The interview in this issue is based on questions submitted by you, the readers. Some questions we received were complex and required dividing into separate parts for the sake of clarity. We have included the entire interview in one piece. “Samuel Responds” will return in the next issue.

“I have recently found myself getting powerfully angry at others when my intentions or expectations are thwarted, just the kind of relationship issues you told us we might experience. Why would Guardians be having trouble with relationships?”

Well, this is a really quick answer: Why wouldn’t they?

“How can we address our anger without damaging our relationships?”

Of course the easy answer is to say don’t get angry. Anger is a reaction that comes out of a foundation of fear, but it’s fear that is settled in with the aim of protecting yourself. When you feel that you cannot protect yourself, you get, of course, very worried, and that turns into anger.

Now, that all sounds pretty simple, but here is how I want you to look at it: It’s very much a control issue. Control of your reactions, obviously, but also trying to control other people and your environment. I will not say one hundred percent of the time, but very close to it, the fear is going to be about that situation or that person throwing off your sense of self and what you believe is right, what you believe you need, what you believe will help you function in this situation. And when you don’t get your way, you get angry. Anybody in human skin is susceptible, but susceptible because you’re not trusting enough.

And having said all of that, I will also go so far as to say that when you’re dealing with other people’s free will, it becomes a real fight for survival of the fittest. Fittest might mean loudest, or it might mean coldest, or it might mean how it is you express anger at being challenged in that way. Anger is rarely useful, and nearly always a cover-up for something that is deeper.

Does it have anything to do with the energy coming in?

I would definitely say that when the world is in chaos and there’s so much you can do so very little about, that’s going to impact you, but part of what this person is dealing with is fear that comes from losing control due to aging; fear of loss due to aging; fear of being unable to handle what they could just a year ago.

Within this community, there is a fair number of people who can relate to that. I advise them to talk about it and work it out, and make it harmless by doing so.

Next question: “How can I create boundaries so that others don’t manipulate me?”

You teach other people how to treat you. If you are being manipulated, that’s because it has worked for them in the past. You have taught them that a certain behavior on their part is going to cause you to back down and let them have what they want. Or, if I give you a sobby-enough story, you’re going to be so tender-hearted that you give me what I want. You are always teaching people how to treat you. And people will always do the least amount of work to obtain for themselves the most amount of whatever they feel they need to survive the situation.

So set boundaries, and consistently keep them. Don’t have loose boundaries.

[To Paula] You have trained dogs. What happens when you have the good trainer and the un-trainer? The dog is confused. It doesn’t know what to do. It is always pushing its limits to see what is and isn’t going to work. Humans do the same thing.

Your lack of consistency with your boundaries is your fault, not theirs.

I think I might be able to answer the next part of this question myself: “How should I respond—or not—when I perceive that others are being manipulated?”

Give it a try.

I don’t think you should interfere in somebody else’s journey because you don’t necessarily know exactly what’s going on. If you want to advise, wait until you are asked.

Nice. Very helpful statements there.

The first thing that I would say is every situation’s going to be different. And so it’s kind of hard to say “Well, the way the government is manipulating the financial markets is something I should protest about, but the way the financial market is manipulating you, whom I live with, I should do something about or I should not.” You see, it’s just that every situation is different. For the most part, I would suggest that you are working to reach a point in which you are sensitive to what your personal belief system and moral structure tell you you should or shouldn’t do. But as a whole, as something to add into that belief structure and personal morals, if it’s not about you, it’s your ego making it about you. And that fits in with the “if you have not been asked, don’t hop in and make your will known.”

It’s hard to sit back and watch what you honestly believe is deceptive, manipulative engagement, but by jumping in right away, you are disempowering the person, who might have had a particular statement they wanted made or might have circumstances that, as you said a moment ago, Paula, you can’t know about because you don’t know the whole situation.

If you really feel you should put yourself into a situation, try it first, so that you can say, “This is what this is looking like to me. Am I off base here? Do you need someone to talk to? How can I serve in this situation?” And they may say everything’s fine, or they may say “Help!” A whole lot of Guardians jump in to defend someone else so that they don’t have to deal with their own stuff. “I’ll take care of you, even though I won’t take care of me.” “I can see that you have all of these core issues that need to be fixed but, I don’t have the time to fix mine.”

“In the last questions-and-answers session, you mentioned we have twelve personal timelines occurring at any given time. You also mentioned that working your mastery creates an opportunity where our timelines can merge rather than just be close by. So I understand that when we are working in mastery, Spirit works through Form at our highest creative function, and we can pull in from other timelines that weave specific pieces into this timeline. What happens when the choice will involve others? For example, if I wanted to pull from a timeline where my family makes other choices that affect me, or my partner does miraculous things and succeeds so that their path affects me?”

Those are two separate teachings that are being meshed together.

First: There are timelines. Almost everybody has about twelve that flow out of every life-affecting decision they make.

Second: When you master something in this life it gives you access to the mastery, the like mastery, in any other life where you have experienced that same mastery. So it’s sort of like saying when you hit ten, all the other ways you have hit ten are going to be accessible to you.

However, all of the other ways are not necessarily complete timelines. Every life you’ve had would have its own timelines. So what’s being asked here is, “If I mastered something on this timeline—the timeline that’s asking this question—am I going to be able to pull in the situations that gave the mastery to the like-frequency aspects of this space-time personality?” And that is very different from going back to a separate timeline altogether that involves a different personality altogether. So the fact that somebody is on your timeline doesn’t mean you’re on theirs. Family usually is, because you choose them, but even then, not always.

When you want to go back and change a situation so that there is no pain, no suffering whatever, there are two things you want to look at: Why do you want to do this? And your answer is going to be, “Because I want to change time-space/space-time for my personal benefit, despite everybody else in this scenario having their own journey that might have really needed what went on.” So the first thing that you want to really look at is why?

And the second thing that you want to look at is, well, I’m going to say why again, but for a different reason. This why needs to be “why would they go for it?” because there would have to be agreement at all common levels of mastery enabling them to shift that space-time. And when you are in a problematic situation, it’s probably because you’re not functioning in mastery. And while you might be functioning in perfected mastery, maybe those others are not, and this was a learning situation they need.

The Form [Lea] absolutely loves the idea of time-travel stories, but most of the scenarios don’t work spiritually, because you have free will and everyone around you has free will and you have chosen your journey and you have chosen those who share that journey with you and they have chosen who shares the journey with them. And their journey just might not line up with yours.

Are you saying that in order to pull from another timeline, there has to be a like frequency? In other words, that if you are in mastery, the person on the timeline you’re pulling from needs to be at that level of mastery?

Exactly. And in agreement.

Right. “Don’t mess with my timeline unless I tell you to.”

Well, it’s actually more like if you’re actually functioning in mastery, you’re not going to try to shift somebody into a different timeline. If you are actually functioning in mastery you don’t have the issues that cause you to want to change your “then” or your “now.”

“Two years ago at a retreat, you spoke quite a lot about the human experience. Please describe what it is like to experience Sixth-Density awareness in our physical form.”

Why would that matter? Of course, that person is not here to answer that question, but really, why does it matter? Functioning fully in Spirit, consistently, sounds a little impossible in this world, doesn’t it? And that’s only Fifth Density, that’s not Sixth. But functioning perfectly in Spirit consistently while living in this world is what Fifth Density is very much about. Sixth Density allows you to function outside of this world.

Fifth Density allows you to connect with the Druidic spirits of the trees and talk to the little creatures like we are talking together. Sixth Density is more like true dreams, but in your day-to-day life. You are not limited by where you are or when you are or who you are. You have access to what is a part of your journey in other dimensions and other Densities—one, two, three, four, five. But there are only a handful of people on this multibillion-population planet who function at Sixth even occasionally.

When I read the question, I was wondering if they were thinking, “If I know what it feels like to be in Sixth Density, I can start making sure that is reflected in my own life. If I hear about it, I can learn how to do it.”

Well, I agree with that, and certainly I have talked quite a bit about Densities and what is in each Density. But the fact is, you are here right now with a thousand and one opportunities at any given moment to function at your highest and best. And that’s the journey of Living Love, and the Plan for Ascension. Doing that puts you where your frequency allows you to live. You don’t have to think “Well, this is more like Fifth-Density behavior and this is more like Third-Density behavior.” Be the best Love you are at any given moment, and you will be functioning at as high a frequency as you’re capable of doing on your current journey, timeline, life.

The questioner also asks, “What must we do to reach that Sixth-Density experience?”

Get out and be in the world.

Now, right, COVID is here and you’ve got to be smart, but being a hermit on the mountain, even reaching massively altered states of consciousness, isn’t going to do it. Sitting at home, all your practice is mental instead of challenging the heart by being out in the real world. You don’t flex your spiritual muscles sitting at the top of the mountain.

The next part of the question is, “How does it relate to the evolution of our awareness of our Light Body? Does moving into Sixth Density require making a transition from a carbon-based body to a silicon-based body?” Or is it that if you don’t have a carbon-based body, you’re out of here?

Absolutely right. Instead of saying carbon-based to silicon-based, maybe think of it as a more Light-based function rather than dense structure. And the process of spiritual evolution in and out of form is all about that.

Humanity, like all life force, is constantly evolving—constantly. The mutation changes based on environment, on genetics, on who you hang out with—really. Evolution is the result of mutations that hold. That’s evolution.

A better question is, How do you make any mutation permanent, so it becomes evolution? That’s basically what is asked there. And I’m going to go back to what I said a little earlier: You live in your moment, Living Love at your highest ability with what is in front of you. That’s the blueprint you set up, and it contains the frequencies required to fully succeed and bring about the situations that are going to cause you to make choices that determine how high a frequency you actually end up with.

“How has opening the primary Fire Gate of the Pacific impacted the planet so far?”

It is still early. I know that, because your lives are so short, it seems like it’s been a long time, but it’s actually quite early. However, already it’s having a pretty profound effect in helping the Earth’s frequencies shift and rebalance to fit the new realities that are showing up right now. A Fire Gate is about Creation and Creator force, building a New Earth. I don’t mean like new soil; I mean a Fifth-Density world, new constructs. I would even go so far as to suggest that so much of the upheaval that your world has been seeing in the Pacific, from north to south and including the shifting of north and south, all of that is very much a Creation-force rebalancing, renewing, recreating energy. That’s what the Fire Gates are for.

What do you mean north and south are shifting?

As the geophysical movement inside your planet grows faster or slower, so your magnetic north shifts back and forth in response. This is a cyclical thing, but now the cycle has been disrupted, and it has sped up a lot so that your north, instead of shifting a little bit over time, has actually shifted quite a lot. It’s probably done the equivalent of three shifts at once. But I don’t see that as a bad thing; I still see it as a very natural thing. It’s kind of like the heating-up of your world is very, very natural, but it has been exacerbated by unnatural processes making it heat too much too fast.

It could be possible that the geomagnetics of your planet shift too far, too fast to rebalance and that creates an odd wobble that could . . . Really, it’s rather ridiculous to think about, but it could theoretically throw your orbit off just a portion of a degree, enough to cause sunlight to come to the planet in a different way—or any number of things. It’s all just speculation, but what’s happening is a very natural part of bringing balance to the planet without a whole lot of interference speeding it up.

You use the phrase “bringing balance,” while I’ve been wondering, with the climatic turbulence we’re seeing now, whether the earth, in its way, is looking for a new steady state that will not be as dire as some of the predictions suggest. Might we be heading for an improved state rather than a perpetually worsening one?

It depends. Who is “we” in that scenario?

Humanity and the other creatures on the planet.

Ah, so you mean is it possible for the planet to rebalance itself and leave the populations as they are right now?

Essentially, yes, that’s what I’m getting at.

And my answer is essentially no. The planet wins, absolutely without doubt. Even if that means pretty much starting over, the planet wins. Temporary life force does not beat out planetary function.

[Paula:] Here’s another planet question. “I think we’re all getting to see the drastic effects of climate change on our planet recently, with record temperatures, flooding, et cetera. You have also talked about the electromagnetics of the planet changing, as well as its chakra system. How much of the weather changes we are experiencing are due to human interference as opposed to the planet rebalancing itself?”

The planet has to rebalance itself because of human interference. So both.

A follow-up: “How can Guardians best deal with these changes without falling into a fear-based line of thinking?”

Stop eating meat, because it is a massive contributor to the planet’s problems right now. Stop insisting on fossil fuels. Even your solar power is generated with the help of electricity from fossil fuels that keeps the solar cells shifting toward the sun.

There are things you as an individual can do. There are things that could make a very big difference. But you’re not the problem; it is a mass consciousness issue. Mass consciousness has bought into a world-killing system for so long that it thinks it is entitled to it. Until mass consciousness says “No more,” and is willing to sacrifice a little bit of comfort, and insists that corporations change, there’s not going to be enough change soon enough to make a difference.

So what can you do as an individual? Get rid of the use of fossil fuels and shut down factory farming. Those two things will have a massive effect, but not individually, only en masse. The situation is not good. And it’s very clear to me that people are trying to fool themselves.

Kentucky is a great place to live, but in twenty years it will have the climate of South Florida. The desertification of the world is happening. Sorry, I’m definitely on a soap box here.

I’m surprised to hear you refer to not eating meat when you’re talking to Guardians, I would think all Guardians are vegan at this point. [Samuel shakes his head.]

“Being human, we naturally think of the planet’s chakra system in light of our human chakras. So please explain how the planet’s system and our chakra system differ or are the same. What effects will the adjustment of the chakra system have on the life force of the planet?”

All right, remember that I was using “chakra system” as a Lake-of-the-Known association. The Earth does not have a chakra system. Your physical body just barely has a—and I am doing air quotes here—chakra system. There are most definitely nerve plexuses, masses of nerves that allow your body to function in certain ways. By association you could say the root chakra has an effect on the functioning of the lower body and is therefore the sexual function, the basic physical function. You could do that and it’s been done for what, seven thousand years? You can most definitely do that.

But there are also massive nerve plexuses in your forearm, in your wrists, in your hands, and in three places of your neck. There are several within your scalp and skull, even on the bottoms of your feet. They’ve got seven thousand years’ worth of entertaining stories and whole systems of healing built up around them. Healing happens in your brain—remember that—so if I was being cantankerous—and right now I am—I could even say there really   isn’t even such a thing as a human chakra system that is exactly the same for every person. It’s all about energetic frequencies, and it changes as you work at higher frequencies. That’s also true for the planet. The planet has some very strong energy points where mystics for twenty thousand years have been saying “This is a very special place of really high frequency.” You’ve been to a lot of them.

But as the planet is constantly in a state of rebalancing—and the life force upon that planet congregated in any particular place is always in a process of rebalancing—of course the energy fields are also going to shift. It’s not massive shifting; the energy force of the Salisbury Plain is not going to shift to South Africa. It’s not like that. It’s more like Scandinavia is opening up energy fields that have been closed down for a very long time. It’s not particularly in lieu of, it’s more in league with. When the time for this power configuration is complete, another one is going to open up, although there will be a bit of overlap.

“There have been many reports of so-called animal attacks, particularly in the ocean. What is happening in the animal kingdom to cause this, or are we just misinterpreting these incidents as humans?”

You know that orcas are training each other when different pods come together. I sort of see it like schoolyard games. There’s one group that says, “Hey, we’re having a lot of fun doing this. You want to join us?” And they’re even teaching these other orcas to bully ships. I love it. I think it’s great. I don’t see it as much different from the way primates communicate, one group teaching another. I think it’s great that they’re doing that.

A lot of what is creating so much havoc is that the oceans are warming far faster than was ever thought possible, and that’s creating large coral die-offs. When you lose the great coral reefs, you lose the habitat that is made up of massive underwater ecosystems, and then there is a domino effect. What you see going on above the surface of the water is also happening below the surface.

But in addition to that, not just one or two species, but most underwater life relies very, very much on the earth’s electromagnetic system. Just as birds migrate, so do pods of whales. The disruption of the underwater environment from cables and sonar and so many other sources is causing porpoises to throw themselves on the land to get away from all the mixed signals, causing a whale to be unable to communicate, even within its pod. It causes schools of fish to run right into groups of sharks instead of away from them. It’s creating havoc. Okay, so while the orcas have fun with these bobbly things up there, there’s some real destruction going on underwater because of—[acts horrified] oh, gosh—human interference.

What do our grandchildren have to look forward to?

Most people only think of themselves. They’re not thinking of their grandchildren and the world that would be left to them.

“What part do UFO visitors play in this planet’s experiment?”

They are just other life forms that have an effect on all the life forms of the planet. Is that the question?

There have been a lot of items in the news recently about the government and UFOs, and whether we have been taking aliens and putting them in boxes somewhere.

The better question is, have aliens been taking humans and putting them in boxes somewhere?

[Laughing] Well, that too.

The first thing I would say is, remember that most of what comes through to your world does not have life as you would define it. They are like drones that are exploratory. Mind, I said for the most part. Most of the unidentified aerial phenomena could crash and you could comb through every bit of it and you would find nothing biologic.

And I can guarantee one hundred percent—and you know how seldom I say that—that a civilization—and there are many that have advanced enough to send biologic life through the universe from galaxy to galaxy—is not going to crash and be found. Energetic transport is efficient and simple, and that’s key. It is much less efficient, much less simple, to send a body. It can be done, but most of the aliens amongst you are far more telepathic than physical. Most alien life doesn’t have two legs, two arms, an over-sized head, and a heart kind of in the middle. They don’t look like you.

This world can’t even handle skin-color differences, so how is it going to handle basic biological differences? People have romanticized it so much. You exist with biologic alien life, but your brain doesn’t see it, camouflaged as it is. Like with everything else in your world, you can measure its effect and know it’s there, but you don’t necessarily have the ability to see it at this point.

It’s much easier to send information than it is to send something physical. It’s much easier to send technology than to send something biological. Just think about it.