Jerry Cook : I think if we have a vision, a picture in our mind, of where we’re going, it helps us to get there. For me, if I can have a road map or if I can visualize the end product, then the path is easier. So, if I have an idea of what the completion of Sacred Status will look like, what we’re working for, I think it would make the journey easier. We’re going to be experiencing a lot of stuff in the next ten years, some big, big changes.

I would love it if it was not ten years, but go on.

Whatever the time frame is, humanity is going to be experiencing a lot of stuff. I don’t know if the Guardians are going to have a different vision or perspective during this period of time, but my perception is, in the end, we’re going to have the ability to see into other dimensions that we do not have now. We’re going to have great transitions in our mindsets during this period of time. So we’re going to have to make a shift to being trusting, and we’re going to have to have faith. We’re going to have to let go of the pigeonholes that we try to stuff everything into.

Between now and then. Yes.

So if there’s any way that you can dangle a carrot out there for us, to give us an idea of what we’re working for . . .

To make all of that worth it.

Yes. I think it might be helpful.

And then I have other questions: about what you have said about there being nine Guardians that showed up to do the working in Britain. This is the most loving group of people that I’ve ever met, and I think everyone works hard and wants to do the very best that they can, so what is it that the other however-many it was that were there, what are they lacking, and what do they need to do to raise the number of fully functional Guardians up to what is needed?

For me it’s important to get everyone on the same page, let people know what they’re doing wrong or what they need to do to make it right.

And another thing: What are the pitfalls, what are the dangers, as we weave our way through this journey? One thing I’m thinking of is, we don’t want to get caught up in self-importance.

Easy to do though.

Yes. So that’s generally what’s on my mind.

That’s good. That’s exactly the sort of thing that needs to be put out there. I hope that I can live up to your questions.

I’m sure you can.

The first thing that I need to do is to clarify where I’m coming from with regard to the big picture. What you need to remember is that the big picture is different for everybody. What your big picture is, in the nature of this work and your compact into Guardianship in this world, is going to be slightly different from Paula’s big picture, and David’s and Frank’s, only because you are unique, your experiences up until activation are unique, the way you look at things and what motivates you are unique. As a whole, the big picture is about completing Sacred Status, but what makes you want to work toward it is going to be different than for somebody else on that same road.

What comes to mind is an elementary school teacher working with maybe second- or third-graders who are in school so that they can learn to function in the world and get their brains working, because they have a place in the leadership of the world down the road. And what is going on with them right now is going to have a large part in determining how easily they’re going to be able to meet that ultimate educational destiny. The teacher is either going to focus on “Today we are doing subtraction,” or on the larger picture—”You’re going to be subtracting in your life, and here is how it’s useful, and here is why you want to make use of it.” In all likelihood it’s going to be a combination of both. Now, elementary school children don’t care about the larger picture. They just want to get through the day. The teacher, however, needs to communicate that larger vision in order to keep each child going.

In that illustration, you are the teacher to mass consciousness’s elementary school student. You are the one that needs a larger view, but that view isn’t for what you’re going to experience, but for the process that the student will go through. Your experience is from a different perspective than that of mass consciousness.

Now, having gone through all of that, let me try to give you a picture somewhat of both. Insofar as what mass consciousness is going to be experiencing, I want you to remember that the Guardianship is the guinea pig—all right, prototype really sounds better, but guinea pig sort of tickles me. What you’re doing in your life, the ease, the difficulties, the life lessons that are showing up, the ways you’re overcoming them, the people that you’re meeting, the ways that you are opening your heart, closing your mind, closing your heart, opening your mind, the whole process of your living right now is all about what you need in order to gain a technology that will allow you to help those who are coming up behind you and who will go through the very same things.

Because of your unique individualization, there are people drawn to you who will only get what they need from you. So Guardians who are focusing on the day-to-day little slights and slings—and getting totally wrapped up in the difficulties of Guardianship and the drama of not getting what they want, and having expectations, and doing all of the things that right now are keeping them from functioning at their best because they’re just so focused on themselves, are going to prolong the process tremendously. I promise you, those people who can only relate to you are going to keep slamming up against the door until finally you move out of yourself enough that you open it and say, “I’ve been there. Here is what worked for me.”

So, insofar as mass consciousness is concerned, look at your own lives and recognize what actions have moved you, step by step by step, to where you are right now. Recognize the pattern in what you are experiencing, the things that you are thinking, the things that are going on around you and your interactions with them, these are the view that the rest of the world is going to have right behind you. Right now so many Guardians are so focused on their own small version of the picture that they’re missing the larger one, and that is something that needs to change.

When this interview comes out, the upcoming set of workshops will already have passed, and it is my intention to discuss this need to move your view outside of yourself into a larger picture. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail here, but I want to say enough that those who did not attend the workshops might have a sense of it.

When Guardians look at themselves instead of the larger world as a whole, it’s because they are afraid of seeing a bigger picture. And fear is always “Will I be enough?” “Will I succeed?” “Will I fail?” “Am I good enough?” even “Am I bad enough?” sometimes. So one of the first things that needs to happen is that Guardians, in order to see beyond their own noses, have to get their stuff cleaned up. That can be accomplished by looking at what’s not working in your life. Look at last week; what went on in your life last week that you really would not like to have happen again? Move it to the last month. Look for a pattern. If you see a pattern, you’re going to have a sense of the things that are not working for you. Then look to see what the fear underlying that might be. Name it. Claim it. See how it fits. Thank it. Bank it. That’s the process. You don’t ignore it, and you don’t destroy it. You see how it fits. And then you let it know that you don’t need it anymore. You begin, step by step, moving yourself out of it. Step by step is very much the key.

So, the carrot that leads to the big picture first has to be getting rid of the fears that keep you self-focused, and getting rid of those fears is going to lead you out of yourself into the next big picture. And that next big picture is out in the world. Moving closer and closer to the completion of Sacred Status is going to create a world that is functioning more and more and more with spiritual priorities instead of physical ones. But for that to happen is going to require mass consciousness to become aware of its power as a group, which is unity.

Right now, western countries—particularly the United States—are experiencing some of the power of coming together. Do you know where that’s showing up? Got a guess?

Well, from my perspective, I see a lot of it on the Internet, of people organizing to have their voice heard.

Yes, exactly. And you know, don’t you, that it is your president’s war that’s doing that? Wow. Could that mean that maybe something this frightening and bad [the war] can be used for good? In a world moving toward the completion of Sacred Status the answer is yes, it can, and in fact is.

So, that’s one version. It’s going to require unity, or, to put it in a more world-oriented way, it’s going to require that people see the power of coming together to bring about change and make things happen.

I want to warn you that another aspect of unity is that which is based on the negative. Muslim extremists tend to be extremely conservative fanatics, but that’s also a version of unity. It’s also working for change, and remember it’s working for what they consider good.

So, when I look at it I am seeing that, although it’s being expressed in several different ways, what is being expressed is humanity’s recognition of the importance of coming together. On a spiritual level, that is unity. On a physical level, it will take a while. So when there is a coming together around particular ideals some of which could be considered very negative, some of which could be considered positive, it’s all a matter of what’s going to make it turn to the spiritual function of unity. What’s going to make that difference? Any thoughts before I pop out with it?

I’d rather hear your version.

Well it’s going to take the Guardians’ beginning to work with positive functions of unity personally within their own lives, so that those positive functions have more force in the Grid affecting mass consciousness than the negative ones do.

So, once again it goes right back to the Guardians functioning in wholeness and consciously living love.

Now, quick aside: The extremists in every arena are violently pushing their agendas and drawing groups together, creating a sort of negative function of unity, and yet they feel what they are doing is justified and is right. It is ultimately the God-is-on-our-side position. As a Guardian, how do you know if what you are seeing out there is a positive function that should be connected in with or a negative function that should be kept away from? The easiest answer is to look at the fruit of the effort. It doesn’t matter what your words are, people are going to look at your life and learn more that way than from what you say. What are the actions of these groups? A group of people who are coming together with the express purpose of ensuring that they are becoming the best they can be in order to function with love and high-frequency energy in the world is going to have a different set of actions than the one that says, “We’re going to bomb the invaders and make our way stronger and more powerful because of that.” Look at the fruit. Look at the actions. In your day-to-day experiences do that same thing, and realize that there are those who are determining their actions by looking at you. Your actions are the focus for somebody else’s choices and decisions.

Paula: I can look at the Palestinians, at the PLO, and say, “But you know, underneath their actions is a desire for justice that’s been ignored for a long time by those in power.” So even though I may not agree with what they’re doing, I can see why.

But I’m not telling you to look at what’s underneath the action. I’m saying look at the action. Everybody has justifiable reasons for what they do. It is very rare in this world that somebody is purposefully causing harm just for the fun of it, and that’s very fortunate. It does happen, and it gets a lot of press when it does, but really the torturers and serial killers who just get fun out of what they’re doing are very rare in this world.

David: Computer-virus writers.

Yes. Yes. Exactly. But what’s much more common is you have—I always go back to Adolph Hitler don’t I?—you’ve got the Nazi who truly in his heart believes that the world will be a better place as a result of his purges, and that’s his motivation. There’s always justification. And if you look at the justifications, you are always going to be confused, because those higher frequencies you are working in allow you to see more of those justifications and understand them, even be touched by more of those core beliefs that are bringing about the action. Look at the action. Mother Teresa’s political stance was much clearer than Adolph’s because she lived it in what she did, and what she did was good.

What you are going to be looking at as you move closer and closer to the completion of Sacred Status are the very things that you mentioned when you were speaking earlier, and that is that you are going to be functioning in more than this dimension at once. You are already beginning to experience that for yourself. Allowing yourself to recognize and accept the smaller versions of that is going to be something of a carrot leading you eventually to experiencing the fullness of it. I’ve been working with you to do dream journals, because your dream states—real dreams—are one way that you may be experiencing more than this dimension. I’ve even talked to you about paying attention to your daydream states, because, in one form or another, they also can be a connection you are making.

But there’s also a few other things that you might want to look at. Start paying attention now to time and how you’re working with it. You’re very likely to find—and it’s going to become more obvious as the year continues on—that your sense of time is getting really mixed up, really mixed up. Sometimes you’re able to do a whole lot in a very short amount of time. Sometimes you’re going to find that time passes so quickly that you’re not able to get a whole lot done. The time dimension is changing as this perceived reality is opening up, as the veil is shifting and the dimensions are uniting.

Is this coming to mass consciousness and to Guardians equally, or are you talking about Guardians?

Both, but the Guardians are becoming aware of it already. Mass consciousness will become more aware of it later.

Be aware of it, recognize it, because by your recognizing it you can begin proving to yourself that things are really changing, and this is how things are going to be. Of course, right now, the time is in chaos because it’s only the beginning of a shift, it’s not the fullness of a shift where there would be balance.

Let me give another example: Your elemental force functions outside of this dimension, but works in this dimension. Does that make sense?

Elemental force being what?

Elemental energy such as the consciousness of trees, the guardian force of the oceans, the group spirits, including things such as the fairy world, the elementals of the earth. In the same way that you as a Guardian are actually functioning, by way of your entity, in several dimensions at once—for illustration purposes—that’s how the elemental force works. It is not of this dimension, but works in this dimension.As you are growing closer to the completion of Sacred Status, at which time all of the dimensions will be functioning as one, you are beginning to find that actual communication with those dimensions is happening more and more regularly, more and more successfully. Phoenix’s weather fairies are having massive success all of the time. Your connection with trees and birds and dogs and your ability to communicate, receive and send thought to them and from them is also picking up, becoming more real. The construct of group soul is becoming accessible. We could talk about how the Guardianship is an example of group soul, that they are a part of Ellic force and the avataric function-line here to bring about particular transitions. As Guardians work in unity in One Heart, One Mind, One Body, they become a form of group soul at one end of the spectrum, whereas elemental force, which works as group soul, is becoming more individuated. This [dog, Hapi] is an example of that. Hapi is lying there asleep doing what I have charged him to do, whereas in his first few months on this earth, I could not communicate with him. He was way too much group soul, but as he is getting older he is becoming more of what he is here to be—that experiment—and is much more able to be controlled.

These are examples of the dimensions making a shift—right now you are seeing extremes, but it’s happening. And the more you’re able to see it, the more you’re able to work within it, it will become the carrot that keeps you in it.

One of the things that I consider a really good example of how quickly Guardianship and, to a lesser extent, mass consciousness are moving toward the results of completed Sacred Status is how fast you “get” it, how quickly you change it when you are doing something, or even thinking something, that isn’t meant to be a part of the greater flow.

One of the ways that it shows up is a tendency to be self-judgmental. It shows up as a return of comparative judgment, of frustration at doing all that you think you can but feeling that it’s not enough. For some it’s showing up in such a negative way right now (although not everybody is responding that way), and that tends to be an easy first reaction—and reaction is the key word there—because the world’s security pattern is based on a need to fit in—also known as being average, not sticking out. That need causes you to regularly judge your actions and your thoughts in order to keep you in line with others. Now, obviously that’s not really the direction I would rather you take. Look instead at the fact that you are receiving information so much more quickly, you are getting it—I’m trying to separate that from receiving—and you are aware of it, you are conscious of it so much more quickly. Look at the miracle of that rather than at the action that preceded the awareness. You change the action; let it go, then.

That awareness is huge. Think for a moment about mass consciousness becoming aware of the power of their thoughts to bring about change in this world, because that’s the step that comes right after you becoming aware of your thoughts. And that’s the doorway that’s going to open up massive Sacred Status completion-level change.

When you decide on a course of action you’re going to take and you get “Don’t do that,”—it doesn’t matter what you call it, the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other, your conscience, the guides or guards—your getting it is huge. When you get “Don’t do that” and you don’t do it, that’s completion. Do remember, however, that until the Guardianship is an example of the right function, that completion is not going to be moving out into mass consciousness, and as always, that’s the key.

What a battle we fight in trying to separate what’s easy, or what we think we should be doing. We try to analyze everything to death rather than just taking the simplest, easiest path.

The most loving thing, at the time. My darling, if more Guardians would heed what you just said, it would be so much easier all the way around.

No kidding!

No kidding.

When we’re getting closer, or when we’re in Sacred Status, my sense is that we’re not going to be limited by our minds so much at that point, and we’re going to be able to see into other dimensions.

You’re going to be functioning through other dimensions. I would like to think that you will see that you’re doing it, as well.

So what are some of those other dimensions that we’re going to be working through and have awareness of, where we can look forward to saying, “Oh, I’ll be glad when I get there!”

Well, I’ve already spoken about time shifts, communication with what has been unseen worlds shifts, and the ability to communicate with non-human life force shifts, and right there, those turn your day-to-day experience into a fairy-tale, magical reality. Right there, those alone do that. Be aware, however, that parts of that magical reality are already going on, and your recognition of them is going to open you up to experiencing more and more of it. As you experience more and more of it and learn to trust it, you’re going to be able to make use of those transdimensional experiences within this one. And I’m talking about such things as—nothing new; things you’ve heard of before such as “time travel”—not being obligated to this personality’s experience in 21st-century earth. You’re going to have access to those aspects of your personality that are currently functioning in other times—always in order to be able to bring about the greater completion of the Plan by way of mastery of the personality.

As a little aside, one of the things you’re going to find when you are becoming more capable of doing that is that you can move back, but you can rarely move forward. That’s not saying there are not aspects of the time dimension that are future; it’s saying that your connection into this form does not allow the reality of your future function in a way that you can understand it. That isn’t likely to change with the completion of Sacred Status, because ultimately the completion of Sacred Status activates Absorption. And at Absorption you are physically rather than spiritually working outside of this dimension. I’ve explained that before as your capability for working outside of form and inside of form at those high levels.

With awareness of both at the same time.


To me, that’s a carrot. That’s what fires me up to keep going. It’s not that I’m not enjoying life every day, but it’s like, “Oh, man, that’s going to be exciting. That’s going to be fun. That’s going to be great!”

But that’s Absorption. At that point this person [points to Jerry]—the one that thinks it would be great, exciting, fun—that person’s not going to be in existence.

Oh, no! Who’s going to appreciate that then?

David: That’s ego.

Exactly. It’s not saying you’re not going to be there, but the perceptual reality is different, in the very same way that who you were yesterday is not who you are today, and what was fun and exciting and motivating when you were five is not what is so for you now. The more you merge into the completed picture, the less the motivations of form affect you.

Frank: I look at my life now—my attitudes, my awarenesses, my insights—and then I try and put myself back fifteen years ago. Well, if I could have done this fifteen years ago, I’d say, “Neat. Look, I’m great.”

But if you could have done it fifteen years ago, you would have.

Frank: I’m just saying, what my life is now would have been a carrot fifteen years ago, but now that I’m having it I’m not saying, “Wow, neat. This is great.”

I see. That’s a good point.

The thirteen-year-old boy that was motivated by any hint of female sexual experience—or perhaps any hint of any kind of sexual experience—looks at the freedom you have right now to get whatever it is you wish that way, and says, “Oh, gosh, that’s going to be everything. I can’t wait.” Who you are now looks at that and says that’s really not all there is in this world. So yes, that’s a very good example of that.

Well, for me it still sounds exciting.

David: It’s the carrot for this you.

But realize that it may not continue to be the carrot as you continue on.

You’ll just have to raise the bar a little bit as we go.

[Laughing] It only raises so far, though. You complete Sacred Status and you’ve done the work. That’s the idea.

Let’s move on. You mentioned the statements that I’ve made with regard to the Dragon in Britain being activated by nine Perfecti and the group as a whole being able to merge enough to complete the last three slots. That’s going to take a small bit of explanation just as background.

Even Guardians have free will, which is to say that there are those who are awake to their Guardianship but refusing to be activated with it. I know it is very hard to imagine, but it’s a fact. If you look back through the twenty years of Phoenix or the twenty-two years that I’ve been working through this form, there are people who have come and been very involved but hit the point where they were no longer willing to make the sacrifice. Sometimes that “no longer willing” is the result of preferring a relationship with a judgmental person who does not want their mate to be involved in a work that takes so much time and so much commitment outside of that relationship. (That actually is one of the biggest things.) But sometimes what makes them say no is that frankly I demand a lot. I hold you to your promise. And I do everything I can to ensure that you will be capable of doing what you are here to do. For some people, that’s too much work.

So there are those who are quite aware, but not activated at all. Guardians have free will.

Next point: Dragon force seeded into this planet was seeded by Shining Ones, and those seeds are very specific frequencies, and those specific frequencies are the work of—and this is where the whole blueprint of twelve shows up in this world, where the frequency was established by a function of twelve Ellic-force beings creating a unique frequency. The current world’s example of creating a unique frequency is toning. You may all be toning A, but there are many different versions of that pitch, and out of all of that sound you have overtones that are a whole new creation from the many doing the same. The frequency can be activated only by those who seeded it, which means that any particular Dragon-force area is going to require twelve Ellic-force energies that can recreate that frequency.

The good news is, if there are not twelve, it is possible, because of Fusion in 5:3:2, for One Heart and One Mind to create One Body that functions as one of those missing Perfected Ones. So, in Britain, although there were nine that said yes to the expense and hardship and physical challenges of such a trip, it would not have made a difference if the group had not been able to come together enough to fill the frequency requirements that were needed beyond the nine that were there.

What can be done to ensure that the frequency requirements are met from here on? Well, save the full activation of Guardianship, rather than the [whining] “Ooh . . . I have these other priorities, and I’m not going to go,” other than the end of that sort of thinking, the ability to merge into perfection is needed. And the key word in there is merge, which is all about dying to oneself and recognizing the completion that is found by unity of body, mind and spirit with purpose and vision and intent, every day, every moment, so that it’s a non-resisted aspect of your life. And although that’s a pretty short answer, it makes a lifetime, doesn’t it?

But it just goes back to free will.

Yes, and there’s a whole lot of people in this world who have a lot of trouble with commitments. Why should their commitment to this planet be any different? You can say no. That’s the risk, and that’s also why the group trips get bigger and bigger and bigger. Because more and more Guardians, as we get farther down the line, are saying “Not me; I don’t like that part.”

Frank: The twelve—my understanding is they’re specific frequencies . . .


Frank: . . . whether each specific frequency is established by an individual Perfecti or by a group of individuals coming together in a merger to create a specific frequency. Would I be correct to assume that even if I am one of the Perfecti that can establish the specific frequency needed to activate the Dragon force in one area, that there are also other areas of Dragon force my specific “Perfecti frequency” didn’t help seed, and that my best work there would be to merge with everyone else to help create any needed frequencies that are not being established by the full number of Perfecti who seeded that particular place? Or can each of us be one of the twelve at each of these places if our energy is working at its highest and best?

This is one of those things in which the answer is yes, all of the above. Do you remember when I was teaching about the Rays, and that each Ray had a single focus, but it also incorporated all of them? Remember teachings about the Heart Portals, that each of the Heart Portals had a specific function, but with the opening of one, it also, to a certain extent, accessed itself in all of them. So that is also accurate with Dragon-force seeding. As an example, there are four of you in here right now, and let’s say that each of you represents a different aspect of the seeding of Dragon force in this world, so that Jerry is one of twelve that seeded Britain, and Paula is one of twelve that seeded China, and so forth. Jerry is needed in Britain, but Jerry says no. And so that means that one of those originating frequencies is not available, and what that means is it requires those who are capable of establishing One Body of perfection long enough to activate Jerry’s missing frequency. That’s the only way it will work. When Jerry says yes to China, the part of his Shining Force that is a part—in a smaller amount—of the China frequency is going to be able to have an effect on that work. It’s going to make that work easier, even if there are not all twelve of those Perfecti who are tuned to China’s Dragon force there. It’s going to make it easier simply by his presence, and even more so by his willingness to merge and take the place of any missing Perfecti. But the gift in there is that he attends it, because his attendance carries with it a higher force of energy that can stimulate and, to a certain extent, activate the Perfecti for China.

Do you understand what I’m saying there?

Frank: I think so.

Paula: You’re saying basically that you have a group of Shining Ones, and different combinations within that group make different frequencies happen for seeding, that ideally you want to bring those different frequencies all together out of the group again, but when you can’t, you have to take a composite of small strands from different Guardians who have, not necessarily completely, but some of that frequency available. It’s like a piece of yarn. You bring the strands together and you actually make a whole out of it. And that makes up for those who are absent.

Exactly. Those who took part in the first trip, by going on the next one, are going to make the next opening easier. And those who went on the first two and go on the third one are going to make that one easier. And that’s why the first trip was to Britain, where the British Dragon was so ready. I wanted you to be successful, so that you would have the activation to be able to make the next one easier.

David: Is that activation supposed to feel like anything, or is it beyond our perception?

Generally speaking, I never want you to feel anything, because that means you’re not functioning at your best. The less you’re functioning by human standards, the better it is. Now, having said that, what you are likely to feel when the next area to be worked on is announced is that initially you might feel either a great aversion or great pull; those extremes are typical. Once there, even before the major work’s being done, you may find yourself in a constant sort of déjà vu state. You might find yourself very capable—much more than usual—of being able to work with the elemental forces there. You might find yourself feeling like a magical person in the midst of the crowds, or even euphoric. Those sorts of responses. And when the work itself is being done, you’re very likely to find that, just like with those people doing the work at Avebury in the absolute pouring rain and cold—just blissfully going right on with it, weren’t you—it feels exactly right and exactly what is needed. It will be very easy, not a struggle.

Those are the feelings that will let you know activation is happening.

David: How many seeding points are there with Dragon energy?

I don’t think I’ve ever answered that. And I don’t think I’m going to.

David: Well, I was just going to multiply that by twelve. Does that mean there are twelve times that many Shining Ones, or is it kind of mix and match? Did some work in multiple places, or is there a unique set of twelve in each place?

Big picture?

David: [Holds up one finger]

Right. Big picture there is one. Right next to the big picture, there are twelve only. Remember that Ellic force is the creative function of All That Is, which is the creative function of Source. This dimension functions in twelve, and through Fusion these twelve function as one, which completes the cycle and brings it back to Ellic force, All That Is, Source.


So that’s in answer to your “how many are there?” And it’s an answer to how many seeded points of Dragon force there are, and the answer to how many there are to do it.

So, in the picture in my mind it’s like a vault; you do the combination and the tumbler falls, and then you’re ready to turn it in another direction. So as one of the seeded areas is activated, then the tumbler shifts.

I like that. I like that a lot. Each one brings it closer and easier for the next one, for the completion of the combination.

So with each one of those tumblers falling we’re experiencing more Ellic energy in the world?

Very good, Jerry. Yes.

It kind of gives me goose bumps just to think about it and say it. So in the next however many years that we’re going to be doing this, the pace really is going to be picking up. I don’t like to get into this comparative judgment stuff, but as far as I’m concerned, everything is just getting easier all the time. Is this what’s going to be happening to all of us?

Gosh, I hope so.

I do, too, for everybody’s sake, including myself, because it’s . . . I don’t know, simpler and easier all the time.

When you’re on track and moving, that’s how it should be. It’s hard everywhere there is resistance, and resistance is a function of fear. So it takes reaching that place in which your fears are not guiding you, leading you around by the ring in your nose, where you’re even able to perceive it as easy.

It sounds like it’s going to get to be more fun to me.

You’ve worked hard. Don’t diminish all that you’ve done to become this one who can flow with it, see it, master it, work with it..

Well, getting here, the steps of letting go, seemed hard at the time, but then looking back it just seems like it was a waste of time to hold on to it for so long, you know?

Yes! I do know. So, clone yourself. Clone your awareness. Put it into the Guardians’ grid. It’s not always easy, but it’s not hard, and it’s absolutely delightful to have the opportunity to work so closely with somebody who knows what that statement means.

I’m glad to be sitting in that place myself, you know. I can remember some of the struggles I’ve had, so I like it.

You’ve come a long way, baby.