There is a lot of excitement now that the news is out about opening StarGates in England and Scotland next year. How would you describe the major StarGate?

The major Gate at Avebury is the Dragon Gate—no surprise I’m sure, since what is Britain but a Mother Dragon?—and in fact it is one of twelve original, major portals. So much of Western civilization is about Britain, and there have been portals, including time-shift portals, and actually multiple StarGates for different purposes, throughout Ireland, England, Scotland, and the islands in between for a very long time. There have been two-way transportation Gates through the Dragon Gate, as well as an Atlantean connection, although it is not as strong as it was in Bolivia.

When you say Dragon Gate, are you referring to a StarGate?

I mean a StarGate with a very specific purpose, like the Solar Gates or the Twin Gates of Brazil and Arkansas.

What will the energy of these StarGates bring to the planet?

These StarGates are going to have less to do with the planet receiving energy than with creating a portal for moving through the Grids, particularly the second Grid, which was created by the Arcturians. It’s been cut off for a very long time simply because of the first Grid around the planet, so this is going to reopen the doors.

I believe that I’m talking about things that I’ve not talked about with the group before, and it’s not something I really want to get into, so maybe I’ll just say it’s going to allow earth energy that has been contained up to this point to be able to have a small doorway into the universe. There is also a time portal, and by that I do not mean it changes time as much as it will secure the Fourth Density timeline.

The Gates in Scotland are both minor, and really are for fun. You don’t need to go to both Gates, but if it’s possible we will, although they are pretty much at extremes of the country. One minor Gate works to operate a balancing function of the energies of the area which have had a lot of ceremonial use. Any time you are in a place with a history of great ceremony, there will be a Gate, because the Gate is what ninety-nine percent of the ceremony has been about.

The second Gate has very much to do with feeding latent genetic properties, keeping the humans, the animals, and the plants continuing in an evolutionary state. It’s a lot like a dam that holds water back; when you open that dam it helps balance out the water. Both are very necessary. Both are ready to be activated, as are basically all StarGates.

Would it be possible, if you do end up going to only one, to open the other from a distance across Scotland?

I would love for that to be possible, but I doubt it.

Three StarGates seems like a lot for such a small area as Great Britain. Why are there so many in one area?

Actually, Britain is a very power-filled location generally, not only for the planet but for those that are visiting this planet. And certainly, as you would know, its history is absolutely filled with magical stories, experiences, ley lines, power places, and holy wells. You can’t throw a stone without hitting something along those lines. As far back as biblical times, what is now Britain has been known, so much so that part of the mythology is that Jesus’ mother moved there—or the Magdalene perhaps; I don’t keep up with those kinds of stories. But it’s a very, very power-filled place with a lot of crossover dimensional and earth points.

Sedona is very much like the energy of Britain; it has so many energy vortex points that opening one up is going to have a very strong effect on opening others. So it’s a very powerful place, and we’re going to make use of that power.

At the most recent Lifescapes in Lexington you said that there were three types of StarGates—primary, major, and minor. How do they differ, and how do the differences affect their function?

When I first started talking about StarGates I said that across the planet there are major ones, with minor ones surrounding them in order to enhance or balance them. Although it is not really like this, you might imagine that centered on each line of latitude there is a major StarGate, so that there is a band of major StarGates and out from that are the minor StarGates. Now it doesn’t actually look like that, but there are congregation points across the planet where it may look like there is a swathe of major StarGates and, at some distance, there is another swathe of major StarGates.

So you’re saying that they’re all on approximately the same latitude.

I was just using it as a visual, because it would look like that to those who are energetically trained and looking at the planet.

Amidst the major StarGates, there are primary Gates, which were the first ones created. Primary Gates often—not always, but often—are what you think of as Atlantean. They are always otherworldly—and since we’re so close to Halloween that might sound like I mean spooky, but I mean off-planet formation and insertion.

So there are major StarGates and minor StarGates. Among the major StarGates are primary ones. Guess how many?


Right, twelve primary Gates.

Moving on to a different subject, how is mass consciousness doing at this time with the shift to Fourth Density?

Always, always, always look at Guardians. When you see what Guardians are doing, that’s going to give you a real sense of what the rest of the world is going to do. If you think Guardians are doing just fine, then look at your news. Find a news source that you consider unbiased. I’m not sure in your country there is such a thing right now, because things are so polarized, but check your news and see if the way you are looking at it is correct or incorrect.

What would I say? I would say there’s a tremendous amount of chaos, a tremendous amount. I like chaos but I’m really ready for the chaos to settle down.

So Guardians should consciously create something different, rather than letting the chaos continue.

Rather than becoming a victim of it.

Right. Then we will start seeing that out in the world.

Yes. Yes. Absolutely.

It seems like no matter how often I say “If Guardians go through the door first, then others can follow their lead,” or “What’s happening with you is what you see in the world,” Guardians do not recognize that means they have a power that needs to be guarded and consciously used. It’s a confirmation of your power and a responsibility for the world. Guardians could be of more help by consciously realizing “Everything I do, I think, I say, goes into the Grid and becomes the means by which others do and think and say.” That’s my soapbox.

You said at one point that Guardians had become more embedded into the world than had been expected, and I think for a lot of Guardians that’s a stumbling block in a sense.

Well, it all seems so real, and the sensory system gives you pain and joy, power and victimization. It gives you creativity and high culture. It gives you the ability to learn to not see, as opposed to a oneness in which you experience it all without attachment either to joy or to sadness. It’s such a massive difference that it’s very easy, because of the way that it works within the human core, to forget that this is temporary and illusory. It’s not what is really going on.

It’s so solid that it’s easy to feel that you can’t move anything in it.

Yes, metaphorically, because in fact it’s not solid and it’s not hard, it’s just socially unacceptable to move out of that mindset and realize how amorphous, how fragile, how weak it really is. You think you need this world of form because you live in it, but occasionally you do something that takes you out of this reality and you realize, “This isn’t what it is.” It may be deep states of meditation, it may be help from the plant kingdom, it doesn’t matter; it’s that shift outside of the body that helps you realize that.

Stuart: Are those experiences [of help through meditation or plants] still part of the illusion that we’re seeing in a different way, or are they outside of the illusion?

Both. There are both kinds of experiences.

What do you see is most needed for us to continue to release the fears that hold us and our world back?

Fear is misuse of ego, so get over yourself. You are afraid that something is going to happen to throw off your illusion. For example, you are not fearful about Gracie [the editors’ missing dog], because you have shifted away from that. You are concerned for her. On the other hand, you fear the hole that would be left if she is never able to come back to you. That’s the kind of fear that is destructive, and it has to do with “I will miss her. I cannot go on without her.” Fear is nearly always an ego thing, so my best advice is to work on releasing the ego.

Now, a quick aside: core issues are ego things, so it’s sort of like saying work on your core issues, but I’ve said that a hundred times already.

A record number of women are running for political office now, so it seems that the force of the Divine Feminine is growing. How do you see the Divine Feminine influencing our world now?

First, women running for office has only been hindered in this country. Across the world, having female leadership or women in high places of power, even if not full leadership, is not unusual, and the more energetically active an area is, the more likely it is you will find females in very high places of power. Now, that doesn’t speak so much to Divine Feminine, but to the way your question was worded.

When the world functioned with matriarchal Divine Feminine leadership, it did not mean there were no wars and killing, it did not mean everybody was compassionate and sprinkling fairy dust everywhere. It meant that there was more reason to actions that were taken. The feminine mind does not go first for power over, but whenever it is possible it will go for power of. The masculine will go for power over as a means of gaining power of, and that’s what you’re seeing in a lot of the world still.

Divine Feminine activation, which has happened, has a lot to do with changing consciousness to open doors instead of closing them, knocking down walls [smiling] instead of building them, and for looking at problems in a different way. Generally the Divine Feminine enhances the spirit-soul connection, as opposed to the Divine Masculine, which enhances the physical-soul connection, the soul being the commonality in both.

Divine Feminine energy, which is genderless, creates a time on the planet in which spiritual evolution is more active. As spiritual evolution has become more active, you have begun to see cultural changes in thinking, and those cultural changes have been leading to a recognition of the more gender-specific aspects of Divine Feminine, meaning the empowerment of women and their willingness to stand up and be heard, which is what you’re seeing so much of right now.

Divine Feminine says “Yes!” first and that creates opportunity. But remember it’s the Divine Masculine that uses the opportunity. So always, always, it’s balance that’s needed so that both can take part.

But shouldn’t the Divine Feminine be dominant in order to counteract the past patriarchal influence on society?

Generally speaking, on an energetic level only, I would say no, that isn’t a requirement. But having said that, in a society such as yours in which there exists patriarchy, Divine Masculine, and masculine energy generally—which are three different things: Divine Masculine shifts into gender-based masculine and that shows itself up as a patriarchal version of society—that misunderstanding of those three is holding on with teeth and claws. While there is some shift going on in the world, this country—the United States—has a very strong influence on what’s going on in the world. That strong influence means that feminine energy world-wide is having to do much more to be heard, much more to break some of the bonds that have been functioning in this world for the last two and a half millennia. So in the case of the U.S., I would say yes, it will take some push to help create change.

You said at one point that our governmental system in the U.S. is “broken.” How will the increasing influence of the Divine Feminine help to fix the U.S. government, or will it?

Well, you remember that when I was first describing Divine Feminine I was saying that it knocks down walls, it does not build them; it opens doors, it does not close them. Your country right now is playing to the worst aspects of masculine culture, so fear and force are what is ruling mind right now. Yes, Divine Feminine will soften that, but will it overcome it? You need a lot more of that feminine energy standing up and saying that they won’t take it anymore. Is that a political thing? Not necessarily. Is it a necessary thing? Absolutely.

Your government is broken. While the country is not built on the idea of a pure democracy—although people like to think that—even a pure democracy would have its troubles as well, simply as a result of the nature of humans as a whole. Nonetheless, your version of democracy is a good one. It has been a workable one, but that began changing pretty early on when individuals stopped having a focus on change for the better—leaving their mother country and all of that—and began looking at prosperity for themselves, which has more or less made your democracy the government of the loudest self-seekers. And that’s nothing if not broken.

What is the significance of the training done on the Sedona trip to your work and to the Ascension process for this world?

[To Stuart] You were there. What do you think?

Stuart: To me it was getting to know on different levels what is me and what isn’t me, an understanding of my filters and how I perceive and interpret energy, and trusting what I’m getting; things like that.

I started out teaching people how little they see and how poorly they interpret what they do see, because that is a very big hindrance to spiritual growth, and spiritual growth is what takes you into Ascension. So my big purpose in going to Sedona was to take away excuses for Guardians to say, “I can’t see what I truly am. I cannot see what I can do.” I wanted to take away the blinders and put responsibility in their place, because you cannot un-see what you’ve seen. And that’s a group of people who saw.

Now, of course, as always, what any individual does with it will be seen, but the idea was that they could take that knowledge and use it in their lives in very practical ways. A therapist being able to read that energy and home in on exactly what a client needs; a healer knowing exactly where to go because they can see what that body needs; knowing what’s needed at any given time because they can hear the information—they know the voice; the ability to read the transmissions that are coming through and make sense of them. All of that, in a very practical way, could help the world, but using it is going to be up to the individual. Then, ideally, that individual will touch another and another and another, so that one by one the world is Ascended.

When you say touch another, do you mean touch another with their energy because it’s been changed?

No, although there is a certain amount of that. I mean making a great difference within their everyday lives through their activities, their choices, and of course their love—the Light beings that they are—but also through doing what is thought of as impossible, so that people realize, “Hey, maybe there is more. Maybe I should seek out what I am.”

Stuart: Samuel, you intentionally kept the size of the group small in Sedona, so given what you’ve just said about the benefits of learning those things, is it a trip you see doing again in the future?


Would you see giving the same teachings in another place?

No, because it’s very complex, and I would not have been able to give this kind of information to a larger group. I always want to make sure everybody in the room is getting it, and this teaching is simply too complex for that. And it was even a little too much for the size of the group that was there. If we had not been in such a powerful place, it would have been much more difficult. So, bringing groups as a whole—no. I really don’t have an interest until I see what’s done with this. If nobody does anything with it, why should I teach it again?

We know that you cannot predict the future, but what kind of energy should Guardians be expecting in 2019? What energy transmissions will be coming to the planet, and how would you advise Guardians to prepare for them?

I do believe that I have given a version of this in each of the cities in the Lifescapes.

As a whole, what’s needed right now, what’s going to affect people, isn’t what these energy transmissions are about. It’s what you do with it, and what you need to do with it is to step out of your comfort zone.

I spoke recently to a group about this, and I will be saying it again in a couple of weeks: change comes about because somebody was willing to be the fool, willing to risk, willing to step away from currently acceptable constructs.

The Form was listening to a cooking video. It was with two brothers who were outrageous, profane, silly, yet they had hundreds of thousands of viewers. That was such a great example to me, not that you have to be profane and outrageous, but that people notice what isn’t a part of their everyday, narrow thinking. And you’ve got to be willing to move outside of that to be heard.

That works pretty well with the Divine Feminine entrepreneurial mindset—have something different, step out—but when it comes to your personal belief structure, which is really what a Guardian is about, suddenly that idea of stepping out there becomes too scary, and that is going to be challenged a lot this coming year.

Just in Guardians?

Actually, in the world as a whole. Now some of that goes back to those questions about the Divine Feminine, because that need to stand up and be counted means shifting out of the herd. But with Guardians my question in 2019 is going to be, “If you do not talk to people about how spiritual growth works, how is there going to be spiritual growth?” If you are not willing to step out of your comfort zone to show people other ways to think and be, to release their fears, to not tie into this illusion, how are they going to do that? Because just like EarthLight’s big dog does everything the little dog does, people feel safer if someone else goes first. You might be going first, but no one will know it if you don’t stand up and shout it.

So this coming year is going to be a lot about your comfort zones, and some of that is going to be related to government and finances.