Questions for this interview were prepared by Heidi Shedlow, who joined the editors in the first interview ever conducted by teleconferencing.

You have said that the crystalline seed was implanted into our brains at the time of the “Neanderthal Revolution.” Did the seed cause that revolution, or did the revolution cause the seed to be implanted?

It was an evolutionary thing. The chemicals were there, waiting, and that frequency change created a condensation, if you will, of those chemicals that were in place to become that seed. That is where it began.

Now, although I call it a seed that was implanted, it really was more like a blood clot. Think of the plasma that flows through your veins and has many different components which occasionally, either for normal reasons or because of illness, come together and coagulate or condense into a mass. That’s what I mean when I describe it as a blood clot. When certain frequencies changed, chemicals that are a part of all life force were drawn together to establish that crystalline seed, as had been planned.

Did this happen during our current earth?


So what was the nature of the evolution within humanity at that time?

Although your science tends to place the Neanderthals as right before humans, that’s not accurate. In fact, there were several subgroups that existed at the same time as the Neanderthal. However, at that point there were two groups that had the most chance of survival, and interestingly, Homo sapiens sapiens wasn’t one of them. There were the Neanderthals, which were the most violent, and a group in southern Africa, the Boskop. That particular species had a much larger brain than the Neanderthals or Homo sapiens. The Boskop looked like what you would think of as aliens today, with a large cranium and a little face.

Now, these two main sub-races—Neanderthal and Boskop—essentially died out while Homo sapiens underwent a certain amount of change. There was no guidance or pressure toward one direction or the other. It was a “Let’s wait and see what happens” kind of thing. The bigger and brawnier beat out the smarter one.

The brawnier ones overcame the smarter ones, and, in the case of Neanderthals, the faster ones. That sounds very much like today, doesn’t it?

Sadly, yes.

The bully overcoming the smart one. It’s unfortunate, but that continues today.

Why a crystalline seed? Had it ever been within humanity before on this earth or any other?

Yes, during another version of earth, a different experiment. The seed is a part of life force. It’s in all of life force. That’s why you respond to certain frequencies. You are a receiver and a transmitter because of it

I’ve been wondering about the various seedings of earth, especially the second seeding. Was the seeding of all of the kingdoms done at the same time?

No. Remember, I said that the crystalline seed is a part of life force, all life force, but not necessarily at the same point of creation. Life force has to reach a particular frequency in order for all of that to come together. So frequency, placement, location and the timing of development within a species or kingdom are all related, and some had reached the correct frequency at different seedings. If you are limiting it to humanity, then that was the second seeding.

Seeding is very different than what you did. What you did in India was pushing a kingdom off a precipice that it was teetering on. It had to do with an evolutionary leap, not a seeding.

Was the work we did in India for the plant and animal kingdoms an equivalent of that work?

You said that the Primary Group of Twelve taught humanity to find the doorway to Cygnus. How did they do that?

They talked to them. Imagine, if you will, a conversation that went nothing like this: “Hey, stranger. Wow, you look really different. Where are you from?” “I’m not from around here. See that place up in the sky? I’m from there.”

[Laughing] All right.

I’m not sure that that’s really what you wanted to know when you asked how was it communicated. It was just communicated, and most ancient civilizations make reference to it, and even worshiped it. So word spread.

How did humanity’s genetic code change?

Well, it’s constantly changing in small ways all of the time. Sometimes it’s because of things that you are doing which will have an effect on it, sometimes it’s things in the environment that are having an effect on it, but it is constantly changing. But the higher the frequency you work at, the more control you have over the change.

At major transitions like this one (depending upon the nature of the energy bringing that transition about), it is specifically creating evolutionary change, and that’s happening everywhere that frequency touches. Your planets in your galaxy are changing. It’s an evolutionary change.

You also said that Cygnus is to transformation what Venus is to the planet. What did you mean by that?

Think for a moment. What is Venus about?

It’s a second-ray planet that has reached Sacred Status.

All right. What is its significance to Guardians?

Isn’t it where energy transformed at one point in time?

Yes, it was the filter through which some high frequency beings have come to the planet for many, although not all, of the transitions in the past.

So with that in mind, what is Venus to the planet? It’s a doorway for Avataric force to come to the planet.

Through Cygnus comes Shining Force to be embodied. So unlike Avataric life force, which had to be born into form in the process of coming through, this energy has come straight through.

So Venus has been a filter through which, at times of transition, Guardians have come to this planet through the Avataric function line to take on form. But if you’re going to seed Shining Force directly, you’re coming from beyond the solar system.

So what you’re saying is that because some Guardians have a frequency Shining Energy can connect to, it’s not necessary to go through the birth process for it to be in form.


Do the four exercises we are doing help us transform our genetic structure to be better connected to the energy coming through?

The exercises are all about activating what has been inactive. And the reason that you want them activated is that, with this energy coming through, it will allow for greater change than it would if they were not activated. The exercises will enhance your ability to function in wholeness, your ability to recognize your connection with Source and to be that Source self, your ability to manifest at will—and that’s an important one—and your ability to use frequency to bring about healing for yourself and eventually others.

Most people are stuck on the third exercise and haven’t even started on the fourth, although their brains think that they are there. If you are already functioning in wholeness, in even a small part of your potential, then that’s going to be stimulated and opened more. If it’s not already open, then you will be facing a longer process before it is. By doing the exercises, you are getting a head start—you are opening the door and taking action.

On the other hand, those who are not doing them have to hope the door gets opened and that action is possible.

You have mentioned that there’s a locator beacon for the Primary Group of Twelve—the first Group to be released from All That Is.

Right, although, there is so little difference between the first release and the second and third releases of Groups of Twelve that I probably shouldn’t be labeling them. It’s probably will get people into “one is better than another,” but it doesn’t work that way. It’s all about function and purpose. It’s simply a defining of focus for each release.

The locator beacon is the crystalline connection within your blood and your brain which created in you a receiver and transmitter from the seeding of life force. It’s not a tunnel or a bridge that connects you back, but depending upon your focus and intent, it is the means by which you would connect. But it also holds your pattern. It allows you to communicate with all of life force.

At this year’s retreat you said that the 528hertz frequency is already anchored within us. Did that happen because of your work with us, or has it been a part of us since birth?

It’s been a part of you since birth and before that. What does 528 hertz do?

It’s the pattern of the creation of life force.

Therefore how long has it been in effect?

An eternity, or since form has been here.


Do we have to activate it?

It’s activated by frequency. In a ritual you cannot activate a Dragon until that frequency has been matched.

How does the sound frequency energy, the 528 hertz, affect our crystalline structure as a whole?

It’s a tune-up. It stimulates every system of your physical; it affects your mental/emotional body and your brain cells. It helps to connect you to your best flow of chemicals—since you are a sack of chemicals. It keeps you at your best.

Now, would you like a preview of coming attractions?

Of course.

I believe that the new being will not work at 528 hertz.

What will it work at?

I don’t know yet, because it’s so new.

There were some closing comments that Samuel wished to have included)

Samuel [to Heidi]: Well, I know that that was a bit frustrating for you, but really you did a good job. If you did this for years, you’d have it down pat.

Paula: They were interesting questions.

Heidi: Well, I really admire you, David and Paula. It’s like being in a session and later thinking, “Oh, why didn’t I ask that?” You’re with it enough to ask the follow-ups that we wished we’d asked in sessions.

Paula: Sometimes.

Samuel: It’s a kind of wisdom that is built until it’s a very easy flow. In fact, our interviews sometimes go longer because they’re able to ask so many things, and we can get into some pretty interesting conversations because of it. And almost always—as with this one—there’ll be more than you need.

David: The danger in doing the interview is that you’ll slip into a conversational mode.

Paula: Then you can lose the thread.

Heidi: I tried to follow it closely.

David: It was a good job.

Heidi: I sort of knew that.

Thank you for your help.


Additional comments from Samuel on changes in DNA

[PR] Normally mutations to DNA come into the gene pool from one individual who experiences a mutation in one reproductive cell, and that change gets carried on by offspring generation after generation. Are you talking about a different process, one in which change happens simultaneously to a broad group?

[Samuel] I am, and the version of evolution you gave is old and not correct. Your science should know better than that by now. Actually, mass genetic change happens all the time, but what’s going on right now is a change that is big enough to be noted. You see the effects right away instead of in tiny increments.

What you’re referring to is the “viral” version in which an outside influence creates a small change in a specific gene pool. That’s completely different from what I’m talking about.

So, the viral version involves a physical change, whereas what you’re talking about refers to a spiritual evolution?

What I’m talking about actually refers to frequency. Now when I’m referring to energy as a frequency, it nearly always has to do with the spiritual, but if you’re talking about something that has to do with changes within your physical, like your DNA, defining that as spiritual becomes a little awkward.

Let’s use nuclear energy as an example. Let’s say that there was an atomic bomb that went off two blocks away, but somehow you lived. And let’s say that you came out of your shelter too soon. Radioactive fallout rained down on you, which was a massive hit to your physical body and your genetic structure. The evolution I’m talking about is like that, but it’s across the board rather than just to your genes because you came out of the shelter too soon. That type of evolution, from DNA damage, would go very, very slowly over generations. The current type has changed a whole generation immediately.

Is this massive change something that will be passed on to future generations of humanity through the normal reproductive process?

This change is happening very fast, but instead of the effect being seen over hundreds of generations, I am already seeing the change in Guardians in this generation, and even in some Guardians’ grandchildren, skipping a generation. But for humanity as a whole, it’s more like seeing it in ten generations instead of a hundred, just as an example. What’s going to be seen is still in process and has not fully happened yet.

This energy has been coming your way for five or six years and will continue for another six to ten years, but not with the same intensity that’s going to happen over the next few months. It’s as if you are approaching a fire and starting to feel the heat, then as you get really close it’s very hot, and then you feel it less again as you move away from it. What’s coming through now and in the next few months is going to have the greatest effect.