The interview in this issue is based on questions developed by the Louisville Toning group. Jerry Cook presented the questions to Samuel and led the discussion.

Jerry Cook: How do the seven solar systems mirror humanity’s development toward Ascension and in what ways are they working together?

Samuel: What do you mean, how do they mirror this one? What are you looking for?

How they compare to this experiment, Earth’s experiment with Ascension.

I can tell you this: Each of the seven systems has a different focus, but it all works toward the same end, much like your Group of Twelve are all, more or less, you. Much like all of the seven Rays or twelve Rays are all Source. They all function differently. Sort of like the same ingredients make cake, but certain flavorings cause it to be chocolate or vanilla or carrot. They all have their plan, but this one is about learning unconditional love through the wheel. They all function diffeently.

Okay. So this experiment is about unconditional love. You have said that our human experience is about the process of spiritual evolution. As we acknowledge our spiritual connection and Sacred Status is activated, we shift to another step, which is Ascension.

That’s not correct.

Well, I’ll go ahead and read the rest of it. That might not be correct either.

With Ascension comes the process of the Spirit becoming fully “enmeshed.” Then the next stage of that, which is fully controlled by the Spirit, leads to the completed transformation or Transfiguration. So the whole process is about Ascension?

Sacred Status has already begun. Ascension does not come about until the end of Sacred Status and that’s a really important point.

Ascension through the densities, however, is a wholly different matter than planetary ascension, and I don’t know which one you’re talking about there. Are you talking about personal ascension or planetary ascension?


Planetary ascension requires the completion of Sacred Status. Personal ascension has nothing to do with Sacred Status. Personal
ascension is the individual’s evolutionary process on a spiritual level, which first requires Awakening, obviously, and then requires Activation, which is where most people fall off the wagon, because Activation means service to the world and to each other and to the Vision— functioning in unity. It means releasing one’s egoic needs and allowing one’s spirit to take over further and further. That requires giving in order to reach that receiving, which is why the activation, the service, is such an important part of it.

Moving through the densities can be slow or fast—I like fast.

Me too.

Most don’t, because the fast track means everything’s hitting you at once, and most people would rather jump off the wagon, have another life or ten, than have to let go of all of their precious core issues, all of the precious ways that they have defined this life as Reality. Ascending through the densities isn’t hard if you’re willing to release, to revise, and revitalize. Release old beliefs, old methods of doing things, the negativity that the world wants to put on you. Realize the changes that are needed and move toward them and activate them—put them to work.

Along those lines, it seems to me like I remember your saying at some point that as we move toward personal Ascension we’re going to be able to leave our bodies.

That’s true.

How does that work? I mean, as our vibrational frequency rises, our density level rises, then we’re still going to be in physical form and be ableto…

. . . consciously function outside of this density. As true as that is, most people—Guardians—are so far from that density except at odd moments that that’s more of a carrot before the donkey than a reality. Yes, the higher your frequency, the less dense your form is and the more connected you are into the Source Field. And it is through the Source Field that you transport—there’s no better word at the moment—from one particular version of reality to another version, as well as from who you are to what you are, and as well as through the non-spiritual densities or dimensions.

For instance, other planets or stars within your system: you can visit those as well as the invisible spiritual world. I don’t think I said that very well—the “non-spiritual densities”—but I was meaning out in your space. The only thing that’s needed is consistency.

In what?

Spiritual growth. But the consistency is what keeps people from experiencing it. They don’t function at a frequency consistently, so their body never has the opportunity to get used to that frequency, needless to say to move and function at higher and higher ones. It’s that inconsistency that throws it off.

But the physical brain is a factor in that.

It’s not.

Doesn’t the physical brain of doubt and fear hold you back?

Of course it holds you back. So get over it.

Most people, like me, still have fears about things.

I agree. So stop it.


No more fear.

When you say the non-spiritual densities, are you talking about the first and second densities?

The non-spiritual densities, which you think of more as dimensions of this reality—space, time, matter—would therefore include checking out Alcyone or visiting India while you’re sitting here. The spiritual densities you’re much more familiar with, because you think of them as the invisible, the Great Ones, the Watchers. But really it’s the physical densities that you’d have more fun with.

Well, I wish there was an easy key that you could give that would put us on a fast track to get there, so we could just start having some more fun.

You know, love, I’ve been giving those keys for eons, eons: Drop ego. Become what you are.

The Spirit that we are.

Yes. Leave the personality—maybe that’s a better word than ego, and all these years my saying ego just caused confusion. The more you have to be who you are, the less you’re going to move forward. That’s pretty simple, because it’s you who have the fears and the frustrations and the suffering and the pain. Moving outside of that takes that away.

But all of that is balled up in the memory system of the brain.

And your brain is plastic. It’s not set. It can be remolded and is in fact constantly remolding itself, but your brain isn’t where the power is. The brain works in conjunction with the body. Your individual frequency works out of the heart and the gut and the brain, and those three major areas can be changed. When they are functioning as one, they are “the now” (they create our version of reality)—and there’s power there— rather than stuck in what was or worried about what might be.

Now, somebody ask me what the heck the gut has to do with anything. Well, the gut leads your physical body. The brain leads your mind. The heart leads your spirit. You knew that.

I think we’re all anxious for more. When I say “for more” I mean to reach the higher densities, to have the abilities to get this experiment over with. We’re so anxious to leave our physical body.

Why not?

Well, in my case I have grandchildren. This part’s fun too. I’ve already been thinking about how to prepare my granddaughter to understand it, so that’s something I’m working on. I can remember you saying some time ago you hoped that we’d reach Sacred Status in ten years, and that’s been fifteen years ago I guess. So are we close?

You are in Sacred Status, but the completion of Sacred Status is a wholly different thing. Ten years ago, you weren’t in Sacred Status. The frequency of the planet and the frequency of all life force on it were never in balance. It was constantly up and down and up and down, because there weren’t enough people focused. Sacred Status began when those two frequencies were finally balanced. Now they’re not constantly balanced, but they stay within a good range, which happened because more than half of the life force on this planet Awakened.

Here is why the final Ascension process is a leap: the plant and the animal kingdoms were pushed— pushed by you—and it’s because once you are in Sacred Status, it’s not Awakening that completes it, it’s Activation. It requires those who are Awakened to be Activated, because that will come back and allow more to Awaken who then can Activate, which will . . . and on and on.

So it’s not so much about when as it is about what’s holding up Activation. And for that, every individual has to look into himself or herself. What are you doing to serve love in this world? What are you consciously doing to give, support, help? What are you doing, not just to make yourself better, which is what Guardians are happy to do, but to actually serve in this world? What are you doing to serve love, and serve life? That’s going to require change in a lot of mindsets, in fairly stagnant individuals who are afraid of change, who don’t want to rock the boat, who judge themselves by every mistake that’s made and would stay and not grow rather than risk.

I understand that one.

It’s a big leap.

I think we all get stuck by being too comfortable.

Unfortunately, that’s very true. The Universe has been doing what it could, however, to shove people out of that, but that doesn’t make people very comfortable either.

You said each universe functions within a frequency range and that small spectrum shows up as the densities of our reality. That seems to mean that any density would be different in another universe based on the purpose and creator of that particular universe. Please help me understand the different variations of form that would produce.

Remember that form is a function of frequency, but it’s also a function of evolution based upon the “ingredients” that make up the cake. It’s also a function of how those ingredients have been mixed together for life to best form. Here you breathe oxygen, but not every system is based on oxygen. Not all of life force even here requires oxygen. So to simply put out a broad “Go to the ‘Star Wars’ creatures and you’ll get a sense of what all of the different non-human beings look like,” you really can’t do that.

Now, you can get specific. What do those who live in planets that are basically helium look like? All that is is mental masturbation. Who cares? Because if you’re going to be dealing with them, they’re going to look like you. If you’re going to be seeing them, they’re going to look like you, even if you’re seeing them while you are out of your body—and I’ll explain that in a moment.

So for one thing, it doesn’t matter. To me you don’t look like what you think you look like, so that question isn’t particularly helpful. But the other reason is, insofar as frequency is concerned, that’s a whole different thing than how a universal Creator has envisioned it. So this question has too many elements. You have to say “All right, wait. Well, first there’s this, and you’ve got to get that fixed before you can get to this, and you’ve got to get that fixed before you can get to that.”

When you’ve finally reached that point where you are creating your own universe, you create it however you want it to look and you create life force to be whatever you want it to be. It will be limited by the boundaries of your creation, but within those boundaries it will evolve through mutation, which will create changes as well. So universe to universe, you can’t compare.

Matter to matter, based on the humanoid version, is not going to be helpful either. Here is why you’re going to see something that looks like you no matter what. When you transcend the lower densities to the point where you are capable of traveling outside of your body, you will never remember the experience except how the imprint left on your spiritual self affects the brain. And then your brain translates—and that’s the best it can do—through that associative process. If you talked with “somebody,” then your brain is going to tell you it looked a whole lot like you, and you’ll never know differently until you’re out of that body, and then you will ask yourself, “Oh, how could I ever have thought that?” You see by the structure of your belief by far more than you see with the structure of your brain and optic nerve functions.

You said in a recent Lifescapes event that March 2016 should be fun because it’s a pure amassing of Sirius force. How does this major energy transmission differ from other ones we will receive in 2016?

Guardians are enriched and accelerated by the filter they have come through, and most have come through the filter of Sirius, so most Guardians are going to find that that energy transmission is deeply fulfilling and creates a lot of internal recognition and knowing. It’s not all about change by way of core issues. And that should be a really great difference.

What do you mean by coming through the filter of Sirius?

When you choose to come into form, it’s kind of like the birth process where you say, “I’m coming to those parents,” and you take a dive, sort of. You say, “This is the arena where I am going to best be able to receive what I need to receive and give what I have to give in order to complete the compacts I have made.”

Now, that arena might be the earth function of form, which happens to be the biggest active Plan going on right now.


Right now.

Making that choice also lines up a whole lot of other things, such as the structure your form is going to use, the nature of the plan you’re going to be working in. And so literally your spiritual frequency—or maybe better, your Entity—chooses a particular means of encapsulating all of those needs. It’s as if you put a coffee filter into a strainer and you pour something through it; what comes out has been more filtered because you’ve got two layers of filtering there. Some places you come through into form are more filters—you’ve got the strainer, and then you’ve got a finer strainer, and then you’ve got the coffee filter, and then you’ve got cheesecloth in between all of that, which means that you’re going to come out with a much higher, finer, frequency. Earth and the Sirian connection allows for a much higher frequency.

And you’re equating higher frequency with finer frequency.


During a recent Lifescapes event you said we are a star seed and our work here is to seed the energy of those stars here. How do you suggest we seed those star seed energies?

And the second part: Would it be necessary for people to know which star seed they are to seed here or is it enough to more generally give that creation energy when needed?

What do you think I’m about to answer, because more or less I already have.

Do you mean that filter system that you just described?

All right. That’s a more specific part of it, but generally speaking, what do you think is required for you to be able to function as your star seed and reach that place where you are seeding those stars? What do you think you need for that to happen?

Unconditional love.

Live love.

You’ve got to be functioning at your highest frequency. You need to be functioning at much higher densities or you’re not going to be able to move out of this “dream.” Living the dream, baby, which is meant as an insult, a playful one, but still.

Until you get over yourself, you’ll never get out of here.

Where is here? Earth?

That’s right. This dimensional reality. And that question is all about “How am I going to seed the stars?” You’re not going to get off of this planet until you can get out of your head, out of your gut, and have your head, heart and gut all working together, which essentially means until you are Activated and consciously living love. Master the lessons of this earth. The rest doesn’t matter.

Do you mean getting off the wheel, coming back again and again until you get it?

There is definitely that in there, but it’s not required. You can seed stars by functioning in sixth density. Sixth density doesn’t require your physical body, but it means you can do it in the physical body. For everybody whose crystals have taken them on a ride out into space, you’re capable. Not necessarily able, but capable of the star-seeding work. And when I said the rest doesn’t matter I meant the second part of that question doesn’t matter because the first part isn’t getting there.

You talk about the energy that’s coming in. We’re seldom aware physically of energy coming in, so…

I disagree with that.

Maybe I should say I’m seldom aware. But what is it really affecting? Is it the physical, the spirit itself? What can it affect if we don’t have awareness?

It depends upon the transmission itself. First, you do need to remember that you’re speaking personally, that you rarely notice it. But it’s like a rainbow that you might miss altogether unless you’re looking for it, but when you know, “Right over there. Look above that tree. See that little streak of color.”—ah, then you see it and you see it all together.

There are those who have made themselves sensitive enough and know themselves enough to be able to say, “This isn’t how I felt yesterday. Something’s different.” Do you remember years ago I talked about ways to know how your physical body reacts to your emotions, and Peggy gave the example that she could tell when something was starting to make her angry because her legs would stiffen up like a bulldog. She’d catch that and realize she had to settle down, she was getting angry.

It’s the same way with energy work. Every time we do high frequency energy work together, your body adapts. It says, “I remember this. All right, that’s not something to worry about. I will accept that.” With every acceptance it becomes less different to you, and the only way you know I’m touching you is because it’s different than it was a moment ago. You probably don’t even feel your t-shirt on you any more, do you, because you’re so used to it? That’s why I always consider it a really great sign when somebody doesn’t get all woo-woo because of energy changes. And, yes, it can mean they are just totally oblivious, but with Guardians it’s more likely because they are becoming familiar with working at those higher levels.

Now, having said all of that, I’m going to get a little more teachy here. One thing that you can do is start tracing sun cycles and moon cycles, and how you are feeling. This is going to require a little bit of journaling because you’re not likely to remember the little things, but you want to do a physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual inventory when you see that there has been a coronal mass ejection. You want to pay attention to the coronal mass ejection coming toward the earth and journal for the next two to three days. If the ejection is toward the earth, after a day and a half, maybe, your planet will start feeling the electromagnetic charge. And look for such things as, physically speaking, diarrhea or nausea or upset stomach. It’s a stress reaction. Stress won’t constipate you; it will release everything, though. If you always have that reaction, it’s not the best test. You may find that your physical senses change. And what you’re going to be looking for is a pattern, because on day one you may notice that you’ve got an upset stomach, but you ate Thai food the night before, so who knows? But when you see after four or five CMEs that you always have an upset stomach for about twenty-four hours, that’s telling you something.

Pay attention also to your sensory awareness. It’s not at all unusual for you to find (and of course I’m going to extremes) that your vision or your hearing or even your ability to taste and feel get stronger or weaker. Usually stronger, but everybody’s different. Don’t judge yourself if you find your vision gets a little weaker but your sensitivity gets stronger. This is usually where it shows up, because this is a stress response. Look at your mental and emotional response times. How long does it take you to remember what you’re seeking to remember? How long is it taking you to calm yourself down or get angry? Everything’s at a tipping point.

Now, there are also physical things that you can look for with the earth. There are generally going to be at least two notable earthquakes after a very large CME. And if it’s really large, you’re going to see increased volcanic activity.

Spiritually speaking, though, look to see if you find that your ability to function in unity—to give love, to really connect in oneness—changes. Again, it may be easier, it may be harder. Do that while paying attention to the sun. But also pay attention to full moons. Full moons will have pretty much the opposite effect on you of whatever the sun does.

The reason both of those matter is that most of the major energy transmissions come through your sun or around the time of your full moon, because those are both portal activities.

So you’re looking for patterns.


You said we don’t have an accurate view of the makeup of our solar system, number of planets, orbit, and number of suns. Please describe a more accurate view of our solar system. How does that differ from other solar systems?

Two suns, twelve planets, and I won’t talk about the other solar systems.

Two suns other than Vesta Helios?

No, Vesta Helios and another. Twelve planets, and that doesn’t include the ones that are on and off. “Is this a planet or just a really big space object?” They function in different kinds of orbits; some are exactly like what you track, and some are by far not anything like what you’ve tracked. Your solar system actually converges with another, and that’s why you have more planets than you think you do. Where they converge, that cross point, is the only place you ever view them.

And the cross-point changes?


Is that where the second sun is? That solar system.


In our evolution as humanity on Earth, how much outside influence have ETs had?

You’ve never been without help. You’ve never been without help. You’ve always had off-world influence of one form or another, either physically here or by way of energetic transmissions. You’ve always had that, but remember the Grid was shifted so that very little could come through. So although it was always here, it was quite small as compared with what is now available.

What’s a time frame on this shifting? When it was shifted so they couldn’t come through, and now it’s shifted back more in alignment, what would be that time frame?

Two earths. This whole earth system as you know it now in this historic setup, and the earth before this one. So for two earths it’s been gridded.

What is the time frame of that?

All of your history and more. It’s not an answerable question. To answer it in earths is the best I can do.

As far as this experiment goes, this earth goes, how long has there been a physical being, a human being, on this planet?

Life force was established through help, so from the beginning.

I guess I still think in time. I’ve read that maybe it’s a million years.

No I would have said, well, twenty-six and a half million years ago . . .

Give or take six months.

. . . but about two billion years.


And to that you want to say, “But Samuel, the planet is only about two and a half billion years old.”

Right. My point exactly.

History books don’t explain that very well.

Aye, well your science doesn’t recognize that a rock has life force either.