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Optional Lunches

IMPORTANT: Please complete and submit this form no later than by Saturday, Aug. 24.

Over the years we’ve realized some in our group don’t eat lunch, or due to dietary needs, prefer to bring their own snacks along; therefore, we only included one lunch in the cost of this trip. However, there are three optional lunches, and one celebratory lunch at Avebury, we want to let you know about. You’re not obligated to any of them and you’re welcome to eat snacks you’ve brought along with you, but in case you’re interested, here’s what’s available.

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Arran Distillery: After our first meeting with Samuel on the morning of September 9, we will head north on the Isle of Arran without returning to the hotel. Our first stop will be the Arran Distillery for a tour, tasting, and lunch. Lunch will consist of a vegan soup (made without onions and garlic), crusty bread, and a scone with vegan spread and jam, coffee, and tea, for £7.50. Please indicate if you want to do the tour, tasting and/or lunch.
Additionally, at the distillery we need to know who wants to go on (1) the distillery tour, and (2) who wants to have a whisky tasting. (costs are already included).

Machrie Moor: After our second meeting with Samuel on the morning of September 10, we will take a scenic tour of the south of the island and stop for a 2.75 mile hike (round trip) to Machrie Moor. Because you may not have had time for food shopping yet, we've arranged with the hotel to make boxed lunches for those who would like them. The box-lunch contains: a spiced vegetable, avocado, and herb wrap; sea salted crisps; apple; biscuit/bar; and still water bottle for a cost of £9.

Coach House Coffee Shop: On Wednesday, September 11, we will take the 11:00 a.m. ferry from Brodick back to Ardrossan. The ferry crossing is approximately one hour long. There's a restaurant on the ferry, but they don't have much in the way of vegan food. Once we arrive in Ardrossan we will drive the scenic route to our next hotel, The Dunalastair, in Loch Rannoch. About half way there, we will stop at the Coach House Coffee Shop near the shores of Loch Lommond for a stretch break and optional lunch. The lunch consists of vegan soup (no onions/no garlic/gluten-free) and bread for £5.25 with vegan desserts ranging in price from £3.35 to £4.15.

Falvo's Artesian Pizza: Hopping back on the bus and heading back to the hotel after a hopefully successful StarGate working seemed pretty anticlimactic to us, so we searched for a vegan food truck in the area and found these guys who make artesian pizzas. The clincher was they never use onions or garlic in their sauce, and they have gluten-free crusts available! We've arranged for them to come make fresh pies for us at Avebury as EarthLight's gift to the group. There's no charge to you for this lunch but we need to know crust preference. They will use vegan cheese, margarita sauce, and a combination of veggies (mushrooms, peppers, olives, oregano).