11 Ways to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland & Move Towards Ascension Without Needing a Guru!

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to increase your spiritual frequency. That’s why it caught my attention when Samuel said that a healthy, functioning pineal gland is critical to increasing our spiritual frequency and moving towards Ascension. And that drew my attention to looking to see what he’s taught us we can [...]

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117 Questions for Knowing Yourself

Knowing yourself from the inside out, makes it easier to flow through life rather than just slog through it day-by-day. This list of questions really works to give you a boost on your journey of self-discovery now or anytime you want to learn more about the direction you want to go, your gifts, talents, relationships, and core beliefs surrounding [...]

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How to Communicate with Crystals

The summer solstice of 2015 brought some big changes into my life, and one of those was the ability to clearly and easily communicate with my crystals. This ability isn’t something available only to a chosen few; I’ve been able to teach many people how to successfully talk to their crystals in order to receive [...]

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A Meditation To Connect with Your Higher Self

For twenty-five years I searched for a technique to connect into the “more” that I knew I was. My search began when I was eight and took me through Christian and Buddhist meditations, none of which helped me discover a path for connecting into the “more” I was seeking to access. Finally I met Samuel [...]

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