three cities have very solid groups in them. If there is anything in particular I would hope for in 2018 in the three cities, it would be that they each increase their efforts to try new things and to create a comfortable atmosphere, and to support both those ongoing efforts in the other cities when they visit. I would love to see people from Atlanta checking out Lifescapes in Pittsburgh, and people attending all of them, because they’re going to be very different. I’m not going to give a version of the same talk in each city, as I have in the past.

At a Lifescapes in Pittsburgh I will say a few of the same things as in Lexington, but my intent is to be very different based upon what is happening in the group at the time.

It sounds as though it would be worthwhile to listen to all three Lifescapes, because they’re going to provide a much broader picture.

Well, I’ll tell you that that is the intent, but we’ll have to see how it actually works out.

You led four large rituals in 2017—at the solar eclipse in August, during the group trip to Arkansas, at the Festival of Light and at the New Year’s Eve celebration in Lexington. From your perspective, what were the differences in those four rituals and the groups that took part in them? What did each of them achieve?

The eclipse was the most massive doorway your planet has walked through in a very, very long time—ages. The Density change has had a profound effect on your world, and on individuals.

For instance?

It has affected the population as a whole in the U.S. Your “Me Too” and “Time’s Up” movements are saying “I am strong. You will hear my voice.” That’s also going on in politics. It’s great! There are protests going on all over the world with people standing up saying, “You are not going to enslave us with fear. We can make a difference.” I love it.

And in addition to that, you are coming up with scientific, almost magical remedies to take some of the fear out of the massive diseases that are breaking you down. People are choosing kindness on the Internet. There are movements on all platforms to stop allowing hate and fear and anger to take over, and to be kind—on the Internet, no less, where anonymity provides the easiest opportunity to spew your pain. And this is only in a few short months. Imagine what a few more months will give.

Is there significance to the fact that there were 144 people at the eclipse?

There aren’t coincidences and that absolutely added to the power, but I would have been okay if there were 143 or 43.

So it’s the quality not the quantity?

If you don’t have good quality then you really need the quantity.

Arkansas was stunning, absolutely stunning. I saw that group create something I have not seen any human group do—any human group (and remember, I don’t just work with you). I just loved it. And its purpose, of course, had to do with re-patterning and with the Arkansas-Brazil Stargate. Stargate work is pretty easy to do, and maybe that’s part of it, but having that group come together in that way and focus so well with that energy, it was great. And it did speed up the re-patterning. The Arkansas-Brazil twin Stargate is active, so it was very successful if you look at them that way.

The problem was that I thought, “Super!”

It set the bar really high.

Absolutely. It set the bar really high. I thought, well, if this group can do this then maybe just Intent is all that’s needed. And I might still try that occasionally. I just did not find it all that effective at the Festival of Light. It might just be that it was that time of year. It’s a busy time; the atmosphere’s pretty different from a really strong high ritual. So I’m not tossing the idea out, but it was probably the least effective Festival of Light, which was unfortunate.

However, its success was that it did show me that even with people from that high-bar-setting Arkansas group scattered here and there among the Festival of Light participants, it wasn’t enough to recreate that same kind of energy.

New Year’s Eve—lovely, lovely, lovely work, but the group comes in to New Year’s Eve knowing that they’re going to do a lovely, airy-fairy high ritual. However, the purpose within that ritual and my purpose for that ritual were actually two different things. Within that ritual the purpose had to do with creating energy to bring about change in your world and create what you needed—kind of typical “end of the year and move into the next.” My purpose with that ritual was to help you shift your energy.

You may remember that earlier I said the energy comes through and smacks you, and I wanted everybody in there to get a sense of working together, of having united energy. It was a beautiful ritual. The focus was lovely. The energy sent out was strong and good, although I don’t think everybody in there felt it. I thought the room stayed a little cool, and I don’t mean the temperature. So I found that interesting as well, because that was showing me that you could create a very powerful energy flow even without really consciously connecting together.

So the four rituals this year—and this is probably why you asked that to begin with—really had very different effects for me as well as for you. I think your usual ritual is really what you work best with.

In June we will travel to Bolivia to work with the Stargate at Lake Titicaca. What is the nature of this particular Stargate, and what specific type of energy will be needed to open it?

Lovely. Well, first this Stargate has already been Awakened. It was Awakened back in 2011 maybe, or 2012—I’m not real good with your time.

Do you mean our first group trip to Bolivia?

No, I mean by another group of Light workers. It’s an Awakened Stargate already. What you are going to be doing is activating it. Lake Titicaca is one of three places on the planet that holds the balance of masculine and feminine energy. It’s a particularly Divine Feminine area. And for those who went to Guatemala, you’re going to feel a lot of the same resonance, that same frequency, because of the Divine Feminine in it.

Activating a part of the earth that is all about the power of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine working as it should is going to really help. It’s a solar Stargate that leads to the black hole at the center, more or less, of the Milky Way, so it’s a transport gate. It moves through the sun out into the Milky Way, so your activation is going to be Vesta-Helios.

Now you’re not activating Vesta-Helios, but you’re going to be taking that energy to do the work. And that will be its own challenge. I expect the work to be very, very effective.

And no, I’m not going to say what the other two places holding the masculine-feminine balance are.