I was up in Frank’s make-shift office in our temporary house the other day and saw this amazing stack of CD and DVD cases on his dresser (see photo above). Turns out these are the master recordings of the CDs and DVDs from all our 2020 meetings with Samuel (of which all but three were free)!

There have been so many incredible and timely teachings, visualizations, guided meditations, and exercises given by Samuel this year. I invite you to think back through these meetings—12 first Sundays, the Equinox Shift, the Equinox Shift Q&A, the 11 Weekend Updates, the Soillse Retreat, the Midsummer Update, The Seven, and the Fall Retreat. 

There are too many topics to list, but some memorable teachings for me were Samuel’s illustration with a glass of water and how dipping our finger in the water is like our spirit in this dimensional reality, just a tiny part of what we truly are. Another was the hilarious metaphor of trying to play chess with a cat! A few others that come to mind are: the importance of becoming anti-racist; Divine Neutrality; the need to grieve our losses in 2020; the illusory nature of our emotions; time traveling back to my 20-year-old self; learning what’s behind the emotions of flight, fight, or freeze and how to handle them.

I invite you to take a moment and think back on 2020. What teachings helped you the most as you navigated the many ups and downs this year? Which had the greatest impact on your daily life? Please let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.