As we look at the world, the two things that would probably strike us most are the massive changes that are occurring and the accelerated pace at which they are happening. How does social change occur, and what influences large-scale or global shifts in consciousness?

The only way that I can possibly answer that is to do it person­ally. Remember that everything that goes on with you then begins fulfilling itself out in the world. That is true whether you are a Guardian or an awakening form on the planet. The higher fre­quencies affect the lower frequencies, whatever that happens to be, in whatever dimension, in whatever reality of life force.

The way that you recognize that in your own life is by seeing that like attracts like, that your changes are reflected out in the world, even if you’re not sure whether something has actually changed or it’s only the yellow-Volkswagen syndrome. So, I’ll an­swer that on a personal level, then move it outward to a larger perspective.

Right now, those who are reading this interview are those who, in one way or another, have made a connection into my work. If you are con­nected into my work, it is be­cause you function at a high fre­quency, you are here for a purpose. In all likelihood, whether you are living it or not, you have access to Guardianship energy on the planet. So when I say you are here as a Guardian, I am referring to the fact that you are here to function at a higher frequency and to be one who shows the way for those that are coming along after you, in the very same way that the parent is the way-shower for the child who is learning how to live in the world.

Look at your own life, and you’re looking at social change. How does social change happen? Well, how does change happen in your own life? Things get bad enough that you don’t put up with them anymore, and so you make a change. And that’s true for one person or one million. It’s very sad that that’s the way it hap­pens, but that is the way it happens. But there is a glimmer of hope that I’ll get to in a minute.

When things get bad enough, you stop. You don’t like it. It doesn’t feel good. You look for a way to hide from it, and if you cannot hide from it you do something about it. That’s human na­ture. So the physical aspect of you is going to move toward that security system—don’t change things, don’t make waves, don’t bother with it until you cannot run away from it any longer. When there are enough people in agreement, then social change begins to happen because it’s demanded.

Having said all of that, there is another option. It’s the option that this work is about, and that is not needing to be struck over the head with a painful experience to show you this is not what you want, but functioning, instead, at your highest frequency. When you’re not functioning at your highest frequency, your instinctual self tells you to run, hide, stay with the group, don’t change. But when you start functioning at a higher frequency, your security measures stop being why you run, hopefully. When you are func­tioning at your highest frequency you have a knowing from a higher perspective of what is the best thing to do.

It’s a large leap for you when that happens. Everything in you says to run, but you know that’s not the right thing to do. You have a glimmer of a higher path to take, a higher response to make, and upon having success at that higher fr0+3equency, you become more trusting of functioning at it. Eventually you are working enough at that higher frequency that you are in sync with the Weaver of the Great Pattern instead of reacting to the weaves being made. When you move from reaction to action, from resistance to response, then you have moved from being acted upon to planning what’s going to happen. And, as I mentioned before, when there are enough functioning at that point, then a new level of awareness moves into mass consciousness.

Am I talking “hundredth monkey” here? Not at all. In fact, the hundredth-monkey theory that has been popularized of late really isn’t the way humans make change, either, because it’s safer to do nothing, which means they end up spiraling a step backwards so that they will not be faced with any change—and that in itself is a change, a change going backwards—or because they have suc­cess at doing something and take a step forward. Either way, it’s change only for the sake of safety.

You said, “When there are enough functioning at that point, a new level of awareness moves into mass consciousness.” How many is enough?


Big One or small one?

Both, actually. I have been telling you that it is now one with one. One Heart works with One Mind, creating One Body. One does it. But it is the One that is cre­ated because one has linked with one. In the pattern, it takes probably twelve for each One being created.

In the pattern? What pattern?

In the pattern of transition that is re­quired to move from 4:3:2 to 5:3:2. Transi­tion from one to the other will be completed in groupings of twelve perfected beings. But before you get yourself caught up in the numbers, I want you to remember that the first number I said was one. It takes One. In order to have that One, that means a one with one, but remember that I have said that two only makes one in the negative sense. (Two minus one.) Three, the triune number, will make One that is whole. So in groupings of three, you can have the beginning of change, but the activation of that change will come when the groupings of three are working together as One, and it doesn’t really matter how many of them there are doing that as long as it is all that are involved in the process.

Right now in this room there are three of you, and so the decisions you make and what you do can be fulfilled, because you can work as One to make it happen. If there were four or five in here, that would be dif­ferent than if there were six, because you would have more of a tendency to revert to security patterns when there were four or five than if there are six. Just pay attention to what happens in groups of different sizes.

So what I’m saying here is that, at this time of transition, one single individual is not going to be functioning at a high enough state of perfection on a consistent enough basis to be able to bring about a change in mass consciousness, It is when you come together to function as One Body that that happens. But the coming together to do that has to happen in threes.

The grouping of threes is the second level of that body, and that brings about a higher level of perfection, until you have twelve and then thirty-six and then seventy-two. And at that point, if you have seventy-two groups of three, the work involved in changing a function within humanity is more easily done than when you’re working with the first group of three.

And all of this is based on the presump­tion that you have a new grid working and that you’re going to be able to work with a common vision within those groups.

So, after June, when the northern Crown Portal is opened, if Atlanta, Lexington and Pittsburgh would form one huge medita­tion group by putting together twelve triunities between the three cities, we could affect a faster rate of change than if we just keep on doing what we are doing now.

That’s right Is it likely to happen? Lex­ington has more consistency than either of the other cities. Are you anywhere near sev­enty-two groups of three? Do you even have twelve groups of three consistently? No.

So, you see, it takes more of a concerted effort than you might realize.

But let’s say you do have it, and that the coming together of the groups actually does create a change in mass consciousness. Then the question is, How long does it take for mass consciousness to become aware of it? You will find that the answer is, Less time than it used to. But it’s not fast enough if you’re only working one attitude by one attitude, one small group by one small group.

When you say “one small group,” are you talking about one small group being af­fected or one small group working with that intent?

One small group with that intent. The one small group of seventy-two times three.

Why do these numbers work this way?

It’s the way that form functions here. They are simply offshoots of the way the smallest cell divides. It’s the original blue­print that’s being reflected through that. The numbers aren’t magic. The numbers repre­sent a possible creation of magic.

So it’s the microcosm and macrocosm.

Absolutely. So if what you want to do is bring about a change of awareness in some­thing like “wholeness” or “eradicating world hunger” or “ecological awareness,” how is it you can bring that about on a mass level?

Well, based on what I just said, the very first thing is that the need for change has got to hit home first, individual by individual, because it is when they are directly af­fected—hit over the head in pain—they will function at a higher frequency. That’s it; that’s the thing that’s going to happen. The one that is affected connects with others who are affected, and that’s the way it changes.

That’s why I constantly encourage you to take part where you are, and to do what needs to be done, because you see it where you are. It is giving where you are receiving. And pay attention to what you receive so you can give more.

What are you personally doing to bring about changes in mass consciousness in regard to the environment? What are you doing? Do you recycle? Do you garden? Do you protect the wild crea­tures, whether they be homeless cats or birds, or, if your back yard has whales in it, the whales? Are you doing anything now? If you’re not, how can you ever expect consciousness to change in the masses? It begins with the individual, and ends with the One Great Individual, but it’s the same process all the way through—and that has not changed.

To take that concept of the actions of the individual leading to the Individual, then how much does our country, which func­tions as a world leader, need to involve itself in other societies globally to show the way?

At any given time in the world, you have countries that are put forth as world leaders, and as young as your country is, it is in the forefront of leadership and it is looked upon as a leader. But your country is a reflection of you, and it will always be a reflection of the most general aspects of you, which is to say the lowest-fre­quency aspects of you. That which has the greatest “like” across the country are the lower frequencies, not the higher.

A country has no responsibility in the world while it’s function­ing at a lower frequency but it’s responsibility changes when more in the country are functioning at a higher frequency. And there is a very real possibility that, within the next year and a half, that re­sponsibility is going to change, because you’ll have the grid in ef­fect and you’ll have the primary function of life force energy chang­ing because of the energy coming through the opened Heart Por­tals. It’s possible that, by gathering groups of One, you can acti­vate consciousness on a higher level at a more accelerated rate. And then you will have responsibilities.

Right now you are functioning globally in response to the low­est common denominator, and so you have a government that looks out for itself in the world, that often bullies, that does not necessarily look out for others unless it has some way it can help itself. Your government is expressing the very saddest of human conditions, and it will remain that way unless you make changes.